Richard Hardin's GPWF: We Have No Set Day/Time To Die! So Pray!
SEP 23
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We Have No Set/Fixed Day or Time To Die! So Pray! Talk To God and See What He Might Do! My Books:
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**Most ministers in our society teach we have a set time and place to die. That is not so for the children of God; those who have received the born again changed heart Spirit. And it is easy to become a born again child of God: Ask God to forgive you of your sin, invite Him to come into your heart and commit your life to Him. There are so many examples in the Bible of the change in people’s time for their death, and many of them had a voice with God when it will be. You might can too if you talk to God about it! Our ministers are so afraid to address any Scriptures that might cause them to have to stand on Scriptures instead of their denominational buddies’ beliefs. Listen to the Scriptures and to what God will say to you!
****Our ministers do not go to Seminaries and other Bible schools to learn God’s Pure Word. They go to their Seminaries(schools) of choice to learn how to preach and teach the Scriptures according to their denomination beliefs of choice which causes most of them to be preaching errors. ! Listen to the Scriptures and to what God will say to you!
*** PS: A lot of people have even been raised from the dead and died twice as recorded in the Bible! on 7AM TFri #GPWF #Christian or at