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Canada falls short on promises to Ukraine, Recap of Ont gov’t announcement, Cyber-attacks threat to farming & Canadians have low confidence in Hockey Canada culture change!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: On Aug. 24, Ukraine will be observing the six-month mark since Russia invaded, as well as the 31st year of independence. Although Ukrainians are expected to mark the anniversary of gaining independence from the Soviet Union in a celebratory fashion, the continuing war and threat of attacks will likely temper the day over concerns that Russia will launch long-range missiles onto Ukrainian towns and cities. Sadly, Canada – the first Western country to recognize Ukraine as an independent country in 1991 – will be largely absent during the celebrations in Ukraine this year. Is Canada falling short on it’s promises to assist Ukraine? GUEST: Michael Bociurkiw, Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council and global affairs analyst - Recap of announcement from Health Minister Sylvia Jones and LTC Minister Paul Calandra GUEST: Colin D’Mello, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief, Global News Toronto - Canadian farmers have long fought off crop and livestock threats from diseases and pests. Now add to that the growing threat of cyber-attacks, as producers in Canada and abroad adopt more on-farm smart technologies. So says a University of Guelph computer scientist whose lab is the only Canadian university research centre investigating an increasing number of cyber-attacks on farm networks. Besides helping farmers fight off hackers, Dr. Ali Dehghantanha hopes his pioneering research helps to arm producers in preventing such attacks and spurs governments to develop data security standards for the agricultural sector. Full article HERE. GUEST: Dr. Ali Dehghantanh (day-gawn-tawn), Professor of Computer Science and Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence at the University of Guelph - A new study from the non-profit Angus Reid Institute finds a majority of Canadians (58%) say sexual harassment and sexual assault are a major problem in youth hockey, while another 17 per cent feel this is a problem, but a minor one. Those closest to the sport share this view. More than half (56%) of Canadians with a connection to youth hockey, whether current or past, see sexual misconduct in hockey culture as a major issue. Among this group, women of all ages are more likely to perceive a major problem compared to men in their same generational bracket. Men younger than 35 are least likely to agree. GUEST: Dr. Ann Pegoraro (PEG-OH-RAWR-OH), Co-Director of The National Research Network for Gender Equity in Sport

Aug 18
Canada eyes money for minerals in Biden’s climate bill

Canada is keen on accessing a pot of money for critical minerals in the soon-to-be-signed climate bill. Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University joins us to discuss what this could mean for Canada. GUEST: Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University

Aug 18
Rising use of temp nurses in Ontario will bankrupt healthcare, Canada eyes money for minerals in Biden’s climate bill & After Mar-a-Lago – Trump is trapped!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Spending on temporary agency nurses has soared by millions of dollars at some of Ontario’s largest hospitals grappling with severe staffing shortages, with one that paid over 550 per cent more in its last fiscal year compared to pre-pandemic years. Ontario’s health worker staffing crisis has prompted ballooning wait times in hospitals, forcing some to cancel surgeries or even temporarily shutter emergency departments. Could this bankrupt the health care sector? GUEST: Morgan Hoffarth, Former president of the Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) - Canada is keen on accessing a pot of money for critical minerals in the soon-to-be-signed climate bill. Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University joins us to discuss what this could mean for Canada. GUEST: Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University - After the Mar-a-Lago raid, Trump's lifelong grift is nearing its final act. Across America his power is fading — and he knows it Is this finally the end all be all for Trump? GUEST: Brian Karem, Political Commentator for CNN, Columnist for Salon.Com and The Washington Diplomat, and Host of the podcast "Just Ask the Question"

Aug 17
Ford plans to expand strong mayor powers to other municipalities, What Would a Canadian recession look like & Lisa LaFlamme’s blindside sparks social media!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Premier Doug Ford is promising municipal leaders across the province that their powers “will be expanded” in line with the new strong-mayor authority for Toronto and Ottawa. Speaking to the Association of Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa, Ford touted his bill that is designed to expedite housing construction in the province’s two largest cities. Will the act harm local democracy?  GUEST: Alan Hale, Reporter for Queen’s Park Today - With inflation on the rise and central banks poised to increase rates to fight it, there’s one major question Canadians are asking about the state of our economy: Will there be a recession, and what would it look like? GUEST: Moshe Lander, Senior Economics Lecturer with Concordia University - One of the most recognizable journalists in Canada announced Monday that her contract had been ended by her employer of more than three decades. Lisa LaFkamme, who has been chief anchor and senior editor at CTV National News, delivered her latest news not from behind the desk where she has long been a fixture, but in a video posted to social media. Former and current CTV News employees who spoke to the Star expressed dismay at LaFlamme’s ouster, with some in particular describing a “culture of fear” in the newsroom driven by staff cuts and management they said has at times reacted negatively to being challenged. GUEST: Jeffrey Dvorkin, Senior Fellow at Massey College, and author of “Trusting the News in a Digital Age”?

Aug 16
This Week In Canadian Politics, Division within the Conservative party & The Washington Report w/ Reggie Cecchini!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast:   Topics Include: ·       Possible breakthrough with protesters night before Emergencies Act was invoked ·       Trudeau & Scholz to sign agreement exploring hydrogen fuel ·       And more…. GUEST: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Director of the School of Public Administration with Dalhousie University - As the election for a new Conservative leader looms, there is still divisions within the party right now. The Centre Ice Conservatives conference took place the other day. What about unity for the party and how difficult is that going to be?  GUEST: Dr. Jack Mintz, Distinguished Fellow with the Macdonald Laurier Institute and President's Fellow of the School of Public Policy at the University of Calgary - Topics Include: ·       Reaction & strategy being developed in Trump raid ·       House passes Democrats’ health care & climate bill ·       And more… GUEST: Reggie Cecchini, Washington Correspondent for Global News

Aug 15
Ontario education union prepares for strike vote

GUEST: Karen Littlewood, President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation

Aug 15
This Week in Provincial Politics: Healthcare & Budget, Concerns that Trump followers could retaliate & Is the worst of inflation over?

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Topics Include: ·       Healthcare crisis ·       Throne speech deviates little from pre-election budget ·       Private sector talk ·       And more… GUEST: John Best, Publisher of The Bay Observer - A controversial organization operating out of a historic Ottawa church has set up what it calls a "private security force," saying it was necessary because police weren't responding to its concerns quickly enough. The United People of Canada (TUPC) said it has identified people it claims have committed crimes targeting the group, and is prepared to "ensure the rule of law is upheld within our lawful authority," according to William Komer, one of its directors. GUEST: Phil Gurski, President of Borealis Threat and Risk Consulting, Director of the University of Ottawa’s Security program, and former CSIS analyst - For much of the last few years, watching the price of lumber has been painful for anyone working on their home.  Lately though, the cost has come sliding down alongside many other commodities — yet another sign that rampant inflation could be coming to an end or at the very least, offer some reprieve for those struggling with the soaring cost of living. GUEST: Ian Lee, Associate Professor with the Sprott School of Business at Carleton University

Aug 12
Ont. not ruling out privatization to help ER crisis, Remembering Hamilton legend Gord Lewis & Still no regulation for Online Haters!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Ontario’s health minister is not ruling out privatization as the government looks at ways to deal with a major staff shortage straining hospitals across the province. Sylvia Jones said the government is considering many ideas in an effort to keep emergency departments from closing. Should we be concerned? GUEST: Clement Nocos, Director of Policy with the Broadbent Institute - He was a man who wrote the music and performed at the concerts — the wild, manic wonderful concerts — that many people, especially Hamiltonians, milestoned their lives around (and still do). In short, Gord Lewis brought people energy and joy, joy with a rough exterior perhaps — I mean, we’re talking punk icons Teenage Head here — but joy nonetheless. GUEST: Lou Molinaro, Instructor at the Harris Institute for Music - Social media users deliberately attempting to silence journalists and others with messages of hate has become a norm that is threatening democracy. Is it time for regulation? GUEST: Jeffrey Dvorkin, Senior Fellow at Massey College, and author of “Trusting the News in a Digital Age”?

Aug 11
No new solutions to healthcare & inflation crisis, Fact-checking promises made by the Ford Gov’t & THC linked to more Cannabis addiction!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Facing the twin challenges of soaring inflation and an overburdened health-care system due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Premier Doug Ford’s government warns “there are no easy solutions.” Is this their way of pushing the province into a private healthcare system? GUEST: Sandy Shaw, MPP for Hamilton West Ancaster Dundas with the Ontario NDP, Former NDP Finance Critic - Emma McIntosh, a reporter for The Narwhal joins us to fact-check some of the promises made by the Ford Government. GUEST: Emma McIntosh, Reporter for The Narwhal - Already the second-most-commonly used substance in Canada, Cannabis usage went up following its legalization and then again during the first stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. And the combination of increased usage and higher concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is leading to more people getting addicted to cannabis, according to a new study. It was long thought that, unlike many other drugs, one could not get addicted to cannabis — but that’s not the case. GUEST: Dr. Antony Chum, Canada Research Chair and Professor with the School of Kinesiology & Health Science at York University

Aug 11
Daniel Safayeni on improving Ontario's prosperity

Daniel Safayeni joins the show to discuss how Ontario can bolster its prosperity. Guest: Daniel Safayeni, Vice President of Policy with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce

Aug 09
Ford to present vision for his govt’s agenda, No more mandatory masks in Ont. schools & High Interest Rates starting to effect Canada’s Labour Market!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Ontario Premier Doug Ford is set to present a vision today for what he hopes to accomplish with a new term of government, as well as reintroduce this year’s budget. A throne speech will outline the Progressive Conservative government’s agenda, followed by the reintroduction of the budget, which is expected to be largely unchanged from when it was introduced but not passed in the spring before the election. GUEST: Mike Schreiner, Leader of the Ontario Green Party and MPP for Guelph - Masks will not be mandatory in Ontario schools this September, the province's Education Ministry says. The ministry said most health and safety requirements for the upcoming school year will remain unchanged from the end of the 2021-22 school year, which includes the voluntary use of masks.  GUEST: Thomas Tenkate, Professor at the School of Occupational & Public Health with Toronto Metropolitan University - New labour force data from Statistics Canada confirm that Canada’s economy is already slowing down sharply as a result of aggressive interest rate increases begun by the Bank of Canada in March.  With the U.S. economy (Canada’s largest trading partner) already in technical recession (with two consecutive quarters of real GDP contraction), and monthly GDP data showing no growth since May, this new report adds to worries that Canada’s economy is heading into recession as well. GUEST: Jim Stanford, Economist and Director of the Centre for Future Work

Aug 09
China halts military dialogue with U.S.

GUEST: Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University

Aug 09
Russian court hands Brittney Griner 9-year prison sentence

GUEST: Aurel Braun, Professor of International Relations and a Senior Member of the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto

Aug 09
This Week in Canadian Politics, What could an EV auto industry look like in the future? & The Washington Report w/ Reggie Cecchini

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Topics Include: Did Canada abandon Ukrainians CPC Leadership race And more… GUEST: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Director of the School of Public Administration with Dalhousie University - The automotive industry is in the midst of the largest transition in its history as global carmakers pour tens of billions of dollars into electric vehicle technology, zero-collision technology and autonomous driving technology. This week on Down to Business, Peter Frise, a professor of mechanical, automotive and materials engineering at the University of Windsor, explains how this is likely to change consumers’ relationship to vehicles. Frise praised Canada’s federal and provincial governments for putting up money to entice auto and battery makers to build new plants here, which he contends will anchor the industry and create jobs for decades to come. But he acknowledged that there will be a cascade of impacts up and down the supply chain, from parts manufacturers to assembly. GUEST: Dr. Peter Frise, Director, Centre for Automotive Research and Education, University of Windsor - Topics Include: Biden build back better Top democratic donors disenchanted with Biden Indiana 1st states to approve abortion ban GUEST: Reggie Cecchini, Washington Correspondent for Global News

Aug 09
Key Takeaways of the PC Leadership Debate, Taiwan tensions as Pelosi continues tour & Ford calls on feds to help w/ hospital crisis… but what is he doing provincially?

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast: Jean Charest took on absentee candidates in the final Conservative leadership debate, declaring that showing up for such events is a show of respect for the party members who will choose the new leader. The former Quebec premier did not directly name Pierre Poilievre, seen as a front-runner, or Leslyn Lewis who were, respectively, in Regina and Prince Edward Island. Both had said they would not participate in the debate over concerns about its format and that they preferred to engage with members. The other two candidates – Ontario MP Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber, a former Progressive Conservative member of the Ontario legislature – avoided the issue of the missing candidates. GUEST:  Wayne Petrozzi, Professor in the Department of Politics and Public Administration at Toronto Metropolitan University - Why has Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit angered China? GUEST: Elliot Tepper, Emeritus Professor of Political Science with Carleton University -  Premier Doug Ford is once again calling on the federal government for financial support in the face of a growing hospital staffing crisis that has seen some Ontario hospitals close their doors in recent weeks. But, what is he doing provincially? GUEST: Alan Hale, Reporter for Queen’s Park Today

Aug 04
ERs on the brink of closure in Ontario, Major brands to hike prices due to inflation, Crack down on street racing & Putin’s rule weakens!

THE BILL KELLY SHOW PODCAST: Tens of thousands of nurses are currently sitting on the sidelines as hospital emergency rooms in Ontario near the brink of closure due to staffing shortages. That’s because this pool of about 26,000 nurses in Ontario is internationally educated, according to the most recent report from the province’s Office of the Fairness Commission. GUEST:  DR. CLAUDETTE HOLLOWAY, PRESIDENT OF THE REGISTERED NURSES ASSOCIATION OF ONTARIO - __ __ GUEST: BRUCE WINDER, RETAIL ANALYST & AUTHOR - Ontario Provincial Police say “bragging rights and Instagram likes” are a large part of why the number of street racing incidents continues to rise. OPP held a news conference in Mississauga on Monday with representatives from the Toronto Police Service, Peel Regional Police and York Regional Police where they provided an update on their joint efforts to combat street racing and stunt driving, dubbed Project Buccaneer. GUEST: KERRY SCHMIDT, MANAGER OF MEDIA RELATIONS, CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS AND STRATEGY BUREAU WITH ONTARIO PROVINCIAL POLICE - We regularly hear now from people aside from Putin (for example former prime minister and president Dmitri Medvedev) about the meaning of the war, the catastrophic consequences that await Ukraine and the West, and so forth. This is a sign that Putin is losing control GUEST: AUREL BRAUN, PROFESSOR OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS AND A SENIOR MEMBER OF THE MUNK SCHOOL OF GLOBAL AFFAIRS AT THE UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO See for privacy information.

1h 12m
Jul 28
Latest moves in the Conservative leadership race, EU prepares for a long winter, Problems at airports could get worse & Pentagon opening a UFO office!

THE BILL KELLY SHOW PODCAST W/ SHIONA THOMPSON: After five months of campaigning, the outcome of the third Conservative Party leadership campaign in six years looms over the horizon. What is the latest ? ALSO: Former Conservative PM Stephen Harper endorses Pierre Poilievre for party leader GUEST:  MUHAMMAD ALI, SENIOR CONSULTANT FOR CRESTVIEW STRATEGIES - European Union governments agreed Tuesday to reduce consumption of natural gas this winter to protect themselves against any further supply cuts by Russia amid its invasion of Ukraine, although the measure contains exemptions for some countries. GUEST: IAN LEE, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR WITH THE SPROTT SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AT CARLETON UNIVERSITY - The state of global aviation has been a mess in recent months as pandemic-related travel restrictions have eased and the subsequent demand for flights has put a tremendous strain on airlines and airports. For Canadian flyers, the situation may actually get worse after the summer travel season. ALSO: Toronto’s airport is now worst in the world for delays GUEST: JOHN GRADEK IS A FACULTY LECTURER IN THE SCHOOL OF CONTINUING STUDIES, AND COORDINATOR OF THE SUPPLY CHAIN AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND INTEGRATED AVIATION MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS AT MCGILL UNIVERSITY - The Pentagon is officially opening a UFO investigations office as US government gets serious about ‘alien-sightings’. GUEST: CHRIS RUTKOWSKI, UFOLOGIST AND SCIENCE WRITER See for privacy information.

1h 15m
Jul 27
Ontario’s Back to School Plan to catch up kids, Pope apologizes – Is it enough? Hockey Canada’s plan to combat ‘toxic’ culture & Inflation affecting summer plans!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast w/ Shiona Thompson: The Ontario government has released a plan to help students catch up following two years of interrupted learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan focuses primarily on getting students back in the classroom for a "full school experience,” however the Progressive Conservatives say they will also “enable the option of remote learning” for parents who feel it’s the best option for their child. GUEST: Kerry McCuaig, Fellow with the Atkinson Centre at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education w U of T - It was a scene that, until it happened, was almost impossible to imagine. The Holy Father delivered an apology in a First Nation community, surrounded by the same Indigenous language, regalia, culture and ceremony the Catholic Church had once intentionally – and often brutally – attempted to eradicate. Was the apology enough? GUEST: Dr. Dawn Lavell-Harvard, Director of the First Peoples House of Learning at Trent University - Hockey Canada releases plan to combat 'toxic' culture ahead of parliamentary hearings Can the plan be done, and if so how?    GUEST: Kristi Allain, Canada Research Chair in Physical Culture and Social Life, and an Associate Professor of Sociology at St. Thomas University - A new CIBC survey finds Canadians are hoping to enjoy summer but most (80 per cent) are concerned about the impact of rising inflation on their ability to enjoy themselves this summer season. Canadians expect to spend approximately $1,900 this year on summer activities, which is an increase of $400 from 2021, and most of those who expect to increase their spend (76 per cent) name inflation as the leading cause. GUEST: Nicholas Li, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics with Toronto Metropolitan University See for privacy information.

1h 10m
Jul 26
Popes Historic Visit to Canada, Still no AC in some LTC homes, Escalated weather situation & Another allegation involving Hockey Canada!

The Bill Kelly Show Podcast w/ Shiona Thompson: Pope Francis began a historic visit to Canada on Sunday to apologize to Indigenous peoples for abuses by missionaries at residential schools, a key step in the Catholic Church’s efforts to reconcile with Native communities and help them heal from generations of trauma. Francis kissed the hand of a residential school survivor as he was greeted at the Edmonton, Alberta, airport by Indigenous representatives, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mary Simon, an Inuk who is Canada’s first Indigenous governor general. GUEST: Dr. Lori Turnbull, Director of the School of Public Administration with Dalhousie University - People in Ontario are calling out Doug Ford's government as several long-term care homes in the province are still without air conditioning, while severe heat warnings are in effect in many cities. GUEST: Dr. Vivian Stamatopoulos, Co-Founder of Canadians4LTC Standards and a Professor at Ontario Tech University - Urban areas are the hot spots of global warming. Extreme heat, alongside flooding and wildfire, is a key risk to the health and well-being of Canadians. Urgent action is required NOW to manage risk and avoid worsening impacts – and ultimately FATALITIES – resulting from rising heat. The ‘Irreversible Extreme Heat’ guide presents practical actions that Canadians can undertake to reduce risks in relation to extreme heat. GUEST: Dr. Blair Feltmate, Head of the Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation at the University of Waterloo - The 2003 Canadian world junior team is also under a cloud of suspicion — and a Halifax police investigation — as the pressure ramps up on members of the 2018 squad facing a newly reopened and separate police probe into allegations of sexual assault. ALSO: St-Onge suspends funding to GymCan until it signs with safe sport office GUEST: Dr. Ann Pegoraro, Co-Director of The National Research Network for Gender Equity in Sport See for privacy information.

1h 11m
Jul 25
Move to put femicide in the Criminal Code

GUEST: Megan Walker, Board member and former executive director of the London Abused Women's Centre See for privacy information.

Jul 22