Interview with GLDMTH (Ryan Guldemond Returns!)
SEP 23
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We had the pleasure of interviewing GLDMTH over Zoom video.

Frontman and songwriter, Ryan Guldemond of alt-rock touring and streaming giant MOTHER MOTHER has released his deeply personal solo project GLDMTH (pronounced gold mouth) today. As a true multi-media experience, the eleven-track album arrives with an official video for lead single “The People” which was directed, shot, and edited by Guldemond himself. The introspective video evokes the feeling of an experimental short film exposing the poignant beauty of the everyday life from which Guldemond draws his work’s awestruck and melancholic spiri. GLDMTH is available now on DSP’s, vinyl, and CD.

“GLDMTH is a project where I’m able to show artistic reverence for how I see the world, which is innately strange and beautiful and profound and mundane and poignant and funny and wholesome and disturbing,” Guldemond explains. “From people, to nature, to dystopia, birdsong and dreams, I try to let the cues of life fuel the sound and imagery of GLDMTH. Whether it's a conversation, the rhythm of a train, or caution tape strung up on a swing set during a pandemic, it's all fuel for the project which is driven by music, photography, poetry and videography. I feel very grateful to have a space where I’m able to be so freely creative, using my favourite mediums, to metabolize the human experience in an artful manner.”

In addition to the hauntingly beautiful official video for “The People,” each track from the album has been released as a lyric video featuring animated imagery. In addition, Guldemond curated photographs from his archive, resulting in a visual representation for each song on the album. These striking images make up the artwork for the physical package. See below for several examples of these photographs, and insights into a few of the songs from Guldemond.

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