3/15 1 Samuel 8 - Trying to Copy the World
MAR 15, 2023
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There are times when the world seems to have all the glitz & glamor and we can be tempted to follow their ways. Today we’ll see that this attitude motivated the Israelites to seek a king. Although the Lord gave them their request, it was not without stern warning. 


1.    The podcast opens with the social context of this chapter. How might the Philistine’s success have tempted the Israelites to copy the ways of the nations? 
2.    How old was Samuel at this point? What was his plan for the succession of authority after him? How was that working out? 
3.    In verse 5, what did the people want? How did Samuel initially view this demand in verse 6? 
4.    What did the Lord say about the people’s demand in verses 7 & 8? How might the people’s low view of their covenant with God help us understand why the Lord says these things?
5.    In verses 10 to 17, what dangers did Samuel warn the people about? Why would a king have this impact on the nation?
6.    What would the Lord’s response be to them in verse 18? How does their low view of their covenant with God help us understand why He would not listen to them? 
7.    In verse 20, why did the people want a king? What does this reflect about their view of God? 
8.    The podcast points out that Samuel is most well-known for the things he did in his old age. How does this give us hope that we’re never too old to be part of God’s work in this world? 
9.    The podcast speculated that Samuel’s circuit ministry in 1st Samuel 7 may have kept Samuel away from his family for long stretches. Why would this be a problem? How would this violate God’s instructions about the role of parents in Deuteronomy 6? 
10.    Why is it tempting to look at the world’s goods and to think that their success comes from their wisdom and their ways? 
11.    What dangers can you see in this passage about people forcing something to get what they want, but it not be God’s highest ideal for their life? 
12.    Finally, who should be our true king and how should we relate to Him? 

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