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Be With Me is a daily 7 minute chronological walk through the New Testament hosted by Michael Smith. It is for everyone who is curious about what Jesus actually said and did in the gospels. Most episodes will leave you with at least one good thought to chew on for the rest of the day. We start with the Bible and hopefully end with Awe. We are walking through the chronological events of Jesus' life and then thoughtfully considering them. It is meant to spur the devotional life of the Christian and the not-yet-Christian. We occasionally venture into the Old Testament when it helps our understanding of the New Testament events. Everybody has 7 minutes. Everybody needs to wonder. Be With Me is hosted by Michael Smith who has absolutely no special qualifications to do a podcast. He is not a pastor. He has not been to seminary. He does not lead a mega-church. He is not a professional and he has no more credentials than you do. He does, however, follow a great God with an observant eye and a curious heart. Each day, he starts with a study bible and aims for astonishment. ‘be with him’ for 7 minutes as he sets out daily to discover the God who invites us to ‘Be With Me.’

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How Can I Please The Lord? S10e29 1cor7:32

Paul makes the charge that we should be living whether we are married or single.  He wants us to be a little less of a divided heart or distracted.   There is an endorsement of both singleness or being married.  But keep in mind, the time is short, and that effects our relationship with spouses, emotions, stuff and the world. Lets laser beam our attention on being anxious on the things of the Lord, or, "How can I please the Lord?" with my body, my actions, my thoughts, and my words.  May this spill over into relationships, romance, work and leisure.  Please the Lord by subscribing at or on apple podcasts.

Aug 12
A Call To SLAVERY(aka Bondservice) S10e28 1cor7:22

The New Testament condemns earthly slavery.  The New Testament LOVES spiritual slavery.  It is a concept we best understand, for it is a common theme. The Greek word is doulos, and is better translated BONDSERVANT. The concept is that the believer is indebted to our new Master.  He has paid with precious coin of His blood to purchase us.  We are not our own.  We have been bought with a high price.  We have a liability to the Lord which cannot be repaid, cannot be escaped and cannot be earned. Remember, we have the best Lord.  He has done everything for our good.  He wants us to conceptually regard ourselves as spiritual bondservants.  So, in this way, Christianity is a call TO SLAVERY, to bondservice.  Join me for 7 minutes of slavery and then another 7 minutes tomorrow at or Google podcasts.

Aug 11
7 Minutes Of Marriage S10e27 1cor7:14

A faithful, enduring marriage is a witness and example. __ __ His charge is for the permanence of marriage.  Why? Because the lightening of salvation may strike twice in the same marriage.  So meantime, hang in there with an unbelieving spouse.  How do you know if you wont be involved in the salvation of another human being, particularly the one you live in a committed, permanent, enduring marriage?  Stand by.  Spiritual lightening may strike twice.  Meantime, go to or Spotify and subscribe so 7 minutes of another topic may come your way tomorrow morning.  I am so grateful for each of those minutes you have shared here.

Aug 10
Run To The Sexual Oasis S10e26 1cor7:2

If we are to flee sexual immorality, then we are to RUN TO the sexual oasis of marriage. The picture is one of equality, reciprocity, dependence, and framed by a realistic world of temptation out there.  The call is to exclusivity, covenant, and to a generosity among husband and wife.  At marriage, there is a transfer of bodily RIGHTS and bodily AUTHORITY from one person to another.  This, when done correctly, will result in particular care of those great gifts so given. May this be a call to better protect, make more permanent, enforce the exclusivity, and responsibly steward the gift of the sexual oasis of marriage.  Subscribe at or write at or on your podcast provider for a daily blog and podcast.  Please share like and spread this sexual good news.

Aug 09
If I’m Not My own, What about Sex? S10e25 1cor6:18

The Corinthians are either ignorant or are choosing to ignore the Lords truths about sex.  They probably first "forgot" that "YOU ARE NOT YOUR OWN, you were bought with a price."  Therefore, they forgot their stewardship of their bodies in light of Gods ultimate ownership of them. I know few who have done their "zipper-life" well.  I know NONE who have done it perfectly. Chose with me today to yield eyes, bodies, zippers, and minds to the truths of the Scripture.  If you do, there will be the prevention of all kinds of ruin.  If I am not my own, then perhaps the Lord will help me here to yield and even just agree with Him. Thanks for being courageous enough to listen for 7 minutes.  Subscribe at for another dose of blog and podcast tomorrow.  May this be a blessing for you.

Aug 08
You Are NOT Your Own! S10e24 1cor6:19

Remember just one thing today: You are NOT your own. It will ring in your head and your heart and your hands.  If it is true, it effects everything.   There is popular political slogan today, “My body, my choice.”  With all due respect, There is only one problem with it, however, and that is that it IS NOT TRUE.  Actually ½ of it IS true: that we do indeed have a choice.  The 1/2 that is NOT true is the meat of the passage today. We have a body, but it is not ours. A better slogan would be, “His body, my choice.”  As you see, it is beginning to effect everything.   You are NOT your own say the Scriptures. Here are three reasons why you are not your own. You are NOT your own because He has PURCHASED you. He paid with the most precious coin because He values you most highly. You are NOT your own because of RESIDENCE.  The Ultimate Visitor has come to our house, our body, so things are going to be different. You are NOT your own because of CREATION.  He invented you. He produced you. He sustains you.  This comes with certain rights.     Let’s get this straight.  You are NOT your own. It is indeed your choice but it is not your body.  This effects everything.  Please subscribe for a reliable, daily podcast. Share on Facebook. Retweet on twitter.  Share on Instagram with all your friends.

Aug 07
From BEFORE People To AFTER People S10e23 1cor6:11

Being a Christian should have some evidences in your life.  God has gone to great trouble to convict you, call you to repentance, work in baptism and then sanctify you over time.  There should be progressive spiritual growth in your behaviors and attitudes. Dont be discouraged.  Everybody has some initial horribleness in their life as they approach the throne.  If we did not, then Christ died and suffered for nothing.  But here is the main point today.  God wishes MOTION from being a BEFORE person to being and AFTER person. Dont stop with the cop-out "Nobodys perfect" (so I dont have to grow.)  Rather, join the Holy Spirits work in you to make you better every day. Start by subscribing so another blog and podcast will come your way tomorrow morning.  Please use this 7 minute tool to help in your sanctification process.

Aug 06
Mishandling Disputes S10e22 1cor6:7

Dispute-handling is a spiritual exercise. It reflects your belief system in a practical way.  It demonstrates what you think about God, His people, His gifting, and His ultimate Justice.  It is witnessed by those all around you in the church and outside of the church.  The way you handle conflict will leave a trail inside and outside the church.  Of course, the believers in Corinth are getting this very wrong. Join me for 7 minutes as we use them as bad examples as to how to handle disputes.  They end up on the wrong side of this so that we end up on the RIGHT side of this.   Please re-tweet, share, post, and subscribe at or write at

Aug 05
Sexual Bravery S10e21 1cor5:11

It is a brave and sometimes difficult thing to handle the God-given gift of sexuality well.  When it does not go well, then the Church must also be brave and us its power of reconciliation.  If that doesnt work, then there are powers of discipline to best care for the individual that needs it. Paul corrects the individual in this situation, but he also corrects the response of the church. When someone arrogantly oversteps the Truths of the Lord, the correct response is not to do nothing.  Here, after all else fails, the unrepentant person of sexual immorality, greed, idolatry, drunkenness or swindling, should be removed from fellowship. Remember, fellowship is a wonderful thing.  Here we see its power used for the hopeful good of the wayward. I hope you are operating in sexual morality.  If not, then stop. Dont make the power of fellowship be used in this way to discipline you.  Sign up at

Aug 04
Sexual ARROGANCE S10e20 1cor5:5

Dont you just love that the Bible addresses SEX as a topic?  It is a great gift and area of morality.  God invented it and loves it. It is His rules we must abide by.   In our passage today, individuals and the whole church are sexually ARROGANT.  That is, making up their own rules.  Paul asks the church to put on its big-boy-pants and go to DEFCON 4 with these unrepentant individuals.  They need it for their very spiritual lives on the Day of the Lord.   But too, he is rebuking the church for not doing its duty to this couple.  He is condemning the CHURCH for being ARROGANT in this area of sexuality.  That is, they are not teaching, admonishing and expecting sexual fidelity amongst themselves.  The church here is failing by not shepherding them.  In this case: put them OUT so that soon you can put them back IN. So everybody, lets not be sexually arrogant. or to subscribe. All the podcast directories have bewithme for your convenience.

Aug 03
Chosing A Receiving Spirit S10e19 1cor4:21

We get to chose the attitude we will have as we  receive tough teaching. Paul has got some dicey topics coming up for the Corinthians: Sexual immorality and Pride.  Before he gets there he asks them about how they want to receive the teaching. If you chose a hard heart and arrogance, you will get THE ROD. Paul would then pull out his authority hat and give you discipline, correction, and his given authority back at you. If you chose a" listeners heart" that , you will get LOVE and GENTLENESS. You get to chose only so far. You have limited agency and your choice has a consequence. How you decide in your attitude towards receiving spiritual matters determines whether you get the ROD or GENTLENESS.  It sounds like an easy choice.  Make the right choice for your attitude today.  Then, subscribe on Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, etc and visit to join us everyday with a spirit of cooperation.

Aug 02
Having Christian Friendship S10e18 1cor4:17

Paul cannot physically be with the Corinthians so he sends Timothy, his CHRISTIAN FRIEND. He describes him as his beloved and faithful child.  So today, lets look at what it is to be in a Christian friendship.  It probably means you will share meals; share activities; share in different ministries; share in the same mission; share in time; and share this friendship with the next generation.   Scripture definitely encourages us to have spiritual friends.  Be ready for it.  Expect it.  Look for it.  Start today. for sign up .  Apple podcasts or similar for a daily podcast.  Thank you for listening.

Aug 01
The POSTURE Of Christianity S10e17 1cor4:10

What is the posture of Christianity? the attitude? the heart-set? Paul pulls out his irony card to show the right and wrong answers to the Corinthians.  Wrong is boastful and divisive.  Right is a humble, grateful, maturing posture.  He describes it as looking a lot like the leaders in the Church. In fact, he says, it looks a lot like ME.  This is an admonishment, which is a correction so that they become mature.  He wants them to look more like a real Christian.  He wants them to have the right posture.  I want YOU to have the right posture too, all in seven minutes and with a sign up for a daily dose of this podcast at

Jul 31
Knute’s Favorite Verse S10e16 1cor4:7

Wait for it. It is one of the greatest questions of the Bible..."What do you have that you did not receive?"  If you get this right you are a long long way towards the right attitude and affections of Christianity.   It asks us to consider, count and recall what we have: Stuff, nature, relationship with God, gifts, eternal security, friends, character, resources, abilities, fellowship, money, opportunities, spouse, job, children, positions, beauty and perhaps grandchildren. Great! Now step two: Lets consider their ultimate source.  Where did this pile of favor come from?  Who sourced all this. Finally, how do we respond? What room here do we have for the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of pride?  None.  All this leads to awe and gratefulness.

Jul 30
Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man S10e15 1cor4:1

The evil villain in the 1984 movie Ghostbusters is a gigantic Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Hes sort of this god of self that destroys NYC.   Paul warns the Corinthians to not be PUFFED up in favor of 1 leader against the other.  He asks that they have a caution regarding judgment of oneself, judgement of others , and in judgment of our leaders. Listen 7 minutes as we try to defeat the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man of our lives.  Lets not let him wreck havoc by getting bigger that he should.

Jul 29
Attempting Wisdom S10e14 1cor3:21

Wisdom is a tricky thing.  Many proclaim it.  Few have it. Practically, who exactly are we following primarily? What should our relationship be with our leaders be?  Do we even have leaders over us? We are inclined towards self-deception.  The ground here is dangerous. There are many voices, so who is going to be the primary voice I listen to?  The world it is wise but is actually folly, craftiness and deception. It is of Christianity that it is folly, but it is actually . Today, align with me our thinking of "I belong t and also belong to the people and leaders of God secondarily.  Work with me at being wise today.  Do so first by going to and subscribing.

Jul 28
God Dwells. So What? S10e13 1cor3:16

If God dwelt among us, would it make any difference?  If God dwelt  us, would anything change? This is exactly Pauls point today.  God Himself, in the Person of the Holy Spirit, now indwells believers from their point of belief.  We have been waiting for this for thousands of years.  This changes a few things.  Actually it changes more than a few. The LOCATION of God determines access, ownership, morality, identity, and function.  It will spill over into what He says about many upcoming topics including marriage, evangelism and rights.  Hold on, for "you are not your own" is coming. Yes God indwells.  Yes, it is supposed to make a difference.  Please go to and subscribe if .  Or your favorite way to get podcasts.  Fun fact: the most popular podcast provider for this podcast is Apple.  

Jul 27
Work That’s FIRE-proofed S10e12 1cor3:15

Is your work fire-ready? Is it ready to be fire-tested?  When it is tested hard, will it be found to have substance, or be burned up and unlasting?  The Bible teaches that not only will people be judged, but so will the actions of those people.  The big point today is to NOT be found wanting.  Those who are will still be saved, but they wont receive any extra rewards, and will so have to "suffer loss".  Not all work will survive. All work will be tested; will be judged. Some work will be worthy. Some work will be revealed and regreted. Work in a way that will withstand the testing.  subscribe at

Jul 26
God Gives Growth* S10e11 1Cor3:6

The big news is GOD GIVES the GROWTH*. God is the primary mover for both  and for Christian  The * part is that He sovereignly choses to use humans in this process. So we must not  the importance of specific humans like the Corinthians were doing. Similarly, we must not  the importance of specific humans like some in the church are doing. God is in the business of revealing the treasures of God via the Person of God (Holy Spirit) with the help of the Pastors of God to the PEOPLE of God. For those God calls to Himself, He also calls them to the people of God. Today we emphasize that the  of calling to spiritual growth (GOD GIVES THE GROWTH) is by the *, that is by the people and pastors of God. This is why Christians cannot just say, "I follow Christ".  We must say, with the full counsel of Scripture: "I follow Christ*".  Thanks for listening to this as a podcast.  Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or at

Jul 25
Spiritual ASSESS For Spiritual SUCCESS s10e10 1Cor3:2

If we lay a blanket of spiritual assessment over the Corinthian churchs nooks and crannies, what would we find?  For them it was Jealousy and Strife.  But the real problem is spiritual GROWTH.  You see, that was their problem BEFORE and it STILL is their problem.  This is not the spiritual marker you want to see:  sameness. feigned ignorance. stubbornness. disobedience. If we lay a blanket of spiritual assessment over your lifes nooks and crannies, what would we find? For you it is _________________ and ___________. Have you grown? Are these things STILL your problem? Is your spiritual life characterized by sameness, feigned ignorance, stubbornness and disobedience? The mark of Christianity is G.R.O.W.T.H. Are you growing in these areas? If not, you are in good company with the people of Corinth.   Please like, share, subscribe at or write at Listen to the Podcast.  I did it for you.

Jul 24
Got The Mind Of Christ. Now What? S10e9 1cor2:16

God wants to impart something to us that the heart of man has not even imagined.  It is beyond category.  We will probably need some help in our 1.5 Kg brains to understand it.  Fortunately, God has been planning this for a long time. The Holy Spirit is the one who has the "foot in heaven": comprehending the mind of Christ, understanding the thoughts of God, and searching everything in the depths of God. He also indwells us, and is a Helper, Teacher to interpret spiritual truths. This is His "foot in my head." So what is the big deal.  Why might this be important to me?  Because you are going to need it is practical application.  Life is hard.  Stepping correctly requires help.  That is called wisdom and this is how you get it.  Additionally, it is how you enjoy the pleasure of God.  Obviously, Hes gone to great trouble to help us.  

Jul 23
A SECRET revealed With HELP(er) S10e8 1cor2:10

God gave you the gift of THOUGHT.  Hes gonna need it for you to have a relationship with Him.  There is only one problem: His thoughts are so big and wonderful we have cannot understand them. We have already called them STUPID and FOLLY.  There is this gap. So we are gonna need a communicator.  A Helper.  We need someone to go to heaven, understand the thoughts of God and then bring those thoughts into our thoughts.  That, Ladies and Gentlemen is the SPIRIT.  The Spirit is the go between that helps us.  He is the Helper.   Then, we have a job to do with the tool of our thoughts.  We get to use it freely to decide, to yield, to have faith.  In the passage today belief means "to love the Lord," and "to understand the thoughts of God".  Listen 7 minutes as Paul makes this process prepared for eternity clear to the Corinthians.  Then subscribe at so he can make something else clear tomorrow.

Jul 22

The giant of the faith, Paul, describes his actual non-giant-of-the-faith self as WEAK, FEARFUL and TREMBLING.  What?  Why is that?  Well, because that is the way he ACTUALLY was.  It likely is a statement of reality. Secondly, it is to get us to refocus our dependency on the right thing: the POWER OF GOD (amidst the people of God). His main concern is WHERE his people are putting their faith.  What does their faith rest UPON?  Me? Weak and trembling?  Not a good answer.  On God and all of His reality?  Yup.  Right answer. When God has us positioned as trembling, relying on the reality of His power and presence, He has us EXACTLY where He wants us.  Go use this superpower of trembling today.  subscribe please at

Jul 21
Delighting God Today S10e6 Jer9:23

Imagine DELIGHTING God today.  He says it is possible.  God takes great pleasure in a person who knows Him experientially; who wrestles and walks with Him a bit.  He delights in someone who then uses that knowledge in a practical way. If knowing stuff about God and knowing God doesnt make a difference in what you say, think or do, then what is the point? Amazingly, He  He wants to be known accurately for His covenantal faithfulness, righteousness and justice.  Lets get our arms around that today both conceptually and then practically.  It is supposed to make a real difference.  When we do this, He is DELIGHTED. You can delight me too by subscribing at for another blast tomorrow. 

Jul 20
I Hope You STUMBLE S10e5 1cor1:23

You are SUPPOSED to stumble over Jesus.  You have to.  Everybody has to.  The current population of the spiritual kingdom is populated by STUMBLERS.  If you think all of Christianity a bit in the ridiculous category then know this: GOD AGREES WITH YOU.  He is quite comfortable with being in the category of what seems to us to be: STUPID, folly and foolish. So the person and personality of Christ is supposed to STOP US IN OUR TRACKS.  We are supposed to stub our toe on Him and pause and notice and say, "what was that? Who was that?"   The first step is being stupid. The second step is to stumble. The third step is to NOTICE.  The fourth, to be CURIOUS. The fifth, to ask for HELP. The sixth is where God shines brightest and helps us when we need it most. This podcast is for anyone who thinks Jesus is stupid; ridiculous; and Christianity is FOLLY.  Exactly.  You have stumbled over the STUMBLING STONE. The big question is, "NOW WHAT?" Share, like, subscribe at We are on Podcast Addict, Pocket Casts, iVoox and Pandora and 20 other podcast directories.  Stumble and notice with me tomorrow too.

Jul 19
The STUPID Cross 1cor1:21 S10e4

Dont blame me.  Paul said it first.  He said the reality of the cross will seem like folly to those exposed to it.  Our more common word today would be .  He says the truths of God, summarized as "", will seem to people around us as   So, I too say so with great respect.  I dont think I have heard anybody else use the term, but it is, in my humble judgment, appropriate here.  The history and promises and benefits of God-come-down-on-a-rescue-mission will at first blush appear as just If you join this blog and especially the Podcast thinking this whole Christianity is just , .  In fact, a great many believing Christians today, started exactly there: thinking this whole Jesus thing is just .  You are in .  But dont stop with .  It would be stupid to stop without enough data to go beyond stupid.  Join me at the  and lets figure out together whether the cross really is. The Lord can take your inquiry.  The cross can take your rigorous scrutiny. Please come back tomorrow by visiting and signing up for a daily visit of this podcast if you wish.

Jul 18
Who Is The BOSS OF ME? S10e3 1cor1:12

A great question to ask is: Who is the spiritual boss of me?  There are two ways we can get this wrong.  One is to say that my primary allegiance is to a HUMAN, and not to God Himself.  "I follow Paul, I follow Apollos or I follow _____________" Do not "empty the Cross of its power" by putting any human above God. If you do so you risk separating yourself from God, and separating yourself from other believers. But there is a MOST CURIOUS line in this passage.  There is also a person who says only, "I follow Christ." Though it might sound like heresy, let me say that this can also be a way to get the spiritual walk WRONG.  God has put leadership in the church for a reason.  We should be availing ourselves of its benefits.  One can be saying here "I am not subject to anybody; I am not submissive to anyone; I am my own spiritual island." This is also a great risk.  This is a person who is at risk of falling away and of being hardened by the deceitfulness of sin. Following Christ means to not put any leader in front of Him.  Following Christ also means following the leaders, shepherds, overseers, elders and teachers He has graciously given to the church.  Please visit and leave an email so this podcast can come to you tomorrow if the Lord gives us another day.

Jul 17
God Is My CO-PILOT S10e2 1Cor1:8

As we drive down the road of life we want answers to two big questions: __ __ Paul addresses both concerns in his opening salvo of thanksgiving for the people of Corinth.  He thanks God for starters that Hes chosen to even get in the car with them; that He called them into fellowship and gave them the grace of a relationship. Then Paul addresses the first question in thanking God for the quantity of resources that He gives for .  He causes us to have an ABUNDANCE AND ENRICHES us where it counts: our heads, words and in His gifting for the church. Do I have enough for today?  YES. So how about for the big journey?  How about making it all the way to the end? Is this car going to Does it have enough gas to go all the way? YES.  He will SUSTAIN YOU TO THE END. Check out and sign up for a daily email.

Jul 16
You Have A CALL s10e1 1cor1:1

You know the moment when someone holds out a telephone to you and says, "You have a CALL?" You want to know two things: who is it and what does he want?  Then there is a decision to make:  We join Paul as he writes ahead to the Corinthian church while hes on the third missionary journey. He reminds the Corinthians: You have a CALL. I have a CALL. We are called to God HIMSELF primarily.  We are called to a local people.  We are called to a people universal. We are called to a role and to our gifts in the church. He is holding out the phone.  God is on the line. The Corinthians want to know who is it and what does he want?  The hope for them, and now us 2000 years later, is to ANSWER THE CALL.  You can do so by coming back tomorrow to walk this book in 7 minute segments. Do so by subscribing at or write at Find this as a 7 minute daily podcast on Apple, google, Spotify and all the other podcast directories. See you tomorrow.

Jul 15
2 Thessalonians Summary In 3 Acts S9e14.mp3

Paul loves the Thessalonians.  I do too.  I am going to miss them tomorrow morning.  But before we go geographically down the Macedonian peninsula and chronologically to the CORINTHIANS, we best REMEMBER and summarize. He loves their increasing love and their growing faith.  This is amidst the real life trouble that they had and we have. He loves their intent to be on the FOREVER BUS.  He warns about those who finally get what they have been asking for: to be AWAY FROM THE PRESENCE of the LORD. You know that big scary anti-Christ Man of lawlessness guy that some will think is a god? The Lord is going to destroy him "with the BREATH OF HIS MOUTH." POOF. This is the God that chooses us. So dont refuse to love the truth; dis-believe and revel in unrighteousness. We are chosen, and best AFFIX OURSELVES FIRMLY to the actions and comfort of God.  Then we can FLY HIGH AND FLY HARD.  Finally, DO NOT GROW WEARY. or write and Ill email you daily with any podcasts the Lord allows me to give.

Jul 14