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The Blow Off 08.04.22

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with this weeks edition of @TheBlowOff presented by the @haminmediagroup at On this weeks show: - WWE For Sale? - SummerSlam fallout - AEW gets ready to go All Out - Hung Bucks

1h 9m
Aug 06, 2022
The Blow Off 7.29.22

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of The Blow Off presented by the @haminmediagroup at On this weeks show: - Vince McMahon steps (gets pushed) aside - Triple H is back in the pilots seat - The first RAW of the Triple H era - Brock trolls everyone - Jay1 Climax Update - Death Before Dishonor

Jul 29, 2022
The Blow Off 7.7.22

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of @TheBlowOff presented by the @haminmediagroup at For such a busy week in the world of pro wrestling there's not a lot to talk about, which is in itself something to talk about. On this weeks show: - #AEWDynamite presents a Lucha Libre match, what worked and what didn't in RUSH vs Penta - Stardom comes stateside - Crowds return to noise in the far East - MiTB - July 4th is not good for #WWERAW - Paige departs the #WWE

1h 5m
Jul 09, 2022
The Blow Jo....Off 06.23.22

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with this weeks edition of @TheBlowOff powered by the @haminmediagroup at On this weeks jam packed wrestling news episode: - Vincent Kennedy McMahon - #WWE*NK-R Lawsuits - KUSHIDA returns to #NewJapanProWrestling*NK-R - The Danielson Conundrum - The greatest pro wrestler on the planet on #AEWDynamite*NK-R - #ForbiddenDoor*NK-R Preview

1h 18m
Jun 24, 2022
The Blow Off 06.14.22 ”Just Fire Him Already”

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of @TheBlowOff powered by the @haminmediagroup presented by On this weeks episode: - KING SWITCH - Jeff Hardy fallout - RAW drops to a .43 - Riddle vs Reigns - New Japan Dominion Quick Look - Los Ingobernables out of Forbidden Door

1h 5m
Jun 15, 2022
The Blow Off 06.08.22 ”Goat F***ers”

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of @TheBlowOff powered by the @HaminMediaGroup and presented by On this weeks episode:   - Punk & Rhodes injured - AEW World Title Eliminator to crown interim champion - Tanahashi vs Goto - DOMINION - Edge goes out, Balor comes in - Hiromu claims BOSJ   Join the show LIVE on Youtube at

1h 21m
Jun 10, 2022
The Blow Off 2.12.22 & 2.05.22

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with not only this weeks Blow Off, but also last weeks Blow Off because Jargo is a slacker that completely botched last weeks upload. That's right, not one Blow Off but two on this weeks double packed episode.  Bad Jargo. 

2h 10m
Feb 12, 2022
The Blow Offhausen 1.30.22

@NotJargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with this weeks edition of @TheBlowOff powered by the @haminmediagroup at After a very good, very evil week in pro wrestling, Jimmy T. and J@RG0 are here to break it all down. On this weeks run: - Steal The Showhausen - Rousey wins the women's Rumble - Brock is out for Revenge - Heyman & Reigns sitting in a tree - Rumble FallOut

1h 9m
Jan 31, 2022
The Blow Off 1.23

@notjargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of @TheBlowOff powered by the @HaminMediaGroup at As we recover from Mox's return we look forward to the #RoyalRumble*NK-R on this weeks LIVE episode. On the run: - It Was The Best Of Promo's & The Worst Of Promos - The American Dragon Reappears - Is NXT 2.0 A Disappointment? - Royal Rumble Card Preview - The Legend Of Summer Rae - Gunther - Reported Undertaker Return Join the show on Facebook in the Hamin Media Discussion Group, LIVE on Youtube just search The Blow Off, and on Jargo's Twitter feed @NotJargo

Jan 23, 2022
Pro Wrestling Coalition: Friday Night Carnage

It’s Friday Night! And you know what that means? It’s the PWC FRIDAY NIGHT CARNAGE! Join hosts Jimmy T & 8-Trac Black! Aka Michael Davis! As the boys of the PWC return for the first show of 2022! And boy do we have a doozy!! Jimmy T goes on a huge rant about racial equality in aew! We also chime in about the whole tk and big swoel situation!? And who was right? And who was wrong!? We also get into the whole Brad Shepard vs hmg feud!? Any why Brad just doesn’t seem to understand what he did wrong? Also we talk Brandi and why we feel she’s insecure in her own skin? Oh and we review aew rampage! All this and MUCH MORE! Be sure not to miss the inaugural show of 2022! As the PWC STARTS WITH A BANG! To ring in the new year!

2h 11m
Jan 05, 2022
The Blow Off 1.4.22

@NotJargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with this weeks Blow Off presented by and powered by the Hamin Media Group at On this weeks show:  - Day 1ish  - Is Smackdown in trouble? - Wrestle Kingdom Night 1 Take Aways - Wrestle Kingdom Night 2 Thoughts  Visit the show online and visit us on Twitter @TheBlowOff  Available in video form on Youtube

1h 9m
Jan 05, 2022
Garden Of Doom: Space Chase

From an undisclosed location, our friendly, neighborhood aerospace engineer returns into the Garden and we review some of the recent, current and near future developments in space tech and excusions. We discuss the law of space, such as it might be. We also engage in some rank punditry, high sophistry, and carck an obligatory Uranus joke.

1h 29m
Jan 05, 2022
Hammerlock Hangover: Hook 2: Electric Boogaloo

This episode welcomes in the new year with an interview from fake Toni Storm, our review of the COVID impacted latest episode of WWE Raw, Brandi Rhodes cuts most controversial promo of the year, and our best guesses on who will win at NXT News Evil and WWE Day 1. Plus, a recap of our 2021 Wrestling Predictions, and our 2022 predictions!

2h 38m
Jan 04, 2022
Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish

Well it’s Wednesday night and you know what that means!? It’s an all new episode of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! And the final show of 2021! As Jimmy T & Chris Ambs are back at it once again! Except this time they are joined by the “The Vet” and he ain’t just any vet? He is someone that was under the tutelage of one of the greatest minds and teachers in professional wrestling! None other than RIP RODGERS!! A former worker himself. The vet has one of the best minds when it comes to pro wrestling! And today you’ve probably heard him co-host such shows as The NXT Level podcast with Big Ray Hernandez! Also The Impact Attack with Colin Wysong! And also makes appearances on the Smack Attack And also Destino With Dr Michael Jargo! Which you can all find on the Hamin media group! But now the vet makes his long anticipated debut on the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! As The Vet joins Jimmy T & Chris Ambs, in reviewing aew’s Wednesday Night Dynamite! 

2h 54m
Jan 03, 2022
Pro Wrestling Coalition Year End Awards

Its the pwc end of year awards show for 2021! As another year draws to a close? The boys from the PWC! Are still at work giving all the listeners free content to blast through your ear holes! who's going to win wrestler of the year?? who's going to be the break out star winner for 2021? All this and MUCH MUCH MORE! As Jimmy T And Chris Ambs! Hand out their end of year awards for 2021! DONT MISS THIS SPECIAL EDITION OF THE PRO WRESTLING COALITION PODCAST SHOW!  Powered by AtMarkMedia And the PWC Network!

1h 6m
Jan 03, 2022
Destino: A New Japan Pro Wrestling Podcast ”Wrestle Kingdom 16 Preview”

@NotJargo is back with an all new edition of @DestinoPod to kick off your 2022 with a bang and get you ready for this weeks #NJPW #WrestleKingdom event coming up this week LIVE from the Tokyo Dome. On this very special episode, Jargo is joined by Noah Foster from the NODQ Review at Get the latest updates on the #IWGPWorldHeavyweightChampionship as Okada faces off with Shingo Takagi Night 1, and the winner to face Will Ospreay Night 2. Who will lead New Japan into their 50th anniversary? Will the Rainmaker stand atop the mountain once again, or shall it be the Kingpin or the Dragon? Hiromu & Desperado prepare to face off again and steal the show night 1, while #Stardom takes center stage night 2. #NJPW #NJPW1972 #WrestleKingdom #WrestleKingdom16

1h 28m
Jan 01, 2022
Garden Of Doom: Garden Of Delights

In this exciting crossover event, the Garden joins "Sweet and Good Torah" amd explores some of our favorite topics from a Judaism perspective. Lon Shor is the host of "Sweet and Good Torah". For a little extra scholarly brain muscle, we brought in Moshe Cohen. We're talking Nephilim and Giants, angels and demons, Satan is not the devil, Lilith, afterlifes, reincarnation, end of days. As we learned, you have to go through the Garden of Doom before we can re-create the Garden of Eden.    

1h 22m
Dec 29, 2021
Pro Wrestling Coalition: Saturday Night Carnage

It’s Saturday night! And we don’t exactly know what that means? But one thing is for sure!? And that’s the PWC Saturday Night Carnage! Where the boys of the PWC Review Aew’s Rampage! Coming from the Greensboro colosseum! In a special Christmas 🎄 nIght edition of rampage! We talk about Cody Rhodes and where he fits into the bigger picture? Is Cody a heel? Is he a face?also Is hook the next big thing in aew? Tune in Buckle up and get ready! As Jimmy T and Michael Davis!aka 8Trac Black! With the professor Chabelo Vera Cruz calling into the show giving his perspective! As the PWC AND THE PW-HUSTLE join forces once again! In an all new edition of the PWC CARNAGE!!!   

2h 4m
Dec 29, 2021
Pro Wrestling Coalition: Friday Night Smacktalk

Jimmy Tsunami brings back the Foreign Object, Dr. Jeff Lippman, to wish the wrestling world a merry Christmas Smackdown style. Jimmy professes his continued love for Toni Storm and Shinsuke Nakamura, while Jeff predicts Toni becomes Charlotte’s valet. We cover the gauntlet match populated by tag teams seeking a singles title shot. Many “superstars” losing within 2 minutes. We also review the house show quality Miracle on 34th Street Fight, which was a bit of a debacle. As always the conversation is chaotic - CHAOS??? - and goes in multiple directions. We didn’t forget Heyman et al either. Kayla is the architect!

1h 7m
Dec 28, 2021
Hammerlock Hangover: 2021 Year In Wrestling

Break out the spiked egg nog or coquito, cozy up by the yule log and listen to our recap of the 2021 Year in Wrestling Review! Jeff and Steve discuss what we're the year's best matches, wrestlers, feuds, and more! Also, the lads review the latest week in wrestling including Roman Reigns turning on Paul Heyman, Liv Morgan drowning, Are the Hurt Business getting back together?, which legendary rock band did CM Punk's face paint remind us of?, and how did Scotty 2 Hotty get booked to a major indy promotion faster than most of recent releases? Plus, a major development on AEW that will potentially shift the landscape of professional wrestling... Or not. Tune in!

2h 47m
Dec 28, 2021
The Blow Off 12.26.21

@NotJargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of @TheBlowOff presented by @haminmediagroup at and powered by atmarkmedia. On this weeks Christmas edition episode:   Day 1 set to fire up the #WWE*NK-R Calendar as we head into 2022 Sammy Zayn only wins matches on holidays Hangman vs Danielson II 3 Eras of Sting Adam Cole on a pole! Cody becomes #AEW*NK-R TNT Champion....again SEND HOOK!!!!   Join the show LIVE by visiting the Hamin Media Discussion Group on Facebook, visiting J@RG0 on Twitter, or searching "The Blow Off" on Youtube.

1h 2m
Dec 27, 2021
Pro Wrestling Coalition: Wednesday Night Skirmish

Jimmy and Chris switch roles, recording at 2 AM Canada time, leading to a rather unfiltered style, as the PWC vets roll on bad production, bad booking, and objective reality.

2h 21m
Dec 27, 2021
Garden Views 4 A Millenial African American Conservative

Jamaal Wiliams is from Los Angeles, he's in his 30's, African American, and he's a Conservative. A fairly recent convert to boot. What caused this change? How was it received by friends and family? Listen and find out. I also manage to fall into my own tiger trap and talk way too much about politics.    

1h 23m
Dec 27, 2021
Garden Of Doom: Cryptoterrestrials & The Fair Folk

Ryan Musgrave-Evans enters the Garden this week to discuss our potential cousins, forebearers, or otherwise: collectively the Cryptoterrestrials. The possible answer to everything that goes bump in the night, myths, scripture, legends, and ET lore. Basically, the reconciliation of Hancock, Sitchin & quantum time travellers. Listen and expand inwards.    

1h 58m
Dec 22, 2021
The Blow Off 12.18.21

@TheBlowOffPod is back presented by @HaminMediaGroup at and powered by @AtmarkMedia. On this weeks episode, @NotJargo and @_djmassfx_ are taking a look at the #AEW roster depth chart, latest Wrestle Kingdom announcements from #NJPW, what's up with Roman and Paul over in the #WWE, and late breaking news from #Stardom Join the show LIVE on Twitter, Youtube, or in the Hamin Media Discussion group on Facebook.

1h 6m
Dec 20, 2021
Hammerlock Hangover: WANGMAN

This episode brings you over an hour of wrestling talk including thoughts on Adam Page vs Bryan Danielson, Buff Bagwell claiming WWE denied him rehab, more Jeff Hardy conspiracy theories, ROH Final Battle reviews, backlash towards The Rock for being best buds with Nick Khan, and who are Jeff's Sinister Six of wrestling Twitter beefs. Plus, a bold claim about AEW Rampage ratings!

1h 55m
Dec 20, 2021
The Blow Off 12.16.21

@NotJargo and @_djmassfx_ are back with an all new edition of The Blow Off presented by @haminmediagroup at and powered by Atmark Media. On this weeks show, Jargo & Jimmy T. are discussing the latest from New Japan Pro Wrestling, ROH's Final Battle, Kevin Owens remaining with the WWE, Hook, and the latest from AEW. 

1h 10m
Dec 16, 2021
Wednesday Night Skirmish feat Big Ray Hernandez

It’s Wednesday! And you know what that MEANS!? It’s time for the 2 Greeks from each end of the planet!? You heard right!? 2 Greeks! In an all new edition of the PWC Wednesday Night Skirmish! And while Chris Ambs is still on location in Mexico Looking for El Generico!? Jimmy T takes the reigns as host! As Jimmy T is joined By The BIG FELLA Himself! Pw-Hustles And HMG’s own Big Ray Hernandez! As the boys kick back and shoot the shit, about not only wrestling!? But life in general, and how to catch cheaters!? And how not to get busted!? Also the boys talk about meeting their heroes and what it means to them? Oh and the boys talk aew dynamite! Join us in a record breaking edition of the PWC WEDNESDAY NIGHT SKIRMISH! In a sometimes heart felt yet funny show that you sure won’t want to miss! Also look out for an all new edition of hogans corner! Right here on the PWC Network! 

3h 51m
Dec 15, 2021
Hammerlock Hangover: Hooked on Electricity and Chemicals

On this episode, Jeff gets released. Not out Jeff, but Jeff Hardy. We join in on the speculation of the cause and where he'll show up next. Hook debuts and almost breaks the internet with corny puns. Tony Khan gets thanked for lending talent for ROH Final Battle, but where's Vince's thanks? We recap NXT War Games; Jeff salivate at the idea of where Kyle O'Reilly will be headed; we review the Liv Morgan vs Becky Lynch Championship match; discuss the new WWE NIL program; and read fan mail.

1h 51m
Dec 14, 2021
Ring Of Honor Final Battle Review

@HaminMediaGroup at and @AtmarkMedia bring you the #RingOfHonor*NK-R #FinalBattle*NK-R Review show. Join @NotJargo and @IcarusFellMD to break down all of last nights action including:   Jonathan Gresham vs Jay Lethal The Briscoes vs The OGK Shane Taylor vs Kenny King Josh Woods vs Brian Johnson Rok-C vs Willow   and more. Join the live stream @haminmediagroup on Facebook, and in the Hamin Media Discussion Group.

1h 27m
Dec 13, 2021