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SEP 13
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We had the pleasure of interviewing Jenna McDougall of Hevenshe over Zoom video.

You know her as the explosive frontwoman of the worldwide adored, internationally recognised punk-rock band, Tonight Alive. Stepping outside of the walls of the world she has built for herself over the last 14 years, Jenna McDougall emerges from musical hiatus to birth her new independent project, Hevenshe.

Hevenshe (Heaven – she, a mirrored expression of Divine Feminine) offers us a bold delivery of original, open letter artistry, both lyrically striking and sonically timeless. Welcoming the entire spectrum of emotion, McDougall once again invites her beloved audience into tell-all melodic journeys, rippling with transcendence.

Hevenshe is simultaneously a departure from McDougall’s punk-emo roots and a continuation of her original mission: self-empowerment and emotional freedom.

Hevenshe is a self-managed and independently released project on the artist’s budding label PREMA Records. For the first time in over a decade, McDougall is experiencing what it's like to be an unestablished artist. This seems to excite, rather than intimidate her.

“No One Will Ever Love You” brings a level of familiarity & comfort. With 4 years between musical releases, Hevenshe will have you hooked with her signature vocals, relatable lyrics and cathartic compositions. Equal parts tenacity and tenderness, this song covers themes of both heartbreak and acceptance, with a message that McDougall was denied to deliver. She agreed this outlet was therapeutic for her & hopes it will be the same for listeners.

Having been off the road for three years, McDougall says she is “Ready to thrust my creative life into the public space again. I want to perform. It’s a huge part of me and how I experience the world. I love connecting with people, I love travelling and I love performing. I can’t get enough of it! So, I want to make up for lost time.”

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