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Radio Free Skaro is possibly the most popular, most prolific and charmingly irreverent (but never irrelevant) Doctor Who podcast around. Since August 2006, hosts Warren (in Vancouver, BC) and Steven (in Edmonton, AB) have provided listeners with their brand of amusing Doctor Who praise and punishment. A year later, Chris (also in Edmonton, AB) was added to the team, and The Three Who Rule were born.

Recommended by Doctor Who Magazine, Radio Free Skaro provides an entertaining and diverting listen for the diehard or casual Doctor Who fan. New episodes usually appear on Sundays, following a loose magazine format of the three hosts discussing the news and events of the past week in the worlds of Doctor Who, Torchwood, and the Sarah Jane Adventures. They have also recorded special commentary podcasts for classic series and new series episodes of Doctor Who along with interviews of some of the brightest of the Doctor Who luminaries. Radio Free Skaro is also the official podcast of Gallifrey One, the world’s largest and longest-running annual Doctor Who convention.

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Radio Free Skaro #864 - Home of Genredoms

It’s been a week of HBO intrigues as the American home of Doctor Who (for now) goes through massive structural changes, ditches the $90 million Batgirl film for a tax writedown, and presumably turns everything it owns into a reality show. Here to explain the business machinations, or at least further muddy the waters, are the Three Who Rule. But there’s more in the form of a Chicago Fan Expo panel featuring our very own Steven, Erika Ensign of the Verity! Podcast, Nerdist senior editor and friend of the show Kyle Anderson, and academic and Who impresario Paul Booth! Links: __ __ Feature: __ __

1h 23m
Aug 07
Radio Free Skaro #863 - Sax and Drums and Rock and Roll

It’s the return of the Three Who Rule as Chris rejoins the august Radio Free Skaro crew from his recent sojourns in the United Kingdom and it’s a tragedy that it is in the sad circumstances of the passing of acting titans and Doctor Who stars Bernard Cribbins and David Warner this week. We pay tribute to these two gentlemen of stage and screen as well as looking at the latest Big Finish releases, and indeed a Humble Bundle that you will purchase! We also have a Miniscope about Doctor Who composer Carey Blyton featuring musician and Youtube impresario Jess Jurkovic! Links: __ __ Miniscope: __ __

1h 27m
Aug 01
Radio Free Skaro #862 - When You Wish Upon a Star

Two Who Rule (Steven and Warren) have returned from exile on Dulkis (vacation) this week and in lieu of Chris, who continues to explore the farthest corners of the United Kingdom, we have esteemed guest co-host Dr. Heather Berberet, psychologist and frequent guest host! Just as importantly, Heather is in San Diego giving us boots on the ground insights on goings on at San Diego Comic Con, as well as weighing in on such topics as Disney possibly distributing the RTD2 era of Doctor Who, Segun Akinola leaving the show, and a sad day for tat collectors as Eaglemoss goes out of business. But cheer up! Bonhomie, jocularity and optimism are our watchwords as we ascend to your podcast listening devices once more! Links: __ __

Jul 24
Radio Free Skaro #861 - European Vacation

It’s week two (of two) of our vacation, so her his our second episode composed entirely of Fluid Links! Your comments and questions, sent to us and randomly drawn, answered, deliberated, and discussed! Links: __ __

1h 9m
Jul 17
Radio Free Skaro #860 - Holiday Road

With the Three Who Rule taking a vacation in various parts of the world, for the first time since 2010, we’re banking a couple episodes composed entirely of Fluid Links! Your comments and questions, sent to us and randomly drawn, answered, deliberated, and discussed! Links: __ __

1h 2m
Jul 10
Radio Free Skaro #859 - The Omelette Memorandum

It’s Vacations Eve for Steven and Chris and besides that the news of the week is weirdly enough Ryan Gosling wearing a Ncuti Gatwa T-shirt but hey, we’ll take what we can get! And what we get is pretty much the Timelash, a ton of Big Finish including Chronovore Content (or Chron-Con as it is also known) from Friend of the Show Liz Myles, and the finale of our gripping Classic Series Commentary for Part Four of “The Space Museum”! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 16m
Jul 03
Radio Free Skaro #858 - Freedom of Choice

It’s the Time Before the Time of The RTD this week, as showrunner part deux Russels T Davies was a guest on the Triple C (Creative Confidence Collective) webinar and spoke of disability in the media, his writing process, creativity and the current state of the world, and we at RFS have listened and jotted down our meanderings. There’s also additional photographic evidence of Neil Patrick Harris being in Doctor Who to mull over, a call for Gallifrey One discussion panel topics and TARDIS Talks, our usual wallowing in the past with the Timelash, and part three of the gripping 1960s serial “The Space Museum” to outright ignore and blather over! Enjoy! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 20m
Jun 26
Radio Free Skaro #857 - The Blue Box Files

  Plenty of news this week, including the arrival of one Neil Patrick Harris in some form or fashion for the 60th anniversary celebrations of one Doctor Who next year, playing…that would be telling. Also a ton of Target novelizations, audio dramas both Big Finish and otherwise and Cubicle7 tabletop role playing game fun is on the way AND we have an interview with Ella Watts, the director/producer of Doctor Who Redacted, the 10-part BBC Sounds podcast-o-rama featuring everyone’s favourite Time Lord and a crew of investigators out to crack the code of the Blue Box! VWORP!! Links: __ __ Interview: __ __

1h 33m
Jun 19
Radio Free Skaro #856 - The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobos

The fallow times continue with mere dribs (not even drabs available) of news this week other than one Big Finish adventure, Pluto TV arriving soon in the Great White North, and Steven appearing soon at a Doctor panel at Chicago Fan Expo, but somehow the Three Who Rule managed to get 50 minutes of joyful banter and abject nonsense out of their brains for you dear listener, all before continuing with our exciting and as-always totally on topic commentary for the hell-bent for leather adventure saga “The Space Museum”! Links: __ __ Commentary __ __

1h 12m
Jun 12
Radio Free Skaro #855 - Anarchy in the UK

Have you ever wanted to manage the Doctor Who brand? Yes, the dream of many a British schoolchild can be yours if you have extensive experience in said management of brands and Doctor Who and probably a bunch of other stuff dummies like the Three Who Rule don’t understand. And that’s the news as new Doctor Who continues to be made, away from prying eyes! But we also have perennial fan favorite (is it though?) the Timelash, and Part One of our Classic Series Commentary about anything but “The Space Museum”! Links: __ __

1h 14m
Jun 05
Radio Free Skaro #854 - The Redemption of Innes Lloyd

We return to the Times of Fallowness after weeks of blockbuster news involving new and old Doctors and other such delights, but we still have cogent analysis of the BBC’s new digital machinations, insane tale-spinning about Steven traveling back to 1975 and saving missing episodes from incinerator-loving poltroons in The Timelash, the usual tat and nonsense and and AND…that’s it. Banter! Enjoy it! Or else! Links: __ __

1h 16m
May 29
Radio Free Skaro #853 - A Rose by Any Other Name

The casting announcements will continue because morale improves! Official news from Auntie Beeb about Yasmin Finney joining the cast as Rose (but not THAT Rose, despite what Variety may say) as well as one Rachel Talalay AKA SuperWhoDirector back on the show! Plus the usual audio, Terry Nation Army and Timelash shenanigans and a feature interview with Matthew Jacobs and Vanessa Yuille, the co-directors and co-producers of fandom-focused documentary Doctor Who Am I! Links: __ __ Feature: __ __

1h 40m
May 22
Radio Free Skaro #852 - Happy Times and Places

BREAKING NEWS KLAXON! Everything old is new again as only a week after the introduction of Ncuti Gatwa as the new Doctor, the BBC and Russell T Davies have announced the return of David Tennant and Catherine Tate to the show in a series of specials that…could be pretty much anything, given Mr. Davies’ proclivity for mystery. What are the Three Who Rule’s take on this stunner of an update? You can probably guess from our previous rantings and/or praise, but tune in anyway! All of this is not to overshadow a corker of an interview with Who expert, actor, podcaster and Friend Of The Show Toby Hadoke, along with news of tat, annuals, Big Finish goings-on, and the Timelash! So please, if you will, Allons-y! Links: __ __ Interview: __ __

1h 51m
May 15
Radio Free Skaro #851 - Ncuti Gatwa is The Doctor

Lo and behold, a new Doctor Who has appeared! Ncuti Gatwa is the new (but interestingly, not announced as the 14th) Doctor, as seen by an interview on the BAFTAs red carpet with Gatwa himself and one Russell T Davies. With months to go before Jodie Whittaker’s final foray as her incarnation of the Doctor and more waiting besides after that, let the baseless speculation commence! We also have news from Big Finish, Dominic Glynn’s historic Korg synthesizer can be YOURS (for a price), and the ever-present Timelash! But most importantly…GATWA! Links: __ __

1h 13m
May 08
Radio Free Skaro #850 - The Memory Cheats

This week in the first (of two?) Radio Free Skaro episodes, it’s the final revenge of STATS! at least until the Autumn and the Three Who Rule examine how Legend of the Sea Devils did in a historical context, a gripping start to an episode featuring Big Finish news, the return of the Terry Nation Army, the ever-present Timelash and, as a special treat, an interview with author Richard Molesworth about his new book The John Nathan-Turner Doctor Who Production Diary 1979-1990! Links: __ __ Interview: __ __

1h 23m
May 01
Radio Free Skaro #849 - Running Out The Clock in Florida

To the dread of Warren and delight of Steven and Chris, STATS return (and they are abysmal) for “Legend of the Sea Devils”, which spins off into a multi-faceted diatribe on the current state of streaming, including the abject failure of CNN+ and the rapid descent (more STATS) of Netflix’s subscriber base. But lest you think there’s no Doctor Who content we have news of Jo Martin and Sacha Dhawan joining the ranks of Big Finish, comics and Gallifrey One hotel booking info, and rounding it all out…The Timelash! Links: __ __

1h 14m
Apr 24
Radio Free Skaro #848 - There Should Have Been Another Way

It’s a live episode of Doctor Who and a livestream of Radio Free Skaro as the Three Who Rule don their flippers and talk in low whispers about “Legend of the Sea Devils”, a veritable gumbo of Thasmin, piracy and pieced together but somewhat enjoyable nonsense. But hey, how about that densely packed next time trailer that you’ll have to wait to see until October (maybe?). In the meantime, revel in our Timelash-ing, the Cushing films adding a couple K to their filmic resolution, a DWM action figure spectacularo and more! Li-s-s-s-s-t-e-n! Links: __ __

1h 36m
Apr 18
Radio Free Skaro #847 - Our Flag Means Death

With a week to go before Sea Devils become Legendary, the Three Who Rule are trawling through what little promotion has eked out of the BBC and its subordinate broadcasters to divine just what we’re in for as of April 17. But that day will not only mark the return of our soggy beaked friends but also the debut of a new dramatic Doctor Who podcast called Doctor Who: Redacted, the return of the LAX Marriott HOTELPOCALYPSE on May 6, Peter Capaldi at 18 meeting Jon Pertwee, and the final episode of our Classic Series Commentary for “Planet of Evil”! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 44m
Apr 10
Radio Free Skaro #846 - He's Not That Special

Doctor Who fandom is aflutter this week with the release of a glorious new trailer announcing the casting of none other than Matt Berry as the new Doctor Who! Of course this was all a cunning April Fool’s jape by none other than Who animator Rob Ritchie, but if you enjoy profane nonsense we highly recommend it. The REAL trailer this week for “Legend of the Sea Devils” also charmed us with its soggy swashbuckling (of seatbelts), and of course we have the usual Big Finish blast of new announcements, Peter Davison convention shenanigans, and the third episode of our Classic Series Commentary for “Planet of Evil”! Enjoy, or be banished to a pit full of anti-matter! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 28m
Apr 03
Radio Free Skaro #845 - Nothing Hill

Hugh Grant’s short national nightmare is over, as the dapper gent himself dismissed all speculation that he is in the running as the next Dr Who and thus sent the pondering hordes back to their speculations. But you, dear listener, need not ponder about the other news this week as we have not-quite-breaking missives about new “Legend of the Sea Devils” pictures, a trip through the Timelash, a surfeit of Big Finish releases yet to come, many of which are authored by Friend Of The Show and Verity! co-host Lizbeth Myles, and Part Two of our “Planet of Evil” Classic Series Commentary! Contain that anti-matter! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 8m
Mar 27
Radio Free Skaro #844 - The 4H Club

Another fallow week of news and surprisingly little tat as we tap our toes and twiddle our thumbs in anticipation of “Legend of the Sea Devils” but we do have confused old person ramblings about Fortnite, nostalgic old person waxings in The Timelash, and the first part of our elderly Classic Series Commentary musings about the classic 1975 Doctor Who story “Planet of Evil”! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 9m
Mar 20
Radio Free Skaro #843 - Paint It, Black

It’s another week where the Doctor Who news is thin on the ground and Christopher Eccleston offhandedly calling multi-Doctor stories a “cash grab” is grist for the clickbait mills but hold on to your hats, because we have a Miniscope about Ian Stuart Black, the writer of not only “The Savages”, but also “The War Machines” and and AND “The Macra Terror”! Buckle up, crab enthusiasts! Links: __ __ Miniscope: __ __

1h 39m
Mar 13
Radio Free Skaro #842 - A Wolf at the Door

This week on Radio Free Skaro: Russell T Davies teases imminent production of Doctor Who, a historic anniversary, more speculation on BBC America’s future with Doctor Who, a monumental day to look back at in The Timelash, and Emily Cook drops by to talk about Doctor Who Magazine 575! Links: __ __ Interview: __ __

1h 2m
Mar 06
Radio Free Skaro #841 - After the Gold Rush

It’s the week after Gallifrey One and Steven is full of stories, adventures and happy thoughts about his experiences at the con, as all three of those Who Rule look forward to the recently announced 33 1/3 edition of Gallifrey One in 2023. Plus we dip into the distant past via The Timelash, talk VCR archeology and network TV, and plow through a veritable mountain of audio and dolly tat, and more! Your ears are required! Links: __ __

1h 12m
Feb 27
Radio Free Skaro #840 - The Sweet Hereafter

Our last podcast of the weekend at Gallifrey One features an interview with journalist, writer, and TV critic Matthew Sweet, responsible for those stellar long form interviews on the Doctor Who Blu-ray sets. And Chip from Two-Minute Time Lord and Erika from Verity! join Steven to wrap up the day and the convention as a whole. It’s been a wonderful weekend of healing and togetherness and we hope the podcasts this weekend helped share the atmosphere here with you. Links: __ __

1h 2m
Feb 20
Radio Free Skaro #839 - The Bask of Mandragora

The second of three podcasts this weekend from Gallifrey One is all recorded outside in the balmy, sunny, COVID-safe surroundings of the LAX Marriott in Los Angeles! First up, guest host Paul Booth talks about both his experiences with the Doctor Who TARDIS Talks this year, as well as a similar 60th anniversary pilgrimage to what Steven is undergoing. Then, Rob Ritchie, ex(?) of the Doctor Who animated range talks about the future of the range and his work on it up until now. Sunglasses on! Links: __ __

1h 0m
Feb 20
Radio Free Skaro #838 - Radio Free Skaro: In Flux

After a year away, Radio Free Skaro is happy and proud to be back at Gallifrey One in 2022! With two-thirds of the Three Who Rule unable to be here this year, it is up to Steven and trusty sidekick/tech producer Chip Sudderth to kick off the festivities with RADIO FREE SKARO: IN FLUX, the first live show of the weekend with guests Sylvester McCoy, Matt Strevens, Jon Davey, Jonathan Watson, and Stephen Gallagher! Links: __ __

1h 15m
Feb 18
Radio Free Skaro #837 - The Mask of Mandragora

It’s that time of year again, as Galllifrey 2022 arrives next week and with it will come the live show “Radio Free Skaro: In Flux” and with THAT will come the Two-Minute Time Lord himself, Chip Sudderth, who will be in Los Angeles along with Steven and is in fact here now on this very program! As is tradition we highlight the many highlights of the Gally schedule and the added twists of this year’s convention as we navigate the Ongoing Weirdness. But that’s not all! We also have an interview with Big Finish’s Steve Berry who reveals both that fine organization’s plans and presence at Gallifrey One but also lets slip some details on this very audiogram! Links: __ __ Features: __ __

1h 27m
Feb 13
Radio Free Skaro #836 - Unlimited Rice Pudding

It’s the conclusion of our “Remembrance of the Daleks” Classic Series Commentary where we blatantly ignore foundation-shattering lore and Gallifreyan artifacts and yander on about something irrelevant, probably. Plus we have Gallifrey One news, the ever-present dip back into history with The Timelash, BFI screenings, and new Big Finish initiatives, and an interview with DWM’s Emily Cook where she reveals her righteous disdain for…stats! Ahhh-ahhhhh! STATS! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __ Interview: __ __

1h 26m
Feb 06
Radio Free Skaro 835: Diamonds Are Forever

The rumours of The Return of Tennant strengthen and grow, driving at least two of the RFS-ians into states of pearl-clutching cold sweats and another into cautious optimism. Guess which ones! Plus we have news of Jodie Whittaker’s regeneration scene, the Gallifrey One schedule is released (including details of the Radio Free Skaro live show), a dip into history with The Timelash, and our Classic Series Commentary for Part Three of “Remembrance of the Daleks”! Links: __ __ Commentary: __ __

1h 30m
Jan 30