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AUG 08
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We had the pleasure of interviewing Nancy Deckant over Zoom video.

Nancy Deckant, Founder and CEO of DiscoverSooner, the Nashville-based start-up and online platform for songwriters and publishers.

In 2006, Nancy Deckant became the coordinator for the Pittsburgh chapter of NSAI and it set in motion a course she had no plan to take. She moved to Nashville in 2013 as a songwriter and by 2015 started publishing and providing songplugging for clients. It was during that transition she came to deeply understand the challenges songwriters, publishers face when it comes to growing their music careers and companies.

Just like songs, sometimes things come in an instant and the idea of an online platform for songwriters and music industry professionals arrived in the same way. She visited with many songwriters and publishers who graciously gave their time to explore what Sooner could be and she leaped to begin a journey to help others.

20 years of marketing and engineering experience prepared her for the world of start-ups. After graduating from the entrepreneurship program at Carnegie Mellon University Tepper School of Business (MBA) in 1997 she launched a company while still in school. If that first high risk adventure would have worked, she wouldn't be where she is now. Nancy would not be a songwriter or a music publisher. ​

Nancy prides herself on her abilities to connect people, give referrals and facilitate relationships. Communication is the key to establishing putting the right songwriters together to build relationships with publishers. was founded in 2019. Nashville Cool publisher Nancy Deckant had the idea for an online platform for the music industry. Songwriters post their music, career accomplishments, and key business criteria. Industry professionals “connect” when they want to have a conversation with songwriters. More information at

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