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Liberty in Christ - Audio

Liberty, freedom, and independence are not the same thing. However, none are possible without the Son. Learn how your identity has changed as a child of God and how dependence on Jesus truly makes you in-dependent.

1h 22m
Jul 03
Kingdom Transparency - Audio

Follower or disciple? Kingdom transparency only works with intimacy. Listen as Pastor Steve and Dr. Will Ryan tag team on the difference between a follower of Christ and a disciple, and what it means to be "all in."

1h 22m
Jun 26
Spirit, Soul, & Body - Audio

Since God is a three-part being - Father, Son and Holy Spirit- and we are created in their image, then it would seem that we are three-part beings also. Listen as Pastor Craig unravels the beautiful mystery of this Biblical truth.

1h 20m
Jun 19
Lifestyle of Truth #4 - Audio

Did you know that God wants all of you, including your body? Receive revelation on the difference of living a life desiring TO be healed versus living a life from a place of divine health BECAUSE we were healed.

1h 39m
Jun 12
Guardians - Audio

A guardian is someone who passionately defends those they treasure. Hear as Pastor Steve correlates the guardianship Jesus has for us with the Hero that lies within each of us.

1h 0m
Jun 05
Intentionality - Audio

Heroes are intentional, always looking for ways to affect change in the world. You were born with divine purpose, a plan ordained by God, but that is only the half of it. The other half is how you choose to be purposeful about fulfilling that destiny.

1h 12m
May 29
Shemgar The Hero - Audio

God has yet to choose someone qualified. Live an adventurous life, advancing the Kingdom because, if you are still breathing, you are not done yet. Listen as guest minister Rev. Tom Stamman shares the significant truths from an "insignificant" leader.

1h 32m
May 22
Inpiring a New Generation - Audio

Live your daily life pleasing to God, while destroying the works of the enemy. Your authority comes from Christ, who lives on the inside of you, meaning fear has no place. Heroes breed heroes, courage breeds courage, fear breeds fear. What are you creating through your lifestyle?

1h 7m
May 15
Q & A Sunday - Audio

Listen as Pastor Steve and Kay give scriptural answers to questions about marriage, Kingdom appointments, how to discipline your flesh, and what salvation and being born-again looks like.

1h 16m
May 08
Finish The Fight - Audio

It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Each one of us has a calling on our lives, a vision for what God has planned for us. Whether or not you start on that path is a commitment that you need to make, then see it through and finish well.

1h 21m
May 01
Keeping Your Balance - Audio

How can our life in Christ be unshakeable? Listen as Pastor Bob compares 3 key parts of Christianity with the strength and balance of a 3-legged stool.

1h 24m
Apr 24
Where Are You? - Audio

What does it mean to be alone? Listen as Pastor Steve starts at the beginning and ends with how Jesus gave everything on the cross, leaving Him alone in a way none of us can fully comprehend.

1h 9m
Apr 17
Lifestyle of Truth #3 - Audio

There is a difference between fact and truth regarding sickness and healing. God's truths trump physical facts. Learn how to discern the facts and to live in the truths of God.

1h 7m
Apr 10
True Discipleship - Audio

Are you a fan, a follower, or a disciple? Hear as Dr. Will Ryan shows the commitment Jesus required for true disciples and what that means for us today.

1h 2m
Apr 04
Master of Storms #2 - Audio

Death is not what kills people, the fear of death is. Consider Pastor Steve's teaching on the many forms death comes in and how the Hero within us, Jesus Christ, is resolved to defeat these enemies with us when we dare to put action to His truths.

1h 9m
Mar 27
Master of Storms - Audio

Did you know that deception is a tool to get people into slavery of fear? Listen as Pastor Steve shows the stages of becoming a courageous hero that awakens the master of the storm available within each true Christian.

1h 20m
Mar 20
Truth - Audio

How unsettling is it when what we believe to be a truth actually isn't? Hear as Pastor Craig shows how we, mankind, have been deceived; and points us to the Truth that makes us free.

1h 9m
Mar 13
Q & A Sunday - Audio

Scripture cannot be divided up and studied apart from the rest of the Bible. The Word is incredibly interconnected and relies on itself to create a complete understanding. From this perspective, Pastor Steve and Kay answer questions about end times, raising children and living in a marriage covenant, justice in the Kingdom, anointing, and the Holy Spirit.

1h 15m
Mar 06
Heros Breed Heros - Audio

Do you have a hero? Hear how the lives of Caleb, Gideon, and Sampson helped to breed the hero inside David. How much more heroic can we be now that The Hero, Jesus, lives inside of us!

1h 22m
Feb 27
Introduction - Audio

Who are the heroes of today? Are we waiting for God to send a hero, or can we see that the real Hero lies within each one of us? Listen as Pastor Steve breaks ground on this new series: The Hero Within.

1h 20m
Feb 20
Lifetstyle of Truth #2 - Audio

Health does not come from medicine or doctors, it comes from the Great Physician. The cross was enough to cover ALL sickness and disease. If you're looking to see more healing manifest in your life, start to focus more on the Healer and less on the attack.

1h 8m
Feb 13
Failer to Launch - Audio

Stop looking for Jesus in the sky and go into all the world ministering the gospel, healing the sick, and making people free. Without fear of leaving your comfort zone, commit your plans to the Father and He will be faithful in His promise to make them come to pass.

1h 3m
Feb 06
Man in the Midlle - Audio

We do not wrestle with flesh and blood, yet flesh and blood is what brings those things to us. Receive new revelation as Pastor Steve reveals the reason behind this strange truth and how we are, "the man in the middle."

Jan 30
Mirror Image - Audio

What do you see when you look in the mirror of your soul? Hear as Pastor Bob proves that our lives are a direct reflection of our beliefs. To live a life in Christ means that we practice what we've learned, received, heard, and seen in Him. What does your reflection look like?

1h 12m
Jan 23
Unoffendable Club - Audio

Is it possible to become unoffendable in a world that seems to thrive on strife? Learn as Pastor Steve shows the damaging progression familiarity into roots of bitterness and how to be proactive against them.

1h 18m
Jan 16
Godly Government - Audio

Hear Senator Darren and Cindy Bailey as they share their journey of faith and how it led them to engage in government. God's government is the ekklesia, the called out ones who gather, the Church. Have hope, the best is yet to come for Illinois!!

Jan 09
End of an Era - Audio

"Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end." Receive new revelation as Pastor Steve expounds on this profound statement of Jesus Christ and the gift that it offers to us.

1h 26m
Jan 02
Christmas From Inception - Audio

Open your heart as Pastor Steve shows the significance of Christmas through the years, leading up to Christmas 2021! Be encouraged as you see how Jesus Christ, who was born to die, is able to fix the world through those who are willing.

1h 15m
Dec 26, 2021
Family: Natural or Supernatural - Audio

Listen as Pastor Steve teaches on the natural family we are born into versus the supernatural family we are born-again into. See how blood truly is thicker than water.

Dec 19, 2021
Lifestyle of Truth - Audio

What does the Bible say about believers being sick? Listen as Pastor Steve walks us through the direct correlation of living a life in His truth with our level of health.

1h 0m
Dec 12, 2021