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Teaching from Grace Church - Greenville, SC. Weekend services, Grace Church Students (high school & middle school teaching), teaching en Español, and other ministries at Grace Church.

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Fear: Week 3

What would your life look like if you weren’t ruled by fear? It would be marked by power, love, and self-discipline.

Jul 10
Fear: Week 2

Our fear of man holds us back from spreading the Gospel and representing Christ.

Jul 10
Myths: Week 3

The myth that our lives get easier once we’re saved doesn’t take into account that pursuing God means that we’re going to be going against what the world says about how we should live. And that means we’re going to face challenges.

Jul 10
Myths: Week 2

Following our hearts will leave us empty, Following Jesus is what leads to a rich and fulfilling life.

Jul 10
Church Reimagined: Body of Christ

The Church is the body of Christ—his presence and ministry on earth. While we all have diverse gifts, we are united through and humbled by the greater mission God has given us. May our imaginations be captivated by this mission as we seek to be the kind of Church Jesus died to create.

Jul 07
Myths: Week 1

God does gives us more than we can handle so we learn to depend on Him.

Jun 26
Fear: Week 1

How does the fear of failure hinder you from living the life God desires and what lies does it fuel in you?

Jun 20