Arkansas' Morning Show w/ Brandon & Kelly

Arkansas' Morning Show w/ Brandon & Kelly


Brandon Baxter In The Morning is a pop culture morning show that highlights the superstars of country music, the latest celebrity gossip, and the day's trending topics! Brandon Baxter & Kelly Perry pull back the curtain on their own personal lives, in their own unique, funny, and entertaining way! Brandon is a married father of one, a professional wrestling personality, and on-camera host of A-STATE Football. Kelly Perry is a married mother of three, former teacher, martial arts instructor, and future black belt! Subscribe to the podcast and get ready to fall in love with their real, quirky, and charming personalities! #BBITM

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AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/15/22 | Double B Is Told His "Son" Favors Grizz

*** It's the first day of school for many across the state *** Brandon hangs with the best mascot in the NBA *** Kelly's son Kurt is blocked, again *** 4 year olds never run out of energy *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Woman donates kidney to adopted brother *** Today is Kurt's first day of college *** Kelly doesn't believe Brandon when he tells her what was in his beans *** The difference in dorm rooms - then and now *** Pina Coladas are the drink of the summer *** What was your first semi big purchase when you got your first pay check *** Five Finger Death Punch and Brantley Gilbert coming to Arkansas ***

Aug 15
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/12/22 | Kelly Is Embarrassed By Her Interview Request

*** Brandon explains why Tommy Lee is trending *** Kelly owes Brandon $100 *** Back to school supplies cost more this year *** Today in Pop Culture *** Germiest places in the office *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five- Dardanelle teen crowned 2022 Mr. Cheerleader America Junior *** Are you a good liar *** Brandon asks Kelly to book an interview with Grizz from the Memphis Grizzlies *** 106 year old woman wanted Butlers in the Buff for her birthday *** CDC dropping Covid recommendations *** Sports Card and Memorabilia show***

Aug 12
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/11/22 | Double B Spends The Week With Lesley's Sister

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/11/22 | Double B Spends The Week With Lesley's Sister by Arkansas' Morning Show w/ Brandon & Kelly

Aug 11
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/10/22 | Grizz Is Coming to JBR + KFIN Breakfast Club

*** Kelly's taco truck fail *** Brandon asks for restaurant recommendations between Jonesboro & Searcy *** New study says your brain is not supposed to be awake after midnight *** Arkansas Morning Show High Five - Sale of Broncos to Walmart heir approved by NFL *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights: Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine at A-STATE - The best exercise for cognitive health *** Amber Clark - Jonesboro Walk to Defeat ALS *** KFIN's Sports Card & Memorabilia Show featuring GRIZZ from the Memphis Grizzlies - Carly Lyons *** Wet Nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed: Pet Care with Vetcare***

1h 6m
Aug 10
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/08/22 | Kelly Feared For Her Life + BB's Son Is Back In The Saddle

*** Brandon accuses Kelly of lying about a weekend scare *** Another Razorback drafted to the MLB *** Go karts, boom boxes and terrorizing the neighborhood *** Dating mistakes men and women make *** Every dark cloud has a silver lining *** Little Rock woman sells watermelon to donate 500 back packs *** When the cheapest lunch combo is $13 *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Russellville School Board raises teacher salaries *** Where the Crawdads Sing *** Sports Card & Memorabilia Show ***

Aug 08
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/04/22 | The One That's An AfterShow

When a lightning strike causes an equipment failure, you get an AfterShow! Raw, random, unfiltered, unedited, no time constraints, it is what it is. Kelly wants to play an instrument. Brandon reveals more about his bromance with Butch Jones. Kelly's son is banned from Double B's house. CMA Fest recap. Garth to stop touring. William Hung helps a man quit his job. Restaurant banning cellphones. Names that pop culture ruined. The Chicks, Gin Blossoms, & Queensryche are coming to Arkansas. Hope you enjoy a different look at Brandon & Kelly on today's AfterShow!

Aug 04
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/03/22 | The One With Coach Butch Jones

*** Top Golf coming to Little Rock *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Southwest intros first mother/daughter co-pilot team *** CMA Fest airs tonight on ABC *** Brandon gives a shout out to his idol Dane Cook, on his recent engagement *** KFIN BREAKFAST CLUB powered by Families Inc: *** Coach Butch Jones: Head Coach A-STATE Football - Training Camp *** Elea Allen - 1st National Bank hosting: Annual Golf Tournament for Arkansas State Police Foundation *** Jerrica Fox - American Red Cross: Future blood drives and the need for O+ and O- blood types *** Rodney Poff - Occasions Magazine: Jonesboro Event Roster *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed: Pet care with Vetcare ***

1h 1m
Aug 03
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 08/02/22 | Getting Fired, Playing Sports, & 4-Day School Week

*** Is it too late to start playing sports when you are almost 13 *** Kelly's headed to see Billy Joel, Lionel Richie, Miranda, & Chris Stapleton @ATLive *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Longest serving mailman celebrates 70 years & Lake City resident wins $2M lottery *** Should all schools go to 4 days a week *** Mark Hamill was fired from Jack in the Box ***

Aug 02
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/29/22 | Double B "Breaks" Up With Butch Jones Over Helmets & Heels

*** Brandon decides to "break up" with Coach Butch Jones on the air after Helmets and Heels embarrassment *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 8 year old Kennedy Pitney from Little Rock performing on Broadway *** American Idol auditions coming to Arkansas *** New music from Dierks *** Albums that have sold more than 15M copies *** When someone doesn't wave thank you *** Let's go to the Cave City Watermelon Festival *** Mega Millions rises to second largest ever at $1.1 Billion *** Instagram is backing up on changes *** How do you like your chicken wings ***

Jul 29
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/28/22 | A Day Of Wisdom & Valuable Life Lessons

*** Brandon wanted to play soccer just for the trading cards *** Little Rock Zoo expecting tiger cubs *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Russellville woman graduates with help of single mother scholarship & first responders rescue woman from high waters *** Chef shares red flags that a restaurant is low quality *** Brandon regrets imparting wisdom on his son *** Kelly's son learning valuable lessons at work *** Pizza for dinner again (what could you eat over and over) *** Brandon brings us rules of neighborhood etiquette *** A-STATE Helmets & Heels ***

Jul 28
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/27/22 - Brandon Wants To Roast Coach Butch Jones + KFIN Breakfast Club

*** Brandon's bad idea to roast Coach Jones at A-STATE's Helmets & Heels *** Kai and the bicycle crash *** More cases of monkeypox in Arkansas *** Mega Millions surges to over $1 Billion after no winner *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Man saves family from burning house *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights: Vivid dreams and running vs walking *** Julie Johnson with the Cave City Watermelon Fest *** Dr. Dana Watson - The overlap of depression and anxiety *** Sarah Munoz - A-STATE Football Helmets and Heels *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed from Vetcare *** Jerrica Fox with American Red Cross - Cardinals Time to Fly Blood Drive ***

1h 30m
Jul 27
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 7/26/22 | Should Phones, Watches, & Earbuds Be Banned From Schools?!?

*** Prescott School District banning ALL electronic devices *** Brandon's favorite dog finally has a new nickname *** Mega Millions with the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery hits $810M *** Chicago to play Simmons Bank Arena *** Arkansas Morning Show High Five - Bentonville woman gets sweet note and $100 & DHS honors Foster Parents of the year *** A bad day for a run *** Most tacky and least tacky bridal party activities ***

Jul 26
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/25/22 | Double B Wants To Be Mr. Fix It + Preparing You For Shark Week

AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/25/22 | Double B Wants To Be Mr. Fix It + Preparing You For Shark Week by Arkansas' Morning Show w/ Brandon & Kelly

Jul 25
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/22/22 | Celebrity Encounters + Brandon Is Taunting Butch Jones?!?

*** Carrie Underwood spotted at Dollywood ( What celebs have you seen in a random public setting) *** Brandon wonders if there is a shortage of bottled water *** Florida man does yard work in the nude *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Fowler family of Jonesboro donates $100K to NEA Baptist & JJ Watt helping a fans family pay for funeral *** Bruce Springsteen tickets on Ticketmaster are 5K ***

Jul 22
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/21/22 | Kelly's Son Has A Social Media Alias + Reading In Class

*** Brandon continues to display "Dad Fashion" *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five to the United Way of NEA allocating $300K in funds and Russellville comes together to help ATU student suffering from brain cancer *** We are celebrating JUNK FOOD all day *** Your ALL-TIME favorite ice cream flavor *** When the teacher assigned paragraphs to read out loud *** Brandon delivers a "BSA" concerning Parking Etiquette *** Kelly discovers her son Kurt has an alias *** Brandon wonders if anyone else gave themselves a fake or stage name *** Have you ever been pulled over for speeding ***

Jul 21
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 7/20/22 | BB's Dream Are Cause For Concern + KFIN Breakfast Club

*** Will we eventually live on the moon *** Crazy things your dogs ate RECAP *** Toys R' Us making a come back *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - UACCB -Batesville gets $950K to upgrade CDL program *** Brandon worries his dream of "being lost at sea" is foreshadowing his future *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc: *** Doc Talk with Dr. Shane Speights ( Dean of the NYIT College of Osteopathic Medicine @ A-STATE ): Mosquitos can smell you and Covid Update *** Mikel Wewers - Foundation of Arts Jonesboro: Suessical Kids, Young Artist Theatre and Ballet camps *** Hilary Trickey - Together We Foster: School Supply Drive through August 1st *** James Gray (Director of Fun) Embassy Suites (Jonesboro): Bake Sale & Blood Drive for school supplies for kids in need *** Wet Nose Wednesday with Dr. Kevin Reed: Pet care w/ Vetcare ***

1h 25m
Jul 20
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 7/19/22 | When BB's Cavapoo Eats Spicy Chicken + The Heat Is On

*** Brandon's favorite dog (his Cavapoo) has a box of Popeyes Chicken for lunch *** Kelly's saddened by a shocking celebrity break-up *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five- Arkansas Tech University celebrates Jerry the Bulldog *** Brandon hesitates to open his electric bill *** What have YOU seen in the workplace that should be banned *** What's the craziest thing your dog has ever eaten *** Arkansas heat wave and burn ban issued in 61 of 75 counties *** Things people buy after winning the lottery *** KFC- Testing out new nuggets ***

Jul 19
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/18/22 | Is BB A Mr. Clean Wannabe

*** It's all fun and games until someone compares Brandon's new profile pic to Mr. Clean *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - WWII Vet from Fayetteville celebrating 100th birthday *** Brandon's family goes fishin' in "100 degree weather" *** Call Kelly for all of your pool sitting needs *** Arkansas Sales Tax Holiday dates announced *** JLO and Ben Affleck are married *** Kelly wakes up to an alarming text from her brother *** Skittles being accused of using a known toxin *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Three Razorbacks drafted to MLB ***

Jul 18
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/15/22 | Brandon Gets Unfollowed + President Clinton Encounters

*** President Clinton's visit to Paragould spark Brandon & Kelly's memories of encounters with Bill *** Brandon gets unfollowed and wonders if he should ask why *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five: Mid-South helps throw a surprise party for young girl after losing her parent *** New music from Kelsey Ballerini *** Airplane Ettiquette *** Pick your seat - Aisle, Middle or Window *** It costs $20K to give birth in the U.S *** Brandon's family & friends cringe when he mentions going on a diet *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five: Monette, Arkansas breaks ground on new Monette Manor after it's destroyed from tornado ***

Jul 15
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/14/22 | Which Friend Are You + Kelly Should Change Careers

*** Which friend are you? *** Brandon informs Kelly a listener thinks she should change careers *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 7th grader from Bryant Arkansas starts his own business for college *** Arkansas is the highest state in nation for COVID spread *** Florida sets skinny dipping record *** Top purchases on Amazon Prime Day *** Arkansas Morning Show High Five - Single mom bartender given $4K tip ***

Jul 14
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/13/22 | Fries, Sweet Tea, & KFIN Breakfast Club

*** Brandon's wife has trouble with the sweet tea *** Another mega millions winner *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Man who walked 33 miles to work gifted car *** Who has the best french fries *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc & Counseling Services: Doc Talk w/ Dr. Shane Speights: Dean of NYIT College of Osteopathic at A-STATE - Are masks coming back, injury healing time and why taking lowest dose of medicine may be best *** Sarah Munoz with A-STATE Athletics: A-STATE Football Helmets & Heels *** Callie Talley: Arkansas Code 3 Response Foundation - BBQ for the Blue: Raises money for families of police officers injured or killed in line of duty ***

1h 21m
Jul 13
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/12/22 | Brandon Has Questions About Kelly's Friend + Hairy Pits

*** Are hairy armpits a deal breaker ( TikTok woman goes viral after proudly showing her hairy armpit ) *** Brandon wonders if he upset Kelly's son Kurt *** It's a day of DEALS - Amazon Prime Day *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five: A-STATE announces new Chancellor, Dr. Todd Shields *** Kelly reconnects with a Golden Girl *** Top Gadgets we never use but won't throw away *** Brandon asks Kelly some awkward questions about her friend *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five: Blind dog returned home after wandering off ***

Jul 12
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/08/22 | Brandon Swims At A Strangers + Kelly Knows Her Nursery Rhymes

*** Brandon reminisces about being the bus bully *** Last time you bought a stamp *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Teenager launches Caring w/ Cuddles *** New music from Keith Urban *** Brandon wonders if it's rude to take music and beer to swim in a strangers pool *** Chinese brand invents ice cream that won't melt *** Brandon tests Kelly's nursery rhyme knowledge *** You only get to play one video game for the rest of your life *** Backstreet Boys releasing Christmas album *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Twin boys save their Dad from drowning ***

Jul 08
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/06/22 | Brandon Got Gas + Kelly Plays Games

*** Brandon celebrates that gas prices are down but is now upset about a new expense *** Today we celebrate fried chicken and kissing *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 86 year old woman from Virginia holds world record for longest serving flight attendant *** Most Shazamed song *** KFIN Breakfast Club powered by Families Inc & Counseling Services: *** Lindsey Spencer with Jonesboro's Native Brew Works & Story Coffee House on Gee St: Dog Days of Summer *** Danny Kapales w/ Jonesboro Parks and Recreation: Jonesboro Summer Events and Calendar *** Wet Nose Wednesday w/ Dr. Kevin Reed: Pet Care with Vetcare *** Phillip Hout w/ John 3:16 Ministries: Freedom Fest with Matthew West ***

1h 17m
Jul 06
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 07/05/22 | Brandon's Aim Is Off + Kelly Tests Her Son

*** Brandon is told over the weekend he needs to work on his aim *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 94 year old woman goes skydiving on birthday *** Brandon & Kelly are asking for a favor from the newest Arkansas Mega Millions winner *** What is the most unique, popular hot dog in Arkansas *** Man flying with family to Alaska offered $10K for later flight ( Would you take it? ) *** Traveling the highways of Arkansas isn't cheap *** Joey Chestnut wins hot dog contest for the 15th time and takes down a protester *** Texas brewery making beer with hot dog water *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Virginia man wins $200K lottery from numbers in a dream ***

Jul 05
AMS w/ Brandon & Kelly - 06/30/22 - Trish Stratus, Social Media Day, Alligators In Arkansas

*** Brandon claims he was one of the first "King's of MySpace" on World Social Media Day *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Kids raise money so dog can have three surgeries *** Farmers in DeWitt, Arkansas catch an alligator *** Brandon's not too proud to beg his wife to go see WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at Arkansas Comic Con *** Spotify testing karaoke mode (go to karaoke song) *** New TikTok trend digging deep holes at the beach *** 4th of July cookouts will cost 17% more this year *** Summer etiquette rules to keep in mind More people think video game skills should be taught in school *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Jonesboro Fire Chief Kevin Miller to retire after 35 years of service ***

Jun 30
BBiTM 06/27/22 - Brandon's Home Alone + Kelly Goes To See The King

*** Brandon's weekend alone has him declaring himself a recluse *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Ms. Arkie Remley of Malvern turns 105 *** Nude Pickleball is becoming a thing *** Kelly goes to see the "The King" *** Brandon's weekend of grilling, TikTok and singing (by himself) *** The shopping aisle drama *** Mr. Happy is crowned World's Ugliest Dog *** Brandon worries about the size of his wife's birthday present *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Long time Burger King employee gets over $157K on GoFundMe ***

Jun 27
BBiTM 06/24/22 - College GameDay, Kelly Steals More Food, & Brandon The Vegetable-Sitter

*** Kelly continues to pool sit and eat her friend's food while she's on vacation *** Brandon's wife buys a comforter for the bed but he says he's not aloud to touch it *** ESPN's College GameDay in Jonesboro to feature A-STATE Football and Coach Butch Jones *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Razorback Jaylin Williams drafted to OKC Thunder *** Kelly's close call with a migraine and Brandon deals with another kind of headache *** Take your dog to work with you today *** Youthful mindset helps keep sickness at a distance and things that make you more forgetful *** Elvis in theaters and Brandon's ready to go back to Graceland *** 47% of people regret not having a recorded conversation with someone who has passed away *** Women's church group goes hiking and has to be rescued ***

Jun 24
BBiTM 06/23/22 - The One With Jeff Purinton Of A-STATE Athletics

*** Jeff Purinton joins us in studio - Vice Chancellor of Intercollegiate Athletics at A-STATE *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - Razorbacks beat OLE MISS in College World Series Game *** Kelly challenges a 12 year old to the tortilla challenge in a restaurant *** Hot, humid summer days send half of us indoors *** Brandon has a continual problem with forgetting his glasses during crucial moments *** Kelly continues to pool sit and Brandon wonders if it's okay to pee in the pool while they are gone *** Reasons to drink pickle juice *** Brandon believes he deserves a medal for friendship ***

1h 5m
Jun 23
BBiTM 06/21/22 - Brandon Declares Him "A Man Of The People"

*** Brandon reflects on his vacation with Mama June and Honey Boo-Boo *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 65 year old buys lottery ticket for Father's Day - Wins $2M *** What's your favorite thing about summer *** Is it a crime to wear socks on the beach *** Arkansas Razorbacks baseball drops game to OLE MISS *** Brandon always wanted to be a baseball player *** When you have no internet and realize you paid the wrong bill twice *** A day to celebrate selfies and skateboards *** Most annoying things our pets do *** Arkansas' Morning Show High Five - 17 year old Anthony Zhongor jumps in and saves 18 year old girl sinking in car ***

Jun 21