Coda Earth: Commit to Take Action
MAY 30
Description Community

In the first episode of Coda Earth’s unmissable new podcast, listeners will hear Coda co-founders Roger Harris and Oli Flower discuss a wide range of topics from exactly how and why Coda came to be, to how each and every one of us can make small, simple, and actionable changes that will make a real difference to the planet.


Hosted by Dr Laura Raiti - who is both a paediatric oncology fellow, and a Coda team member - she speaks to Roger and Oli about just how easy it is to commit to change – and why it’s the first step toward more sustainable healthcare delivery. The three of them discuss everything from the pandemic, to the bigger issue of climate crisis, and exactly why it’s the biggest threat to global health.


They also touch on the fact that while many of us feel helpless as individuals, and that there is a real sense of anxiety in the community, that together, we can turn that anxiety into action.


From committing to adding your voice to the movement, to acting together as a community to have a real impact on our collective carbon footprint, the podcast explores the climate change actions heath care professionals can get involved with, on both a macro and micro level.


Coda is all about taking action wherever possible, and about making such action fun and enjoyable for the whole community, and ensuring both action and advocacy are accessible to as many people as possible. And so, in this podcast you can expect to hear practical pointers on exactly where to start, templates for each action which are very simple to follow, and a selection of simplified tips that really will make a difference. Designed for people at all stages of life, the tips will draw on expertise from all over the world and will give listeners the best possible starting point to make meaningful change.


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