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Linux Action News 253

GitHub steps in it this week, Microsoft's Linux distribution now runs on bare metal, FFmpeg gets IPFS support, and the odd thing going on with the kernel.

Aug 11
Strange New Workflows | Coder Radio 478

Why we think Malcolm Gladwell is wrong about remote work, and the complicated answer to a simple question.

Aug 10
Let's Call It an Upgrade | LINUX Unplugged 470

We present a buffet of budget Linux boxes. From $40 to $400 you'll be surprised by what we found. Then we attempt to find the perfect distro for them. Special Guest: Alex Kretzschmar.

Aug 07
We Hate Crypto Too | Office Hours 9

Why we hate crypto more than you, plus a frank conversation about boosts in our shows, some big lessons learned from our new website project, and the things we'd never do again.

Aug 05
Linux Action News 252

The real story behind the "Massive GitHub Malware attack," significant updates for the Steam Deck, and the inside scoop on Lenovo's big Linux ambitions.

Aug 04
Sweet Little Lies | Coder Radio 477

We debate the lies our tool makers tell us, if Clojure has a Rails-sized hole, and the secrets of a successful software engineer.

Aug 03
Tough Linux Love | LINUX Unplugged 469

Is the Linux desktop hard to love? A long-time user experience developer argues it is, and we respond to his criticisms.

Jul 31
Solid as a Rock | Self-Hosted 76

Alex runs us through his new and improved off-site backup setup, and Chris is trying out some Shelly devices.

Jul 30
Linux Action News 251

Red Hat hints at its future direction, why realtime might finally come to Linux after all these years, and our reaction to Google's ambitious new programing language.

Jul 30
Tapping the Breaks | Coder Radio 476

We're looking at the big picture and, surprisingly, seeing a lot of possibilities.

Jul 27
The Read Only Scenario | LINUX Unplugged 468

A fundamental change is coming to desktop Linux, and Silverblue might be our hint at where things are going.

Jul 24
A Good Problem to Have | Office Hours 8

We're learning on the job this week as the deadline for our new website is just around the corner. Plus, a dirty little secret that explains why most tech press coverage sucks. Special Guest: Stefan Schulte-Ortbeck.

Jul 22
Linux Action News 250

Microsoft makes a hard about-face, a significant fix for Ubuntu 22.04 is in the works, and the recent breakthrough by the Asahi Linux project.

Jul 21
I Do Declare | Coder Radio 475

Mike's ready to make a case for Declarative UI, and Chris pulls back the curtain to reveal a spicy take.

Jul 20
All Hands on Deck | LINUX Unplugged 467

We try and bust a common Linux distro myth. Then what surprised Chris about his new Steam Deck.

Jul 17
In-Flight Changes | Self-Hosted 75

Our thoughts on the new Works with Home Assistant program, some changes to Alex's off-site backup server, and a million bits of great feedback.

Jul 15
Linux Action News 249

Why Google says we should all go rolling, Red Hat's got a new boss, Microsoft gets called out, and why it might be the year of Linux hardware.

Jul 14
Horton Hears a Linux User | Coder Radio 474

Why we feel recent attacks by the Software Freedom Conservancy against Microsoft are costing the SFC serious credibility.

Jul 13
The Night of a Thousand Errors | LINUX Unplugged 466

We were fixing servers all night, but at least we have a great story. A special guest joins us to help make a big show announcement. Special Guest: Tim Canham.

Jul 10
Brunch With Brent: Tim Canham | Jupiter Extras 87

Brent sits down with Tim Canham, Senior Software Engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We explore topics including the hardware and software powering NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter; JPL's switch from Solaris to Linux; the open source projects, tools, and philosophy at JPL, ...and more. Special Guest: Tim Canham.

Jul 10
Podcasting is Back | Office Hours 7

The community is quick at work; we share major updates on our new website project, and chat with the "Offical" Podcasting 2.0 consultant to find out what he's developing next for podcast listeners. Special Guest: Alecks Gates.

Jul 08
Linux Action News 248

The new movement to leave GitHub, an Ubuntu bug biting 22.04 users, the hardware platform Fedora might start taking seriously, and a major desktop dev departs Red Hat.

Jul 07
Laptop Coasters | Coder Radio 473

Mike's Linux Toolchain for 2022, and his first week with CoPilot. Then we chat about the series of choices that led us to go independent so many years ago.

Jul 06
Too Nixy for My Shirt | LINUX Unplugged 465

The one shared secret behind some of the world's most powerful open-source projects.

Jul 03
A Pi For Every Problem | Self-Hosted 74

Our guest this week has more Raspberry Pis than anyone we've ever met. We get insights into all the projects he used them for, what's worked great, and what's not worked at all. Special Guest: Jscar_Hawk.

Jul 01
Linux Action News 247

Fedora gets serious about its server editions, our thoughts on Valve's increased Steam Deck production, and the surprising results of booting Linux on the Apple M2 SoC.

Jun 30
Drunken Copilot | Coder Radio 472

Mike just signed up for a year of GitHub Copilot and Chris tries to understand why. Then we catch each other up on some recent surprises.

Jun 29
Git Happens | LINUX Unplugged 464

We're going back in time to witness the early days of a critical tool to build Linux, then jump forward 15 years and join our buddy Brent on his journey to learn that very tooling.

Jun 26
Linux Action News 246

Some highlights from Linus' recent fireside chat, Qt gets a new leader and a Linux botnet we should probably take seriously.

Jun 23
Technical Guardians of the Galaxy | Coder Radio 471

Mike's hitting the road to solve his old man's PC woes; Chris channels his early inner 80s and some Google AI conspiracy bacon.

Jun 22