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Since the Dave Ryan in the Morning Show always has one more thing they feel they just have to share. Minnesota Goodbye is a podcast with the Dave Ryan Show after the mics turn off at 10am.

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Nobody Wants a Splintery Hole

Dave and Falen discuss co-hosts, reaching out to those that helped you, cribbage and more! Have a great weekend. Email us anytime: ryanshow@kdwb.com

Aug 12
Need For Speed

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss parents taking tons of photos, motorcyclists wearing helmets and your emergency contact.

Aug 11
Get The Chicken Fried Rice

Dave and Falen discuss events, showers in the AM, barking dogs and more!

Aug 10
We're All Human

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss the Shania Twain documentary, sexy weather, kickball and more!

Aug 09

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss what to do after the kids go to bed at night, sexy books etc!

Aug 08
Gas Station Tip Jars

When and where to tip is another hot topic today, a local woman-owned/indigenous coffee shop you should check out, a horror story about what someone had to do when they worked in retail, and more!

Aug 05
Be Nice to Retail Workers

Some more insight about tipping, ideas for 30th birthday celebrations, why do older people go to the grocery store at 5pm, and more!

Aug 04
Tipping a Server vs a Barista vs the DQ Worker

We got an interesting email based on tipping. Should you still tip 20% if the service is bad. Why do we tip baristas and not the DQ worker? Also we're looking for suggestions to celebrate a 30th birthday! Email ryanshow@kdwb.com if you have any!

Aug 03
I Would Choose Colorado

We talked about being loud talkers and how to be careful if we are, if given the option to work remote would we stay living in Minnesota, and more!

Aug 02
Have You Always Been Like This?

Jenny and Drake take over the Minnesota Goodbye today! They chat about ways to save money at Target, why and how Jenny is so frugal, and something that Drake wants to do at the upcoming morning show conference we're all going to in Chicago.

Aug 01
Orcas Kill Great White Sharks

Falen and Jenny discuss orcas, bears, hiking, who you'd sacrifice to a bear in your family and more

Jul 29
Shakin' it up a Lil' Bit!

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss more solicitor experiences, your favorite pie and more!

Jul 27
No Soliciting

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss solicitors, classic bits, podcasts and more!

Jul 26

Dave and Falen discuss the first fart in a relationship, the eggplant emoji and more!

Jul 25
Road Trippin'

Dave, Falen and Jenny read a hilarious craigslist ad, discuss fart songs, Dave's Marconi nomination and more!

Jul 22

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss vabbing, our oldest listening listener, greedy companies and more!

Jul 21
Jenny And The Jets

Dave and Falen chat about friends in your 20s, young siblings that fight, over-the-top parties and more!

Jul 20
Dump Button

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss the dump button, good shoes and more lol!

Jul 19

Falen and Drake chat about their weekends and read emails which introduce them to a new word!

Jul 18

Dave and Falen discuss roses, our old interns, tick bites, kids at concerts and more!

Jul 15

We discuss syndication, calling your family, ticks and more!

Jul 14
Fire Test

We discuss moving to Minnesota and a concession complaint.

Jul 13
Bach Party ideas

We throw out some bachelorette party ideas and discuss an email we got about advice for a mom with a teen son!

Jul 12
It's Gonna Get Filthy

NSFW! Dave's new game, more trip ideas, Zero and more!

Jul 11
Last Time You Tried Something New

Dave, Falen & Jenny discussed more places to go in the Twin Cities for a day trip or weekend trip, anniversary cards and more! Have a great weekend!

Jul 08
More Sex Talk

Dave, Falen and Jenny discuss weekend getaways, sex talk, a beef update and more!

Jul 07
Falen Irwin

Falen gives Dave great snake advice, and they discuss homelessness, live shows, covid kids, great weekend getaways and more!

Jul 06
Dave is in Mensa?!

Dave and Falen discuss Mensa, a popular bit on the show, the Minnesota Radio Hall of Fame and more!

Jul 05
I Am The Giver

Falen and Jenny discuss servers, dragon fly sex and how Jenny mispronounces another word! Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Jul 01
Maybe It's Too Gross?

Falen and Jenny will gross you out today, or you'll relate...

Jun 30