Financing the Cannabis Industry
AUG 03
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Founded in 2018, Bespoke Financial is the nation’s first fintech lender focused on the cannabis industry.

George has over 14 years of experience in the financial industry with a specific focus on asset-based lending, off-balance sheet financing of commercial assets, and structured credit.

Bespoke has financed more than $800M in GMV across the US cannabis industry and is on track to deploy $1B by end of year 2022 via their revolving lines of credit.

Bespoke Financial is the first FinTech lender focused on the cannabis industry. The cannabis industry is growing quickly and projected to be a $40+ Billion dollar market by 2024 and a $100+ Billion market by 2030. Bespoke Financial provides companies flexible financing (ex. working capital), similar to how Square provides small businesses financing and how Affirm provides consumers financing.

Bespoke Financial already serves businesses across 14 US states (adhering to all state regulations), which covers 80% of the US cannabis industry. In the past year, Bespoke Financial's revenue increased +420% YoY (as of June 2021) and continues to scale rapidly as more states legalize cannabis use. With more states expected to legalize cannabis, the company is on track to continue its rapid growth.

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