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I talk about walking after the spirit and maturing in the prophetic. I have a passion for revival in America and uniting the body of Christ.

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Get on the Fast Track with a Mentor

Get on the fast track for your call and gifting with a mentor. Seek God! Getting settled into Indianapolis; Mentoring is important; We learn from people that are further along than us; Priscilla and Aquilla disciple Appolos; Precise Geography and Time orchestration; One conversation led to a town coming to Jesus; The circumstances that led to meeting Garry Nesbit; Roy Burton and Garry Nesbit deliverance encounter; Kingdom demonstration, not eloquent speech; Garry helped quicken some scriptures; Public ministry in public is mentoring; Open your mouth about Jesus; Roy burton testimony Garry Nesbit interviews

Aug 06
Slain in the Spirit - Is it Biblical?

Being slain in the spirit - Is it Biblical? show notes: Maria WoodWorth Etter - Diary of Signs and Wonders; The manifest presence of God is a real thing; Christian Tabernacle and the presence of God; The slain of the Lord will be many - Isa 66:16; Jazziz shares her experience; Ezekiel 1:28 Ezekiel falls upon his face; Daniel 10:5-18 Daniel lost his strength face down; Disciples fall down Matt 17:6; John Falls down as dead Rev 1:10-18;

May 07
Walking After the Spirit with the Carrascos

Testimony interview Francisco and Carisa Carrasco. Warfare before the Interview; Francisco and Carissa battled Sickness; Demons and the Spirit of Death; The struggle with going to the doctor; The dove confirmation of assurance; A turn for the worse - very low oxygen; The demonic growl ; Xray shows complete lung failure; Only 2 days left to live; The supernatural healing encounter ; God sends two confirmations ; THE LORD SAID DON'T GIVE UP!!!; Deliverance came finally; God provided for all the needs; The Atheist doctor saw a miracle; Hear blockage disappears; God said CHOOSE NOW! ; Divine appointment and word of knowledge; More dove confirmations; Prayer ........ ; Youtube Interview Francisco on Facebook Carisa on Facebook

Apr 02
God Sends Mentors - Prophetic Mentors (My experience)

If we are diligently seeking God, He will send mentors in His timing. #Prophetic Prophesying from the heart Jer 23:16; Blown away by the supernatural; Man flew me to prophetic conference; The cannon ball vision; We prophesy in part 1 Cor 13:9; Don't interpret if you don't have it; We need prophetic mentoring; Why cartoon visions? ; God sends mentors if you seek Him diligently; my book FIST

Feb 26
Observing Solomon Part 2 - Contrasts

Looking further into Solomon from the lens of scripture, we can see that Solomon had wives, wine, wisdom, wealth, women. And he still blew it for Israel. Continuing to explore contrasts; The spirit of Depression while studying; Did Solomon prophesy his demise?; No biblical evidence that Solomon ever repented; Did Solomon have mentors to guide him?; John Alexander Dowie downfall parallels; Solomon relied on Wisdom over Relationship; Did wisdom lead to pride and then a fall?; Cast your bread upon the waters Ecc 11:1; What did Solomon mean?; How does this fit with what Jesus teaches?; Eat, Drink, and be Merry Ecclesiastes 8:15; Jesus, Paul, God, and Solomon contrast; Does money answer ALL things?; Musing on the word ‘all’ ; Attenuating what he means; The sum of Thy Word is Truth Psalm 119:160 ASV; The dead know nothing Ecc 9:5; Old Testament confirmation Vs New Testament; Old Testament Soul Sleep idea; Which Covenant is in Focus? ; Weightier Matters and the Words in Red; The Authority of Jesus over others; Jesus is Greater than Solomon and the Temple; Scriptures and Salvation through Faith in Jesus; 2 Timothy 3:15-17 scriptures are inspired by God; Did Solomon judge as he said in the beginning?; Links: BEWARE OF THE SCRIBES My Book Facebook Post on Weightier matters and the Words in Red

Feb 12
Observing Solomon

Have you ever noticed that people don't quote Ecclesiastes or Song of Solomon nearly as much as the rest of the scripture? I have some observations on that. Solomon heard from God twice and then fell away; I consulted a few people and forums on this subject; It takes a few bible readings to see this pattern; Jesus says He is greater than Solomon for a reason; The danger of not balancing scripture - Eliphaz; 2 Tim 3:16,17 scripture is for our instruction; Comparing David and Solomon; Love for God versus Love for Wisdom; Experience versus hearing about it; Solomon granted wisdom to judge God's people; Can't make an argument from silence; The Love comparison between Psalms and Proverbs; 'Love' AND 'God' in David and Solomons scriptures; 'Love' AND 'Lord' in David and Solomon's scriptures; Moses judged the people all day; How weighty are Solomon's later books? ; BEWARE OF THE SCRIBES TEAM JESUS GEAR Social:

Feb 05
Kill the Giant While He is Small - Managing Our Thought Life

Killing the Giant when he is small. Getting a grip on our thought life before they get out of control. What I mean by when I say ‘personal revelation’; Making carnal inferences from scripture; Discerning the Spirit via the word and exercise Hebrews 4:12 Hebrews 5"12-15; The Way to the Father through the Word; Mentors and the Mark 16 signs of a believer; Samuel being mentored by Eli ; Spiritual versus Carnally minded mentors; Prophetic mentoring 1 Cor 14; John teaching they no longer need a teacher; Rehearsing scripture all the time; Meditating on the Word to get to the spirit; My take on two or three witnesses; Mentors keep our footing sure; Thoughts, emotions, feelings, Disease; We perpetuate what we think; Worry can lead to ulcers, but is unbiblical; Our bodies are raiment or our tent; We are to cleanse our minds proactively; We are to bring EVERY THOUGHT into the obedience of Christ 2 Cor 101;5; David brought his thoughts into what God said ; Joshua brought his thinking into what God said Joshua 7; I perpetuated depression when I should have cut it short; Link to warfare journal "Open Your Eyes My Supernatural Journey" - Video On YouTube

Jan 29
Turn Self Loathing into Passion

When we mess up, there is a tendency to loathe ourselves. There are kingdom keys in scripture that show us how to turn that around. Maybe even into passion! We perpetuate what we think Prov 23:7; David encouraged himself in the Lord 1 Sam 30:6; Count our blessings and praise God Psalm 100:4; Loathing ourselves in Ezekiel Eze 20:43-44; Put on the garment of praise Isa 61:3; Cast down vain imaginations 2Co 10:3-5; Our meat is to do His will Joh 4:34; Who do we have but God? Joh 4:34; Seek God first Mat 6:33; Godly sorrow vs worldly sorrow 2Co 7:9-10; confess and repent and be cleansed 1Jn 1:8-10; Links: TEAM JESUS GEAR Social:

Jan 15
Troubling Spiritual Revelations

Do you have a dream or vision or spiritual revelation that is bugging you? Spiritual things cause dissonance with the mind; Getting back to the spirit; Spending more time seeking God; Heathen dream examples; God seals or encodes visions and dreams; A spiritual relationship has spiritual experiences; Interpretation is like a safe crack'; God rewards diligent seekers; My troubling domino dream; Links TEAM JESUS GEAR HONORING DREAMS -

Dec 18, 2021
Jennifer Cotney Interview - Testimony and Ministry Spotlight

Interview with Jennifer Cotney from Christian Mix 106. She shares her testimony, about Christian Mix 106, and the Homeless Ministry in New Orleans. Jennifer shares her testimony for Jesus; God moves in Jennifer's children; Jennifer experiences church; Not feeling worthy of grace; Surrendering completely to Jesus; Husband gets saved; Jennifer and ChristianMix106; Kids and the homeless; Local churches ministering to the homeless; Disobedience and the aftermath; Seeking God for needs; A moving story about Wendy; The city and homeless sweeps; Hurricane Ida category 4 hits New Orleans; Aftermath of Ida and it's impact on the homeless; Still fixing her house after Ida; Reach Jennifer at Jennifer Prays; Links Conrad Social: YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: From Homeless to Evangelist - John Roush

Dec 11, 2021
Spiritual Revelation - What to DO with it!

Sometimes the Spirit of Truth will quicken some mind-blowing truths to us. I talk about how I handle them. I had a whopper revelation recently; Spiritual things are Spiritually discerned; Initial Revelation and then walking it out; Meditate on it and pray about relevant scriptures; Isaiah 28:9,10 Precepts given by the Lord; Hypocrites know the word but don’t apply it; Matt 7:3-5 get the beam out first; John 8:31,32 the truth makes us free; The beam affects everything we do; Solutions are in The Word; Fruits of repentance are apparent; Seeking God diligently Heb 11:6; Problems drive us to our knees; Don't give up asking, seeking, and knocking; Paul and the thorn in his flesh; Revelation is to be applied not polished; Tastes good, but walking it out is bitter; 2 Tim 2:24 Repentance Truth and defeating the devil; Kicking it over with a mentor; Links Open Your Eyes My Supernatural Journey Words Of Knowledge - Let’s Talk Bible

Dec 04, 2021
Dreams Have Purpose - Are YOU Paying Attention?

We have many dreams in our life. Some are instructions from the Lord. Dreams are neglected but important in the Christian life; A certain Dream keeps coming to my mind; It was a course correction dream; Dream versus Night Vision; Job 33:14-18 God gives us dreams for instruction; Dreams keep us from selfish purpose; Matt 7:21-23 didn't have a spiritual relationship with God; Gen 20 God talks with Abimelech in a dream; God instructs Abimelech on what to do in a dream; Dreams reveal our true nature; God speaks to heathen Kings in dreams; Joseph knows about double dream confirmation; Daniel wrote his dream down; Pilate's wife had a warning dream about Jesus; Wise men from East warned in a dream; Joseph warned in dreams to fulfill prophecy; Links - How to remember Remember Your dreams - The next step note-taking - Dream Journal -

Nov 20, 2021
Is it Time to Start Over?

Is now the time to consider starting over? What can we learn from God's mission to Jeremiah? Things are bad right now; Jeremiah 1:10 is the solution; Preconceived biases and Presuppositions are the roots; Different moral frameworks ; At least two sides to every position; Seeking the scriptural position to be our root; Our belief system is crafted by those with power; Stereotyping and demonizing; Being programmed to kill; Word of God strikes the root; Different Moral frameworks News is biased and manipulative; False news shares faster than truth; Bible should be our main content; Truth trumps being right; Time to do Jeremiah 1:10; All Quiet on the Western Front

Nov 13, 2021
Water Witching - Science, Scripture, and witches weigh in

Water Witching or Dowsing is Unscientific Divination. Twitter Lady told me about Coraline; Christians think that Water Witching is ok; Wiki definitions ; pseudo science and divination; Dowsing Originated possibly in Germany ; Dowsing Condemned by Martin Luther; Myth Busters says Dowsing is bogus; Ars Technica says Dowsing is pure chance; The German Experiment proving dowsing is chance; Christian Research Institute - Dowsing is Divination; Acts 16:16-19 spirit of divination cast out; Zech 10:2 God warns against divination; Hosea 4:12 condemns Dowsing; Numbers 20 difference between divination and God directing; Deuteronomy 18:10,14 forbids Divination; President of Dowsing society says it is witchcraft; John Mac Arthur says Dowsing is Divination; Witch using dowsing rods to contact ghost; Same dowsing rods for Ghosts AND water witching; Psychic uses dowsing rods to talk to the dead; Links: Water Witching Facebook Posts Wiki Post Adam Savage How Can People Believe Dowsing Is Real? | Ars Technica Magic and Demons | John MacArthur Invoking a spirit at Farnam Manor FAN DOWSING RODS QUESTIONS ANSWERED Christian Research Institute Got questions Words of Knowledge Let's Talk Bible BOOK - Overcoming Night Terror Making the Demons Leave

Oct 30, 2021
Spiritual Apologetics - Is Something Missing?

Have you ever felt like something was missing in a Christian setting? Maybe there is! I am NOT bashing apologetics; Apologetics is valuable but not the end-all; Mentors should have the signs of a believer; Acts 16 following the spirit to Macedonia; The Spirit reveals 1Co 2:10; The natural man doesn't receive spiritual 1Co 2:14; Physical reality is mostly space; Mockers sort to reality by senses Jud 1:18-20; The carnal mind fights God Rom 8:5-8; God must be known and worshipped in spirit Joh 4:22-24; A man with experience trumps rationale; Demonstration of Spirit and Power 1Co 2:4-5;

Oct 23, 2021
Walking Out Deliverance

Walking out deliverance is a lot like getting a driver's license. Driving a car is awesome freedom; We need to know that driving is possible; The desires of our heart - from the Father PS 37:4; Mark 11:21-26 desiring in prayer; Faith in God, not something else; Find a proven mentor; John 8:31-32 If is a condition; Making disciples in Matt 28:18-20; Sons of Sceva were not authorized; James 1:22 do the word or we are deceived; There is a test before victory; Put the armor on before battle Eph 6; Reward for diligently seeking God Heb 11:6; Tests Ex 20:20 Deut 8:16; There is a hedge the devil cannot pass; Garry got delivered in one moment of stage 4 cancer; 2 Tim 2:4,5 warring requires focus; Striving to do it lawfully; Still struggling? Just continue; 2 Tim 2 recovering ourselves ; Overcoming Night Terror Making the Demons Leave You may also like this podcast Walking Out Deliverance - Let's Talk Bible

Oct 16, 2021
Next Step Method - Turning notes into Action!

The Next Step method is a technique that highlights gaps in our knowledge and steers us where to go next in our studies. I am handing you a 'dig deeper' shovel; PROBLEM - I never revisited my highlights or notes; The Next Step Method makes learning exciting again; Capture all highlights, notes, and epiphanies; Start studying new things in your call; Google Keep for capturing everything; Momento app transcribes podcasts; All notes and highlights into Readwise; Personal Knowledge Management - Obsidian; The Next Step Method highlights gaps in knowledge; The Next Step Method shows where to study next; Spaced repetition and Active Recall; Habakkuk 2:2 run with the writing; READWISE FREE TWO MONTHS OBSIDIAN PKM - MOMENTO for podcasts -

Oct 09, 2021
Supernatural Christianity - Garry Nesbit Interview

Interview with Healing Evangelist Garry Nesbit on what it is like to live the Supernatural Christian lifestyle. We talk about the supernatural spiritual things of God. Garry's Testimony Scribd TWO MONTHS FREE More Garry Nesbit Interviews Garry on Facebook

1h 0m
Oct 02, 2021
Overcomers - Spiritual Progression

Finishing up the series on Spiritual Progression by discussing what Jesus says about being an Overcomer in the letters to the churches in Revelation 2 & 3. Experience trumps speculation; Prayer lit the way ; Overcoming is a byproduct of faith; Fear is the opposite of faith; Perfect love casts out fear; Benefits of being an overcomer Rev 2 & 3; Riding a bicycle uphill analogy Psalms 24:3-5; Overcomers are Ephesians 6 Battle-tested; Overcomers know the Sword of the Spirit; They are not distracted 2 Timothy 2:3-5 ; No plan B for overcomers! ; Digging into what Jesus says to the churches; Social: Links: Readwise TWO MONTHS FREE Smith Wigglesworth Apostle of Faith

Sep 25, 2021
Agape Love - Spiritual Progression

Going further in this series on spiritual progression. How does Jesus define love? John 14:21-23; What is "hath my commandments"; What is it to "keep the commandments"; Jesus manifests to those that love Him; Digging deeper into love 1 John 5:1-5; Keeping the commandments of Jesus John 15:9-10; Spiritual progression is all throughout scripture; Agape Love in the Greek and my perspective; My story about dad; Links: Fist Links:

Sep 11, 2021
Believing God is the Next Step - Spiritual Progression

Believing Jesus is the next step in the progression of spiritual progression. Digging into biblical examples of belief. Is believing REALLY the next step AFTER fear? ; A brief look at John 3:16; Didn't Moses and Aaron believe God?; Belief contrast with Matt 7:21-23 crowd; In Jonah 3 they believed God and proclaimed a fast; But the demons believe and tremble?; Intellectual assent versus intimate relationship; Daniel's example of belief; Mark 11:21-26 about belief; Signs of a believer; What is eternal life anyways?; Links

Sep 04, 2021
Real Talk Live Interactive Interview

We met Richard and Jennifer Dixon one day while we were out ministering the gospel. Turns out they interviewed us on Real Talk Live Interactive. They gave us permission to use the audio portion for my podcast audience. Links Richard Dixon Jennifer Dixon Video on Facebook Video on YouTube

Aug 28, 2021
Fear is the beginning of our journey with God

There is a spiritual progression with God. The beginning is fear. Fear of the Lord is the beginning Proverbs 9:10 fear; There is a journey ; The progression found in Hebrews 11:6; Belief after fear maybe?; Prov 1:1 fear, knowledge, wisdom; Nothing else begins wisdom; Key of knowledge needs a door; Fools despise wisdom; Job 28:28 depart from evil; Psalms 111:10 understanding fear; Proverbs 2:2-5 seek wisdom diligently; We must apply our hearts to wisdom; We must listen for wisdom; Treasures in God's Word; Ecclesiastes 12:13 the conclusion; Hebrews 10:27 fiery judgement; Hebrews 10:31 fear God; 2 Corinthians 5:11 knowing terror persuades us to act; Matthew 10:28 body and soul in hell; Romans 11:22 goodness and severity; Luke 12:5 fear God; Links

Aug 21, 2021
Don't Just Believe Jesus - Love Jesus

Jesus promises to manifest Himself and abide with those that love Him. He didn't use the word 'believe' in those passages. Digging deeper. Reexamining John 3:16 link below; Spiritual relationship with Jesus is not emphasized; Jesus will manifest Himself to those that Love Him; If we love Jesus we will meditate on HIs words; Jesus will make His abode with those that love him; Scriptures point to Jesus the Author; An encounter with God I had; A prophetic mentor entered my life; Example of knowing JFK and the President; More than intellectual assent; Belief leads to love Heb 11:6; Heaven? Hell? or Be with Jesus?; What happens if we believe but don't love Jesus?; Get diligent about seeking God; Check out the resource page; Links:

Aug 07, 2021
Near Death Experiences Deception

NDE's . Demonic or Biblical? Looking at this from a Biblical Perspective and my personal experience. Common Denominator of Astral Projection How do we know they aren't dreams? The Silver Cord Solomon wrote about Multiple Realms in the Same Space Angels crossing Realms Kingdom of God Realm Paul talks about the third heaven and astral projection The Boy who came Back from Heaven was a FRAUD!!! Ali Perez officer who sees Jesus They have seen Dead Relatives? Approach NDE's with Biblical Skepticism Trust the Bible more than an NDE Testimony Final Thoughts Links Second Coming of the New Age book:

Aug 05, 2021
Check in your spirit? or soul?

Do you have a check in your spirit? or is it in your soul? How to tell the difference and what to do about it. There is a broad spectrum in the spirit; Discerning the different aspects of the spirit; The Spirit and The Word agree; 2 Tim 2 the subconscious opposes ourselves; God's people perish for lack of knowledge Hos 4:6; Continuing in and know the Word for freedom; Meditating on the Word to hear from God; If our check disagrees with scripture; Our subconscious hierarchy of values ; Self preservation is incongruent with scripture; We by the spirit mortify the flesh Rom 8:31; Casting down vain imaginations and sowing the word; We are what we think in our hearts; Cleaning our field to sow the word; Being a minute by minute living sacrifice Rom 12:1,2; Making this a daily habit; Internalizing the scriptures for freedom; Scribd

May 29, 2021
Heart Gathers Iniquity On Autopilot

The Bible talks about how the heart 'gathers iniquity to itself'. I found a parallel with cognitive bias. This is where we automatically filter out information that challenges our presuppositions. I explore finding cognitive bias in ourselves and how we can have fruitful conversations with people that may have cognitive bias. Heart gathers iniquity on autopilot Ps 41:6 ; Cessationists and atheists ignore what Pentecostals don't; Demonizing people we disagree with; Consequences of demonizing the enemy; I used to be a New Ager so I understand their perspective; People we disagree with believe they have valid points; Winning an argument versus the 'bigger picture'; Solutions; Seek first to understand and then to be understood; Ascribing noble intent; Consider the impact of what you may say; Be open to new and challenging ideas; Find common ground and work from there; Follow me here: Get two free months with Scribd HERE:

May 15, 2021
Christian Deconstruction Mass Exodus

Lots of people are leaving Christianity and making deconversion of deconstruction videos about their exit. Why is this happening? One reason is they cannot reconcile the problem of suffering. I explore this today and some of my thoughts. Show Notes: Not understanding God doesn't make Him disappear; Understanding everything is counter to faith; Intellectual Christianity is the problem; Leaning on sensory perception and NOT the spirit; God is a spirit and must be worshiped in Spirit John 4:24; Doing the Great Commission is where miracles happen; Miracles and encountering God ceases the carnal arguments; My personal story of backsliding because of hypocrisy; Facebook Comments of Note; Nancy Petrey and suffering; Donna Reiners - people are leaving religion and not God; Loyce Petrey - We don't understand many things but use them anyway; Jen Fishburne - prefers intellectual studies over blind faith; Faith is the evidence of things not seen Heb 11; Smith Wigglesworth, Maria Woodworth Etter, and Williams Seymour are ignored; They never tasted heavenly gift or experienced the spirit of God Hebrews 6:4-6; They think they know God but they don't Mat 7:21-23; Bad Theology and Bad churches are keeping people from God Matt 23:13-15; Links: You can find Jen's video here Facebook Link my book SOCIAL MEDIA

May 01, 2021
Power Evangelism and Discernment

While doing spirit-led evangelism and praying in the spirit, there are different sources of information that arise. . I will be addressing some of the different sources today. These are pearls of spiritual evangelism; The prophetic is a mess right now; My new age background; Eph 6:18 tells us to pray in the spirit for people; Different sources of spiritual info; Demons or familiar spirits; Our heart can deceive us Jer 23:16 ; We are to commune with our hearts Psalms 4:4; Paul goes from flesh to spirit; Discernement comes from use Heb 5:12-14; The recipient projects in the spirit; Law of attraction in scripture; The Spirit of God; God confirms - my example; Principalities cause spiritual traffic; It is useful even if it is from a bad source; We need prophetic mentorship; 1 Cor 14 is a good example; huddling after evangelism; FIST LINKS: BOOK LINKS: Prophetic Fishing: Evangelism in the Power of the Spirit Read it free for trying Scribd Listen free for trying Audible Presence Evangelism Podcast Series

Apr 10, 2021
Reexamning John 3-16

Digging Deeper to go higher with John 3:16; Looking into original languages for 'for' and 'so'; When I first heard John 3:16; Saul's rigid interpretation was fighting the truth; Memorizing scripture is not salvation; Carnal Interpretation versus Spirit of Truth; The Greek word for 'for' definition; For is a 'continuation of thought'; John 3:10-15 - the serpent on the stick; Crucifixion and the serpent on the stick; The Greek word for 'so'; Word meanings change with time; FIST links: BOOK DEAL: Get a TEAMJESUS shirt here:

Mar 27, 2021