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A fun and frank discussion about how people connect with each other and to their own authentic selves, with questions asked by, a guy. While many of our guests come from the sex positive and non traditional relationship world, the program is about the humans behind the character and the stories of how people find their authentic selves through an atmosphere of expectations, exaggerations, and challenges.

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Troy Orleans - The Artist

She is a true bondage artist whose work encompasses the binds that most could not even dream about. She is the amazing Troy Orleans and she discusses her amazing world of extreme bondage with HiThereCatsuit.

1h 22m
May 30
Mistress Jennifer - From Houston with Power

Mistress Jennifer started her journey writing the ads for Dommes in newspapers and ended up being in the world of Pro Dommes as a profession. Her interesting journey is the subject of our special Friday show this week.

May 26
Snow Mercy - The Benevolent Dominatrix

She is a legend from California and is a mainstay in the BDSM Scene in Los Angeles, but she is known far and wide as Snow Mercy, the benevolent dominatrix for her work in the world and her many media appearances. She visits with HiThereCatsuit in this fascinating interview.

May 23
Eve Minax - The Approachable Pervert

Dubbed “The Approachable Pervert” by peers, renowned Kink Educator and Professional Dominant Eve Minax demystifies BDSM by showing erotic explorers how to be more confident, compassionate, and kinky! We talk to this legendary personality about the past, present and future of kink.

1h 19m
May 16
Lee Harrington - Become Your Own Beloved

Become Your Own Beloved: A Guide to Delighting in Self Connection is a new book by the groundbreaking author and educator, Lee Harrington and he visits with HiThereCatsuit on a special edition of the show. It is the host's 60th birthday and they talk self love with Lee in a very personal episode.

1h 10m
May 12
sweet Girl Julia - The Eyes of Domcon

She is the official photographer of Domcon, but that is just a part of the amazing journey of Sweet Girl Julia. She shares her story of discovery, joy her relationship with Mistress Damiana Chi and a world of support with HiThereCatsuit in this beautiful episode.

1h 5m
May 09
Mistress Malissia - From Mistress to Motherhood

Montreal's Mistress Malissia joins the program to tell her incredibly beautiful story from her life as “the Mistress” to the joy of being a mother. It’s a side that is rarely talked about in our community and we are so proud she will be sharing her story with Jon. We also discuss her Mistress Mindset and Dominatrix Academy which goes far beyond just what you need in a session to a complete look at the business.

May 02
Jaqueline Michelle - On Solo BDSM and more

Jaqueline Michelle is a Self Love & Embodiment Coach based in Miami, specializing in helping women develop intimate relationships with themselves through somatic healing, self actualization, and creating a sensual lifestyle. And in this episode of the show, she talks with HiThereCatsuit about the topic of Solo BDSM.

Apr 25
Mistress Rogue - Latex and Lessons in the Dom House

Mistress Rogue of Florida is a passionate dominatrix who is able to see the scene in a cinematic way, with the setting, the story and the emotion coming to the forefront in each scene. Her love of latex is also a part of her life as this powerful Latina takes her place in your mind and heart. Join the wonderful conversation with HiThereCatsuit in this episode.

1h 9m
Apr 18
Mister Pierre - Custom Tailor to the Community

He is the custom tailor to porn stars and kinky people and the purveyor of fine leather products for daytime and playtime... and a superstar on TikTok for his amazingly entertaining videos. He is Michael Pierre of Mister Pierre Fashion on a special edition of the podcast

1h 3m
Apr 11
Mistress Marley - The Mogul of the Scene

As seen in the New York Times and other national publications, Mistress Marley has taken her role as Femdom, FinDomme, Event Curator and Mogul to new heights and has created a brand that is educating the work of kink. She talks with HiThereCatsuit in this informative conversation.

Apr 04
Tim Woodward - The Father of Skin Two

In the late 20th century, people would marvel at the beauty of a magazine that spoke to us. Skin Two was groundbreaking and its effects on the kink and fetish community resonate today. We visit with the founder and publisher of this ground breaking publication when @timparkerwoodward joins @hitherecatsuit as we discuss the history of fetish in London, the beginnings of Skin Two and how it lives on today thanks to @honourclothing and @skintwoglobal. The show premieres on Tuesday, March 28.

1h 1m
Mar 28
Master Lola Smiles - Education and BDSM with Smiles

Master Lola Smiles joins the show to talk education and giving back to the community as well as a life in leather and what it means to be named Master. Her discussion with Hi There Catsuit is presented by Dating Kinky.

1h 4m
Mar 21
Vicky Devika - The Unmasking

She went viral for her Rubber grocery store adventures in 2020 and now, she has taken a journey to find her real self and help others find their way out of the shadows. The incredible Vicky Devika joins HiThereCatsuit for an inspirational interview. Our show is thanks to the wonderful people at Dating Kinky.

1h 4m
Mar 14
Lola Jean and Miss Shayla: 7 Days of Domination

They are the founders of 7 Days of Domination and just amazing humans who bring topics to the forefront for Dommes and those curious about domination. Miss Shayla and Lola Jean join HiThereCatsuit for a great discussion on education and their views on the scene.

1h 9m
Mar 07
Miss Vivian Darkbloom - The Doll Handling Domme

Boston based Domme, Miss Vivian Darkbloom discusses her love for #latex, her pursuit of the perfect doll and the joy of a lifestyle and work in kynk with HiThereCatsuit.

1h 7m
Feb 28
Fayth on Fire - The Trail to Discovery

The free spirited Fayth on Fire is an veteran fetish model when it comes to balloons and bondages of all types, but it's the journey she is taking right now that makes her so amazing. She joins us on this Fetishcon Friday edition of the show

1h 5m
Feb 23
Gloria Brame - From Different Loving to a Different World

In 1993, Gloria Brame had the courage to write a book called "Different Loving" which was a heavily researched study of the world of fetish and kink. Now 20 years later, BDSM is in the mainstream. How did we get here? A visit with the good Doctor as she talks to HiThereCatsuit in this fascinating interview.

1h 15m
Feb 21
Friday Extra: Lady Supernova: Interview with a NYC Lifestyle Domme

Lady Supernova is a NYC Lifestyle Domme, Erotica Writer and a medical professional. She always wondered what it would be like to be a guest on the show and today, she gets to experience it in this Friday Extra.

Feb 17
Damazonia - The Warrior Mistress

Like a powerful Amazon goddess, Mistress Damazonia brings fantasies to life while championing the downfall of the patriarchy and the rise of authenticity. She is HiThereCatsuit's guest in this very intense conversation you don't want to miss.

1h 7m
Feb 14
Evie Lupine - The YouTube Connection to Kink

She is as amazing and delightful as you would imagine she would be. Just finished a great interview with Evie Lupine talking about her YouTube channel, her education videos, Friday night livestreams, BDSM, Asexuality, Self Collaring and so much more.

1h 10m
Feb 07
Princess Kali - The Founder of the Kink Academy - Part 2

The founder of The Kink Academy and the Red Key Club and 2022 inductee into the Dominatrix Hall of Fame, Princess Kali joins us for the second of a two part episode. In part 1, we discussed the Kink Academy, the art of erotic humiliation and more. In Part 2, we have a discussion on Ethical Financial Domination.

Feb 03
Princess Kali - The Founder of the Kink Academy - Part 1

The founder of The Kink Academy and the Red Key Club and 2022 inductee into the Dominatrix Hall of Fame, Princess Kali joins us for the first of a two part episode. In part 1 we discuss the Kink Academy, the art of erotic humiliation and more. Part 2 will be Friday Feb 3 with a discussion on Ethical Financial Domination.

1h 18m
Jan 31
Temptress Raven Eve - The Return to the TRE Dungeon

In our second FetishCon Friday show, it's a trip back to the dungeon of Temptress Raven Eve for an amazing interview that now only goes into her origin story but also takes HiThereCatsuit through a journey to interview her. Also available on video at youtube.com/datingkinky.

1h 10m
Jan 27
Mistress Ezada Sinn - The Matriarch

Today, we will share a visit from the true Matriarch - the incredible Mistress Ezada Sinn. It is an important conversation that will allow you to see a new vision of power and one that will create conversation. She joins Jon to discuss her vision.

1h 13m
Jan 24
Tara Indiana and the Dominatrix Hall of Fame

This week, we have a return visit from one of our favorite guests with an amazing discussion with Tara Indiana with stories of the early days of dungeons and fetish porn. History comes alive with this legendary dominatrix in her conversation with HiThereCatsuit.

1h 14m
Jan 17
FetishCon Friday -First Faves

In the debut of FetishCon Friday, we revisit the first fives of Jean Bardot, Temptress Raven Eve, Jim Weathers, Anastasia Pierce, Stacy Burke and Ludella Hahn, all personalities who appeared at FetishCon 2022. Will you be at the next great gathering of the fetish world? FetishCon 2023 - August 10-13 - tickets at fetishcon.com

Jan 13
Dirk Hooper - The Art of Kink

We talk about the multimedia life of Dirk Hooper. From his podcast to his art to his photography to so much more, Dirk is a fetish industry unto himself, dedicated to honoring the community in the best ways. We talk about ART BECOMING LIFE in a thought provoking story sure to inspire you. He joins Jon for a lively conversation.

1h 13m
Jan 10
Dr. Alison Ash - Turnon.love into a new year

We have a return visit from Dr. Alison Ash, aka Dr. Aly, a trauma-informed sex and intimacy coach and educator, Stanford Lecturer, and the founder of TurnON.love. She talks with HiThere Catsuit about her upcoming class series and more! * For info on her Sexual and Emotional Intimacy Skills Mastercourse, visit www.TurnON.love/intimacy

Jan 03
Natalya Sadici: The Patron Saint of Debauchery

The Patron Saint of Debauchery, Vixen Sadist & South Florida Dominatrix - the incredible Natalya Sadici joins @hitherecatsuit for a conversation that includes her amazing history in the community and the story of how they connected in a beautiful way through the podcast.

1h 7m
Dec 20, 2022