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For more than a century, Kansas Farm Bureau has served Kansas farmers and ranchers through advocacy, education and service. This podcast provides an in-depth view of issues that impact Kansas farm and ranch families.

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S3 Ep3: Kansas Company, NORDEF, Wins National Ag Innovation Challenge

* Austin Hausmann and Adam Bronge discuss how the company started and their experience with the Ag Innovation Challenge at American Farm Bureau's Convention.

Feb 03
S3 Ep2: Connecting with KFB's New President

* Joe Newland, Kansas Farm Bureau's president, discusses his background and aspirations for the organization. He also shares about a few of his favorite things. 

Jan 27
S3 Ep1: Looking Forward, The Four County Fire and Wildfire Task Force

* Kansas Farm Bureau employee Brenden Wirth recounts his experience with the Four County Fire and what that area looks like now. He also discusses the Wildfire Task Force that he serves on and what they hope to accomplish. 

Jan 06
S2 Ep42: Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program

* Joel Leftwich, Kansas Farm Bureau's chief strategy officer, discusses the Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program (RKAP) and how it could impact rural communities.

Dec 27, 2022
S2 Ep41: Young Farmers and Ranchers Leaders Conference

* Kansas Farm Bureau members Jackie Mundt and Austin Hiebert discuss the upcoming YF&R conference and competitions the attendees can compete in.

Dec 08, 2022
S2 Ep40: Looking forward to KFB's Annual Meeting: A preview of tentative resolutions

* Brad Niehues, resolutions committee member, discusses how the tentative resolutions are made and what voting delegates can expect.  

Nov 17, 2022
S2 Ep39: How California's Prop 12 Can Impact Kansas Agriculture

* Jake Parker, general counsel and secretary for North Carolina Farm Bureau, explains how the case is going and how it could impact agriculture. 

Nov 10, 2022
S2 Ep38: Kansas Farm Bureau Pledges $5 Million to K-State

* Richard Linton, president of Kansas State University, and Terry Holdren, CEO of Kansas Farm Bureau, discuss what the collaboration means to their organizations and the agriculture industry. 

Nov 02, 2022

* Kansas Farm Bureau VOTE FBF board member Steve Boor discusses the value of voting and what VOTE FBF provides. 

Oct 27, 2022
S2 Ep36: Agricultural Education at Kansas Farm Bureau

* Kansas Farm Bureau's Shannon Martin, assistant director of foundation and ag education, joins the podcast to discuss her goals for the departments and resources available for educating others on agriculture. 

Oct 21, 2022
S2 Ep35: Chris Kuehl, Economics Here and Abroad

* Chris Kuehl is a managing director at Armada Corporate Intelligence and is Kansas Farm Bureau's annual meeting keynote speaker for 2022. On the episode he highlights topics related to agriculture and economics in America and internationally. 

Oct 12, 2022
S2 Ep34: Shop Kansas Farms by Kansas Farm Bureau

* Founder of Shop Kansas Farms, Rick McNary discusses what Shop Kansas Farms provides to consumers and producers. Kansas Farm Bureau’s Glenn Brunkow reviews how Kansas Farm Bureau’s recent purchase of Shop Kansas Farms will continue with McNary. 

Oct 06, 2022
S2 Ep33: District Listening Posts

* Director of policy development, Nancy Brown and resolutions committee representative, Clint Hornberger discuss how these meeting are a part of Kansas Farm Bureau's grassroots efforts. 

Sep 30, 2022
S2 Ep32: Appreciating Bees

* Greg Swob, first vice president of the honey producers, discusses what bees provide to agriculture and people.

Sep 22, 2022
S2 Ep31: FSA Programs with Kansas Director Dennis McKinney

* Dennis McKinney discusses the various programs that Farm Service Agency has to offer agriculture producers. 

Sep 15, 2022
S2 Ep30: Mental Health in Agriculture and Rural Communities

* Kansas Farm Bureau members Donna Wise and Ashley Beying discuss the value of mental health and their recommendations for managing mental health. 

Sep 08, 2022
S2 Ep29: Drought in Kansas

* Nathan Kells and Kent Moore discuss how drought has impacted their operations and how they are handling it. 

Aug 30, 2022
S2 Ep28: FSA Loans

* Laura Handke discusses her experience with FSA loans with her FSA farm loan officer Mike Vogt. 

Aug 23, 2022
S2 Ep27: Office of Farm and Ranch Transition

* Director of the Office of Farm and Ranch Transition, Ashlee Westerhold, discusses what services they have to offer those in agriculture. 

Aug 04, 2022
S2 Ep26: Casten Fellows

* Sherman County farmer, Tim Franklin, discusses the impact of the late Jill Casten and the Casten Fellows Program. 

Jul 26, 2022
S2 Ep25: Rising Fuel Prices

* Kansas Farm Bureau member Josh Mueller and American Farm Bureau Federation economist Shelby Myers discuss rising fuel prices concerning agricultural operations. 

Jul 13, 2022
S2 Ep24: Farm to Fork Tour- Butler County Farm Bureau

* Butler County Farm Bureau has put on the Farm to Fork Tour for multiple years now, County Coordinator, Tiya Tonn discusses the event.

Jul 05, 2022
S2 Ep23: Kansas Farm Bureau Water Meetings

* Water was a large topic of discussion during the 2022 legislative session in Topeka. While there was proposed legislation that did not pass, it has prompted KFB to conduct meetings across Kansas to hear from their members.

Jun 23, 2022
S2 Ep22: A Father-Daughter Relationship

* Kurt Maurath and Leigh Ann Maurath join the podcast to talk about their relationship as father and daughter and how being in agriculture impacted it. 

Jun 16, 2022
S2 Ep21: Rural Housing Gets a Boost

* Josh Roe from Kansas Corn joins KFB's Noah Ochsner to discuss recent legislation that could help housing development in rural Kansas. 

Apr 25, 2022
S2 Ep20: 2022 Kansas Legislature Update - Spring Break

* Kansas Farm Bureau's policy team provides an update on legislative issues as the Kansas Legislature reaches spring break. 

Apr 11, 2022
S2 Ep19: Kansas Land Values: What Should You Know?

* Robin Reid from Kansas State University's Department of Agricultural Economics talks with Inside Ag host Noah Ochsner about the 2021 Kansas Land Values Book. You can view the 2021 Kansas Land Values Book by clicking here 

Mar 08, 2022
S2 Ep18: Kansas Fire and Wind Damage Response

* Record-breaking winds ripped through Kansas and helped fuel the flames of a large fire in the north central part of the state. Kansas Farm Bureau CEO Terry Holdren and 6th District Field Service Manager Brenden Wirth provide an update to KFB's response efforts to the damage. 

Dec 22, 2021
17: Beef cattle markets, what have we learned?

* Changing markets have raised questions for consumers and producers, KFB Board Member Dan Schmidt explains what new information producers should know and shares his experience in representing Kansas on AFBF's Livestock Working Group: Beef Subcommittee.

Nov 01, 2021
16: Ag Research Infrastructure, a Conversation with K-State College of Ag Dean Dr. Ernie Minton

* Cutting edge agricultural research is being conducted in outdated facilities. What could that mean for the future of the industry and food security? Dr. Ernie Minton, Dean of the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University, talks with Kansas Farm Bureau's Noah Ochsner about what the future could hold and what needs to be done to save the aging and outdated facilities. 

Sep 29, 2021