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Hybrid Working: Impact on Home and Tech

The third in a series that explores how hybrid working has impacted several industries across Western Europe. In this episode we turn our attention to what it means for industries like consumer electronics and appliances, home improvement & gardening, toys & video games, and hygiene. Euromonitor’s Alexandre Loeur is joined by Veronika Kandusova, Per Brandberg and Miles Agbanrin. They discuss how the music and sports industry turned to gaming to engage with consumers, how people transformed their homes into workspaces, gyms or entertainment hubs and assess if these changes are here to stay. Want to check out the other episodes in this series? Find them here: Hybrid Working: Impact on Fashion Hybrid Working: Impact on Food and Nutrition Interested in what the future of work looks like? Our recent webinar can tell you more about the future of work- remote, hybrid, and beyond.

Aug 04
The Evolution of the Physical Space in Hospitality

Physical spaces are evolving in the wake of the pandemic. Drawing on their recent report, Nadejda Popova and Alex Jarman discuss the top six trends they're seeing in the hospitality industry as it responds to changing consumer lifestyles, business models and workplace alongside the influence of digital transformation. As more companies embrace change and innovation, physical spaces can be redesigned to create unique user experiences across all touchpoints. How are social media companies showing up in the space IRL? Where do sustainability and design come into play? And how much is consumer preference really driving these trends? Want to learn more about the full report? Click here. Already a Passport subscriber? You can access the report here.

Jul 28
Less is More, or More for Less? How Inflation is Reshaping Brand Experiences

With prices skyrocketing, how can brands balance the conflicting consumer desires to have heightened experiences AND simplified inexpensive options? Senior Industry Manager, Caroline Bremner, explains how Euromonitor's Megatrend "Experience More" is transforming in the current climate. Inflationary pressures are eating into consumers’ discretionary spending, yet the desire for experiences regardless of channel – in real life or the metaverse – remains unabated. Brands are adopting a ‘less is more’ approach, with no-frills, removing filters, reducing choice and knocking down barriers to ensure that brand experiences are inclusive and appealing to all, opening up new opportunities to forge long lasting connections. What opportunities exist for brands in this climate? How can they use this moment to build brand loyalty? Want to experience more Experience More? Get more info about  the full report here. Or head over to our Inflation Surge Page for more content and to try our Price and Availability Tracker.

Jul 19
Beauty and Personal Care in Western Europe: Trends Defining the Region

* Social occasions and travel have made a comeback, boosting the recovery of fragrances, colour cosmetics and sun care in Western Europe. But what about hand sanitiser? Has its hero moment come to an end? With inflation now in the mix, consumers want their beauty products to do more. New beauty trends (hint: multifunctionality) are emerging in the region as pandemic-related changes subside. What are consumers looking for in their personal care products today and where are they buying them? Listen in to find out. *   * Want to know more about our full report? Click here. * For more insights like these, check out our other podcasts or visit our insights page for articles, webinars, and videos.

Jun 30
Sustainability in Cannabis and Tobacco

Tackling environmental challenges are top of the sustainability agenda for governments, with countries around the world setting targets and regulations, and companies from every sector being encouraged to increase business transparency and accountability via mandatory ESG reporting. Although some companies and sectors are acting ahead of regulation, legislation has become a vital mechanism to regulate businesses’ behaviours, protect local communities, consumers, employees, and the environment. In this podcast, Shane MacGuill, Euromonitor International’s Global Lead for Nicotine & Cannabis discusses the drivers of environmental sustainability regulation in tobacco and cannabis industries, its role and implications on businesses and consumers. Want to learn more about our report: Environmental Sustainability Regulation: A Cross-Industry View? Click here! And for more podcasts, articles, and videos on the Tobacco and Cannabis Industries, be sure to check out our insights page.

Jun 28
Airlines and Inflation: Can we expect a slowdown for the aviation sector?

Airlines are facing inflation, rising oil prices, and staff shortages, all while customers rush to book their "revenge travel" at a bargain cost. Some airlines are raising ticket prices to cope with rising expenses, but others are not. Euromonitor's Senior Project Manager, Nadejda Popova, joins Jessica to discuss how the aviation sector is expected to fare in these turbulent times and shed some light on why she can't find anymore cheap flights to use up her vouchers. Inflation is everywhere! Learn more about its effect on business across all markets with these handy infographics. To learn more about recent challenges in the Travel Industry, check out our Voice of the Industry: Travel Survey - Facing New Challenges

Jun 21
Sustainable Food and Drinks

What's driving sustainability in the foods and drinks industries? And what are the implications on businesses and consumers? Euromonitor's Maria Mascaraque, Food Industry Manager, Howard Telford, Senior Soft Drinks Manager and Rosemarie Downey, Packaging Industry Manager give their insights. Want to learn more about the report we mention? Click here.

Jun 13
Hybrid Working: Impact on Food and Nutrition

The second in a series that explores the impact of hybrid working, this episode is a deep dive into how retailers in the food and nutrition space are responding to the recent change in working patterns. Euromonitor's Natasha Cazin is joined by analyst Natalia Theofilopoulou to answer the following questions- What sort of changes are food players making? How does packaging play a role? Who is innovating in response to hybrid work? And how can retailers win amongst so much change?

May 17
The Socialisation Paradox: A Dichotomy of Consumer Comfort

How are consumers with different comfort levels approaching a return to pre-pandemic life? Certain consumers are eager, whilst others are hesitant, to resume their normal activities, creating The Socialisation Paradox. Euromonitor's Rob Eveson and Kalina Doykova join Amy Rollinson to discuss how this dichotomy impacts a range of industries, from travel, food service, alcoholic drinks and home. Want to know more about The Socialisation Paradox, or any of our other Top 10 Global Trends of 2022? Download the white paper or watch the webinar.

May 13
Travel Leaders: Tourism Recovery in Asia Pacific with PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera

Join Caroline Bremner for the latest Travel Leaders Podcast in conversation with PATA CEO Liz Ortiguera. Liz gives us the latest update from Asia Pacific on tourism recovery, where there is cautious optimism based on pent up demand and increasing flight capacity as the region reopens. Liz outlines PATA’s work in vaccine equity to ensure a sustainable recovery. Finally, Liz shares best practice, outlining how crisis triggers the best type of innovation out of urgency as true needs are sharpened.  

May 11
Travel Leaders: Conversations on The Roadmap to Net Zero Emissions

Join Caroline Bremner as she speaks to Chris Imbsen, Director of Sustainability at WTTC and Megan Morikawa, Global Sustainability Office Director at Iberostar. Chris walks us through the key findings of WTTC’s Roadmap to Net Zero where urgency is required to accelerate a sustainable transition for travel businesses. While Megan outlines the importance of making decarbonization a reality in destinations to the net benefit of local communities and preserving fragile coastal ecosystems. Want to learn more? Check out Caroline's article about green tech innovation in tourism. 

Mar 25
How to Innovate in OTC through Sustainability and Digitalisation

* The marketplace in OTC drugs is going through a period of acute change, as formulators and marketers increasingly must consider factors like sustainability and digitalisation in product design and brand outreach and development. In this podcast, Stella Vatcheva and Matthew Oster discuss prominent approaches from category adjacencies in consumer goods and answer the question- How can the OTC industry incorporate these innovations moving forward? *   * Want to learn more about innovation and consumer health? Check out our insights page. *  

Mar 23
The Impact of Rising Inflation on Businesses and Consumers

Everyone is talking about inflation. In this episode, Lan Ha, Euromonitor's Head of Economy, Finance, and Trade, explains how business and consumers will react in tandem to the surge in inflation. How will consumers modify their spending habits? What can businesses do to adapt to growing production costs and shifting consumer behaviour? Still have questions? Check out the article mentioned in this podcast, "Three Main Risks Facing Businesses in 2022: Omicron, Supply Chain and Inflation."

Mar 21
Fashion Friday: Fashion Opportunities in the Metaverse

As we adapt to an increasingly digitally reliant world, this episode explores how digital innovations, shifts in target demographics, and lifestyle changes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic are drawing fashion players to explore opportunities in the metaverse. What challenges and opportunities will fashion players face while trying to capitalise on the expansion digital fashion in the metaverse?

Feb 18
Hurdles in The Cannabis Revolution: Lessons from North America

* The legalisation of the cannabis industry in California in 2016 was signaling the end of the illegal market and promising economic gains. Today leading California cannabis companies warn that they’re on the verge of collapse as most local governments have been reluctant to loosen regulatory frameworks, reduce taxes, permit wider range of product formats, and establish more attractive distribution systems for easier access. According to Euromonitor’s Global Lead for Nicotine and Cannabis Industries Shane MacGuill, uncertainty in the regulatory frameworks and lack of legal activity negatively impacts investments and social acceptance of the industry. More attractive prices, dynamism, authenticity, and easier access of the illegal propositions still remain more attractive to consumers. With more countries considering legalisation of the cannabis industry, learning from North American experience becomes critical. Euromonitor’s Shane highlights the importance of having a clear purpose for legalization that would set the basis for well-balanced regulatory frameworks and smooth transition from illegal to legal cannabis consumption.

Feb 18
Hybrid Working: Impact on Fashion in Western Europe

This episode is the first in a series that explores how hybrid working has impacted several industries in Western Europe. After a year of working from home as a result of the 2020 pandemic, hybrid working came into full play by the end of the fourth quarter in 2021 in the UK, with the return of people to offices on a flexible basis. Analyst Nina Marston and consultant Natasha Cazin discuss how fashion brands and retailers are responding to this change in working patterns, in terms of product assortment and distribution, including a shift to buying clothes online.

Feb 08
Emerging trends for the Indian Consumer Foodservice Industry in 2022

As India begins to emerge from the third Covid-19 wave, what tips and tricks will help restaurants keep afloat amidst the dynamic rules and regulations? Euromonitor International's Food and Nutrition Insight Lead India, Shreya Sharma, takes us through the performance of the Consumer Foodservice Industry in 2021 and how it is expected to pan out in the future.

Jan 27
From Energy Boosting to Full Relaxation: The Strengthening of Oppositional Behaviours and Needs

As part of Euromonitor International's Megatension series, analysts Lucas Pinto and Chloe Maarek discuss how the pandemic has aroused a range of different feelings, leading some to increased anxiety and stress, and others to a higher proactivity and “can-do” attitude. Based on these conflicting needs, products aiming to enhance focus and attention are becoming more popular at the same time as products intending to increase relaxation and calmness. Pandemic-related needs have brought this polarized trend into beverages, consumer health and cannabis, but where will it go from here?

Jan 06
Understanding the Middle Class Reset in Latin America

* * * * * * Latin American economies shrunk by more than 8% on average in 2020. This reality fosters the concept of frugal innovation, given the inadequate fiscal and monetary stimulus in the region. Consumers will continue to be price sensitive and receptive to affordable products that answer their needs. Innovation, social networks, business models and flexible payments methods will be key actions that must be taken to engage with this targeted consumer. *  

Dec 14, 2021
Climate Action in Travel: Lots of Talk but Not Enough Action

While being a vehicle for job creation, prosperity and equality, if out of control, travel and tourism can damage precious ecosystems and biodiversity. Climate action was accelerated during the pandemic, where travel businesses took advantage of the pause to rethink their corporate strategies and supply chains to drive cost efficiencies. The intersection of climate action and green technology is a sweet spot for innovation for travel brands and destinations on the pathway to net zero.

Dec 01, 2021
Travel Leaders: Conversation with Jeremy Smith of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency

Hot off the back of COP26, Caroline Bremner speaks to Jeremy Smith, Co-Founder of Tourism Declares a Climate Emergency in the latest Travel Leaders podcast. Hear from Jeremy about the journey that Tourism Declares has been on, culminating with the launch of the Glasgow Declaration to provide a working framework for the tourism sector to reduce its carbon emissions by 50% by 2030. Jeremy gives an insight to what happens next now that the momentum is well and truly rolling on climate action.

Nov 29, 2021
Ready meals: How Current Trends will Reshape the Market in the Future

In this episode, Euromonitor International’s Nutrition Research Analyst Ekaterina Tretyakova discusses the main trends in the ready meals market. Consumers tend to cook less often but still perceive eating together as an important social occasion, which is driving demand for ready meals. Increased spending on ready meals and their delivery is accelerating the development of new business models, and close collaboration between retailers and foodservice operators. Within this burgeoning category there are clearly emerging trends - health and wellness, sustainability, and the impact of technology – which are also explored in this podcast.

Nov 23, 2021
How Have Mobility Patterns Changed During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered a change in consumer transport patterns. More people have turned away from public transport due to lockdowns and strict social distancing rules in favour of cycling and private car travel, while others have reduced demand for transport due to remote work arrangements. In a post-pandemic, world transport demand is likely to return to some level of normality, though personal car travel is likely to decrease in favour of mobility-as-a-service and micro-mobility.

Nov 15, 2021
Fashion Friday: The Rise of Digital Resale in North America

This month’s episode of Fashion Friday by Euromonitor International analyzes the digital resale market in North America. While the resale market has existed for decades, it is currently booming thanks to the changing needs and values of consumers, especially Millennial and Gen Z consumers. A range of new, digital-native players and initiatives by existing clothing brands have emerged to meet these needs. Who are these new players? What drives consumers to a particular resale platform? Will the trend continue? What can existing brands and retailers do to capitalize on this growing market?

Nov 04, 2021
Travel Leaders: Interview with Geotourist

In this latest episode of Travel Leaders Series, Head of Travel Research Caroline Bremner speaks to Shaon Talukder, Chief Executive Officer of Geotourist, an award-winning audio-tours platform that enables local people to share and preserve their stories. Geotourist’s transformation in becoming a vital tool for destination management, leveraging visitor analytics, encouraging dispersal and inclusion. Tune in to hear about future opportunities for the creator economy.

Oct 22, 2021
Sustainability in Fashion: Intention vs Action

In the aftermath of COVID-19 lockdowns, stark tensions and contradictions have arisen in many parts of the world. Behavioural tensions and responses range from empathy and a growing sense of community to a “me first” attitude of self-interest; from a “more is less” approach to consumption to indulgence spending and comfort clutter. Consumer behaviours towards sustainability in fashion are characterised by a tension between opposing trends, especially in an age of overconsumption: are shoppers holding brands accountable for their ethics or are price and convenience still driving consumption? Is a 'structural shift' in the industry really happening or were these pledges mostly PR stunts in the wake of 2020’s big focus on social causes worldwide?

Oct 15, 2021
Fashion Friday: The Increasing South Korean Influence on Global Fashion

* Hallyu (a Chinese term that translates to ‘the Korean Wave’) refers to the transcendence and increasing popularity of South Korean cultural exports such as South Korean TV dramas and pop music. * Popular in Asian countries from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s, the second wave or Hallyu 2.0 is now becoming popular in Western countries - and luxury brands are seeking out more collaborations with Korean celebrities as global brand ambassadors. Are Western consumers and Korean consumers different in terms of their expectations from the brands in which they invest? How is South Korea influencing global fashion, and is the luxury industry prepared to accurately understand consumer groups across different communities and cultures?

Sep 23, 2021
Sustainability in Luxury Goods: An Interview with Euromonitor International and Valuence Holdings

While the global luxury goods market is expected to recover from the pandemic in the coming years, sustainability will be an increasing focus area for luxury players to engage with consumers, with a new-normal having emerged as values were transformed by the experiences in the pandemic. Euromonitor International’s Industry Manager Fflur Roberts and Consultant Yuri Gorai discuss sustainability trends in the global luxury goods industry as well as in the important Japanese market with Taro Okamura, Senior specialist for investor relations and ESG at Valuence Holdings and Senior specialist for strategic market analysis at Valuence Japan. Learn more about Valuence Holdings at its website.

Sep 13, 2021
Restarting Europe: Exploring New Trends in the Evolution of the Physical Store

This episode is the second of our new podcast series on “Restarting Europe”, where Food and Nutrition Research Analysts Margaux Laine and Marie Breban will dig deeper into the evolution of the physical store one year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, as Europe is gradually re-opening. The episode will explore two pillars shaping the future of the brick and mortar store in Europe – ‘Betting on Suburbia’ and ‘Exploring new concepts’. With e-commerce further gaining advantage during extended lockdowns, can physical stores compete by betting on community-driven initiatives? Can retailers and shops extend the role of the physical store, and where does sustainability fit into this new normal?

Sep 09, 2021