The Supply Chain Buzz Digital Transformers Edition with Ellen Patridge of 6 River Systems
JUL 22
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The Supply Chain Buzz is Supply Chain Now’s regular Monday livestream, held at 12n ET each week. This show focuses on some of the leading stories from global supply chain and global business, always with special guests – the most important of which is the live audience!
This week, Scott Luton, Greg White, and Kevin L. Jackson welcomed Ellen Patridge from 6 River Systems. She shared her insights on the inventory complexities still facing retailers, and what they are trying do to guard their bottom line without failing to serve their customers’ changing demand.
This week’s news stories include:
• Evidence that suggests American Eagle is not just a supply chain leader, but that they are closely connected to consumer sentiment as well
• The significance of Panasonic’s new electric vehicle battery manufacturing plant in Kansas
• New technologies being applied to perfect the operation of checkout free convenience stores
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