3/17 1 Samuel 10 - The Fearful King
MAR 17, 2023
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God calls all of us to trust Him and step out in faith. Today we read the account of when Saul was chosen to be king. We’ll build upon the principles yesterday (regarding Saul’s reluctance) and see that his reluctance was really about a lack of faith and trust in the Lord. Join us! 


1.    What were the circumstances from 1st Samuel 9 that led to the events of 1st Samuel 10? 
2.    What did Samuel do to Saul in verse 1? What did this signify? 
3.    In verses 2-7, what were the signs that Saul would see? What were these signs intended to confirm? Did they happen?
4.    After these signs occurred, what did the Lord do to Saul’s heart in verse 9? 
5.    How does Saul answer his uncle in verse 14? What does this indicate about Saul’s spiritual condition? How do we understand verses 14 & 9 in light of each other? 
6.    What did the people do at Mizpah in 1st Samuel 7? How does that help us understand this gathering here in verse 17?
7.    After Saul was selected in verse 21, where was Saul in verse 22? What does this show us about his character? 
8.    How would you characterize Saul’s response to his malcontents in verse 27? Was that the right response? Why? 
9.    When you read this account about Saul, would you say that he was surrendered to the God and God’s will for his life? Why or why not? 
10.    How was Saul’s fear a sin? How should Saul have responded towards the Lord’s plan for him? 

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