705: 7 Pieces of Career Advice You Wished You Had Known Earlier by Karl Staib
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Karl Staib of Dig to Fly shares 7 pieces of career advice you wished you had known earlier
Episode 705: 7 Pieces of Career Advice You Wished You Had Known Earlier by Karl Staib
Karl Staib is an author that seeks out growth at every turn. It's why he writes. He wants to process his thoughts and emotions, learn from them and share them with the world. He grew up in a little town in Pennsylvania called Pipersiville. He moved to Austin, TX in this mid twenties and now he is living in San Antonio with his wife and two boys. If you enjoy his writing, he encourages you to reach out to him at DigToFly.com. He wants to hear about how you've learned to grow from your own struggles. When his father passed it was focusing on gratitude that helped him get through one of the most difficult times in his life. It taught him the importance of bringing gratitude to every single situation. Whether it's a difficult situation like his father's death or amazing one like drinking ice cold tea by the river with his son. That's why he wants to bring more gratitude into the workplace. His work inside a fortune 500 company that regularly ranks in top 10 for best place to work has shown him the importance of gratitude and how it increases productivity and communication. If you want to learn more just go to DigToFly.com. He is also a big fan of traveling, meditation, Yoga, hikes in lush terrain and his family.
The original post is located here: https://digtofly.com/7-pieces-of-career-advice-you-wished-you-had-known-earlier/ 
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