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F&10| College Football Preview, Kim Kardashian Odds, and Hurting Kid's Feelings

We're back with another Forth and Ten where we roast kids, mourn Pete Davidson, and look ahead to the college football season.

1h 32m
Aug 17
F&10 | Petty Hawks, Toe Sucking, and Who Else Has KD Fatigue?

ANOTHER FORTH AND TEN Dejounte Murray is a menace, Damon is pro-toe sucking, KD gives an ultimatum, and an Italian athlete lets the whole cannolis hang out.

1h 13m
Aug 10
F&10 | Fat Clause, Homework Clause, and Men are still Gross

ANOTHER FORTH AND TEN. We talk the Browns QB situation, players being micromanaged, and we talk the passing of Bill Russel and Vin Scully

1h 13m
Aug 03
F&10| KD's on tik tok, we agree with Primetime, and we're live for the Patrons!

Another Forth and Ten live for our Patrons. Why is David bad at the tv? What's Steph's beef? What do we think of Hoarders?

1h 14m
Jul 28
F&10 | Drug Lords, 90s Draft, and who's the All Time GOAT team?

What is the greatest NBA Team of all time? What's needed for the greatest 90s night? Also who is Dan naming his next kid after?

1h 14m
Jul 20
F&10 | Morman Cougars, Wisconsin Witches, and MJ vs Ja

WE'RE BACK IN THE SAME ROOM. The whole gang is here and we have thoughts on the Zach Wilson situation, Aaron Rodgers Tattoo, and we continue to keep an eye on NBA free agency

1h 24m
Jul 13
F&10 | Ring Chasing, Our Hefty King, and We Know Where KD Will Go

WE KNOW WHERE KD WILL END UP. So I guess you'll have to listen...

1h 0m
Jul 06
F&10 | Bad Wifi and Comedy Mountains

We have people all over the globe, so we reunited via iffy wifi to bring you our comedy Rushmores. If you want the full episode head over to now

Jul 01
F&10 Re-Play | Bitcoins, Butt Slaps, & Any Doll Can Be A Sex Doll w/Roy Wood Jr.

Welcome to The Quarantine Chronicles Chapter 10! We're joined this week by Comedian, Daily Show Correspondent, and Space Force star Roy Wood Jr to talk the Last Dance and he brings the Top Ten movie characters he's glad are dead. We also break down when a doll becomes a sex doll, the NFL's Black Friend rule, and should spitting be illegal?

1h 33m
Jun 23
F&10 | NBA Rushmore, Boston is Sneaky, and Curry's Love Life

We're back and talking Curry love triangles, NBA Rushmore, Jack Del Rio's comments, and is A&M a cult?

1h 34m
Jun 15
F&10 | NBA Top 20 All Time, Black Butts, and Wilbon Was First

We bring our top 20 all time lists, talk NBA finals, and who really created Stephen A Smith?

1h 21m
Jun 08
F&10 | NBA Finals Preview, Slap Awareness, & Paper beats Rock

Should you know a slap is coming, who's winning the finals, and what should Rock offspring be called?

1h 27m
Jun 01
F&10 | Damon loves Dallas, Nate Hates Roasts, and David Defends Dirk

Welcome back to another exciting Forth and Ten! We present the results of our Hype Song tourney, break down what's happening with Luka, and Damon exposes his love of the Lone Star State

1h 22m
May 25
F&10 | CP3 is Done, Loose Chicken Fingers, & Does Nate Agree with OJ?


1h 27m
May 18
F&10 | Top 4 Hype Songs of All Time, Chris Paul vs Everyone, & Horse Prostitution

Another amazing Forth and Ten where we continue talking NBA playoffs, The Kentucky Derby's real prize, and what are the best hype songs left in our tourney?

1h 15m
May 11
F&10 | Best NBA Player Left, Best TV Right Now, and Jack Harlow vs Lil Dicky

Welcome back to another Forth and Ten where we're continuing into our NBA playoff talk, who are the best 5 players left, who's the greatest white rapper, and we give our best and worst TV picks right now!

1h 18m
May 04
F&10 | Hype Song Update, Best NBA Players UNDER 25, and the worst baseball fans in the world

WE'RE BACK NBA playoffs are rolling on without the Nets, Yankee fans are awful, and who's the best player under 25???

1h 6m
Apr 27
F&10 | Kyrie vs Boston, Malika Andrews vs David, and Damon vs Bat Dongs

WE'RE BACK IN THE SAME ROOM. NBA Playoffs are underway, Dan owes us a tattoo, Nate isn't prepared, David gets mad at Malika Andrews, and Damon gets mad at a pants less bat.

1h 32m
Apr 20
F&10 | Magic Booty, NBA Playoff Preview & Greatest Hype Songs of All Time

It's March Madness in April and we have our greatest hype songs bracket, our NBA Playoff Preview, and Fictional Magic needs to say sorry.

1h 29m
Apr 13
F&10| REPLAY The GOAT Disney Song Draft with Jessica Kleinschmidt

We open a time and space wormhole to head back to 2021 and listen in on our GOAT Disney Song Bracket with NBC Sports' Jessica Kleinschmidt

1h 25m
Apr 06
F&10| REPLAY. The Great White Draft

Hop into our time machine and go back to 2020 when we drafted the greatest white people of all time!

1h 23m
Apr 01
F&10 | Peacocks are Gross, Nate Goes Full Sherman, & Does the Scoring Title Mean Anything?

WHAT A WEEK. The Falcons hurt Nate, Lebron is on his way to passing Kareem, and MARCH MADNESS IS MADDENING

1h 27m
Mar 23
F&10 | Did you just Pantomime Jerry Jones in a Sexual Position?

Not sure what we can say here. The gangs back together and we have a lot to discuss. Jerry Jones' sex life Kyrie's courtside hang & Brady is back?

1h 15m
Mar 16
F&10 | One Russ gets high, one Russ gets soft, and we'll defend Ridley

Welcome to another Forth and Ten. Join David and Nate as they talk WNBA flights, both Russ situations, and the NFL protecting Gambling

1h 11m
Mar 09
F&10| Shaq's Bucket of Poop, Trading Spaces, and Get Green Bubbles Out Of Your Life

The whole team is back and we have things to discuss. Shaq poops in a bucket, Giannas is a benchwarmer, and what's the best state of comedians?

1h 15m
Mar 02
F&10 | NBA All Star Breakdown, You Only Get One Penis, and Are All Ghosts Black?

The team is back together! Penises are getting frozen, boobs are being slapped, and are all ghosts black?

1h 26m
Feb 23
F&10 | Is Stafford a Hall of Famer, Who Saved Damon, & the Opposite of Trash

We're back with a live episode! Matt Stafford gets his ring, Kupp ruins Apple, and who saved Damon from losing $1000?

1h 28m
Feb 16
F&10 Super Bowl Week | Outdoor Poops, Cool Dads, and the $1000 Bet

And we're back! Lebron wants to be a cool dad, Super Bowl is this week, and Lamar Odom does another weird thing!

1h 4m
Feb 09
F&10 | All Star Starters, Super Bowl is set, and Brady Hadn't Retired Yet When We Recorded This

Another Forth and Ten that's already late to the party on our topics!

1h 16m
Feb 02
F&10 | Some People Don't Have Championships or Vaginas

We're back. The whole team sits back down together to talk all the NFL games, Grayson Allen, and are the Lakers wussies?

1h 20m
Jan 26