The Drive | Hour 3 | 08.03.22
AUG 04
Description Community

Hour 3 of The Drive starts off with a crazy comparison between Tyler and another former Bronco. Even though DMac stirs the pot, Tyler sets the record straight. Tyler keeps the heat going by questioning the Broncos decision to go back to no pads a day later come Friday. Tyler wonders who's benefiting from this? Also, 6 quick questions helps to sum up the week for Broncos Training Camp and also brings about an interesting scenario the Broncos face going forward. Orlando "Big O" Franklin steps in for Tyler as Analyst James Merilatt joins The Drive. James and Big O agree that slow practices aren't helping as much as a real practice would. Also, DMac goes on a rant about why the Rockies need to be sold immediately and James has quite the response! 

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