Barabbas Road Church

Pastor Matt Smith


Barabbas Road Church is a Southern Baptist Church in San Diego, California that is dedicated to boldly challenging the false faith of the unbelieving world with the truth that Jesus is the only Way, Truth and Life!

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686 episodes

Forgiven Much

Luke 7:36-50

1h 7m
Aug 07
Be Still and Know

Luke 7:1-17

1h 1m
Jul 24
Christmas in July

Psalm 98 

1h 11m
Jul 17
what Love sees

Luke 6:27-49

1h 5m
Jul 10
Behold The New

Luke 5:33-6:16

1h 3m
Jun 26
Wretches Like Me

Luke 5:12-32

1h 5m
Jun 19
If You Say So

Luke 5:1-11

Jun 12
Clash of Kingdoms

Luke 4:31-44

1h 0m
Jun 05
Like Us

Luke 3:21-4:13

1h 3m
May 22

Luke 2:39-52

1h 5m
May 08
The Wait Is Over

Luke 2:21-38

May 01
Let Us Pray

Philippians 1:3-11

1h 9m
Apr 24
His Name is John...

Luke 1:57-80

1h 4m
Apr 03
Surprised by Grace

Luke 1:26-56

1h 7m
Mar 27
Not Silent

Luke 1:5-25

Mar 20
Heart Song

Colossians 3:1-17

Mar 06
Promises, Promises

Leviticus 27

1h 6m
Feb 27
For Us

Leviticus 26

1h 6m
Feb 20
Freed From

Leviticus 25

1h 5m
Feb 13
All Things New

Leviticus 24

1h 4m
Feb 06
Syllabus of Salvation

Leviticus 23

1h 11m
Jan 30
A Picture Of Pursuit

Leviticus 21-22

1h 9m
Jan 16