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Making Dragon Fire, Dating Ghosts, Blazing Fast Covid Tests

Tune in to learn about how fire-breathing creatures are possible, what makes a bad breaker-upper, and new blazing fast, cheap, and accurate COVID tests. Dragons could be real. __ __ ____ Break up with someone the right way. __ __ ____ Speed meets accuracy with covid tests. __ __ __ ____

Aug 19
Rice TV Screen, Satellite Warfare, Unraveled DNA

Do you want to know about a new environmentally friendly way to make TV Screens, what future space warfare might look like, and how we have finally completely unraveled the human genome? Rice is more than food. It’s TV. __ __ __ __ ____ Space weapons. __ __ __ __ __ ____ 100% Genome. __ __ __ __ ____

Aug 18
AI vs. Parkinson’s, Dark Sun Power, Death Proof Jellyfish

Ever wonder about the artificial intelligence helping us find and fight Parkinson’s disease? What about the new methods for collecting energy from solar panels at night or how the tiny immortal jellyfish may help us massively extend our lifespans. Tune in to learn more! Robots that help. __ __ __ __ ____ Solar but at night. __ __ __ __ ____ Jellyfish: the secret to life. __ __ __ ____

Aug 17
Poop of Youth, Robot Roaches, Chatty Fungus

Learn about how we might be flushing the secret to anti-aging down the toilet, how cyborg cockroaches could save your life one day and how mushrooms may be talking to each other! The connection between poop and aging. __ __ ____ Search and rescue roaches. __ __ ____ Mushroom talks. __ __ __ __ __ ____

Aug 12
Nostalgia Blocks Pain, Uploaded Brains, Sand vs. Nanoplastic

Listen in to hear how nostalgic thoughts can be a method of physical pain relief, the recent progress made in the effort to one day upload our minds to the digital world, and how getting nanoplastic out of our drinking water could be as simple as sand! Memories can be pain free. __ __ ____ Digital thoughts. __ __ __ __ __ ____ Water without plastic. __ __ __ __ ____

Aug 11
A.I. and Angina, Undead Tigers, Electrici-sweets

Discover how artificial intelligence can help prevent heart attacks, how scientists are working to bring an extinct species back from the dead, and how sugar in our own body might soon make electricity! Heart attack prevention. __ __ __ __ __ ____ Back from the dead. __ __ __ __ ____ Sugar: it’s electric. __ __ __ __ ____

Aug 10
The Explorers Club - An Interview With Joe Rohde

Hear from Joe Rohde, a former Disney Imagineer and the Experience Architect for Virgin Galactic. As an Imagineer, he was the leader of the team behind Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Joe is also Co-Chair of the Explorers Club 50 program. __ __ Find episode transcripts here:

Aug 05
Healing Hearing Hairs, Sun Phones, Chicken Gods

Hear about a new treatment that may be able to reverse hearing loss, how new solar energy storage technology could eventually power our phones, and the surprisingly grand history of chickens. Reversing hearing loss.  __ __ __ __ __ ____ Phone charger, but make it the sun. __ __ __ __ ____ Chicken breeding. __ __ __ ____

Aug 04
Murdering Murder Hornets, ADHD & Hoarding, Pain Pill Ills

Learn about how Japanese honey bees protect themselves from murder hornets, how a new link has been discovered between ADHD and hoarding disorder, and how your over the counter pain meds, might actually be making your pain worse! Honey avoiding murder. __ __ ____ Does having ADHD mean you’re more likely to be a hoarder? __ __ ____ Hold the meds. __ __ ____

Aug 03
Extinct Super Sharks, Mysterious Die Offs, Stopping Attacks

Today, you’ll learn about a new project trying to keep humans and sharks separate and safe, how all sharks almost mysteriously went extinct 19 million years ago, and how great white sharks may have contributed to the extinction of a shark twice its size! Boundaries between sharks and humans. __ __ ____ Near extinction. __ __ __ ____ Great white > megalodon __ __ __ ____ For more about sharks, head to and don't miss #SharkWeek starting 7/24 on Discovery and streaming on discovery+. Find episode transcripts here:

Jul 29
Blood Brothers, Seeing-Eye Shark, Bark vs. Bite

Today, you’ll learn about how some sharks have social relationships, how shark attacks often happen because swimming humans look like other sea creatures, and how your cat might be snacking on endangered sharks! Sharkship. __ __ ____ Sharks could use glasses. __ __ ____ Check your cat’s food ingredients for shark. __ __ __ ____ Find episode transcripts here: For more about sharks, head to and don't miss #SharkWeek starting 7/24 on Discovery and streaming on discovery+.

Jul 28
Sleepy Sharks, Sharks Love Grass, Glow-In-The-Shark

Today, you’ll learn about how some sharks do in fact sleep, how sharks are fighting climate change, and how some sharks glow in the dark! Shark nap time. __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ Sharks are good for the earth. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ A different kind of night light. __ __ ____ For more about sharks, head to and don't miss #SharkWeek starting 7/24 on Discovery and streaming on discovery+. Find episode transcripts here:

Jul 27
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Natalie Schmitt

Today, we are continuing our Explorers Club series today with a very special guest, Dr. Natalie Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt can do it all - really. She’s not only a conservation geneticist, but she’s a marine ecologist and documentary host. __ __

Jul 22
Wait Less Weight Loss, Birth Control For Men, Seed Bombing

Today, you’ll learn about a new drug that could help you safely lose up to a fifth of your body weight, a new, non-hormonal birth control pill that is made for men, and how drones may hold the key to reforestation. Weight loss five times faster. __ __ ____ Men entering the world of birth control. __ __ __ __ ____ Seed bombing may not be what you think. __ __ ____

Jul 21
Why Symmetry Wins, Solar-Covered Canals, Plants on the Moon

Today, you’ll learn about why symmetry dominates the natural world, how it may be possible to conserve water using solar panels, and why growing vegetables might soon involve a trip to the Moon. Two halves make a whole. __ __ __ ____ Sun = more water. __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ ____ Grocery shopping on the moon. __ __ ____

Jul 20
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Victor Vescovo

Today, we’re hearing from an explorer's explorer, Victor Vescovo. His Five Deeps Expedition made him the first person to reach the deepest point of the Atlantic, Southern Ocean, and set a depth record in the Mariana Trench at 35,853 ft. He was the first person to reach the Mollow Deep in the Arctic Ocean, and thus has been to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd deepest points in the ocean. __ __

Jul 15
Rapamycin For Rover, H-Fueled Flight, Mind-Controlled Arms

Today, you’ll learn about how a drug that helps in human organ transplants might be able to extend the lives of man’s best friend, the airline industry's potential but difficult switch to hydrogen fuel, and how a high school student is transforming prosthetics with brain waves. All dogs go to heaven. __ __ __ ____   Planes, planes, planes. __ __ __ ____ Mind over matter. __ __ __ ____

Jul 14
Cyanide Seeds, Workout When?, Covid But Ghosts

Today, you’ll learn about whether the cyanide in apple seeds could do you any real harm, how working out in the morning and at night are both beneficial but in different ways, and how researchers have found evidence that patients with long Covid may often have fragments of the virus lingering in their gut. Snow White wasn’t far off with the poisonous apple. __ __ ____ What time should I work out? “Is It Better to Exercise in the Morning or Evening?" by Gretchen Reynolds ● “This is the Best Time of Day to Work Out, According to Science" by Jamie Ducharme ● An even scarier kind of ghost? __ __ __ ____

Jul 13
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Sian Proctor

Today, we are lucky enough to hear from a highly accomplished explorer who has some incredible experiences to share with us. Dr. Sian Proctor was the mission pilot for the Inspiration4, which is the all-civilian orbital mission to space and she’s the first African American woman to pilot a spacecraft. She also lived in a Mars analog environment to simulate what it might be like to live on the red planet. __ __

Jul 08
Blood Pressures, Mercury’s Crusty Diamonds, Dad or Mom Genes

Today, you’ll learn about how high blood pressure can reduce the gray matter in your brain, why scientists think the surface of Mercury is covered in diamonds, and how while we have gene pairs from both parents, our bodies will use one parent’s gene over the other’s depending on the circumstances. 50 Shades of Gray Matter __ __ ____   Diamonds a Plenty __ __ __ ____ Mom and dad genes aren’t just at the mall. __ __ __ ____

Jul 07
Orangu-slang, Easing Car Queasing, Kicked Across Space

Today, you’ll learn about how orangutans use slang a lot like we do, what causes and can alleviate everyday motion sickness, and how one black hole kicked another across the galaxy. Orangutans are dope. __ __ __ __ ____ A solution beyond not looking at your phone. __ __ ____ Soccer but with black holes. __ __ __ __ __ ____

Jul 06
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Steve Elkins

Today, we’re hearing from an explorer and filmmaker named Steve Elkins. Steve spent decades searching for a legendary lost city deep in the jungles of Honduras. His search for the city was documented in the New York Times best selling book, “The Lost City of the Monkey God,” by Douglas Preston. __ __

Jul 01
Drink = Brain Shrink, Secret Tree Species, L.H.C. Round 3

Today, you’ll learn about how a single drink a day can add years to the age of your brain, how scientists figured out that thousands of tree species are yet to be discovered, and how the world’s biggest and best particle accelerator is powering up for its third run. A drink away does not keep the doctor away. __ __ __ __ ____ No, that tree is not the same as that other one. __ __ __ ____ Imagine two needles smashing into each other. __ __ __ __ __ __ ____

Jun 30
Nightlight Plight, Cancer Stinks, Literal Green Energy

Today, you’ll learn about how that light coming in through your window at night is in fact ruining your sleep, how some diseases—including cancer—can be smelled by dogs and we’re on the verge of being able to smell them with modern technology, and how algae may one day provide the power for our smallest devices. Close your blinds. __ __ __ __ __ ____ What’s that smell? __ __ __ __ ____ Get used to algae-power. __ __ __ __ ____

Jun 29
The Explorers Club - An Interview with Peter Tattersfield

Today we are speaking to another member of the Explorers Club, Peter Tattersfield. Peter has an awesome story for us today about his work finding the shipwreck of the Steamship Independence, which sank off the coast of Baja, Mexico in 1853. __ __

Jun 24
Gray Matter Gabfest, Our Pulsating Earth, Smarty Cats

Today, you’ll learn about how a man with advanced ALS, who can’t move a muscle, was able to communicate with his family using his thoughts, about a sixty-year-old mystery involving the earth and why it pulsates every twenty-six seconds, and how cats can learn the names of their fellow cats under the right conditions. A man with ALS can communicate with his thoughts. __ __ ____ The earth pulsates underneath your feet. __ __ ____ Cats know the names of their friends. __ __ __ ____

Jun 23
Hungry Plants, Concussion Confusion, An Alzheimer’s Theory

Today, you’ll learn about how carnivorous plants evolved from their more peaceful ancestors, how there’s an apparent difference in the frequency and severity of head injuries between male and female athletes, and about a new theory regarding the cause of Alzheimer’s. Plants that eat flesh? __ __ ____ Male and female concussions are not the same. __ __ ____ Hope for Alzheimer's research. __ __ __ ____

Jun 22
The Explorers Club - An Interview with George Nield

Today, we’re talking to Explorers Club member, Dr. George C. Nield. Dr. George C. Nield is currently the Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation at the Federal Aviation Administration (or FAA). He has over 30 years of aerospace experience and has worked with the Air Force and NASA. Dr Nield came to the FAA from the Orbital Sciences Corporation, where he served as a Senior Scientist for the Advanced Programs Group. He has a wealth of experience from working as an Astronautical Engineer at the Space and Missile Systems Organization to working on the Shuttle/Mir Program and the International Space Station Program. __ __ ____

Jun 17
Shoo Shoes!, Murmuration Information, Nanoplastic Particles

Today, you’ll learn about why it's best to leave your shoes at the door when you come inside, how animals form and maintain their mesmerizing murmurations, and how certain food storage products release sub-microscopic, plastic particles when exposed to hot water. Your mom was right about taking your shoes off inside. __ __ __ ____ Murmurations not murmuring. __ __ __ ____ The tiny side of plastic. __ __ __ ____

Jun 16
Fusion: Homeward Bound, The Last Light Show, Burnout Blues

Today, you’ll learn about how the next step in nuclear fusion is actually a real estate question, how the death of our sun would be a beautiful thing to see if we were around to witness it, and how an athlete’s desire for perfection can lead to them burning out with their sport altogether. Nuclear plants near the nuclear family. __ __ ____   A new take on sun flares. __ __ __ ____ Perfection can be dangerous. __ __ ____

Jun 15