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If you’re a serious fan of true crime and love listening to intriguing cases, but don’t want all that small talk you’ve come to the right place. We get right to the facts. Join Murder in 20 host Bobbie Stevens every Wednesday for a concise and complete episode in 20 minutes. LESS TALK. MORE TRUE CRIME.

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S4 E153 VICTIMS: of Puente Hills - Death Over Diamonds

Eugene woke up to a shotgun banging on his car and John and Vincent yelling at him to open the door. They ordered him over to the edge of the cliff. Eugene glanced down and dove over the edge just as he heard a clicking sound. #johnlewis #vincenthubbard #puentehillsmallmurder #mallmurder #truecrimepodcast

Feb 28
S4 E152 - VICTIM: Paul Gruber - It's a Lie!

Paul travelled the world. After he retired, he settled into a home on Muskrat Lake. He hired Darryl, a handyman down on his luck. But Darryl became consumed with envy and greed and Paul ended up buried four feet under. #paulgruber #darrylkuehl #truecrimepodcast

Feb 21
S4 E151 VICTIMS: Mack McDaniel & Meghan Verikas - Faked Their Own Deaths

Leon harassed and stalked his exes. Newly divorced Valerie was quick to fall for him. Within weeks they hired a hitman to take out both their exes. But when police discovered their plan, they helped their exes fake their deaths. #mackmcdaniel #meghanverikas #leonjacob #valeriemcdaniel #truecrimepodcast

Feb 14
S4 E150 VICTIM: Crystal Paskemin - Paroled to Hunt Again

Donning her red cowboy hat, Crystal was having fun dancing at a local bar but when she accepted a ride home with Ken, he brutally murdered her. Out on parole after serving 21 years Ken went hunting for his next victim. #crystalpaskemin #kennethmackay  #truecrimepodcast

Feb 07
S4 E149 MURDERER: Elliot Rodger - Day of Retribution

Standing on the red carpet amongst Hollywood’s elite, Elliot felt invisible. Growing up he never fit in and saw himself as weak and worthless. No one knew the carnage he would enact on those he perceived had wronged him. #elliotrodger #dayofretribution #truecrimepodcast

Jan 31
S4 E148 VICTIM: Sonia Herok-Stone Updated Part 2 - A Blue Jean Kind of Day

In 1981 Sonia was brutally murdered at the age of 30. Her neighbour Michael went on trial for her murder but the jury was hung. Investigators waited almost 40 years to reopen her cold case. This time, DNA convicted Michael! #soniaherokstone #michaelglazebrook #truecrimepodcast

Jan 24
S4 E147 VICTIM: Sonia Herok-Stone Updated Part 1 - A Blue Jean Kind of Day

In 1981 Sonia was brutally murdered at the age of 30. Her neighbour Michael went on trial for her murder but the jury was hung. Investigators waited almost 40 years to reopen her cold case. This time, DNA convicted Michael! #soniaherokstone #michaelglazebrook #truecrimepodcast

Jan 17
HOLIDAY FEATURE: Johnny Jackson - Precious to Me

Byran felt Johnny took something that was his, a part of him. That he stolen something precious that couldn't be returned. And he vowed he would get it back by taking something equally precious to Johnny. His life. #johnnyjackson #byranperotti #alaskamurder #truecrimepodcast

Jan 10
HOLIDAY FEATURE: Christy Mirack - Born to Teach

The Sunday before Christmas, elementary school teacher Christy  wrapped forty presents for her students. The next morning she was brutally murdered. For twenty six years her killer roamed near. Then he was caught! #christymirack #raymondrowe  #schoolteachermurder #truecrimepodcast

Dec 27, 2023
HOLIDAY FEATURE: Maria Ridulph - Justice No More

Little Maria was seven when a stranger showed up that dark snowy night. It took a deathbed confession and 53 years to convict John. But then an FBI report hidden from trial would change everything they thought they knew. #marieridulph #johnmccullough #coldcase #truecrimepodcast

Dec 20, 2023
S4 E146 VICTIM: Joanne Yeates - No Christmas Cheer

Joanna and Greg moved into an apartment in Clifton. With Christmas approaching he left to visit family but when he returned Joanna was gone. Greg had no idea, that on the other side of the wall they shared was her killer. #joannayeates #vincenttabak #christmasmurder #truecrimepodcast

Dec 13, 2023
S4 E145 MURDERER: Louis Gaskin - Death in the Darkness

Louis crept into the woods, to where he could see the window and waited for his victim to walk into view, then pulled the trigger. Louis got away with murder. As Christmas was approaching Louis crept into the woods again.  #louisgaskin #ninjakiller #robertsturmfels #georgettesturmfels #josephrector #maryrector #truecrimepodcast

Dec 06, 2023
S4 E144 VICTIM: Colleen Ritzer - The Soul Aches

Philip had just arrived at Danvers High School. At 14 he joined soccer and was making new friends. But Philip was hiding a dark and sinister secret. Colleen, a pretty young math teacher had no idea what he had planned. #colleenritzer #philipchism #teachermurder  #truecrimepodcast

Nov 29, 2023
S4 E143 MURDERERS: Henry Lombard & Hubert Hartley: Thanksgiving Hunt

Thanksgiving morning was crisp, the leaves dampened by the rain. Perfect for hunting. Henry and Hubert set out with their rifles, but they weren’t hunting just deer. Their prey slept soundly as the rifle bolt slid forward. #henrylombard #huberthartley #morrismartin #paullindsey #truecrimepodcast

Nov 21, 2023
S4 E142 VICTIM: David King - Manipulated into Murder

Dianna, a successful realtor borrowed $400,000 so that she and David could renovate a house. But when she spent the money on herself, David found out and threatened to expose her. But he didn’t live to see that happen. #davidking #diannasaunders #truecrimepodcast

Nov 15, 2023
S4 E141 VICTIM: Dorothy Stratten - Small Town Girl at Heart

Paul saw beautiful 18-year-old Dorothy as his ticket to financial success and helped her become a centerfold. Then on the cusp of becoming a movie star, she was ready to move on without him. He couldn’t let that happen! #dorothystratten #paulsnider #truecrimepodcast

Nov 08, 2023
S4 E140 VICTIMS: Joel & Lisa Guy -The Clock Was Ticking

Joel Sr. and Lisa financially supported their son Joel Jr. for 10 years while he was in university. But when he dropped out, they had plans to retire and it was time for Joel Jr. to support himself. But Joel Jr. had other plans.  #joelguy #lisaguy  #thanksgivingmurder #truecrimepodcast

Nov 01, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Chelsea Bruck - Kiss of Death

Chelsea grew up in a small town, loved parties and spent weeks making her Halloween costume. Among the thousand party goers Chelsea and her friends got separated. Without a ride she started walking. Chelsea never made it home. #chelseabruck #danielclay #halloweenmurder #truecrimepodcast

Oct 25, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Allan Legere - A Vow to Terrorize

When convicted of murder, Allan vowed to terrorize The Miramachi. Two years later he used a makeshift key to slip out of his cuffs. On the run for seven months he killed four more. An off-duty officer and a spare set of keys finally ended his reign of terror. #allanleger #monsterofmiramichi #serialkiller #truecrimepodcast

Oct 18, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Bruce McArthur - A Serial Gardener

For seven years a serial killer hid in plain site preying on the vulnerable. No one suspected the gardener. The number of missing men climbed, until a photo of a van led to his arrest and the details shocked a country. #brucemcarthur #gardenermurders #serialkiller #truecrimepodcast

Oct 11, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Richardson Family - Runaway Massacre

Jeremy the werewolf was in love, he'd found his soul mate and gave twelve year-old JR a vial of his blood. Her parents noticed the change in their daughter and grounded her. She was furious and set out to get revenge. #jeremysteinke #jacksonmay #jasminerichardson #richardsonfamilymurder #truecrimepodcast

Oct 04, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Christian Gerhartsreiter - Deadly Imposter

Some are born into royalty with a silver spoon. Others take a tarnished spoon and polish it, with a side order of murder. Chris's fantasy landed him in a world amongst the elite where he pretended to be a Rockefeller. #christiangerhartsreiter #johnsohus #lindasohus #truecrimepodcast

Sep 27, 2023
SPECIAL FEATURE: Brett Ryan - A Son Does the Unthinkable

Brett robbed banks to support his lifestyle. After prison he was welcomed home. With weeks to their wedding, his lies were about to be exposed. The family that had stood behind him, now stood in his way. #brettryan #beardedbandit #crossbowmurder #truecrimepodcast

Sep 20, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Byron Smith - No Second Chance

Byron retired from his job as a top level security engineer for the government and put down roots in Little Falls. Little did he know his neighbours children would rob him of his possessions and one day his freedom. #byronsmith #nickbrady #hailekifer #truecrimepodcast

Sep 13, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: William & Patricia Wycherley - Secrets in the Garden

Susan felt her parents cheated her out of money that was rightfully hers and for years her resentment grew. Then her parents disappeared and no one noticed for 15 years. That is, until they were found buried in the garden. #williamwycherley #patriciawycherley #susanedwards #christopheredwards

Sep 06, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Thomas Montgomery - When Two Con Artists Collide

Using the screen name Tall Hot Blond fifty year-old Mary pretended to be 18. In a chat room she met Marine Sniper. Thomas, a balding middle-aged man pretended  he too was 18 and a war hero.  Their fantasy imploded ending in murder. #thomasmontgomery #maryshieler #brianbarrett #tallhotblond #truecrimepodcast

Aug 30, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Audrey Trudeau - Do You Know Your Roommate?

Audrey was a successful professional and when her co-worker Deb needed a place to stay she gave her a home. Soon she discovered Deb had stolen money to feed her gambling addiction and evicted her. Then Audrey disappeared. #audreytrudea #deborahpoint #roommatemurder #truecrimepodcast

Aug 23, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Ronald Sanchez Jr. - Stronghold on the Mountain

Ron served three tours in Iraq and after returning home sought solace from PTSD and depression by hiking the Appalachian Trail. He found serenity until one cold night when he met another hiker who had demons he couldn't control. #jamesjordan #ronaldsanchez #kirbymorrill #murderappalachiantrail #truecrimepodcast

Aug 16, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Raymond Oyler - Devil in the Wind

Raymond never made it as a firefighter. He had a fascination with fire and the power it held. As his life fell apart and he lost control, he turned to arson. Harnessing the Santa Ana winds, he reigned fire down on California. #raymondoyler firefighterarsonist #truecrimepodcast

Aug 09, 2023
SUMMER FEATURE: Alfred & Pauline Carpenter - Killer Carnies

Kimberly created the carnival mafia to manipulate her fellow carnies in to committing murder. After the rides creaked to a stop, the music faded and the neon lights went dark, evil oozed out of the shadows. #alfredpaulinecarpenter #carnivalmurder #truecrimepodcast

Aug 02, 2023