Interview with LOKRE
JUL 29
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We had the pleasure of interviewing LOKRE over Zoom video.

Toronto-based R&B singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist LOKRE as she gears up to release her debut album ELIZABETH in September.

On June 22nd, LOKRE releases her new single ’Sun Don't Set’. Taken from her forthcoming album titled ELIZABETH (named after her grandmother), ’Sun Don’t Set’ is LOKRE’s first release in 2 years and is the springboard for her musical journey that is transformative, decadent and refuses to be ignored.

On the new single, LOKRE says: "‘Sun Don’t Set’ is an affirmation to press on in the face of self-doubt. The lyrics serve as a much needed reminder, a divine gift even, to encourage me to see the big picture and the temporary nature of pain. No matter how grey the sky, I can trust that the sun is there… even if I can’t see it. That’s the kind of faith I think life demands.” The single is encapsulated into a live performance directed by long-time collaborator and choreographer Caroline Torti filmed in the stunning countryside outside Toronto.

LOKRE (pronounced lock-ree) has been fiercely paving the path for her undeniable talent. Her sound was born out of the collision between her Indo-Trinidadian and Irish sonic mosaic and eclectic influences such as Sade, Alicia Keys and Nelly Furtado. Her talents have attracted a noteworthy list of collaborators including MNEK, Brian West, Ryan Ashley, Yetibeats, Adam Messinger, and Curtis Richardson to name a few.

Outside of music, LOKRE's passions lie in: poetry, meditation, wellness, yoga, mental health (she launched & produced a series with called DeMystified), and streetwear/sneaker culture.

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