Accelerating Your Amazon Business Success With Shaahin Cheyene
DEC 06, 2021
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Many take for granted the convenience of placing orders online and receiving them at your doorstep right away. This is why running an Amazon business these days can bring you huge profitable opportunities. But most people are doing it wrong, and they end up selling their hours and exhausting every bit of resource. Dr. Diane Hamilton sits down with Shaahin Cheyene, the Willy Wonka of Generation X, to break down his secrets in building a successful business through Amazon. Looking back on how he started dealing ecstasy illegally, Shaahin was able to correct his ways to become a business mogul, author, and inventor of the purely legal Herbal Ecstasy. He discusses the four facets of foundational wealth, the essential roadmap to become a savvy entrepreneur with a thriving Amazon shop.

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