Coda Earth: Examine Your Carbon Footprint
MAY 30
Description Community

Following on from the Commit step episode, in which the Coda team discussed turning anxiety into action as a way to start bringing about change, host Dr Laura Raiti - who is both a paediatric oncology fellow, and a Coda team member – speaks to Dr Fintan Hughes, an anaesthesiology resident, about the next step we should be taking as a collective Coda community.


In this episode, Laura and Fintan start by discussing the urgent need to come together to bring about necessary change, which forms the basis for this step – which is to examine our behaviours and the impact they’re having on our own carbon footprint. They touch upon how using a carbon footprint calculator (such as the one on our website) is the first step when it comes to identifying areas in which we can do better by looking at our own personal footprint, and the importance of doing so, without feeling guilty.


From committing to change to examining where that change should start, the podcast explores the idea of flipping the script, and using the calculator to cultivate change and co-ordinated action.


Fintan also talks about how completing a fellowship at University College London inspired him to get involved with Coda; and how he thinks the entire Coda community can get involved to bring about maximum change.


From taking measures to becoming a more ethical shopper, to paying more attention to where you bank, Fintan examines seemingly small and easily accessible steps that every listener can take to make a huge impact on our carbon footprint.


Fintan also shares with listeners his key piece of advice for those who haven’t yet started taking climate action but want to help contribute to bringing about change, and explains how it’s the small things that can make a big difference.


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