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Endure Chapter 16: Prayer

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Aug 07
Spirit Tech: The Brave New World of Consciousness Hacking and Enlightenment Engineering

I RECENTLY READ A BOOK ENTITLED IT WAS A THRILLING READ ON THE MERGING OF BIOHACKING TECHNOLOGIES, SPIRITUALITY, NEUROTHEOLOGY, AND MUCH MORE.  Of course, technology is already helping to manage health, sleep, relationships, and finances, so it’s no surprise that technological aids for the spiritual journey would be the next frontier. From apps that help you pray or meditate, to cybernauts seeking the fast track, to nirvana through magnetic brain stimulation, this is the brink of the most transformative revolution in the practice of religion: an era in which the power of “spirit tech” can be harnessed to deepen your experience of the divine. Spirit tech products are rapidly improving in sophistication and power, and ordinary people need a trustworthy guide. Through their research and insider access to the top innovators and early adopters, Kate Stockly and Wesley Wildman take you deep inside an evolving world with The book is the definitive guide to the fascinating world of innovations for personal transformation, spiritual growth, and pushing the boundaries of human nature. When you read , you'll... Kate Stockly is an academic researcher specializing in the scientific study of religion and women’s studies in religion. Kate’s first book, (co-authored with James K. Wellman, Jr. and Katie Corcoran; Oxford 2020), looks closely at the affective and emotional dynamics animating evangelical megachurches. is Kate's second book. Kate also analyzes gender dynamics in religion and spirituality from a bio-psycho-social perspective. Putting the critical humanities—especially feminist materialism and affect theory—into conversation with the biological sciences, she theorizes how gender and sex interact with spiritual and religious expression and experience. EPISODE SPONSORS: -Ketone IQ by HVMN Use code BENG for 10% off any purchase of Ketone-IQ️ an exclusive offer for podcast listeners. -JOOVV: Use promo code BEN for an exclusive discount on your first order. -ARX Go to to look at the Alpha or the Omni for the most effective and safest form of resistance exercise in the world. -Kion Aminos Building blocks for muscle recovery, reduced cravings, better cognition, immunity, and more. -Lucy Nicotine Gum If you are looking for a cleaner and tastier alternative to other nicotine products, this product is for you. To save 20% on any order, just use discount code BEN20.

1h 6m
Aug 06
Everything You Need To Know About Healing Your Gut, Mood, Energy, Libido & Sleep With A Little Known Bacterial Strain (& An Amazing DIY Yogurt Recipe!)

I FIRST BECAME FAMILIAR WITH THE BRILLIANT DR. WILLIAM DAVIS AND HIS IMPRESSIVE BODY OF WORK WHEN I INTERVIEWED HIM FOR AN EPISODE ABOUT HEART ATTACKS WAY BACK IN 2009. Later, he joined me for a podcast about his book , in which we discussed why you're not eating the same kind of wheat your ancestors ate, whether wheat bread is really better than white bread, if wheat is ever OK to eat and if so, when, and good substitutes and alternatives for wheat. Today, Dr. William Davis is back to discuss his new book In Super Gut, Dr. Davis takes his research and findings a step further and shows that because of our highly processed diet, pesticides, and overuse of antibiotics, our guts are is now missing so many of the good bacteria required to be healthy. As a result, many of us have lost control over health, weight, mood, even behavior. The ancient bacteria that keep our gut in alignment and our digestion easy have been dying off, replaced by harmful microbes that don’t serve to keep us physically healthy and mentally fit. With cutting-edge research, Dr. Davis has connected the dots between gut health and modern ailments and complaints. There are entire species of microbes that have disappeared, creating health issues that were uncommon one hundred, or even fifty, years ago. A major consequence is SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth), a silent and profound epidemic, which affects one out of three people and is responsible for an astounding range of human health conditions. shows how to eliminate bad bacteria and bring back the missing “good” bacteria with a four-week plan to reprogram your microbiome based on research and techniques that not only get to the root of many diseases but improve levels of oxytocin (the bonding/happy hormone), brain health, and promote anti-aging, weight loss, mental clarity, and more restful sleep. explains the science clearly and includes more than forty recipes, a diet plan, and resources so you can pinpoint your gut issues, correct them, and maintain your long-term health and well-being. Dr. Davis provides solutions to health problems by addressing the microbiome, massively disrupted in modern people. He shows readers in his book, for instance, how to restore important lost microbes lost such as Lactobacillus reuteri, restored by using a unique method of yogurt fermentation that smooths skin and reduces wrinkles, restores youthful muscle and strength, deepens sleep, reduces appetite and provides many other youth-preserving and anti-aging effects. In Super Gut, he provides additional do-it-yourself-at-home strategies for benefits such as improved mood, improved athletic performance, better sleep, heightened immunity, and improved body composition. Dr. William Davis is also responsible for exposing the incredible nutritional blunder made by "official" health agencies: Eat more "healthy whole grains." The wheat of today is different from the wheat of 1960, thanks to extensive genetics manipulations introduced to increase yield-per-acre. Eliminating wheat yields results beyond everyone's expectations: substantial weight loss, correction of cholesterol abnormalities, relief from inflammatory diseases like arthritis, better mood, reduced blood sugar with many type 2 diabetics being freed of insulin and other drugs, all articulated through his series of books. He is also a champion of individual self-directed health, as discussed in his book. EPISODE SPONSORS: BIOPTIMIZERS (MAG) Simply take two capsules before you go to bed and you’ll be amazed by how much better you sleep. And how much more rested you feel when you wake up! Save up to 42 percent on Magnesium Breakthrough. ORGANIFI (RED): Recharge your mind and body with a delicious superfood berry blend of premium, organic superfoods that contain potent adaptogens, antioxidants and a clinical dose of cordyceps. Go to for 20% off your order. JOYMODE Want to spice things up in the bedroom and boost your sexual performance? Go to or enter GREENFIELD at checkout for 20% off your first order.  HVMN Avoid the insulin spikes, caffeine jitters, and mid-afternoon energy crashes—start fueling with Ketone-IQ️ and feel the difference for yourself. Visit  and use code BENG for 10% off any purchase of Ketone-IQ️ an exclusive offer for podcast listeners. RUNGA: It’s an invitation to come hang out with me and my family for the ONE weekend I look forward to every year, way more than any vacation, or event, or trip I have planned. You can claim your spot at RUNGA today at It’s in Austin, TX (and who doesn’t love Austin?) from October 13-15th. * * Inside Tracker Created by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometrics, Inside Tracker analyzes your blood, DNA, and fitness tracking data to identify where you’re optimized—and where you’re not. *   *  

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Aug 04
Endure Chapter 15: Prayer

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jul 31
Sleep Genetics (& 3 Ways To Crush A Good Night Of Sleep), Why You Get Depressed When You Get Bored, Personalized Exercise & Diet Based on Genetics & Much More With Kashif Khan Of The DNA Company.

A LOT OF NEW SCIENCE, RESEARCH AND TESTING PROTOCOLS HAVE EMERGED LATELY IN THE FIELD OF GENETIC TESTING, SO I DECIDED IT WAS HIGH TIME I INTERVIEWED A DNA EXPERT ON SLEEP GENETIC TYPES, PARENTING, PERSONALITY TYPES, MOOD, BEHAVIOR, CANCER, THE FOUNTAIN OF "YOUTH" AND SO MUCH MORE.  My guest for this episode, Kashif Khan, is Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, where personalized medicine is being pioneered through unique insights into the human genome. With the largest study of its kind globally, The DNA Company has developed a functional approach to genomic interpretation overlaying environment, nutrition, and lifestyle on the genetic blueprint to create personalized and deterministic health outcomes. Growing up in Vancouver, Canada in an immigrant household, Kashif developed an industrious entrepreneurial spirit from a young age. Prior to his tenure at The DNA Company, Kashif advised a number of high-growth start-ups in a variety of industries including luxury retail, technology, finance, fine arts, healthcare, tourism and real estate. He participated in over $300 million in revenue in his own retail business prior to launching consulting services to help others thrive. As Kashif dived into the field of functional genomics as the CEO of The DNA Company, it was revealed that his neural wiring was actually genetically designed to be entrepreneurial. However, his genes also revealed a particular sensitivity to pollutants. This inspired The DNA Company to develop a custom nutrient supplement to enhance this suboptimal detoxification pathway, enabling Kashif’s body to deal with pollutants and chemicals, while reducing his risk of long-term illness. Now seeing his health from a new lens Kashif dove further and started to see the genetic pathways that led to his own family’s challenges, and the opportunities to reverse chronic disease. He has since made it his mission to build The DNA Company into a business that has an impact and whose success is measured not in dollars earned, but in lives improved.   IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: HOW KASHIF GOT INVOLVED WITH THE DNA COMPANY KASHIF’S GENETIC PLAYBOOK, THE ACTIONABLE STEPS TO UTILIZING YOUR GENETIC CODE FOR INFORMED DAILY LIFE DECISIONS. MOOD AND BEHAVIOR / HOW GENES IMPACT THINGS LIKE DEPRESSION OPTIMIZING SLEEP/ SLEEP GENETIC TYPES APPLYING GENETICS TO PARENTING AND PERSONALIZATION   EPISODE SPONSORS: -Essentia: Organic mattresses, the only mattress to score best on eliminating all sleep-interrupting stimulants. -Timeline Nutrition Timeline is offering 10% off your first order of Mitopure. Go to and use code BEN to get 10% off your order. -Kion Aminos Building blocks for muscle recovery, reduced cravings, better cognition, immunity, and more. -Traeger 6-in1 versatility, perfected by decades of mastering the craft of wood-fired cooking, a Traeger grill will transform the way you cook, giving you consistent results - every single time. DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, COMMENTS OR FEEDBACK FOR ME OR KASHIF KHAN ABOUT TODAY'S EPISODE? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, AND ONE OF US WILL REPLY!

1h 46m
Jul 30
Q&A 444: The Latest Tricks For Cognitive Performance, Ketosis Confusion, Muscle Cramping Fixes, Peeing At Night, Microdosing & More!

* In today's episode, Dr. Jay Wiles connect on all things Cognitive performance, ketones and ketone esters, the real fix to muscle cramping, the potential threat I find with micro dosing,  and at the end, we take on your questions! We'll touch on how the power of the breath and how it can actually increase physical performance, endurance and recovery. Cognition decline performance, what it is, signs it's starting and practices we've had first hand experience with in combating the effects of subjective cognition decline; through photocoagulation with red light therapy it's been found to have remarkable results on promoting brain health and function. Also we review the immediate effects and benefits of HIIT and essentially using it as "Exercise that gets you smart". Through extensive research it's been shown that HIIT is a great way to fight off what is called "Aggregates" a type of protein that acts as "plaque" to the brain, which has been linked to Alzheimer's Disease. Plus, we do some good old debunking on the old "carbs after the gym, bro", what ketone esters are, how they assist us in generating more substantial energy and there effect is has on our brain. The studies that have been condoned to monitor athlete's performance utilizing ketones, ketone esters as well as the effect when applied when a carbohydrate diet. We'll touch a bit on what causes muscle cramps and how the "pickle juice" method really works with our neurochemistry more than it does anything else. Common belief is linked to dehydration and electro light deficiency and while that is true there is quite a bit more to it than just that. Today you'll get the real reason why cramps happen to athletes and what measures can me taken to start to prevent it. Diving even deeper into the concept you'll learn the 3 common "weakest links" within athletes and how to fix them. You'll get my two cents on why I've tuned it down on plant medicine, what trend I am starting to see take place and what inevitable consequences I see unfolding for those that experiment with ignorance. Believe it or not - You're opening yourself up to a spiritual realm far beyond our human experience which should not be provoked with inexperienced travelers. Not to get it wrong with the positive benefits it does offer but to bring awareness and education to those whom may be dabbling too far down the rabbit hole. * * HAVE A QUESTION YOU'D LIKE BEN TO ANSWER ON THE PODCAST? CLICK HERE, OR USE THE 'CONTACT' BUTTON IN THE FREE BEN GREENFIELD LIFE APP. *   EPISODE SPONSORS: –Lucy Nicotine Gum If you are looking for a cleaner and tastier alternative to other nicotine products, this product is for you. To save 20% on any order, just use discount code BEN20. –Butcher Box Delivers healthy 100% grass-fed and finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door monthly. All their products are humanely raised and given antibiotics or hormones. -Chili Technologies ChiliSleep makes both the chiliPAD and OOLER, innovative options that fit over the top of your mattress and use water to control the temperature of your bed and help lower your core body temperature to trigger deep, relaxing sleep. -Inside Tracker Created by leading scientists in aging, genetics, and biometrics, Inside Tracker analyzes your blood, DNA, and fitness tracking data to identify where you’re optimized—and where you’re not. -Kion Aminos Building blocks for muscle recovery, reduced cravings, better cognition, immunity, and more.

1h 21m
Jul 28
Endure Chapter 14: Bookends

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jul 24
How To Operate On The Cutting Edge Of Physical & Mental Performance With Ryan "Birdman" Parrott Of The Human Performance Project. A FEW WEEKS AGO, A GUY NAMED RYAN "BIRDMAN" PARROTT CONTACTED ME. In a nutshell, he said... So I decided to get Ryan on the show so that you can be educated on how to truly optimize performance, especially when you need to be on the physical and mental cutting edge. Ryan's Human Performance Project is designed to gain outcomes on human performance by testing supplements while training and looking deep into the DNA, physiology, and human spirit to create a docuseries along with a manual that supports all data-driven findings and proof of concept. Essentially pressing the reset button on a 20-year military veteran or first responder and starting the engine for the next generation to train, eat, sleep, diet, and live well. Ryan “Birdman” Parrott, is an Author, Public Speaker, Former Navy SEAL, Patent Holder, Action Sports Athlete, and Founder of two non- profits benefitting Veterans and First Responders is originally from Detroit, Michigan. Birdman enlisted in the Navy after watching the Twin Towers fall on 9/11 and served eight years as a U.S. Navy SEAL attached to SEAL Team SEVEN, completing three combat tours to Iraq before being assigned to Advanced Training Command as an Instructor. In 2005, while serving in Iraq, Birdman was riding atop a Humvee manning the gun turret in enemy territory, when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device (IED), causing a detonation and throwing him from the Humvee. Birdman regained composure with his face and hands burned and witnessed his fellow team members suffer devastating burn and blast injuries. While Birdman’s burns were only first and second degree, his teammates suffered lifelong injuries. In 2012, Birdman established Sons of the Flag to help burn survivors and their families find the help and medical attention they truly deserve.  Now a sponsored athlete in the extreme sports arena, he has founded The Human Performance Project taking a deeper dive into health and wellness giving our next generation a better understanding on taking proper care of their bodies through physical, mental, emotional and spiritual guidance from world renowned experts in their fields. More info on the Human Performance Project is here. DURING OUR DISCUSSION, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -RYAN'S PERSONAL JOURNEY TO THE PRESENT DAY, AND HOW HE GOT THE NAME "BIRDMAN"... -ADDRESSING A SEVERELY UNDERSERVED SEGMENT OF COMBAT-SUSTAINED INJURIES THROUGH SONS OF THE FLAG... -THE HUMAN PERFORMANCE PROJECT: WHAT IT IS AND WHO IT SERVES... -THE FIRST 3 THINGS SOMEONE SHOULD DO WHEN THEY WANT TO TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR HEALTH AND FITNESS... -THE FIRST THING TO DO WHEN YOU REALIZE YOU'RE BROKEN PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY AND EMOTIONALLY... -HOW ONE WILL FEEL WHEN THEY ATTEMPT A HARD-CORE CLEANSE... -IMPROVING THE OVERALL SLEEP EXPERIENCE... -THE SYSTEM IN THE BODY THAT NEEDS THE MOST ATTENTION, AND HOW TO ADDRESS IT... -TO WHAT EXTENT WILL IMPROVING YOUR PHYSICAL GAME IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL GAME?... -AND MUCH MORE! RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: EPISODE SPONSORS: -Kion Aminos -Masszymes -Inside Tracker -Organifi Green Juice -Ketone IQ by HVMN BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HUMANPERFORMANCEPROJECT

1h 11m
Jul 23
Why I Am No Longer Going To Be Using "Plant Medicines": Part 2 LAST WEEK, IN THIS ALREADY SOMEWHAT CONTROVERSIAL ARTICLE, I GAVE YOU A THOROUGH EXPLANATION AND ARGUMENT BEHIND MY NEWEST CONVICTION THAT WHEN IT COMES TO THE EVER-EXPANDING AND INCREASINGLY POPULAR WORLD OF PLANT MEDICINES, NOT ONLY DO THE "CONS OUTWEIGH THE PROS," BUT WHEN YOU'RE PARTAKING OF THESE TYPE OF COMPOUNDS AND CHEMICALS THAT SIGNIFICANTLY ALTER YOUR STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS (PARTICULARLY IN A RECREATIONAL SETTING), YOU ARE OPENING YOURSELF UP TO INFLUENCE FROM A SPIRITUAL WORLD THAT THREATENS TO LAND YOU IN A VERY DARK PLACE INDEED. So if you didn't yet read Part 1, please, please do. Of course, there are several unanswered questions and considerations that I need to address here in Part 2, namely: microdosing with plant medicines, the "responsible" use of marijuana, the bigger, glaring issue that many of these types of vices bring up, and a special project I'll be working on that I'd like to invite you to be a part of. SO, LET'S DIVE IN. In this episode, you'll hear: -What about microdosing?...06:45 -What about marijuana?...15:30 -The "bigger issue"...26:00 -Summary, and what comes next: "Viceless"...35:02 Episode sponsors: Joy Mode Clearlight Saunas Vuori Thrive Market Kion Aminos The entire text and links to all resources mentioned in today's episode can be found at

Jul 21
Endure Chapter 13: Analog

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jul 17
A Guide To Monitoring Human Stress (& How To Use HRV, Breathwork, Stress Resiliency & Biofeedback) With Jay Wiles Of HANU Health.

BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HANUPODCAST * HANU HEALTH IS A VENTURE-BACKED HEALTH TECHNOLOGY COMPANY AT THE INTERSECTION OF HRV, BREATHWORK, STRESS RESILIENCY, AND BIOFEEDBACK. THEY HAVE DESIGNED WHAT THEY CALL "THE MOST SOPHISTICATED AND ACCURATE WEARABLE FOR DETECTING CHANGES IN HUMAN STRESS RESPONSE, USING CONTINUOUS HRV MONITORING AS ITS PRIMARY METRIC". HANU PROMISES TO BE A NON-INVASIVE AND EASY-TO-USE HARDWARE/SOFTWARE SYSTEM THAT ACTS AS A STRESS COACH WHENEVER YOU ARE WEARING IT. IT USES GENTLE VIBRATIONS TO ALERT YOU AS TO WHEN YOU MIGHT BE EXPERIENCING SIGNS OF STRESS AND PROVIDES IN-THE-MOMENT EXERCISES AND TRAINING TO HELP YOU BUILD STRESS RESILIENCY. THIS CLOSE-LOOPED FEEDBACK SYSTEM MEANS THAT HANU IS CONTINUOUSLY MONITORING YOUR STRESS RESPONSE AND IS ALWAYS THERE TO PROVIDE YOU WITH VALUABLE MEANS TO BETTER ATTEND TO STRESS IN THE MOMENT.  Dr. Jay Wiles, my guest on today's show, is no stranger to the Ben Greenfield Life podcast, as you've heard him and Ben cohost the Q&A episodes since 2019. What you may not know about Dr. Wiles is that he is the co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Hanu Health. Jay is an international speaker, scientist, clinician, influencer, and subject-matter expert and authority on the interconnection between the human stress response and health performance/optimization. A clinical health and performance psychologist with board certification in heart rate variability biofeedback and peripheral biofeedback, he works as a leading consultant in psychophysiology to health influencers, professional athletes and teams, executives, and high performers. Jay has pioneered new and innovative means of using heart rate variability (HRV) and respiratory training as both diagnostic indicators of the dynamic nature of the human stress response, alongside therapeutic tools for regulating and conditioning this response for peak human performance. Dr. Wiles has an extensive history of working with top-performing athletes in the PGA, LPGA, MLS, MLB, ATP, and WTA. His consulting firm, Thrive Wellness and Performance, has held contracts with leading biotechnology and health technology organizations where he has engaged in research, development of therapeutics, and development of behavioral retention programs. Dr. Wiles has also hosted the Hanu Health Podcast since October 2021. Code: BEN40 will gives followers 40% off retail of Hanu. DURING OUR DISCUSSION, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -WHAT DOES "HANU" MEAN?... -JAY'S PERSONAL JOURNEY TO BECOMING AN EXPERT IN HRV... -HOW IS THE HANU WEARABLE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER DEVICES THAT TRACK HRV?...  -WHAT CAUSES HRV TO VARY FROM DAY TO DAY, EVEN IF STRESS LEVELS DON'T APPEAR TO VARY... -THE HEART RATE STRAP, AND WHAT THE HANU WEARABLE MIGHT LOOK LIKE IN THE FUTURE... -ABOUT THE RESONANCE FREQUENCY ASSESSMENT... -RESONANCE BREATHING AND BOX BREATHING CONTRASTED... -WHAT IS A BOLT SCORE AND WHY IS IT IMPORTANT... -WHEN A HIGH HRV IS NOT NECESSARILY A GOOD THING... -RAPID FIRE QUESTIONS ON HRV... -AND MUCH MORE... EPISODE SPONSORS: -HigherDOSE -Seed Daily Synbiotic -Organifi Gold Chocolate -Kion Aminos -Essentia Mattresses -Lucy Nicotine Gum BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HANUPODCAST

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Jul 16
Why I Am No Longer Going To Be Using "Plant Medicines": Part 1

HTTPS://BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/PLANTMEDPART1 ON JUNE 1, 2022, I REACHED ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT CONCLUSIONS AND SUBSEQUENTLY MADE ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS OF MY LIFE. Now, before you roll your eyes and stop reading because perhaps you were never interested in plant medicines in the first place, or you think I must have had some kind of a "bad trip" on shrooms, or you're convinced that plant medicines play a vastly important role in your own personal, spiritual, or professional development and there's no way you'd ever come to the same conclusion I recently have... ...I beg of you: Please hear me out. I have some very important things to say that I think the world desperately needs to hear right now. After a great deal of studying up on the topic (and, over the past decade, experimenting with nearly every plant medicine substance known to humankind) I strongly feel that it is now my responsibility and God-given calling to share my newest thoughts with you on this matter. Frankly, there is absolutely no way I want to go to the grave without speaking my mind on this topic. AND YES - I REALIZE THAT A FEW OF YOU MIGHT BE CRINGING BECAUSE, DEEP DOWN INSIDE, YOU SUSPECT THAT I'M ABOUT TO EXPOSE THE "NOBLE AND LAUDABLE" EXCUSE OF "HEALING YOURSELF" WITH PLANT MEDICINES THAT A SHOCKINGLY HIGH NUMBER OF HEALTH ENTHUSIASTS AND SPIRITUAL WARRIORS AND SHAMAN-BRO'S AND SIS'S ENGAGE IN ON A FREQUENT BASIS... ...AS JUST AN EXCUSE TO GET HIGH AND DO DRUGS WITHOUT FEELING LIKE AN ADDICT. YOU'D BE RIGHT IF THAT'S YOUR SUSPICION. I've podcasted and written multiple times on the benefits of journeying with plant medicines. I've heavily promoted microdosing with plant medicines for focus, creativity, productivity, and social outings. I've equated cannabis and shrooms with coffee and wine (trust me, they're a bit different). I own multiple investments (several of which I'll be exiting, by the way) in ketamine clinics, cannabis companies, and psilocybin research laboratories. I've encouraged couples—in the same way that my wife and I have done—to consider compounds like sassafras, MDMA, ketamine, lysergamides, and beyond for enhancing sex or having highly bonding weekend getaways. Perhaps most interestingly, I have derived a great deal of and and and  from "journeying" with plant medicine, which made what I am about to share with you very difficult to write. Frankly, I thought because all the of my use of plant medicines were nothing but good, that the ends justified the means. BUT I WAS WRONG. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I AM SORRY. I AM ASHAMED. I HAVE SEVERELY MISSED THE MARK. I WAS PLAYING WITH FIRE, AND YOU MIGHT BE TOO.  AND I AM ABOUT TO TELL YOU WHY. Read the entire article at IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL HEAR: -Plant medicines defined...10:11 -Why I am done with plant medicines...17:35 -The Bible: Obstacle to the evolution...32:08 -The horrific effects of drug abuse...37:30 -I was deceived and I was playing with fire...42:35 -Freedom from bondage...46:45 -Summary of Part 1...52:25 EPISODE SPONSORS: -Tru Kava -Inside Tracker -Chili Technologies -Kion Aminos HTTPS://BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/PLANTMED1

Jul 14
Endure Chapter 12: Flow

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jul 10
How To Fast Track Your Way To Optimized Brain Fitness (& Instantly Lull Yourself Into Hypnosis, Sleep, Energy, Meditation & Much More!) With Dr. Patrick Porter Of BrainTap. THIS LIGHT-SOUND STIMULATION MACHINE CALLED THE BRAINTAP IS MY LATEST INFATUATION. EVER SINCE THE CEO GAVE ME A TRIAL UNIT AT A HEALTH CONFERENCE THIS PAST SPRING, I'VE LITERALLY BEEN USING IT EVERY DAY FOR THE PAST FOUR MONTHS, AND IT HAS BEEN A HUGE GAME CHANGER FOR RAPID SLEEP ONSET, NAPPING, MEDITATION, AIRPLANE/CAR RIDES, FAST-TRACKED MEDITATION AND MUCH MORE. "BrainTapping" is a quick and easy way to optimize your brain’s peak potential—anytime, anywhere. Backed by neuroscience and research, BrainTap is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges. BrainTap restores your ability, balance and energy. BrainTap breaks through the overwhelm and makes it possible for you to thrive in overdrive. Instead of feeling exhausted and disheartened, you have a fit and resilient brain with clear, focused thinking, and the confidence to make better choices. The BrainTap device uses light and sound stimulation to create a symphony of brainwave activity, a feeling of calm focus that’s just right for learning and productivity. Each session is designed with brainwave balance in mind. BrainTap’s exclusive neuro-algorithms gently and naturally guide your brain through a broad range of brainwave patterns, instead of just the Alpha state. The result is a complete spectrum of brainwave activity. In addition to the sonic effect in the audio-sessions, the BrainTap Headset delivers gentle light pulses that travel through the ear meridians and the retina, sending direct signals to the brain and guiding you into extraordinary brain states that would otherwise take years of disciplined effort to achieve. By listening to the varied frequencies and holographic music in BrainTap’s unique audio programs, you can enjoy a healthy and balanced state of brain fitness. MY GUEST ON THIS PODCAST IS DR. PATRICK PORTER. Quick Facts About Patrick: In late 2020, Patrick was the honored recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Interdisciplinary Association of Functional Neurosciences and Rehabilitation (IAFNR), and for good reason. Over a career spanning more than three decades, Dr. Porter has been on the cutting edge of brainwave entrainment technology. He was co-developer of the first personal light & sound brain training machine, voted “Best New Gadget of the Year” at the 1989 Consumer Electronics Show and later developed one of the largest and most popular self-help franchises. He’s since become a highly sought-after expert within the neuroscience and personal improvement industries. Dr. Porter is widely recognized as an award-winning author, educator, consultant, researcher, entrepreneur, and speaker. His newest brain-training platform, BrainTap, is distinctively designed to activate the brain’s neuroplasticity. The BrainTap headset uses light & sound technology in combination with Dr. Porter’s proprietary guided visualization audio-sessions to help people achieve brain fitness, overcome stress, lose weight, stop smoking, manage pain, accelerate learning, enjoy superb sleep and make any number of lifestyle improvements. Additionally, he offers health providers a turnkey system for helping clients achieve better neurological performance and brain fitness. Dr. Porter is also the dean of mind-based studies at the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine (IQUIM). Dr. Porter’s successes have been featured in NPR, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, People, Entrepreneur, and INC, as well as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and the Discovery Channel. His SleepRX program was voted the best sleep app of the year by Health Magazine. He is the author of the award-winning bestseller, Awaken the Genius, Mind Technology for the 21st Century, which was awarded “Best How-To Book of 1994” by the North American Book Dealers Exchange. Awaken the Genius is translated into four languages and more than 150,000 copies have sold globally. He also authored Discover the Language of the Mind and Thrive In Overdrive, How to Navigate Your Overloaded Lifestyle, among others. Dr. Porter’s entertaining speeches and seminars deliver the real life, nuts ‘n bolts concepts he used to turn his business ventures into multi-million dollar enterprises. For ten years, Dr. Porter hosted his own show on WNIS radio in Norfolk, Virginia. Previously, he was the host of a Phoenix television show. As an independent consultant, he wrote Hidden Solutions and Awaken the Genius programs for the State of Arizona. He also created Mind-Over-Cancer, a guided visualization program used in medical facilities to assist patients receiving cancer treatment to better manage stress and side effects. Dr. Porter has produced an arsenal of over 1200 audio-recorded motivational programs and narrated visualization sessions and has sold more than 3 million books and recordings worldwide, all uniquely designed to empower humanity. He earned his doctorate degree from Louisiana Baptist University in 1992 in Psychology of Christian Counseling and later became a licensed trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. DURING OUR DISCUSSION, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -PATRICK'S HISTORY OF LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING... -THE PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND THE VOICE OPTIONS IN THE BRAIN TAP... -THE FOUNDING STORY OF THE BRAIN TAP... -NUTS AND BOLTS OF HOW THE BRAIN TAP IS AFFECTING THE BRAIN... -HOW BINAURAL BEATS ARE USED IN THE BRAIN TAP... -WHY THE EAR PIECE PRODUCES LIGHT... -WHY BLUE LIGHT IN THE BRAIN TAP DOES NOT AFFECT SLEEP DELETERIOUSLY... -ISOCHRONIC TONES EXPLAINED... -HOW MUSIC IS CHOSEN AND UTILIZED IN THE BRAIN TAP... -ENTRAINMENT AND TEACHING THE BODY TO HEAL ITSELF... -PRECAUTIONS USING THE BRAIN TAP... -USING THE BRAIN TAP WITH PLANT MEDICINES AND OTHER MODALITIES... -ABOUT THE LIBRARIES AVAILABLE ON THE BRAIN TAP... -CUSTOMIZING A PERSONAL ROUTINE INTO A BRAIN TAP EXPERIENCE... EPISODE SPONSORS: -Butcher Box -Levels Health -Kion Aminos -Masszymes -Hapbee BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/BRAINTAPPODCAST

1h 8m
Jul 09
Q&A 443: The Latest On Diet, Supplements & Cognition, Melatonin, Natural Testosterone Boosters, Blood Flow Restriction Training, Managing Inflammation & Much More!

BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/443 NEWS FLASHES – FOLLOW BEN ON TWITTER FOR MORE… * * * * __ __ Check out Ben on Instagram for epic posts and photos about his morning, day, and evening routines, recipes, and much more! Follow Ben on Twitter for daily news flashes and the latest health, fitness, and anti-aging research. Join Ben's Facebook page for conversations with listeners and even more useful information, posts, and support! Listener Q&A: -Tips on dealing with lingering inflammation after everything one knows to do has been done... -Natural alternatives to ADD medications; and thoughts on SARMS for muscle building and testosterone production... -Dealing with frequent migraines... Episode sponsors: -Vuori -Kion Aminos -Inside Tracker -Water and Wellness -JOOVV

1h 11m
Jul 07
Endure Chapter 11: Seatbelts & Sentries

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jul 03
Ben Greenfield's Favorite Workouts, Building a Generational Legacy, Biohacking On a Budget, & Much More: Part 2 of Ben's Talk at the Health Optimisation Summit. TODAY'S EPISODE IS PART 2 OF MY TALK AT THE HEALTH OPTIMISATION SUMMIT, RECENTLY HELD IN LONDON BY NOTED UK BIOHACKER AND MEDIA PERSONALITY TIM GRAY. When I interviewed Tim Gray recently, on the podcast episode "How UK’s Leading Biohacker Eats, Drinks, & Optimizes His Life: An Interview With Tim Gray," I got a sneak peek into what his life looks like, from his fitness and nutrition routines to his sexiest biohacks. At this year's Summit, Tim turned the tables and actually asked me to present on "A Day in the Life of Ben Greenfield." At first, I thought I'd be struggling to fill the time slot with just my "average day," but then as I thought about all the hacks, routines, and rituals I do throughout my days that are now more or less automatic for me but likely something you'll be quite interested in, I realized it might not be quite as simple as it sounds! In this episode, we pick up where we left off last time, and go on to talk about the importance of family time at the end of the day, finishing the day with purpose, and we even had time left at the end to answer a few questions from members of the audience. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -HOW BEN MAKES THE MOST OF THE MID-DAY SIESTA... -BEN'S FAVORITE WORKOUTS THROUGHOUT THE DAY... -BUILDING A FAMILY LEGACY... -EATING PRACTICES AT THE END OF THE DAY... -BEDTIME RITUALS... -AND MUCH MORE! EPISODE SPONSORS: -Timeline Nutrition -Organifi Red Juice -Kion Aminos -Willo -Nootopia BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HOSPODCAST2

Jul 02
The Nitty-Gritty Details Of Ben Greenfield's Daily Routine, How To Optimize Your Workspace, The Latest Biohacking Secrets, Superfood Smoothies & Much More: Part 1 of Ben's Talk at the Health Optimisation Summit. HERE, FOR YOUR ITCHING EARS AND SUPREMELY CURIOUS HEART AND MIND, COMES PART 1 OF MY TALK AT THE HEALTH OPTIMISATION SUMMIT, RECENTLY HELD IN LONDON BY MY FRIEND AND PODCAST GUEST, TIM GRAY. The UK's leading biohacker, Tim Gray is known for his detailed tracking of more than 35+ biomarkers per day, is frequently in the mainstream media regarding practical, trackable, and immediately apply-able health hacks, and is featured on over 30 podcasts a year. As a psychology specialist and a successful businessman, Tim founded and invested in multiple 6-figure businesses, including digital marketing agencies and London’s first private Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinic. After years spent self-healing his body from chronic health conditions through biohacking alone, Tim Gray embarked on a mission to educate and empower the masses. Recently, I spoke to Tim about his history, his routines, the Health Optimisation Summit, and plenty more, in a special two-part podcast episode that included an interview and then a follow-up solosode by Tim ("How UK’s Leading Biohacker Eats, Drinks, & Optimizes His Life: An Interview With Tim Gray"). For this year's Summit, Tim actually asked me to present on "A Day in the Life of Ben Greenfield." At first, I thought I'd be struggling to fill the time slot with just my "average day," but then as I thought about all the hacks, routines, and rituals I do throughout my days that are now more or less automatic for me but likely something you'll be quite interested in, I realized it might not be quite as simple as it sounds! In fact, like I needed to do with Tim's podcast, I had to split my talk up and finish presenting about a "typical" day in Part 2, which is the next episode you'll see released on the podcast feed. You can also go here to get all of the resources from my talk at the Summit. Enjoy! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -LOOK AT THE BODY AS A BATTERY... -BEN'S MORNING ROUTINE... -FAMILY TIME IN THE MORNING AND THE MORNING SMOOTHIE... -HOW BEN OPTIMIZES HIS WORKSPACE... -MIDDAY ROUTINES AND RITUALS... -AUDIENCE QUESTION: "WHAT DOES YOUR WIFE DO?"... RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: EPISODE SPONSORS: -Essentia Mattresses -Inside Tracker -Chili Technologies -Kion Aminos BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HOSPODCAST1

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Jun 30
Endure Chapter 10: Chop Wood, Carry Water

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jun 26
How to Love People & Use Things, Whether Or Not You're A "Hoarder," Minimalist Diets & Workouts & 7 Essential Relationships with Joshua Millburn. I've been interviewed a few times on the outstanding  podcast with Joshua Millburn and his partner in crime Ryan Nicodemus, who together founded The Minimalists. This time it was I who put one of them on the hot seat for podcast, and was able to speak with Joshua about his journey into the minimalism mindset, how we sometimes go about it the wrong way, the four stages of hoarding, and much more. At first glance, people might think the point of minimalism is only to get rid of material possessions: Eliminating. Jettisoning. Extracting. Detaching. Decluttering. Paring down. Letting go. But that’s a mistake. True, removing the excess is an important part of the recipe—but it’s just one ingredient. If we’re concerned solely with the stuff, we’re missing the larger point. Minimalists don’t focus on having less, less, less. We focus on making room for more: more time, more peace, more creativity, more experiences, more contribution, more contentment, more freedom. Clearing the clutter frees up the space. Minimalism is the thing that gets us past the things so we can make room for life’s important things—which aren’t at all. IN THIS INTERVIEW WITH JOSHUA MILLBURN, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -PUBLISHING FORAYS IN THE REALM OF MINIMALISM... -THE FOUR STAGES OF HOARDING, AND WHICH STAGE YOU'RE LIKELY AT... -THE "LIGHTBULB" MOMENT WHEN JOSHUA EMBRACED MINIMALISM... -STARTING POINTS INTO THE REALM OF MINIMALISM... -BEN AND JOSH DISCUSS A MINIMALIST DIET... -MINIMALIST EXERCISE AND WORKOUTS... -WHY BEING BUSY DOESN'T MAKE YOU IMPORTANT, IT JUST MAKES YOU BUSY... -THE SEVEN ESSENTIAL RELATIONSHIPS IN OUR LIVES TO BALANCE BEFORE FOCUSING ON RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHER PEOPLE... -HOW SOCIAL MINIMALISM PROMOTES A LIFE OF PRODUCTIVITY AND CREATION... -AND MUCH MORE... EPISODE SPONSORS: -Thrive Market -Organifi Green Juice -HigherDOSE -Willo -BGL Careers -Kion Aminos HTTPS://BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/MINIMALIST

1h 12m
Jun 25
Everything You Need To Know About Amino Acids, Animal Vs. Plant Protein, How Much Protein You Need & Much, Much More With Kion's Angelo Keely.

I HAVE BEEN SUPPLEMENTING WITH AMINO ACIDS LATELY. And so have many of you, as the Aminos supplement is easily the best-selling product over at Kion, my supplements company that I and Angelo Keely began in 2017. In fact, Angelo and I talked about amino acids, along with our then new protein powder on the podcast back in November of 2021. And since I've been using Kion Aminos to such great effect lately, I wanted to share what we talked about last year, because I know so many people have begun listening to the show since then. So enjoy! Angelo Keely is the co-founder and CEO of Kion, an active lifestyle, supplement, and functional food company dedicated to helping people fully experience a joyful, active life by providing pure, energy-enhancing solutions. Angelo has a truly diverse and unique background having put himself through college as a professional musician—beatboxing, rapping, and drumming. DURING OUR DISCUSSION, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -HOW ANGELO KEELY HAS BECOME A WORLD-RENOWNED EXPERT ON PROTEIN... -HOW ANGELO KEELY AND HIS HEALTH TRANSFORMATION CAUSED A HYPER-FOCUS ON PROTEIN AND AMINO ACIDS... -OVERVIEW OF THE DIFFERENT TYPES OF AMINO ACIDS... -CREATINE AS AN AMINO ACID... -THE APPROPRIATE AMOUNT OF PROTEIN AND AMINOS TO INTAKE... -THE RANKING OF THE QUALITY OF ANIMAL-BASED PROTEIN SOURCES... -THE GOOD AND BAD WHEN IT COMES TO PROTEIN POWDERS... -THE LONG HISTORY OF WHEY PROTEIN... -HOW TO GET A PROTEIN POWDER THAT DOESN'T TASTE LIKE ASH... EPISODE SPONSORS: -Lucy Nicotine Gum -Nootopia -Ketone IQ by HVMN -Inside Tracker -Kion Aminos DO YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, THOUGHTS, OR FEEDBACK FOR ANGELO KEELY OR ME? LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW AND ONE OF US WILL REPLY!

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Jun 23
Endure Chapter 9: Create

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jun 19
The "Softer Side" of Biohacking, Parenting Strategies, How Ben Stays in Top Shape While Traveling & More with Reconditioned Podcast Host Lauren Vaknine. Today's episode is the second of three "walk and talk" podcasts I recorded while attending and speaking at the Health Optimisation Summit in London in May 2022. This time I was put on the hot seat by a leading UK biohacking expert named Lauren Vaknine. During our chat, we discussed faith, family, how females approach biohacking and much more. Enjoy! MEET LAUREN VAKNINE: Lauren Vaknine is a holistic health and life coach, wellness educator, speaker and host of the popular Reconditioned Podcast. As a leading voice in wellness in the UK, Lauren uses the experience and knowledge she gained during her 3-decade long journey from severe disability to complete wellness, to help women heal and transform their lives. She does this by using a range of holistic healing arts in a unique, whole-person approach. This approach enables Lauren to take her clients on a journey from existing, to living a life of purpose, intention, self-mastery and fulfilment. You can find Lauren on Instagram @laurenvaknine, her podcast, Reconditioned with Lauren Vaknine as well as her website and her blog IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -THE "SOFTER SIDE" OF BIOHACKING AND LIFE OPTIMIZATION... -BEN'S BIG "WHY" FOR DOING WHAT HE DOES... -BEN'S MORNING ROUTINE WHILE TRAVELING... -JET LAG MANAGEMENT TIPS... -BEN'S FAVORITE BIOHACKING DEVICES AND GADGETS... -DOES BEN'S WIFE JESSA SHARE HIS ENTHUSIASM FOR BIOHACKING AND SELF-OPTIMIZATION?... -BEN'S EDUCATION PHILOSOPHY AND STRATEGY FOR HIS CHILDREN... -A SNEAK PEAK OF BEN'S NEW PARENTING BOOK... -WHEN  TO ENGAGE IN FASTING, ICE BATHS, SAUNA... -BEN'S CHRISTIAN HEDONISM PHILOSOPHY... -LAUREN'S "LIGHTNING ROUND" QUESTIONS FOR BEN... -AND MUCH MORE... RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: EPISODE SPONSORS: -Organifi Apple Green Juice -Seed Daily Synbiotic -Ben Greenfield Life Careers -Joy Mode -Willo -Kion Aminos GOT A QUESTION FOR LAUREN OR MYSELF? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW, AND ONE OF US WILL REPLY!

1h 15m
Jun 16
Endure Chapter 8: Soul

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jun 12
How To Raise Kids Who Aren't Sheeple, Who Swim Upstream & Who Can Gracefully Engage In Divergent Thinking & The Art of Insubordination, With Todd Kashdan. WHEN I FIRST RECEIVED THE BOOK BY MY GUEST ON TODAY'S SHOW, TODD KASHDAN, I THOUGHT IT WAS GOING TO BE SOME FRINGE REBEL HANDBOOK OR SOMETHING LIKE , OR A TITLE THAT WAS MEANT TO INCITE RIOTS AND VIOLENCE. Instead, this book is a research-based toolbox for anyone who wants to create a world with more justice, creativity, and courage. I eventually wound up interviewing Todd for the episode "The Art Of Insubordination: How To Dissent And Defy Effectively, With Todd Kashdan." But now, Todd is back—and he's back specifically to focus on content that will be featured in my upcoming book , which will showcase Todd and 30+ additional amazing parents from around the globe sharing their deep wisdom and advice so that you can be a better parent and better human. In the meantime, if you want to know how to raise kids who swim upstream, who aren't sheeple, and who can gracefully decline to participate hook, line, and sinker in the anemic social standards of modern society, you'll want to tune in. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -TODD SHARES ABOUT HIS CHILDREN, AND WHAT HE'S MOST PROUD ABOUT THEM... -HOW TO TRAIN CHILDREN IN THE SKILL OF DIVERGENT THINKING... -RESOURCES TODD USES TO RAISE HIS DAUGHTERS... -HOW TO APPROACH RELYING ON OTHERS FOR CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENT... -THINGS TODD LEARNED WHILE WRITING HIS BOOK HE'S PASSING ON TO HIS CHILDREN... -RECONCILING DIFFERING PARENTING STYLES WHEN MOM AND DAD LIVE UNDER DIFFERENT ROOFS... -EXPOSING CHILDREN TO SOCIETAL TABOOS IN AN ENVIRONMENT THE PARENT CAN CONTROL... -HOW TO CARVE OUT ONE ON ONE TIME WITH CHILDREN... -FINAL QUESTIONS FOR TODD... -THE MESSAGE FOR PARENTS TODD WOULD PUT ON A BILLBOARD... -AND MUCH MORE... EPISODE SPONSORS: -Nootopia -Butcher Box -HigherDOSE -Chili Technologies -Kion Aminos HTTPS://BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/IMPACTFULKIDS

1h 19m
Jun 11
The Lost Art of Storytelling, Why We Should Love Mondays as Much as Fridays, Why You Need a Health Coach and More with Made to Thrive Founder Steve Stavs. WELCOME TO THE SHOW. TODAY'S EPISODE IS WITH BIOHACKER AND PODCASTER STEVE STAVS FROM SOUTH AFRICA, WHOM I MET AT THE HEALTH OPTIMISATION SUMMIT HELD IN THE LATTER PART OF MAY 2022. He is a successful entrepreneur, leadership coach, international lecturer, and holistic practitioner. Steve continues to run his wellness practice Made To Thrive, which he launched 20 years ago. He has aided many to reach their highest potential in all aspects of their lives and this has inspired him to take both his message and his mission to a wider audience. (You can save 15% on coaching and consulting with code BEN15 along with 5% off products in the shop with code BEN5. Steve draws on his background in Western Medical Practices and integrates the best of this knowledge with the profound teachings of Ancestral Living and Chinese Medicine. Thousands of patients can testify to the effectiveness of this comprehensive approach, which combines an understanding of ancient traditional cultures while including the most researched science in biochemistry, physiology, psychology, and nutrition. An avid athlete, Steve is dedicated to exploring the boundaries of physical ability and pushing his body to its optimal performance. He is a Green Number Comrades runner and one of his ultimate goals is to run the Comrades Marathon at the age of 100. Steve supports the Community of the Hope Risen Foundation–a nonprofit organization founded by Tabitha and Rob Lage, who are passionate about ensuring humans have absolute freedom to live out their true purpose, know their why, and live according to this ethos. Hope Risen has a vision to spread Hope, Love, and Justice in the quest to end modern-day slavery and exploitation. They are passionate about helping survivors of human trafficking shine again. The foundation runs a number of prevention and awareness initiatives alongside direct interventions to rescue, restore and reintegrate women, men, and children who have been exploited. Steve asked me if he could interview me for podcast. I told him he could, but only if he can keep up with me on one of my aerobically and intellectually challenging "walk & talk" podcasts. replied Steve, and I believed him—as he is also the founder of the Comrades Marathon, an annual 56-mile race that builds community (and some serious physical resilience) among members of his community in S. Africa. So Steve can take some steps! And thus we took to the backstreets and parks of London during some free time from the summit and discussed many topics, such as: __ __ I enjoyed our conversation so much that I wanted to share it on my podcast feed as well. So I hope you enjoy it (and you'll hear that Steve was able to keep up with me just fine!). In this episode, you'll discover: -Steve describes the Comrades Marathon... -Fear vs. purpose based motivation for human action... -Ubuntu and the spirit of community... -An environment that facilitates success... -Storytelling as a means of building community... -Arts and music as a means of healing... -Gathering and preparing food that sustains community... -Putting biohacking in its place regarding our quality of life... -The most important biohacking metrics when it comes to stress and anxiety... -The importance of having a health coach... -Embracing suffering to bring joy... -Ben Greenfield's message of hope for the future... -And much more... Resources mentioned in this episode: EPISODE SPONSORS: -Levels Health -Lucy Nicotine Gum -Kion Aminos -Timeline Nutrition -Inside Tracker -Ben Greenfield Coaching

1h 9m
Jun 09
Endure Chapter 7: Temperate

My new book, Endure, is now available! I’ll gift you the first three chapters of Endure as an instantly downloadable e-book and I'll also give you a sweet discount on the exact journal my family and I developed and use each day, The Spiritual Disciplines Journal. Visit for all the details!

Jun 05
Why The World Needs Heroes, "The Humility Of The Hero" & A Call To Action: Ben Greenfield's Speech From PaleoFx 2022. THERE'S A REVOLUTION ON THE HORIZON... Today, more than ever, the world needs heroes. Now, I'm not talking about Rambo- or Terminator-type heroes. I'm talking about heroes who, like the great hero Jesus Christ, have the meekness and humility of a gentle lamb and the courage and ferocity of a mighty lion. We need heroes who can admit when they're wrong, and who tend lovingly to the garden of their spirit and their soul. Recently, I had the opportunity to speak to a large audience about why it's imperative to surround ourselves with a community of individuals who know how to surrender, sacrifice, and serve. I was asked to give a keynote speech at Paleo f(x), the world's premier wellness event, covering the 7 pillars of health–physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, financial, tribal, (and more!)–for optimizing your health, expanding your mind, and reclaiming your freedom. Over three days, there were 100+ speakers and 8,000+ attendees. It's one of the most fun, inspiring, and educational events I attend all year long. From the stellar speakers to the amazing networking, to the killer parties and food, nothing like it exists, period. I could have spoken on any topic related to biohacks, gear, and fitness—as you know, I've spent plenty of time on those subjects in the past. What I felt called to reflect on, though, was this concept of heroism and the Hero's Journey. The theme of this year's Paleo f(x) was Primal Uprising, which felt like the perfect forum to delve into something a little more important. My inspiration for the speech was the article The Humility Of The Hero: A Call To Action (& 4 Ways To Be The Hero The World Needs Right Now). IT'S SCARY CROSSING OVER FROM YOUR ORDINARY WORLD, BUT NOTHING CAN REPLACE THE FEELING OF WHEN YOU REACH DEEP DOWN AND SPEAK UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. HERE, I SHARE THE ENTIRE KEYNOTE SPEECH FROM PALEO F(X), DURING WHICH I TALK ABOUT THE HERO'S JOURNEY, OVERCOMING ADDICTIONS, THE IMPORTANCE OF SERVING OTHERS, AND MUCH MORE. I HOPE YOU FIND IT INSPIRATIONAL. IN THIS EPISODE, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -WHY THIS GENERATION NEEDS HEROES... -THE HERO'S JOURNEY DEFINED... -WHY WE'RE WIRED TO EMBRACE THE HERO'S JOURNEY... -SURRENDER YOUR ATTACHMENTS AND ADDICTIONS... -WHY A REAL HERO OFTEN DEFIES THE ROMANTICIZED STEREOTYPES... -SERVICE IS THE FOUNDATION OF THE HERO'S JOURNEY... -PUT ON YOUR SPIRITUAL ARMOR... -WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU FEEL THE CALL TO THE HERO'S JOURNEY... -HOW DO YOU IDENTIFY YOUR MISSION AND PURPOSE IN LIFE?... -AND MUCH MORE... EPISODE SPONSORS: -Vuori -Organifi Gold -Magnesium Breakthrough -Willo -Kion Aminos BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/HEROPODCAST

1h 6m
Jun 04
The Future Of Plants, Sustainable Agriculture, Vertical Farming, AI-Driven Personalized Nutrition, Child Education & More With Willo's Sam Bertram. - code BEN20 for $20 off Reservation Fee Born in 1993, Samuel grew up with his brother, John (co-founder and CTO of OnePointOne) in Wheelers Hill, Victoria, Australia. Samuel (and John) came to the United States to play collegiate tennis in 2011. Samuel captained his Division 1 Tennis team at Santa Clara University and graduated in 2016 with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, and in 2018 with an M.S. in Robotics and Mechatronics. While at Santa Clara, Samuel was involved in the creation of an autonomous marine vessel as well an autonomous omnidirectional robot. Samuel’s Master’s Capstone Project was the origin of OnePointOne’s technology. Samuel and John founded OnePointOne, Inc. in July of 2017 with a mission to nourish the 1.1 billion people that began this millennium hungry. Since then, Samuel has raised over $60M from notable investors such as Fred Luddy, Novak Djokovic, and HRH Khaled bin Alwaleed. With that funding, the incredible team at OnePointOne has built the most advanced vertical farming technology on the market (according to Bain & Company). OnePointOne, Inc. employs a completely unique combination of aeroponics, automation, and AI, and stands apart in the field of indoor farming in terms of productivity, resource efficiency, and data capabilities. OnePointOne’s Cultivation Chambers (CCs) are two-story tall, fully-enclosed cubes that grow a wide variety of berries, flowers, root crops, and leafy greens. Their fleet of robots manages the facility’s operations, which include: plant movement, plant inspection, cleaning, light movement, and more. OnePointOne plans to build hundreds of these CCs throughout the world to combat major crises in health, nutrition, and medicine. OnePointOne focuses on robotics and automation, agricultural technology, plant-based food and medicine, digital cities, and the Human condition. Recently, OnePointOne launched "Willo", which is the future of personalized nutrition. Willo grows the best tasting produce on the planet. Members discover how complex, robust, and delicious produce can be. And their greens are built to last. With Willo, you can guarantee that your produce will last 2-4 times longer than what you would find at a conventional grocery store. Gone are the days of throwing out expensive greens that spoil just a few days after buying with them. Everything Willo grows begins exclusively with a non-GMO seed, with each plant receiving the perfect mixture of elements to maximize taste and nutrient density. By providing the ideal composition of elements for each crop, they can grow exceptional produce in significantly less time while amplifying the plant’s natural ability to fuel and heal you. Willo's technology virtually eliminates the environmental impact of agriculture. Designed with sustainability in mind, Willo’s crops are grown in a 100% controlled environment. This means that every single farming element is meticulously cared for, including the seeds, light, water, nutrients and air, resulting in the most pristine produce on the market. Their farms can grow anywhere on the planet all year round. DURING THIS DISCUSSION, YOU'LL DISCOVER: -SAM'S JOURNEY INTO THE HEALTH AND FITNESS FIELD... -DISCUSSING WHOLESOME PARENTING TECHNIQUES... -HOW SAM DEVELOPED AN INTEREST IN HELPING PEOPLE THROUGH BETTER NUTRITION... -THE MOMENT SAM OPENED HIS HEART TO THE BETTERMENT OF HUMANITY... -THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF THE WILLO BRAND... -AEROPONICS AND AI FARMING... -HOW AN APP CAN ALLOW YOU TO PERSONALIZE YOUR NUTRITION... -HOW THE WILLO DIFFERS FROM OTHER VERTICAL FARMING SYSTEMS... -WHAT'S THE CARBON FOOTPRINT OF WILLO... -THE FUTURE OF VERTICAL FARMING... -AND MUCH MORE... -AND MUCH MORE!... UPCOMING EVENTS: __ __ RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE: Willo Farm - code BEN20 will give you 20% off the reservation fee EPISODE SPONSORS: -JOOVV -Water and Wellness -Kion Aminos -Butcher Box -Inside Tracker BENGREENFIELDLIFE.COM/WILLOPODCAST

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Jun 02