Supply Chain Now Classic: Supply Chain Disruption is Job Security for Today’s College Graduates
AUG 08
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For those of us already working in business, the conflict in Ukraine, COVID, and warehouse space shortages are three disruptions in what has been a very challenging last few years. But for the students getting ready to graduate from college with degrees in supply chain and management, they combine to equal job security for the foreseeable future.
In this popular Supply Chain Now classic, Scott Luton had the chance to speak with two seniors about to graduate from Texas Christian University and Dr. Travis Tokar, a professor of Supply Chain Management with the Neely School of Business at TCU. Anne O'Connor will be graduating with a degree in supply chain and value management, and Jacob Mutscher is graduating with a double major in supply chain and value management and business information systems.
In this conversation, they share their well-educated views on:
• Why supply chain was the most appealing course of study for them, and what they hope to be able to do with the degree after graduation
• The global supply chain trends they are tracking while completing their studies
• The importance of investing in college-level supply chain programs, and how they are positioning students to succeed after graduation

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