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A Compelling Ambition - Audio

Commissioning service of Alex Hartranft.

Aug 14
Paul's Conquering Faith and Crown of Glory - Audio

One thing matters - Fighting the good fight of the faith and after that, entering glory.

Aug 07
Preach the Word! (Part 2) - Audio

Why does preaching have such prominence in the worship service?

Jul 31
Psalm 19 - Audio

The creation speaks to us. The Creator speaks to us. The creatures speak to their Creator.

Jul 25
Preach the Word! - Audio

Pastors much preach the Word, because it saves, sanctifies, and equips.

Jul 17
Preach the Word! (Part 1) - Audio

Pastors much preach the Word, because it saves, sanctifies, and equips.

Jul 17
Who Do You Follow? - Audio

If you follow godly examples, you will be persecuted for living the Christian life.

Jul 10
The Lord's Prayer - Audio

What was Jesus communicating about God His father, when talking about prayer?

Jul 03
Godlessness in the Last Days - Audio

False teachers will be prevalent in the last days, both inside and outside the church.

Jun 26
Pursuing Purity in Life and Doctrine - Audio

Run away from false teaching and youthful sins and pursue holiness.

Jun 19
Seeing Jesus Clearly - Audio

Understanding the work of Jesus in the past, present, and future will help us to see Jesus clearly and follow hard after Him.

Jun 12
Pastor, Get the Word Right! - Audio

Pray for the pastors and elders to be good workmen in the Word, and for the church at large to avoid false teachers.

Jun 05
Reasons to Suffer and Endure for the Gospel - Audio

Do not be ashamed of Jesus Christ and always be ready to suffer for the Gospel.

May 29
Entrust the Gospel - Audio

Instructions from an older pastor to his child in the faith.

May 22
Guard the Gospel - Audio

By the power of the Holy Spirit, who is living in us, we must guard the Gospel that has been entrusted to our care.

May 15
Do Not Be Ashamed - Audio

Since our great God has saved us, let us not be ashamed of His Gospel.

May 08
Fan Into Flame the Gift of God - Audio

Paul wants Timothy to fan into flame the gift that God has given to him.

May 01
A Spiritual Father to His Son - Audio

Paul is longing to see his faithful protégé Timothy and encourage him in faithful gospel ministry.

Apr 24
Conquering Messiah: Jesus is the Messiah of God! - Audio

Jesus' life, death, resurrection, and ascension proves that He is the Messiah of God and that demands a response.

Apr 17
Crucified Savior: Scenes of His Suffering - Audio

This Good Friday service looks at the willing suffering of Jesus.

1h 13m
Apr 16
Coming King - Audio

The triumphal entry is about Jesus announcing himself king.

Apr 10
The Gift and Growth of Reconciliation - Audio

Commissioning service of Fernando DeSouza.

Apr 03
Eternal Investments - Audio

What does it mean to be truly rich?

Mar 27
God is Better Than Gold! - Audio

Flee from the love of money and fight the good fight of faith that is satisfied in God.

Mar 20
Baptism: What It Is & Why It Matters - Audio

Jesus commended His followers to be baptized, because it identifies us with Him, represents our union with Him, and expresses our faith in Him.

Mar 13
Pastor, Preach the Truth in Your Church! - Audio

True teachers will preach the Word of God, while false teachers love to stir up trouble over meaningless things and make money on religion.

Mar 06
The Master's Plan For His Household - Audio

Commands for how servants and masters should treat each other.

Feb 27
Honoring the Elders! - Audio

A healthy church of Christ honors, protects, rebukes, and properly selects elders.

Feb 20
Pure Religion Before God! - Audio

Take care of true widows and tell the younger widows to marry and live godly lives.

Feb 06
The Church is Family! - Audio

Pastor Timothy should be an example of how Christians treat one another in God's family, including the widows who should be provided for.

Jan 30