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1184. Actor Jamie Farr Talks Animals

img M*A*S*H'S "KLINGER", JAMIE FARR GUESTS Known for his outlandish role on the long-running series , JAMIE FARR started his career cleaning the cages of chinchillas. Animals have always been a part of his life and he's proud to share his story. LISTEN NOW WHAT ARE THE CHANCES YOUR PET WILL BE LOST? The ASPCA did a survey of pet owners to find out if they ever lost their pets. A Whopping 15% misplaced their furry companion in the last 5 years. What is the best technique for keeping track of your dog or cat, or even iguana? ASPCA's DR. EMILY WEISS explains. LISTEN NOW MAN BREAKS NO LAWS DRESSING AS A GOAT The Utah photographer who spotted a person dressed like a mountain goat on an Ogden hillside is describing his encounter. COTY CREIGHTON says the photos showing a costumed human mingling with real wild goats on Ben Lomond Peak. State officials say mountain goats can become aggressive and inflict serious harm. They also worry the individual dressed as a goat could be mistaken for wild game by hunters. img LISTEN NOW DON'T TOSS THE CAT IN WITH THE LAUNDRY A Scottish woman will most likely sort her laundry a little more carefully after she accidentally tossed her cat in the washing machine. EMMA LOTHIAN says her family's ten-week-old tortoiseshell, was apparently sleeping in the laundry basket with a pile of dirty clothes, and wound up going through the hot-water wash cycle before she was discovered. Lothian says she first noticed something was wrong when Tinker wasn't running around her legs as she did her usual chores, and eventually heard a noise coming from the washing machine. Lothian saw Tinker stuck on top of the clothes and pried open the door to get her out. Vet John Buxton, who says he's never seen a case like this, put the cat in a heated oxygen chamber, and she eventually made a full recovery. LISTEN NOW IF YOU WANT TO PUT MORE PLAYTIME INTO YOUR LIFE, GET A DOG! A recent poll shows that adults who have a dog are 30% more likely to carve out opportunities several times a week to play. And for 61%, the play companion they enjoy the most is their dog. By comparison 48% would rather play with their spouse or significant other. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Aug 11
1183. Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

img LAKE ALGAE CAN BE HARMFUL FOR YOUR DOG If your dog likes to swim, it's probably best to make sure he only swims in the pool this summer. is asking swimmers and pet owners to be aware of algae-ridden lakes and foul-smelling water after toxins from the blue-green blooms killed some dogs last month. LISTEN NOW SHOULD YOU HAVE PET INSURANCE? If you don't have it, you've probably asked yourself whether you should have pet insurance for when the unexpected happens. Since pets are living longer and our veterinary medicine has advanced, options for emergency treatment can be costly unless you have insurance. But that doesn't necessarily mean, "go out and get it." DOC HALLIGAN has important tips for deciding if you should get it and choosing the right policy. LISTEN NOW img TAKE-YOUR-DOG-TO-WORK-DAY NOW INCLUDES SNAKES AND PIGS As take-your-dog-to-work-day becomes the everyday norm in many offices; owners of less common pets have begun to demand equality. If dogs are welcome at work, then others feathered, furry, winged and scaly companions should be allowed at the office too although some co-workers don't agree. Snakes are allowed at the Seattle headquarters of About 8% of U.S. companies allow pets at work, and the practice seems to be especially prevalent among tech firms. LISTEN NOW FINDING JOBS FOR THE UN-ADOPTABLE PETE COPPOLILLO is scouring shelter for dogs that display traits undesirable for adoption. He's especially looking at prey drive, as these dogs make excellent "working conservation dogs." And Pete is happy to give these dogs a job and a home. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Aug 04
1182. The 10 Weirdest Animal Laws

img STRANGE ANIMAL LAWS DAVID ROSENGARD, a Staff Attorney for the (ALDF) explores the 10 Weirdest Animal Laws on the Books. He'll also share some of the important work the ALDF does for animals worldwide by being a voice for the voiceless. LISTEN NOW HOW MUCH WOULD YOU SPEND TO SAVE YOUR PET? More and more pet parents these days are willing to go the financial distance for their pets to give them the best. Americans dog owners spend $2,033 toward their pets on average each year and cat owners about half that at $1,042. But when pet owners are forced to choose between big vet bills and the life of their furry friends, dog owners are willing to pay around $7,000 more than cat owners according to a new survey. So what's the actual number? Those who have dogs say they're willing to spend up to $10,725 to save their pets, while cat owners say they're willing to spend up to $3,454. But for those people who had both cats and dogs, they'd be willing to spend up to $10,200 on average for either their cats or dogs. LISTEN NOW SPARE FIDO THE ADVIL Ibuprofen is the #1 medication about which the (APCC) receives calls. Never, ever, give a dog ibuprofen without first consulting a veterinarian. Pets metabolize ibuprofen differently than humans and even small amounts of the human pain reliever can be dangerous to animals. Giving your dog ibuprofen can cause vomiting and gastric distress and could also lead to seizures, coma and death. APCC's annual report breaks down the most common pet toxins across the nation. Popular brands of ibuprofen include Advil, Motrin and Midol. img OWNER LEAVES $300,000 TO HER CATS A couple of cats in New York will be living a better life than many of us after their elderly, wealthy owner passed away and left them $300,000 in her will. A health care aide who worked with their former owner is now caring for the cats, Troy and Tiger. Now they are trust fund cats. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
Jul 28
1181. The Cat That Steals Underwear From Neighbors

SLOTH LOVE img Most every social media butterfly has seen at least one cute video of a sloth (if not, check out our Facebook page). These litter critters are so cute, that many people want one as a pet. Photographer SAM TRULL says she "" She has the lowdown on sloths, and she says people think they're slow. She says "they can be fast when they want to, and their nails are pretty scary too." LISTEN NOW PERSONAL PET CHECK UP You know your pet better than anyone else, including your vet. DOC HALLIGAN tells us how to do a weekly "once over" exam. Follow these steps and you'll be on top of any problems before they become serious. LISTEN NOW img CAT'S GOT MORE THAN YOUR TONGUE A pet feline in New Zealand has been stealing men's underwear and socks from other people's homes! In just 2 months, the 6 year old cat named Brigit, acquired 11 pairs of underwear and more than 50 pairs of socks. Brigit’s owner says she has put notes in every mailbox on her street to warn her neighbors. LISTEN NOW DOGGY DNA NABS POOP OFFENDERS A luxury apartment community near Grand Rapids, Michigan says it will use DNA technology as a way to sniff out dog owners who fail to pick up their pets' poop. The Ridges of Cascade complex is asking dog owners to swab their pet's mouth so it can build a DNA database that will allow it to identify residents who ignore its strict cleanup policy. The management company as already contracted with the Tennessee-based company PooPrints to collect DNA samples of each dog in the development. Violators will face a $350 fine. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Jul 21
1180. When Ugly = Cute - Funny Vet Stories

img WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR PET IF SOMETHING HAPPENS TO YOU? You don't have to be Leona Helmsley to plan for your pet if you should die. Estate Attorney AJ FUDGE is our guest. She says it's easy to plan for any eventuality, but you should know how. Simply putting your pet in your will isn't enough, as that may be contested. LISTEN NOW FUNNY VET STORIES DR. BO BROCK has just about seen it all, despite living in the middle of nowhere. He's treated just about every animal, from Ostriches to Elephants. He'll tell us several hilarious stories about strange but true cases from his peculiar practice. LISTEN NOW img UGLY = CUTE The winner of this year’s World’s Ugliest Dog Contest is a wrinkled; wispy- haired, bony Chinese crested Chihuahua named . The tiny girl is 17 years old, blind in both eyes and at only four pounds, is not much bigger than two hands put together. She was a crowd favorite at the Petaluma, California contest. Sweepee's favorite thing to do is ride with her dad on his motorcycle. He won $1,500 and a six-foot tall trophy for Sweepee's win. LISTEN NOW GIVING YOUR PET A CHECK UP DOC HALLIGAN will teach us how to give your pet a weekly check up. Knowing exactly what to look for could mean the difference between life and death. Early detection gives you the best odds when it comes to your pet's health. LISTEN NOW img MOST PET FRIENDLY COMPANIES Many companies offer perks to their employees to keep their workers happy and boost their productivity, perks like gym memberships, foosball tables, free snacks and stuff like that. But if you are an animal lover who yearns to work in a pet-friendly office, Fortune Magazine has come out with a list of the most pet-friendly companies to work for. LISTEN NOW 5 SUMMER OUTINGS THAT INCLUDE DOGS Do you want to take your dog with your for some summer fun? Why not? ROBERT SEMROW has compiled a list that you and your furry-friend will find useful and exciting. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Jul 14
1179. 5 Secret Activities Your Pets Do While You're Gone

img THE VET LIFE DR. DIARRA BLUE from Animal Planet's hit show, , is our special guest. He's an over-the-top charismatic professional that has some great stories about his unusual practice in Houston. LISTEN NOW PET FLIPPING Animal rights groups say pet flipping is becoming a growing problem because of a rise in social media use. Pet flipping is when a person sees a pet on social media websites, like Facebook or Craigslist, they get the pet with phony information, then sell the animal to make money off of it. The really bad news is that pet flipping is legal because pets are considered personal property, so people can sell them like anything else. LISTEN NOW HELPING PIT BULL OWNERS FIND RENTALS Pet owners know how difficult it is to find housing, but for pit bull owners it can be nearly impossible to find a place where you can have your pet. A new non-profit called "My Pit Bull is Family," provides resources for dog owners across the country with a database listing all pit bull-friendly properties. The website features an interactive map where pet parents can click on their state and a list of contact information for potential rental leads will pop up. Statistics show that nearly 30% of people give up their dogs because their landlord does not allow dogs; making it the number-one reason people give up a pet. also offers users a list of insurance companies that do not participate in breed-specific discrimination against pit bull-types, Rottweilers, German Shepherds and Chow Chows. LISTEN NOW img EMMY'S HOPE This young lady is a breath of fresh air in our crazy world. Meet 11-year-old EMMY PERRY, who was recently featured in a national campaign for her work saving animals. She has saved 250 animals to date. She also received an award from the City Of Orange for her work with animals. LISTEN NOW WHAT GOES ON WHEN YOU LEAVE Animal Radio's Pet World Insider, ROBERT SEMROW, has the . We can only imagine what goes on when you leave home... or can we? LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Jul 07
1178. Diseases That Humans Can Get From Their Cats, Dogs And Even Turtles.

img DISEASES YOUR PET CAN GIVE YOU DOC HALLIGAN has some creepy news about Zoonotic disease that humans can get from their cats, dogs and even turtles. While the good doctor doesn't want you to be scared of your pet, she says it's good to be aware of the risks. And pregnant women....listen up! LISTEN NOW THE MISUNDERSTOOD PIT-BULL The youthful and charismatic BRONWEN DICKEY has made her fight about the Pit-Bull. The years of research that went into her new book easily qualifies her as an expert on the breed that is banned from many big U.S. cities. LISTEN NOW img DRUG MAY SLOW DOWN A DOG'S AGING PROCESS An ongoing study out of the University of Washington now hopes to gain insight on the drug Rapamycin (which is used to prevent organ transplant rejection in humans) and its ability to slow down aging in canines. Researchers will follow 10,000 companion dogs of all kinds, as they age - not in labs, but dogs that actually live with their owners at home. LISTEN NOW SERVICE ANIMAL FRAUD There are now laws in many states making misrepresentation of a service animal a crime. For example, in Florida, the penalty carries a $500 fine and up to 60 days in jail. LORI BROOKS will tell you how to spot a true service dog and what questions establishments are allowed to ask you if you have a service animal. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
Jun 30
1177. I Tried The Weirdest Pet Products On The Internet

img I TRIED THE WEIRDEST PET PRODUCTS ON THE INTERNET From the to the , The Washington Post's SADIE DINGFELDER tried some of the oddest pet products for sale online. She'll tell us how it went. For instance, give your dog a toy - a rawhide chew, a tennis ball, or even this little plush figurine of Donald Trump - and your dog, regardless of political affiliation, will immediately tear it to shreds. Cats, on the other hand, dispose of their belongings by looking at them with such disdain that the toys self-destruct in shame. LISTEN NOW WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO GENETICALLY PRESERVE YOUR PET? MELAIN RODRIGUEZ from says there are lots of reasons you should think about Genetic Preservation. Collecting a sample of your pet's DNA could be helpful if there are medical advances that could potentially help your furry-friend. Of course, you could also use the DNA to clone your pet too. LISTEN NOW img VET ON CALL Animal Radio's Veterinarian, DR. DEBBIE WHITE will answer your questions about your pet's health, because that's what we do. Make sure to call us toll-free Animal Radio App for iPhone and Android LISTEN NOW HOW MY CAT MADE ME A BETTER MAN JEREMY FEIG was at rock bottom - broke, alone, and living in a shoe box-sized apartment. At the same time, his cat was perfectly content. What was her secret? She couldn't say it out loud, but it was clear she had all the answers to living a good life. Jeremy will share those answers with Animal Radio listeners. LISTEN NOW JEWEL THIEF ALAN KABEL reports on a dog that swallowed their guardian's wedding ring. What happens next is quite amusing. He'll also tell us about an alligator that loves pizza. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
Jun 24
1176. Quitting Your Dumb Job To Work With Animals

img DOGGY LIMOUSINE SERVICE DANIEL WILLIAMS quit his regular job to open a pet transport business, like Zoo-ber. He says it's going well although he has one customer than demands he talks to their dog only in "baby-talk." LISTEN NOW FIGHTING FLEAS We're on the heels of another big flea season. Chances are good your pets will get fleas, unless you live in Las Vegas or Phoenix. Is there a safer solution than the traditional topicals? DOC HALLIGAN says there are lots of safe remedies for the 'battle of the fleas.' LISTEN NOW FAT PETS AND DISEASE Diabetes is fairly prevalent with the trend towards obese pets. It can be managed with daily insulin injections. Pancreatitis also plagues dogs especially when they've been fed fatty treats from the table. DR. DEBBIE has the information you need if your pet suffers from an obesity related disease. LISTEN NOW 5 MOST UNCOMMON LEGAL PETS img Animal Radio's ROBERT SEMROW has a knack for lists. This week he has the top 5 strange, unique and elusive pets that are actually legal to own in the U.S. - Sorry, ferrets are still against the law in California and New York. LISTEN NOW 8-LEGGED PETS You may not think of big hairy spiders as pets, but some people do, and Petco wants their business. The company has announced it is expanding their "tarantula offerings" to give pet parents the chance to further explore the amazing world of arachnids. Interestingly, not only do tarantulas have eight legs, they also have a large round eye surrounded by three smaller ones on each side for a total of eight eyes as well. LISTEN NOW img FROM THE "TOO STUPID TO OWN A PET DEPARTMENT" A California woman captured video of another woman driving her car and walking her dog by holding its leash out of the car window while she was driving. The director of the local animal services department in Stockton said he found the video distressing and recommended the woman be charged with animal cruelty, but police reviewed the video and did not believe there was evidence of cruelty, but said the woman in the car would have been charged with "distracted driving" IF she had been seen by an officer. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
Jun 17
1175. Is 'Big Brother' Tracking My Pet's Microchip?

img FDA WARNS DOG OWNERS ABOUT XYLITOL The is warning dog owners about a new diet Peanut Butter made with an alternative sweetener. 'Xylitol' can shut a dog's kidney down in a matter of minutes. LISTEN NOW THE LOWDOWN ON PET MICROCHIPS Still, the best way to ensure your lost pet is returned is by implanting a rice-sized microchip under their skin. This is a simple, fast and painless procedure done at your veterinarian or local shelter. Some people are afraid of the technology, mistakenly thinking 'Big Brother' is tracking your pet. We'll break that myth. We'll also discuss the different types of microchips and how to make sure your pet has the right one. LISTEN NOW img PET PICTURES CAN DRASTICALLY CHANGE ATTITUDE We all love pets and whenever anyone feels socially rejected or sad, new research from Miami University shows that just a thought - or a picture of their pet - can lift their mood. In the study they also found that just thinking about another human did not produce the same effect. LISTEN NOW PARALYZED KITTEN GETS LEGO WHEELCHAIR A kitten that was found paralyzed and abandoned by its mother on the streets of upstate New York has been given a unique makeshift wheelchair by a local veterinarian. This mobility device was made out of Legos! LISTEN NOW GOOSE KNOCKS ON POLICE CRUISER FOR HELP A mother goose recently knocked on the door of a Cincinnati police cruiser in her search for help for a gosling tangled in a Mylar balloon string. The officer in the car said he initially thought the goose was hungry when he discovered her pecking at the door of his car. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 20m
Jun 09
1174. Just When You Thought You Knew All There Was To Know About Cats...

img CATS Just when you thought you knew all there was to know about cats, LAURA MOSS tells us about cats that like hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, and even surfing. If you have an adventurous cat, she'll tell you what you can do to enrich the furr-balls' life. LISTEN NOW THE INNER LIFE OF CATS For millennia, cats have been celebrated as secretive, mysterious companions, content to live alongside (but apart from) humans. THOMAS MCNAMEE shares the science revealing cats' hidden depths of emotion and affection for humans. LISTEN NOW DEADLIEST ANIMAL KILLS ABOUT 120 PEOPLE YEARLY According to data from the Centers for Disease Control, pit bulls are NOT the deadliest animals, or even rattlesnakes. Believe it or not, deer are the deadliest animals in America, responsible for killing 120 people on average every year. Deer are normally not violent, but the majority of the deaths caused from deer stem from car accidents. LISTEN NOW img THINK TWICE BEFORE PUTTING YOUR PET ON A PLANE United Airlines is investigating an incident where one of the world's biggest rabbits was found dead after a plane had landed from a flight from London's Heathrow airport to Chicago's O'Hare. It turns out that United had the most animal deaths of all U.S. airlines last year for the second year in a row. LISTEN NOW FAKE CANCER TREATMENTS TARGETS PETS The FDA has given warning letters to 14 companies that are selling more than 65 fake cancer treatments. The bogus products include pills, capsules, powders, creams, teas, oils and treatment and diagnostic kits. They're most commonly marketed and sold without FDA approval on websites and social media platforms and are usually advertised as 'natural' and often falsely labeled as dietary supplements. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
Jun 02
1173. Real Life Pet Detective Shares Wild Stories Of Stolen Animals

img PET DETECTIVE JAMIE KATZ She's a real life Pet Detective, schooled as a human Private Investigator. JAMIE KATZ has found over 150 lost or stolen pets in the last 2 years. She'll share some wild stories and give you tips to make sure your pet isn't stolen. LISTEN NOW FEDERAL AGENCY GOES PET FRIENDLY The Interior Department welcomed a new breed of visitor to its Washington headquarters last month, one on four legs, covered with fur and on a mission to boost morale at the agency in charge of public lands. The first federal agency to go dog friendly opened its doors to 85 dogs that first Dog Day! LISTEN NOW NEW TICK-BORNE DISEASE DISCOVERED Scientists have a double-shot of bad news about ticks. There's a new, and potentially fatal, tick-borne illness called and this summer looks like it might be one of the worst on record for an increase in the tick population. The Centers for Disease Control say tick-borne diseases are on the rise and prevention should be on everyone's mind now through early fall when ticks are most active. LISTEN NOW img HUMAN COLLEGE GRADUATES 24 PETS One of only a handful of colleges that allow and encourage pets, Eckerd College wants students to bring their dogs, cats, rabbits, ferrets, ducks and chinchillas to school. They supply pet dorms and vet visits for college kids and their pets. They even have a graduation ceremony for the creatures big and small. TANYA WOMACK is the Staff Coordinator for Pet Life at Eckerd College. She's happy to tell us about this groundbreaking initiative and she consults with other colleges that wish to institute the same policy. LISTEN NOW PRISONERS TRAINING ANIMALS A small team of women prisoners in Phoenix is working with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Animal Safety Unit. The program helps comfort and train animals rescued from deplorable conditions. Six days a week the women in the program are transported to a former men's jail that has been converted into a holding center and safe haven for animals. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
May 26
1172. Research Suggests Pets Make You Look More Attractive, Trustworthy And Sexy.

img JOIN THE SHELLEBRATION is coming up. The Executive Director of the American Tortoise Rescue, SUSAN TELLUM tells us why turtles and tortoises make great pets, except when they're having sex. LISTEN NOW PIG TRIAL ENDS Animal Advocate ANITA KRANJNC faced a prison sentence for feeding water to a dehydrated pig. After two years of defending herself in a court battle, the judge dismissed the charges against her for mischief and meddling with private property. LISTEN NOW img SOME PETS MAKE YOU LOOK MORE ATTRACTIVE New research suggests women rated men holding puppies as almost 24% sexier, 14% more trustworthy and 13% more attractive than the same men not holding a puppy. Meanwhile, women with kittens were perceived as the least attractive and women with cats were rated lowest on sexiness and trustworthiness. LISTEN NOW TICK TALK Dogfather JOEY VILLANI shares a little known secret for easily getting rid of ticks. Simply pulling them out of your animals, or using a match to get rid of them can actually cause more problems. But with this technique, the ticks will leave on their own accord. LISTEN NOW CLASS ACTION CLAIMS PRESCRIPTION PET FOOD IS A MARKETING SCHEME. Four law firms are making news for representing pet owners in a class action lawsuit, which alleges that prescription dog and cat food is a marketing scheme devised by pet food companies to pump up their profits. They state that requiring a prescription from a veterinarian misleads consumers, providing cover that enables pet food companies to charge excessive prices because prescription pet food contains no drug or other ingredient not also common in non-prescription pet food. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 21m
May 19
1171. The Truth Behind The Billion Dollar Pet Food Business

img WHAT THE PET FOOD MANUFACTURERS WANT YOU TO KNOW The pet food industry is worth 29 BILLION dollars a year. With so much at stake, they've formed a lobbying group called Pet Food Institute PFI's Communications Director, MARY EMMA YOUNG joins us to tell you want they want you to know about pet food. LISTEN NOW PET FOOLED Pet food advocate and director of the movie "Pet Fooled," KOHL HARRINGTON believes you are being lied to and manipulated by the major pet food manufacturers - all in the name of economics. Kohl shares the information he collected while producing the movie, including documentation that you're being deceived into slowly killing your pets; and even paid hush money by pet food makers. You'll want to hear this before you shop for pet food again! LISTEN NOW EMPLOYERS OFFER PATERNITY LEAVE Harper-Collins Publishers is now offering their employees "PAWternity leave" when they adopt a new pet, giving workers up to five working days of paid leave to settle in with their new animal friend. The publisher says it wants to encourage responsible adoption of animals as well as make life easier for their staff that choose to open their homes to furry friends. LISTEN NOW PET RAT SAVED AFTER HEROIN OVERDOSE Volunteers at an overdose prevention site in Vancouver, Canada, say they saved the life of a pet rat named Snuggles after the little rodent overdosed on heroin it had eaten off a table. LISTEN NOW img CAT YOGA CLASSES For cat lovers and exercise enthusiasts, free yoga classes filled with feline friends sounds like a pretty good deal. But these classes are offered with a larger purpose in mind, as the cats need homes. The P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center in Camden, Maine, offers free monthly cat yoga classes as a way to introduce potential new pet owners to some kitties in need. LISTEN NOW VICTIMS SCAMMED AFTER BUYING DOGS ONLINE Police in the town of Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, are asking people to be extra vigilant when buying anything online after three people were scammed out of hundreds of dollars when they bought dogs that they never received. The victims had all recently responded to online classified ads listing dogs for sale. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 19m
May 13
1170. Actor Sir Patrick Stewart Changes His Mind About Pit Bulls

img STAR TREK STAR CHANGES HIS MIND ABOUT PIT BULLS Actor and humanitarian SIR PATRICK STEWART is fostering a pit bull named after they bonded instantly. He admits that he once believed the negative stereotypes about pit bulls, but his love for Ginger and other pit bulls has grown so deep that now he's partnered up with the ASPCA to #GetTough against dog fighters. LISTEN NOW FEAR FREE MOVEMENT When DR. MARTY BECKER created the Fear Free certification for Veterinarians, he had no idea it would take off so fast. More and more veterinarians are creating a relaxed environment that pets will like. They're practicing techniques that make dogs and cats enjoy going to the vet. The end-game is happier, healthier pets that live longer. LISTEN NOW img GIVING THE WEST COAST SOME LOVE TV Host and Animal Advocate DAVID FREI was the top dog at Westminster for almost 30 years. He tells us that he's created the first major west coast AKC Dog Show and it's all going on in Beverly Hills. Trailing the super success of the Thanksgiving Day Dog Show, NBC has bankrolled the celebrity filled dog show. LISTEN NOW TAIWAN OUTLAWS CAT & DOG MEAT FOR HUMANS Taiwan is the first country in Asia to pass a law outlawing the human consumption of dog and cat meat. An amendment to an animal protection law, passed earlier this month by the Taiwanese, indicates a changing attitude in, "" according to the government's own news agency. LISTEN NOW ELIMINATING HAIRBALLS If your cat is always hawking up hairballs, then perhaps you should hear what Animal Radio's , JOEY VILLANI has to say. He has some inexpensive and effective ways to reduce the hair your cat consumes. This is especially helpful if you've ever stepped in a juicy hairball in the middle of the night. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 19m
May 05
1169. Does 16 Cats Make Paula Poundstone A "Crazy Cat Lady?" She Explains...

img CRAZY CAT LADY PAULA POUNDSTONE We're flashing back to comedian PAULA POUNDSTONE's guest spot. She proudly defends being the cat mama to 16 cats (3 if the landlord asks). She's trying to decide whether to buy cat litter or send her kids to college. LISTEN NOW WAG APP CAUTIONARY TAILS A Houston couple is finding out firsthand some of the unintended consequences that can come with letting a stranger on an App take care of your pet. Their version of the unthinkable happened when they trusted a stranger on the "Wag!" app to walk , their 10-month-old Wheaten Terrier. Winnie died on that walk. The husband says Wag! representatives have not offered any details into how Winnie died. Wag did offer to reimburse the couple $188.71 for Winnie’s cremation costs if the couple signed a non-disclosure agreement, stating that, among other things, they would be legally required to keep quiet about what happened to Winnie. Just eight days before, another Wag! dog-walker in California was charged with animal cruelty after police say he kicked one of the four dogs he was walking. LISTEN NOW CUDDLY HEDGEHOGS CARRY SALMONELLA Government health officials are warning that there have been at least 11 people infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium in 8 states. All involved hedgehogs. Even when hedgehogs appear healthy, the CDC says they can carry salmonella germs in their droppings. Those germs can then spread around the hedgehog's body and then to anything in the area where they live. LISTEN NOW ASPIRIN CAN BE FATAL FOR YOUR PET While Aspirin might be just what the doctor ordered after a night out drinking; your dog or cat's body won't assimilate the chemicals safely. Enough 'well-meaning' aspirin can kill your pet. Same holds true for Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. There are a lot safer anti-inflammatory medicines that your veterinarian can prescribe. Animal Radio's DR. DEBBIE has a tip for determining if something your pet swallowed is toxic and if you should go to the veterinarian. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 19m
Apr 29
1168. Kim Komando Says Some Tech Could Emit Noises Only Your Pets Hear

img NO DOGS LEFT BEHIND JEFFREY BERI founded the global animal rescue . He checks in with Animal Radio from China where he's rescuing thousands of dogs from a horrific life and ultimate slaughter. He reports that the Chinese are changing their view on pets. LISTEN NOW THINK ABOUT YOUR PETS WHEN BUYING THAT TECH GADGET Tech expert KIM KOMANDO says every piece of technology we put into our homes could very easily emit a sound that cannot be heard by humans but comes in loud and clear for pets. That's not to say pets are suffering because of our gadgets, but that the possibility exists and it is something you may want to consider. In scientific terms, humans can hear sounds up to about 20,000 Hz, while dogs can hear sounds up to 45,000 Hz and cats 64,000 Hz. That means there are frequencies undetectable to us but very noticeable and even hurtful to animals. Lights can also be a problem, because animals see the world differently than humans. LED lights flicker more than others, though the speed at which they do so isn't really noticed by humans. Dogs, however, are sensitive up to 80 Hz or flickers per second. LISTEN NOW RETIRING FORMER RESEARCH CHIMPS The Director of Behavior and Research at joins Animal Radio to talk about the many chimps that are now living at her sanctuary in Louisiana. AMY FULTZ is currently fund raising to help build more habitats in the 200-acre refuge. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 19m
Apr 22
1167. ‘Wild Kingdom’ Host Talks About Harrowing Experiences Filming Animals

img MUTUAL OF OMAHA'S WILD KINGDOM The little known insurance company would've sunk into obscurity if it weren't for the marriage to the iconic television programming it hitched its name to. Marlin Perkins and his monkey hosted the Sunday evening tradition. The show lives on today as a web series hosted by this week's Animal Radio guest, PETER GROS. Peter talks about several harrowing experiences filming wild animals, including chasing a 12-foot python through the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Manhattan. LISTEN NOW MEET YOUR BREED Don't just get a dog because it's cute. To ensure a long lasting relationship, you should get a breed that suits your activity level, as some dogs require lots of stimulation while others, like the unsuspecting Greyhound, would rather be a couch potato. Behaviorist KIM BROPHEY is here to help you pick out your new furry family member. LISTEN NOW img RACCOON OVERDOSES ON HEROIN Firefighters at Wayne Township in Indiana must still be laughing about a recent visit they had from a frantic woman who showed up at the station house early one morning with her pet raccoon. The raccoon was stoned after being exposed to too much marijuana and the owner thought the raccoon was overdosing. Later, they discovered the raccoon had actually gotten into someone's stash of heroine. LISTEN NOW THE NEW FEAR FREE GUIDE The biggest thing to recently happen to animal welfare is arguably the movement. Starting with veterinarians, changes were made to make vet visits a better experience for the pet and everyone involved. Then Fear Free moved into the household by creating the program. Now, with the help of Fear Free father and renown author, DR. MARTY BECKER talks about the Fear Free book, . Listen to Dr. Becker in the Fear Free Expert Series on Animal Radio. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Apr 15
1166. How To Tell If Your Pet Is In Pain.

img HIDDEN PAIN IN CATS Cats may feel pain but there may be no obvious signs. DR. ROBIN DOWNING specializes in pain and palliative medicine for pets and she explains why cats may not exhibit the signs of pain, or at least how humans perceive pain. Dr. Downing also discusses pain treatments for our furry friends. This segment is part of the Fear Free Expert Series LISTEN NOW SEA-FURRING FELINES We remember the bold seafarers of yore, from Magellan to Shackleton, for their extraordinary exploits; New lands discovered, storms weathered, and battles won. But somehow history has neglected the stalwart, hardworking species who made it all possible ... yes, the noble cat! PHILIPPA SANDALL joins us from down-under to describe these under appreciated sea-furring felines. LISTEN NOW img FIREFIGHTERS THOUGHT THEY WERE RESCUING PUPPIES Firefighters in Colorado Springs say they are pretty surprised to learn that the littler of "puppies" they rescued from a storm drain were actually baby foxes. Before learning they actually had baby foxes in their care, they were taken to a veterinary hospital where they were told the tiny little things were really newborn red fox kits. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Apr 07
1165. Your Cat May Be Giving Away Your Home Address

img WHO IS SMARTER? DOG OR CAT? Senior Editor JOSH FISCHMAN translates the results from current research on the brains and neurons of cats, dogs, raccoons, bears and humans. You may be surprised by the results. Cat lovers - brace yourself. LISTEN NOW HAS YOUR PET RESTRICTED YOUR TRAVEL PLANS? According to a study of 2,000 American pet parents, half of them have never traveled outside of the country since owning their pet. The main reason pet owners struggle to take a vacation without their pet is likely due to the 68% who felt especially guilty when they leave their pets behind. LISTEN NOW YOUR CAT MAY BE GIVING AWAY YOUR HOME ADDRESS Identity theft has been a big concern for years. Now those photos you post of your pet could lead strangers straight to your home. The meta-data hidden beneath those cute furry photos include your geo-location. And one website,, actually highlights just that. LISTEN NOW img TWO KONGS FOR EVERY DOG IN AMERICA The KONG is the most ubiquitous dog toy in existence. The name KONG has become a part of the vernacular, just like Kleenex and Band-Aid. So, you'll be quite amused when KONG creator JOE MARKHAM tells us how the toy was invented by accident. This is the last installment in the Fear Free Expert Series LISTEN NOW BUCKET LIST FOR SHELTER DOG An animal shelter in Arlington, Virginia, is helping a dying dog with cancer live his best life. The Animal Welfare League of Arlington hopes that a family will adopt Smoke, a 10-year-old hound with terminal cancer, in the last weeks or months that he has left. But, until that time, the shelter has created a bucket list for Smoke that is still growing. On the list already are entries such as riding in a fire truck, eating ice cream, going to the beach, riding in a police car and howling with the sirens, and getting a full body doggy massage. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Mar 31
1164. Which Pop Superstar Tests Her Songs On Her Dogs First?

img HIGH TECH DOG KENNEL If REBECCA EYRE gets her way, you'll never again see a dog tied up outside a retail or food establishment. She says "Dogspot," a climate controlled parking spot for your dog, is being rolled-out across the country. Using the smartphone app, you'll gain access to a safe and secure dog locker fitted with UV lamps and cameras. So many questions, so little time. LISTEN NOW WHAT'S SO IMPORTANT ABOUT BLOOD TESTS Has your veterinarian ever recommended an expensive battery of blood tests for your pet? DR. FRED METZLER explains why these blood tests are needed to really understand your pets health, even when they're healthy. Since our pets cannot speak English, veterinarians rely upon blood to tell the story. Dr. Metzger is our next speaker in the LISTEN NOW img PETSITTER TO THE STARS SPEAKS LAURA VORREYER has become a petsitter for celebrity pet owners and their furry companions. She says that some of her clients have large requests when it comes to pet are. Laura will tell us about a popular singer who tests her songs on her dogs to see if they'll be a hit. LISTEN NOW POTATOES AND LENTILS IN DOG FOOD LINKED TO HEART DISEASE There's some new information from the Food and Drug Administration's that says potatoes, legumes, peas and lentils used as protein sources in many dog foods may be linked to canine heart disease. The agency is researching dogs that developed dilated cardiomyopathy, or DCM, which is a disease of a dog's heart muscle and often results in congestive heart failure. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Mar 25
1163. Supermodel Chickens and Pet Dreams

img CHICKEN Model SUMMER RAYNE OAKES dispels common stereotypes. A Cornell graduate in Etymology, she has no problems feeding her best friend live meal-worms, something that would make most models squirm. Of course, her best friend is a chicken named . The two are inseparable. You might see them together on a N.Y. Subway. Kippy has even appeared in several photo shoots. LISTEN NOW DOES YOUR PET DREAM? Have you seen you pet twitch, move or mumble while they sleep. Could they be dreaming? Harvard Professor and Dream Researcher DR. DEIRDRE BARRETT shares what she knows about pet dreams. LISTEN NOW DEALING WITH NOISE PHOBIAS Some pets can be alarmed or startled by noises like thunder, cars and fireworks. It's not uncommon. Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist DR. E'LISE CHRISTENSEN tells us about ways we can desensitize our furry friends. Our pets deserve to be Fear Free Pets LISTEN NOW WHAT WOULD YOU GIVE UP TO TAKE YOUR DOG TO WORK? As part of last month's Take Your Dog to Work Day, Ollie, a human-grade dog food company, polled animal lovers who currently cannot take their dog to the office to see what they would be willing to do to gain that privilege. One in four said they would give up three vacations days if it meant their dog would be allowed in the office. Additionally, 70% of pet parents said they would show up to work earlier if it meant they could bring their dog and 68% said they would stay later. Two-thirds of those polled said they would be willing to switch to another company if it meant getting pet-friendly perks. LISTEN NOW AIRLINES WANT TO BAN SUPPORT ANIMALS Two major air carriers, American and Southwest Airlines, are urging the Federal Government to no longer require them to allow Emotional Support Animals on board. The Transportation Department is reconsidering its rules for traditional service animals and comfort pets. The flight industry group, Airlines for America, which represents American and Southwest, has told the Transportation Department that it should narrow the broad definition of "service animals" to only quote, "trained dogs that perform a task or work for an individual with a disability." LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Mar 17
1162. How Far Can Your Dog Smell? The Secrets Of The Snout

img THE SECRETS OF THE SNOUT Scientist and researcher FRANK ROSELL joins us live from Norway to talk about our pet's incredible nose and smelling capabilities. He'll explain why your friend's dog is "all-up-in-your-business" and just how far and how much our dog can smell stuff. They can even smell cancer. LISTEN NOW 65-YEAR-OLD WOMAN HAS HAD HER PET 56 YEARS Here's a story you don't hear very often. JEANNA SMITH got her pet tortoise during the Kennedy administration, and it might still be alive for the Bieber administration. Not many people live most of their life with their childhood pet. LISTEN NOW img WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU CAN'T REACH A VETERINARIAN The Fear Free Pets Expert Series continues with DR. DAWN CRANDELL. She'll teach you how to evaluate and treat your pet when a veterinarian isn't easily accessible. Before you take your dog on a trip or camping, make sure you're prepared for the unexpected. LISTEN NOW YOUR TURN TO WEIGH IN ON AIRLINE SERVICE ANIMAL POLICY The Transportation Department announced it's seeking comments for drafting rules for dealing with animals flying with passengers on planes. The proposal asks for comments about questions such as: whether to treat psychiatric service animals the same as other service animals, such as for the blind and deaf; whether to require emotional-support animals to travel in containers or with a harness or leash; and limiting the types of animals qualifying as emotional-support animals. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Mar 10
1161. One In Ten Pet Owners Admit To Getting Their Pet High On Drugs

img BEING BLIND - FAKING A SIGHTED PERSON For 30 years, legally blind from birth, STEPHEN KUUSISTOS went about his daily business as if he had 20/20 vision. He even drove bikes and motorcycles. But his life changed dramatically when he met his first service dog, . This dog assisted him and even taught him some valuable life lessons. LISTEN NOW THE TRUTH ABOUT RACCOONS Over the years, many people have tried to make pets out of raccoons. This is nearly impossible. Raccoons not only make bad, destructive pets, but they also inherently carry disease. Animal Radio's DR. DEBBIE has to let down a listener that was dead-set on making a wild raccoon a family member. LISTEN NOW RECREATIONAL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL - NOT FOR PETS The Family Center for Recovery surveyed over 1,000 pet owners who admitted to seeing their pet ingest drugs or other substances. 10% of men and 5% women in this survey said they purposefully got their pet high on drugs so they could share the experience and nearly 8% of men and 4% of women said they gave their pet drugs or alcohol out of boredom. LISTEN NOW DOG PARK HIJACKED FOR TEN YEARS img The Tribeca Dog Park in New York was literally stolen, or hijacked, ten years ago by area residents who put a lock on the gate, began charging fees, banning non-member status mutts and enforcing its 22 rules with an iron fist and the city never noticed. The people with the pirated dog park installed a keypad lock on the gate and sent members a secret 4-digit passcode after they paid a $120 annual fee over Paypal on the group's website. LISTEN NOW MAN SHOOTS AT ROOMMATE OVER CAT HAIR ON COUCH A 58-year-old Florida man has been arrested after he shot at his roommate because he was angry about cat hair being on the couch. The roommate told police that the cat-hair-hating-guy fired in his direction and said, "The next one's going to be you." Mr. Cat Hair Hater is being held without bond and is facing charges of shooting into a dwelling, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Mar 03
1160. A Device That Will Translate What Your Pet Says Into English

img NOT SCI-FI. A DEVICE THAT TRANSLATES WOOFS AND MEOWS INTO WORDS DR. CON SLOBODCHIKOFF (Professor Emeritus NAU) believes we are close to developing a gadget that will translate what your dog or cat is saying into English words. While several novelty items are currently on the market, his work is based in science. Slobodchikoff says "" LISTEN NOW COUNTING CATS Because most everyone has their own opinion on whether cats or dogs are smarter, a new study has created quite a stir when it suggested that dogs might have an intelligence edge over cats. On the other hand, a few other studies have shown that cats have a greater mathematical ability than dogs. Meanwhile, other less traditionally "smart" animals like fish and frogs, according to new research, are able to count. LISTEN NOW img DATING ADVICE FOR PET PARENTS Things can get complicated if you are in a relationship that progresses to the point where you are thinking about moving in together. And if the other person is also bringing a pet to the new household then you have a lot to consider. Animal Radio News Director LORI BROOKS has some good advice for pet parents who want to combine households. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Feb 24
1159. Sheena Easton Goes Crazy About Her Cats!

img ACCIDENTALLY SICKENING YOUR PET The Senior Veterinary Toxicologist at the Pet Poison Helpline wants you to know what household toxins can fatally sicken your pets. DR. AHNA BRUTLAG warns that pesticides and bait traps can kill more than bugs and mice. She also says even pet safe anti-freeze can be harmful. LISTEN NOW PSYCHOLOGIST TELLS US WHAT PETS WANT FROM THEIR OWNERS Ever wonder how your pet sees the world? There's an entire branch of science devoted to figuring that out. Psychologist DR. ZAZIE TODD has been studying the techniques guardians use to better their relationship with their pets. LISTEN NOW TOXOPLASMOSIS COULD ACTUALLY IMPROVE YOUR LIFE According to a new study, a mind-controlling parasite found in cat feces increases a person's likelihood of studying business and going into entrepreneurial-related careers. The parasite Toxoplasma Gondii has long been associated with impulsive behaviors leading to an increased risk of car accidents, road rage, mental illness, neuroticism, drug abuse and even suicide. Researchers believe T. Gondii exposure might push people toward higher risks and higher reward activities. The experts found that people infected with the parasite were about 1.5 times more likely to major in business and 1.7 times more likely to pursue a management and entrepreneurship major. LISTEN NOW POP DIVA SHEENA EASTON FLASHBACK Singer, songwriter and actress SHEENA EASTON provides one of the most memorable celebrity interviews on Animal Radio. Sheena is cra-cra about her kitties, no holds barred when she divulges how she spoils her cats and dogs. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Feb 17
1158. Why Is Our Pet's Food Supply Constantly Jeopardized?

img WHY IS PENTOBARBITAL IN OUR PET FOOD? JACLYN BOWEN of the is back to explain why our pet's food supply is constantly jeopardized. What are the implications of the Blue Buffalo's sale to General Mills? You should listen before you shop for pet food again. LISTEN NOW UNDERSTANDING UTI Urinary Tract Infections are more common than you think. Did you know stress could cause a UTI in your cat or dog? DR. TONY HUFFINGTON explains how a stressed animal is at higher risk for infection. Have you heard the Fear Free Pet Expert Series LISTEN NOW img SLEEPING IN THE DOGHOUSE A cold winter has led to the deaths of several dogs left outside in the elements. IAN MATHESON spent the evening in the brutal cold weather to bring awareness to pet owners about the risks of leaving your dog outside overnight. Listen to Ian tell his story. LISTEN NOW PEOPLE PREFER PETS OVER PARTNERS A study of 2,000 cat and dog owners shows more than half often prefer spending time with their pet instead of their partner. This is because they love unconditionally, they don't nag, they never talk back and are always in a good mood. 3 in 10 adults say their pet is a better listener than their partner, while 45% like the fact they are never judged or questioned by their cat or dog. Surprisingly, 29% even say their four-legged friend is better at snuggling. LISTEN NOW DOG TESTS POSITIVE FOR RABIES AFTER BITING OWNERS A family dog in Delaware has tested positive for rabies after biting his two adult owners. The dog was also not up to date on shots. The adults, who were bitten by the dog, have begun rabies treatment. Rabies is an infectious disease affecting the nervous system of humans and other mammals. Infection happens through the bite or scratch of an infected animal or if saliva from an infected animal gets into the eyes, nose, mouth, or an opening in the skin of the bite victim. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

1h 19m
Feb 11
1157. Actress Loretta Swit Talks 'Animals.'

img HOTLIPS HOULIHAN RETURNS LORETTA SWIT (M*A*S*H) is back on to tell us about her childhood pet, her faux fur jacket and most importantly, her book of original watercolors she painted. Surprisingly, Loretta's parents didn't foster her artistic side. continues to speak out for the animals. LISTEN NOW CANNED FOOD FOUND TO INCREASE BPA IN DOGS Bisphenol A (BPA) is a widely used industrial chemical found in many household items, including resins that are used to line and inhibit corrosion of metal food cans. Now, researchers at the University of Missouri Veterinary School have found that even short-term feeding of canned dog food resulted in a significant 3-fold increase in the level of BPA in dogs. LISTEN NOW img MAN SUES AFTER PET SQUIRREL ATTACK A contractor is suing a Virginia couple for $90,000 for injuries he says were caused when their pet squirrel attacked him - biting and scratching his leg and hand. According to the paperwork filed by the contractor, the couple was keeping the animal as a pet, but the homeowners say they have never had a pet squirrel. LISTEN NOW JUDGE RULES DOGS ARE PROPERTY A Canadian judge has ruled dogs are property and cannot be considered in the same vein as children in a scathing decision blasting a newly separated couple for a "ridiculous" attempt to use the court system to settle custody dispute over two of their three dogs. The judge likened the matter to being asked to rule on what the couple should do with other joint property they may own. "" LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Feb 04
1156. Stressed People Have Stressed Pets. Dr Huber Explains.

img EVICTED ALLIGATOR GETS LEGAL REPRESENTATION 'KATFISH,' the 200-pound PET alligator that was forcibly removed from his home, is now being represented in court by TRISTEN WOODS and LAUREN SIERRA. The alligator's owner, SEAN CASEY fed Katfish a diet of chicken nuggets from Wendy's. Tristen and Lauren explain the situation and what the future holds for the reptilian. LISTEN NOW STRESSED PEOPLE HAVE STRESSED DOGS DR. JOHN HUBER says happy owners generally have happy pets. Alternatively, stressed owners tend to cause their pets to be anxious. This anxiety can cause a myriad of canine behavior problems. LISTEN NOW VEGAN DIETS CAN LAND YOU IN JAIL Cat owners in the U.K. are being advised they are breaking the law if they feed their cat an all vegan diet. Cats are obligate carnivores and need meat. Owners of cats that are malnourished face a hefty fine and even a jail sentence. LISTEN NOW img PET SPENDING SURPASSES PREVIOUS REPORTS Americans spent a staggering $77.13 BILLION on their pets last year. That's a 15% increase over 2020. The biggest chunk was spent on pet food, followed by veterinary care. Consumers spent an average of $237 per pet for the holidays. LISTEN NOW IS THE GROOMER REALLY TO BLAME A big box pet store chain is under the gun again as another grooming accident allegedly resulted in a broken jaw. However, DR. DEBBIE is quick to point out that the dog's jaw may have been compromised prior to the grooming due to poor dental care. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Jan 28
1155. Legislation To License Groomers After Accidental Deaths

img LEGISLATION TO LICENSE GROOMERS Shortly after ROSEMARY MARCHETTO's Shih Tzu was dropped at a chain store groomer she was informed that her dog had died. She feels the groomer was negligent and that the profession needs regulation. , named after Rosemary's dog, is being spearheaded by New Jersey Senator VALERIE HUTTLE. The law would require pet groomers to be licensed, at least 18 years old, and tested by the State Board of Veterinary Examiners. Rosemary joins us this week to tell her story. Animal Radio's JOEY VILLANI is also on the forefront of this groundbreaking legislation and he says there is some push-back from many groomers. LISTEN NOW YOU CAN NOW ASK ALEXA PET MEDICAL QUESTIONS Vet24seven has launched MyPetDoc, an Alexa skill that is the world's first artificial intelligence "SmartVet." Now, pet parents with a pet health question can talk with MyPetDoc on Alexa and get veterinarian-backed answers to their concerns. Once MyPetDoc has answered the pet parents' questions, they can then choose to speak immediately with a licensed veterinarian for more guidance and advice for a $25 charge. This doesn't sit well with Animal Radio's DR. DEBBIE. LISTEN NOW img COURTHOUSE DOGS World renown animal writer/author KRISTIN VON KREISLER uncovers the world of courthouse dogs in her new book "A Reason For Hope." These dogs comfort those testifying in court, similar to an emotional support animal. While Kristin's book is fiction, she goes all-out to research her writing, even once following a grizzly bear for a Reader's Digest article. LISTEN NOW MAKING IT ILLEGAL TO STALK PETS The federal stalking law is getting an update to include threats made against a pets and emotional support animals. Senator GARY PETERS of Michigan managed to get his proposal, which adds threats and violence against a person's pets to the stalking statute, included in this year's Farm Bill. Under the law, threatening or harming a pet as a way to harass or intimidate a victim is punishable by up to five years in prison. LISTEN NOW PET SCAMS ON THE RISE The Better Business Bureau's Scam Tracker has seen an increase in people losing money to pet scams. They're not surprised as it's typical around the holidays. Animal Radio's LORI BROOKS exposes the scams and has tips to avoid being scammed. LISTEN NOW img DO YOU HAVE THE RIGHT CAR SEAT FOR YOUR FUR-BABY? A recent Harris Poll indicates that many dog owners don't restrain their animals while driving with them. Many admit to allowing their dog to roam freely about the car, sit on their lap or stick their head out the window. Award-winning car columnist TIM SPELL tells us the dangers behind unrestrained pets in the car and how to find the right restraining system and use it properly. LISTEN NOW img img Read more about this week's show.

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Jan 20