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God is... love

It is often heard at weddings: "God is love..." but what does it mean? What is love the opposite of, and what does God being love mean for us now?

Jul 31
God is... everywhere

It's a big claim that God is everywhere, and if it's true it has big implications for how we live. Do we really act like this is true?

Jul 24
God is... in control

This is a really big claim, that raises lots of big questions! Do we believe God is in control, and if so what does that mean for how we live our lives?

Jul 17
God is... champion

It is quite common for Christians to refer to God as 'victorious' or our 'champion'. So does that mean we should expect never to be on the losing side of...anything? What does it mean about people who oppose us? What does it mean for God to win?

Jul 10
God is... unchangeable

When something doesn't change, we can depend on it. If it is always shifting, it's harder to do so. So what about God?

Jul 03
God is... holier than thou

Christians often have a reputation as being 'holier than thou', so is that what God is like? If God is 'holy', what does it mean, how does that make us feel, and is it even good news in the first place?

Jun 26
God is... good, all the time

In the first of a new series, Stephen shares about the goodness of God. It can be hard to know or feel that God is good, and sometimes we get confused about what that means. So how do we hold on to that and make sense of it?

Jun 19
Pentecost Sunday

On Pentecost Sunday, we were delighted to be joined by Jonny Thiessen, an overseas mission partner. He shared with us the truth about who God has made each one of us to be and how we can respond to that in service to Him.

Jun 12
Overflowing worship

It's the final week of our series, and Dave explores with us the story of a woman who knew she didn't deserve Jesus and a man who thought he did...

May 29
Doubters, skeptics and cynics

In this week's passage, Jesus gets challenged and questioned from someone very close to him and from those who aren't. Jesus is big enough to handle our questions! And our questions show us something about our hearts.

May 22
Anytime, any place, anyone

In two contrasting stories, Jesus performs miracles for very different people. He is for everyone, not just some!

May 15
One Church Sunday

At our One Church Sunday, Stephen encourages us to get practical when it comes to how we make disciples.

May 08
Growing up God's way

What does maturity look like when we follow Jesus? Jackie shares from Jesus' words about this and asks how we get there today.

May 01
The Great Commissioner

Dave shares with us about the kinds of people God wants us to be as we join with Him in His plans. He gives us every reason to be confident and every reason to depend on Him. And when we do, there is a great adventure waiting for us!

Apr 24
Easter Sunday 2022

Jesus is alive and that is worth celebrating! Gill encourages us to do just that!

Apr 17
Good Friday 2022

On Good Friday, Stephen shares from the story of Jesus' crucifixion – why is this good news to be celebrated?

Apr 15
Palm Sunday 2022

As we begin to approach Easter, Stephen shares how we can be more like the Jesus who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

Apr 10
How to treat *those* people

We all face difficult people, and it can be really hard to know how to respond. Jude helps us navigate some really challenging words from Jesus, who doesn't give easy answers but does give powerful ones!

Apr 03
How (not) to start a movement

This was the start of the Jesus movement, as He calls twelve followers and then begins to speak to them about the Kingdom He will establish with them. It's a strange bunch of people, and a strange thing He says to them, but in that strangeness Stephen helps us find some really important truth.

Mar 27
Religion: what's the point?

Sabbath is a big theme in the Bible, but one that can be hard to know how to apply. Today's passage helps us get our heart in the right place when approaching it.

Mar 20
Living an offensively good life

Jesus lived in ways that were, at the same time, perfect and upsetting to people! Dave looks at what He does, why it caused confusion, and what our lives might look like today.

Mar 13
Deep clean: inside and out

We see Jesus do a few surprising things in this passage, and Maria helps us to see in them God's heart to cleanse us in every way possible.

Mar 06
All or nothing

When Jesus calls His first followers, the cost is clear but so is the life of purpose and meaning He calls them to. The same is still true today!

Feb 27
Authority you can trust

In this passage we see Jesus healing and casting out demons, then making a choice that seems odd! What can we learn from the way Jesus engages with those around Him?

Feb 20
Know your purpose, even when others don't

Jesus had a clear purpose, and demonstrated powerfully that He could fulfil it. Those closest to Him couldn't see it, though, and it had an impact. What is Jesus' purpose? And what does He call out in yours?

Feb 13
Ezekiel and the Honour of God's Name

A recording from an evening seminar held on Zoom, exploring Ezekiel and in particular the theme of the honour of God's name. Hosted by Dave Criddle (who gives an overview of the book) and then with input from Graham Criddle who is currently researching and writing on this topic.

Feb 10
How to survive temptation

As we start a new series, Dave explores the famous passage of Jesus' temptation in the wilderness. What can we learn when we face temptations?

Feb 06
Further and Further Out

As we finish our 21 Days of Prayer, we were blessed to have Mike Jones from Frontiers UK join us to inspire us with God's heart for all nations of the world.

Jan 30
Raise Your Gaze

During this gathering, we believe the Spirit prompted a shift in direction from our plans. Dave shared from two passages in the Bible which, when we feel small compared with God, give us encouragement to raise our gaze to Him because He isn't ashamed to draw us close.

Jan 26
Step into the flow

As we continue in our 21 Days of Prayer, Stephen invites us to step into the flow of God's Spirit and open ourselves up to His leading and direction.

Jan 21