ReJoule Shakes Up World of Batteries
MAY 16
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Zora Chung joins the conversation on "Making Waves at C-Level" to talk about growing a business, Angel Funding, and business success. ReJoule is a start up that does fast testing for eclectic vehicle batteries.  

About Zora Chung

Zora Chung is the cofounder and CFO at ReJoule, a battery diagnostics and optimization company focused on maximizing the value of every battery. ReJoule has graded over 1MWh of used electric vehicle (EV) batteries as part of their project to repurpose used EV into a stationary application. This project is funded by the California Energy Commission where Zora has blogged to document their learnings, progress, and obstacles. ReJoule’s work has been featured by Wired, Frost & Sullivan, and across a few podcasts and conferences. Before founding ReJoule in 2017, Zora has spent over 12 years in corporate finance at Clorox and Walmart eCommerce. She's created long-range strategic and financial plans, negotiated contracts, and evaluated new and existing business models and optimized them for scalable growth. She holds a B.S in Business Administration from UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. 

About ReJoule

ReJoule is setting the standard for battery health diagnostics to improve the economics of electric vehicles (EV) batteries across its life cycle. Current health predictions only get worse as the batteries age and other ways to test the batteries can take hours. ReJoule’s fast and non-invasive diagnostic has already tested forklift, truck and bus batteries. It was proven to be at least 50x faster (5 min or less vs. 6-10 hours) than current testing methods without sacrificing accuracy. They’ve raised over $5M in non-dilutive grants and in 2022 got their first few paid customers - one is a top 10 automaker seeking to repurpose their used EV batteries in a second-life application. The ultimate goal is to get ReJoule’s technology into production vehicles and at service centers around the world. The founding team is a brother-sister duo balanced between an innovative technical cofounder who has built all the IP in-house and an experienced finance and business strategist.
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