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A series documenting a love story. Betsy and Kris narrate the life they share together, on the road, with strangers and the one with their kids in tow. These two will make you laugh like no other show. Croncast is now made in the woods at the gateway to the Poconos.

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This is new, Brooklyn to where?, Safety first

First, let us say that we've missed you! Two years is a long time not to say, "Hi". So, "Hi." We're getting warmed up and knocking the dust off everything. Let's take this love story on the road - finding something new, leaving Brooklyn and more await.

May 24, 2017
Foot Powered, Construction Worker Shampoo, Trashy Blues

Episode: #837 | Length: 31:04 | Format: mp3 & m4a Foot powered machines Video iPods Instructional Videos Armpits are soft Lack of fondling Back wings of hair Construction worker shampoo Mystical Palm Breeze Spray Instructing where to spray What, capri? Athletic cut pants, baby Smells like Blood and Steel Small town Doctors recommend

Mar 15, 2015
Life Coaches, Prey Birds, Generation Lazy

Episode: #836 | Length: 27:18 | Format: mp3 & m4a The wheels come off Where are the birds? Living in a shadow Lazy generation

Mar 13, 2015
Faces, App Ideas, Gotta Chill

Episode: #835 | Length: 31:03 | Format: mp3 & m4a Kris remembers all faces Wife hears another App idea Betsy brings some chill That baby sitter lady

Feb 18, 2015
Stellar Vibes, Flipping, Big Tickets

Episode: #834 | Length: 32:03 | Format: mp3 & m4a Back to Beverly Short Week Crank the vibe machine Flipping those finds

Feb 11, 2015
With Strangers, Dirty Dirty, Resale Glory

Episode: #833 | Length:29:16 | Format: mp3 & m4a Kris rides with lots of strangers Betsy seeks a new Goodwill Is busted with underpriced items Let me take you to the 99 cent store

Feb 09, 2015
Vegas Inn, Patched Soul, Room and Board

Episode: #832 | Length: 32:01 | Format: mp3 & m4a Betsy goes Vegas Gets a Twenty and a sticky kleenex What happens to your Soul in Vegas, stays Room and board for Kris

Jan 13, 2015
Uber This, The Store, Never Tug

Episode: #831 | Length: 53:05 | Format: mp3 & m4a Here's a CD What are you sending me on? Open the store Never tug a man's beard

Dec 25, 2014
Janice Jokes, That Stone, Types

Episode: #830 | Length: 28:22 | Format: mp3 & m4a No more celebrity jokes Janice Dickenson not funny The bodega guys They are your friends!

Dec 20, 2014
Cold in The Hook, Hanging With Pauly, Life is Weird

Episode: #829 | Length: 32:11 | Format: mp3 & m4a Cold in the Hook Holiday is coming Hanging with Pauly Beverly Hills Living Life is so weird

Dec 16, 2014
Fruit of the Tree, Branded Thanksgiving, ITYS

Episode: #828 | Length: 35:02 | Format: mp3 & m4a Happy Thanksgiving, Turkeys! Fruit of the Tree Branded Thanksgiving ITYS Genealogy Turns out, Kris's family is well, Appalachian Aristocracy Visit our friend and artist . . . Mr. Kustera, thank you!

Nov 27, 2014
That Drive, Age Barrier, Family Crest

Episode: #827 | Length: 32:01 | Format: mp3 & m4a Our family crest What's for the for 40? On with the champaign Atlantic City got it so good Forget this ever happened The Slowsky episodes we mention The famous . . . Mr. Kustera, thank you!

Nov 17, 2014
Waking, Adoptable Attacker, LaLa

Episode: #826 | Length: 32:01 | Format: mp3 & m4a Waking from slumber Adoptable Attacker Attacks Los Angeles is a long ways away

Nov 09, 2014
Union Square Connect, Wildlife Rescue, Upstate Weekends

Episode: #825 | Length: 40:01 | Format: mp3 & m4a Happiness is Union Square handing out dogs Give them the keys Upstate on the weekends She should work wildlife rescue Mini San Francisco

Sep 13, 2014
Backpack Battle, Class for Kris, Lunch with Andy

Episode: #824 | Length: 31:12 | Format: mp3 & m4a Everyone is in school Backpack war She is V on Orange Is The New Black So over it Missing that one key Acting classes Embracing the chaos I. Told. You. So.

Sep 10, 2014
Big Things, Renewal, Domestic Training

Episode: #823 | Length: 29:12 | Format: mp3 & m4a Everything is everything Got people that came from far The big party 18 years later We kept a lid on it Went really well Big thanks to Tin and Hunter for the food!

Aug 25, 2014
Recognizer, The Move, Your Store

Episode: #822 | Length: 17:31 | Format: mp3 & m4a Sup, everybody? Quick and to the point Happy Saturday! Shaking drummer's hands Kris should be a paparazzo Brooklyn got us What kind of store you open?

Aug 23, 2014
Stay Hungry, Get Me a Heather, His Wife

Episode: #821 | Length: 23:47 | Format: mp3 & m4a Ending up in Brooklyn Like a herd of horses off train You would get swept away, Kris Coming home with a girlfriend All the aging people are there And the kids, baby Girlfriend? I should get a Heather or Madison while there Worried about sunsetting I feel like my career is over Startups are like baseball I am 39. I feel done. More in sense that having me is kind of burden. Di Blasio, don't get me started Luxery of a cab ride, I took it Repositioned in that cab His wife is yelling in some language He is putting up with it, I think Woosh, the toilet flushes It was me if I drove the cab And you were on the other end Yelling and using the bathroom on phone

Feb 08, 2014
Ham Underwear, The Russian Model, Back to Inadequate

Episode: #820 | Length: 30:44 | Format: mp3 & m4a Social Media Guru Betsy The .guru domains went on sale today is a must Engagement, smoke rolls in Spinning dollar signs More smoke What are your KPIs? Hambone undees They are the best and you bought be like 20 pairs I usually buy your underwear at Goodwill Nearly incontinent Dropping it like it is hot Claiming them from the pack Map of Target is imprinted on all women's minds Retail priced Like my mom bought them for me Lady unders sizes don't match the outer size They are like children size Separation because the intimates are 10 sizes smaller The camera event I should really do this Wussing out on the lunch hour Totally a PR thing by an agency A giveaway I really don't take photos of people Out walks a 6'5 model I could make reading cards for prisoners Gotta get over it Need to get some self-esteem I start directing the model Just going to go back to feeling inadequate When you can't win on skill You must win on personality Estate sale glory from Greenwich Dying hustlers price it at retail

Feb 03, 2014
Beyond PDA, Let Me Sell It, FitBit Nausea

Episode: #819 | Length: 24:04 | Format: mp3 & m4a Guys and ladies over touching Part of the ritual of dominance Not mating for life at 17? Touching too much, tooo much As a chic, even in business they touch Now, you are a victim of this everyday Love me or I will drive my Corvette into the river Smothered in affection So cold outside Sexually harassed by co-host The moroseness of the cold You should hire my wife I can flip that Your daughter does not need it We will split the profit I never gave her the money You should feel guilty Where does she live? Next to the McDonalds Introspection, sweaty Badge of honor, my icicles on beard No it is not It looks like you cook meth in an igloo How do stop your PDA? The police like me more We need to change something Too much police contact

Jan 31, 2014
Saturday Edition: Jingling Purse, Take Blood, Resale Interns

Episode: #818 | Length: 27:17 | Format: mp3 & m4a Saturday Edition Jingling Purse You brought your own silverware The Sound of Silverware clanking in it The same as your car China crashing together Silverware in the seats A knife on the dash? Baby, you are losing it My management book Three pages in it Title is You Are Always Right Have the last word Make sure you are loud Defend position at all costs You have blood That book is the man book That is a nice plate That is my ball setting china Black light and a CZ finder I found it in NY Really? Well, in Patterson, NJ Running late to other things Like picking up the kids There is no such thing as drunk driving in Europe

Jan 25, 2014
The District, PR Man, Tiffany Spoon

Episode: #817 | Length: 32:06 | Format: mp3 & m4a The District PR Man Tiffany Spoon Selling Gold is not like buying it I remember these from 10 years ago No more comments Too much spam That is what Twitter and Facebook are for Locked room Wait here Security cameras and magazines like dentist office The Gold Zombies can smell it They have those skills, Bear I dumped the cash and rolled on out

Jan 22, 2014
2014 Update

Update | Length: 2:06 | Format: mp3 & m4a 2014 Update Happy New Year New Gear The Old Stuff Simply Quit Working Betsy's Mom Dies Kris Sells Gold Betsy Demo's Cheese Business As Usual Back in Full Effect Shortly

Jan 15, 2014
Where I Can Watch, Truly Outrageous, Is Too Real

Episode: #816 | Length: 26:06 | Format: mp3 & m4a Where I Can Watch Truly Outrageous Is Too Real

Dec 10, 2013
Left Over Lust, RWB, Up In CT

Episode: #815 | Length: 29:34 | Format: mp3 & m4a Left Over Lust RWB Up In CT

Dec 02, 2013
One Over, A Cycle, Always Together

Episode: #814 | Length: 29:34 | Format: mp3 & m4a Croncast T-shirt Order before Nov. 30th!! One Over A Cycle Always Together

Nov 25, 2013
Class Baiter, T-Shirt Model, Pubescent Questions

Episode: #813 | Length: 29:34 | Format: mp3 & m4a Croncast T-shirt Order before Nov. 30th!! Math Museum T-shirt Model Pubescent Questions

Nov 18, 2013
Love that Sweater, Actual Connections, Couch Master

Episode: #812 | Length: 26:34 | Format: mp3 & m4a New Shirts! Pre-order now . . . Love that Sweater Actual Connections Couch Master

Nov 11, 2013
Run for Office, The Pier, That Energy

Episode: #811 | Length: 32:24 | Format: mp3 & m4a Run for Office The Pier That Energy

Nov 04, 2013
Backpacks, Lucid Dream, Resale Glory

Episode: #810 | Length: 25:24 | Format: mp3 & m4a Stamford to Greenwich Bryers flavors Resale Glory Backpacks lady Lucid dreaming, I can't win

Oct 28, 2013