Wellness Matters at Work with Elaine Pasqua
APR 19
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Wellness is more important than ever for your employees. Why is it important to focus on health in the workplace? Elaine Pasqua tells us all about it and how you and your people can stay healthy.

About Elaine Pasqua

Once upon a time, a 6’5″ 250 pound man looked at petite Elaine standing at 5’3″ and said: “You are the biggest little thing I’ve ever seen!”

This funny and energetic live wire has been traversing the country for more than 27 years, advocating for positive choices, optimal health, healthy relationships, and productive lives.

Elaine’s pursuit for making a difference in the lives of others began when she spoke out after losing her mom and stepdad to AIDS related complications. Her career as a professional speaker stemmed from passion, not from the desire to make money. That passion is reflected in her work today. Enhancing the quality of life for others resonates through Elaine’s keen knowledge, compassion, ability to connect, and sharp humor.
Elaine’s enthusiasm for making a difference has remarkably taken her to work with:

Countless businesses and professional associations

31 professional sports teams across the NFL, NBA, and MLB

700 colleges and universities nationwide

Our military service personnel

High schools and parent groups

Elaine is proudly serving as the president of National Speakers Association’s Philadelphia Chapter. She is an author, columnist, and producer/director of public service videos. She has been featured in USA Today, NY1 News, Time Warner TV, NPR, NBC Sports Radio, CBS Sports, and Knight Ridder News Service.

When she is not traveling on planes, trains, and automobiles, you can find Elaine hiking, traveling for pleasure with her husband Jeff, singing with friends until the wee hours of the morning, or in her beautiful gardens with lots of dirt under her fingernails! She is the proud mom of Evan and David who are happy, productive, and caring young men…whew, she made it through parenting!

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