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Pastor Danny Dodson


I hope you enjoy the Sunday School Lessons and sermons from the pulpit of Central Baptist Church located in Center, Texas! It is my prayer that you will listen to this content and then make an effort to visit in one of our services. We can not wait to meet you!

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Seven Words To Live By | Dr. Lee Roberson | Central Baptist Church

Dr. Roberson was a great preacher and his sermons are so powerful!

Aug 04
Payday Someday | R. G. Lee | Central Baptist Church

This is one of the most famous sermons from the 20th century.  R.G. Lee preached in the tent revival that started Central Baptist Church of Center, Texas.

1h 9m
Jul 31
The Just Man | Dennis Liker | Central Baptist Church

We have been enjoying the preaching of some of our laymen.   Dennis Liker has been a faithful member of our church for many years and he has a servant's heart!

Jul 30
Things That Matter Most | Pastor Danny Dodson | Central Baptist Church Sunday Evening Service

2 Timothy 4:1-10 I. The future-salvation v. 6 Phil. 1:23 II. The fight - not a slackard v. 7 III. The finish - not slothful IV. The faith - not slipping

Jul 26