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A DotA 2 Podcast for new and experienced player's alike. The hosts crack wise and talk the pains and triumphs of learning the ins and outs of the game as well as the meta behind it and offer educational information about the game from higher skill players.

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Bouncy Hunter

On this week's show Ursi and Proud are covering the Arlington Major a bit, especially the unpicked heroes, and much more. Topics include: Dark Willow, Void Spirit, Invoker changes, buybacks, Witch Doctor, Winter Wyvern, unpopular heroes, Bounty Hunter, Phantom Assassin, Witch Blade, the 6k+ item tier, hero spammers, Shadow Fiend, and much more! 

1h 16m
Aug 10
Soft Commit to the Sewage Drain

On this week's show Ursi, Proud, and a special celebrity guest cover a whole lot of trends, events, and more! Topics include: hero trends, a wonderful mid tier list by iAnnihilate, Lion, Puck, Dazzle, Juggernaut, push strats, backdoor strats, commitment, reasoning for certain trends, the upcoming patch, and much more!

1h 7m
Aug 03
Keeper of the POGS

On this week's episode Zac, Ursi, and Proud talk a whole lot about different mids, mostly! Topics include: KOTL, Arc Warden (surprise, surprise), Necrophos, Puck, Alchemist trends, Lina's current iteration, Backdoor team comps, Tusk, Zac's POGS theory, the upcoming Arlington Major, and much more! 

1h 12m
Jul 28
Penalty for Traveling

On this week's episode Zac, Ursi, and Proud survive the heat. Topics include: Nature's Prophet, winning streaks (knock on wood), overall game quality since the matchmaking patch, Zeus, smurf frequency these days, Centaur Warrunner, Puck, Travels (and Travels 2), Timbersaw, Doom, and much more!

1h 9m
Jul 21
A Tale of Two T Words

On this week's weekly show Ursi, Zac, and Proud rework their brains. Topics include: Mars, smurf pool, Spectre, Tinker, Techies, the recent matchmaking patch, Divine Rapier, Elder Titan, underrated items (Blademail & Glimmer Cape on cores), Keeper of the Light core, Pudge, and much more! 

1h 8m
Jul 13
Biblically Accurate Zeus

On this week's podcast Zac, Ursi, and Proud achieve victory across many fields of combat. Topics include: Veil rework ideas, Zeus, Alliance, Mars, Naix the Lifestealer, Octarine Core Juggernaut (yes, you read that correctly), Gleipnir, Monkey King, Atos, learning new heroes, Crystal Maiden, and more!

1h 9m
Jul 06
Dazzle-Based Inadequacy

Zac and Ursi chat! About Dota! What a concept! Topics include: the support meta, Phantom Assassin, Huskar, Dragon Knight, Vision differentials, Dazzle, a game Zac & Ursi played, which heroes would be the best & worst baseball players, and much more!

1h 1m
Jun 29
Lion (Elbow Free)

Ursi and Proud recorded a patreon Dota Deep Dive on Lion this weekend and we were so happy with it we wanted to post it here! 

1h 2m
Jun 22
Tree Tricks and a Liquid End v2

We talk about the infamous "Tree Trick" maneuver, hero dynamics in the ultra lategame, Dawnbreaker carry, and things of that nature. 

Jun 16
Patch 7.31d Patch Review & Battle Reports

Proud and Zac run through the new iteration of patch 7.31 - patch 7.31d, as well as the new Battle Reports system and other new changes! 

1h 40m
Jun 09
Game of Joy

Zac and Bee slip in a podcast right before the patch. Topics include: the curse of playing ranked, feelings about the current meta, gambling, the stockholm major, predictions, and a few questions, finally.

1h 1m
Jun 07
Pain is Pain

Proud and Zac record a surprisingly good podcast, given the circumstances. Topics include: Patch Announcement, International 11 Format, Night Stalker, FearDarkness "Clinton" Loomis, Small Items, BKB, and Carry Consistency. Someone was taking a shower right next to my mic for a bit there SORRRY

1h 11m
Jun 03
A Major Discussion of Minor Importance

Bee, Proud, and Zac talk about the major, the monkeyman, the windrunner, the martian, and probably some other stuff too.

1h 11m
May 25
Live from ESL One Stockholm Dota Major!

In which Bee and her brother, Gigabeef (legal name), report back from the ongoing ESL One Stockholm major!

May 21
What's 400 Units to a God?

On this week's show Ursi, Proud, and Zac question God's Laws and come out unscathed. Topics include: Meepo, Natures Prophet, Omniknight, Tiny, Dawnbreaker, Offlane, Adam Sandler, Pangolier, Pugna, Spectre, Spirit Vessel in its current form, Mars, and much more! 

1h 5m
May 18
A Major Case of the Sleepies

A new Major! A terrible Aghs! A support Sven! A question! A plug! Now you don't have to listen.

1h 10m
May 12
We Need Reinforcements

Proud and Zac try their best. Yasha still sucks. Shards are a bastard. Only trust your fists. Your only comfort is the promise of (podcast) release

1h 0m
May 04
Comparing Yourself to God

On this episode, Zac and Proud conglomerate to talk about the fruits of their Dota trees. Topics include: Chaos knight, Monkey king mid, nerd vs jock gamers, restorative sand king, the terrors of the Omniscience, and more!

Apr 28
Popoff Potential & Safelane Pivots

In which Ursi and Proud combine their brains to prevent Nobunaga Oda from unifying Japan. Topics include: Sniper, Wraithking, Ursa, stat items, Topson builds, Sekiro vs. Elden Ring, Samurai Warriors 5, 'popoff potential', a few games from Ursi, a few games from Proud, and much more! 

Apr 21
Theoretical Monkey in the Middle

On this week's Unnamed Wednesday Episode Ursi, Proud, and Zac do some serious theorcrafting, even though it's not a Thursday. Topics include: Monkey King, Ember Spirit, Void Spirit, Razor, Rubick, Legion Commander, Mage Slayer (the best item), Dark Seer build variety, Lane Aggression, Juggernaut, Arc Warden, 'Sexy Luigi Meme', and much more!

1h 4m
Apr 13
Snake Related Activities

On this week's show Bee, Proud, Zac, and Ursi combine to form a podcaster voltron no one asked for but you'll all receive anyway. Topics include: Mid Skywrath trends, Tusk, Zac & Ursi's charity matches, Venomancer, Coffee recommendations, Kunkka, Juggernaut, upcoming goals, Dragon Knight, 'Stack Shifts', and much more!

1h 19m
Apr 07
Wone Wednesday Wins

On this truly indescribable joy of an episode Proud, Ursi, and Zac gather around the campfire to discuss Dota. Topics include: WLDL Grand FInals, further Abaddon testing (and support Abaddon), Legion Commander, Vengeful Spirit, Snapfire, Zac's recalibration, Ursi's feedfest, Ranged 3's, Wraith Bands, milk, Omniknight, Holy Locket, and so much more!

1h 1m
Mar 30
You Can Argue With Results

Zac and Proud are joined by guest and replacement-Sam Strilling7 to resurrect a dead format and theory craft some Thursdays. Topics include: battlefury abaddon, mechanical vs theoretical fun, multiplicative interactions, and useless bloodseekers!

1h 11m
Mar 25
Bee Goes Full Fiend

In which Bee and Ursi discuss Bee's truly marathon Dota binge. Topics include: Winter Wyvern, Venomancer, Hoodwink, Primal Beast, Jakiro (mid and support), Business Proposal, a few questions, and much more!

1h 0m
Mar 22
Inside the Zactors Studio

On this episode Ursi runs a goofy segment entirely to its end. Afterwards Zac uncovers a full-blown conspiracy and we all become truly enlightened of the plight of the Agility core.  Full Dota chat starts 16:45, if you are uninterested in Fun.

Mar 17
Power Demon Lord Double Jump

On this week's Tuesday Show Ursi, Bee, and Proud play a game. Topics include: Nature's Prophet, Tiny & his Agh's, Arc Warden, grouping up, Juggernaut, Winter Wyvern, learning from pros, horses, Elden Ring, Underlord, Orchestrions, and more!

1h 6m
Mar 15
Investigate Snapfire For Her Many Crimes

On this week's Thursday Show Ursi, Zac, and Proud fight off three vicious Akitas. Topics include: reasons for the current pub meta, Undying, Tiny, Snapfire, Necrophos, Lone Druid, 'Algorithmic Dota', hard & fast rules, and much more!

1h 12m
Mar 10
Whiney Malingerers

On this week's Thursday (Friday, sorry!) show Zac and Ursi discuss the new patch and, in particular, the new 7.31b changes! Topics include: Burnout Mode, leading from the 5 position, Naga Siren, Ability draft, Tiny, Primal Beast, Hoodwink, Null talismans, Skywrath, Techies rework, and more!

Mar 04
Secret Sanctions

On this week's Tuesday Show Bee, Zac, and Ursi discuss their experiences with the new patch! Topics include: patch bugs, Undying, Aghanims' shard changes, Necrophos, Primal Beast, Venomancer, Jakiro, stack games, Bee's EPIC LAN experience, and much more!

1h 9m
Mar 01
Patch 7.31 Review - Hero Changes

This is Part 2 of our complete, exhaustive (or, as exhaustive as possible) review of the huge new Patch 7.31! Part 1 is all of the general changes and can be found in the same feed!  Techies:0-14:20 A:1420-4100 B:4100-10400 C:10400-12300 D:12200-12830 E:12830-13400 G:13430-13530 H:13530-13700 I:13700-14000 J:14000-14200 K:14200-14400 L:14400-15600 M:15600-20730 N:20730-21600 O:21600-22400 P:22400-23430 Q:23430-23500 R:23500-24400 S:24400-30300 T:30300-32330 U:32330-32800 V:32800-33300 W:33300-end

3h 47m
Feb 24