Goals That Actually Excite Us
JAN 05, 2022
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#956: What goals are we actually excited about? It’s the start of a new year and most aspiring people are taking time to think about goals for the new year. In this episode I wanted to address the emotions behind them, as this speaks to our motive and whether we’ll likely see the goals through, abandon them, or achieve them with collateral damage. I did a survey showcasing 12 categories of goals, from money to health to experiences and asked what people were actually excited about. I’ll tip you off by sharing the area of life people were most excited about is…experiences. What should that mean to our priorities? Tom Ziglar and I had a discussion on the results and what it means to our overall joy, fulfillment, and success when we are habitually not engaging in what excites us and instead in what does not bring us inspiration. It is not a call out to abandon anything that doesn’t excite you, but rather to consider how we could attach more joy to everything, and increase time spent in our greatest excitements.

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