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Trump Redefined the SOTU | Guests: Reps. Thomas Massie & Chris Stewart | 2/5/20

President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address might have been the best ever given. But many Democrats refused to stand even for points they agreed with! Glenn speaks with Reps. Thomas Massie and Chris Stewart to discuss the hostile atmosphere in the room, Speaker Pelosi’s handshake “attempt,” and her speech rip. And Glenn exposes Reps. Omar and Tlaib, who weren’t even paying attention before they walked out. BlazeTV’s Jon Miller discusses Rush Limbaugh’s Presidential Medal of Freedom and how black voters might respond to a Buttigieg nomination. And Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant discusses how his book, “The Libranos,” exposes the death of Canadian independent journalism at the hands of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

2h 8m
Feb 05, 2020
Dems 'Delay' Iowa Results | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Nigel Farage | 2/4/20

Glenn and Stu are live from Washington, D.C., awaiting tonight’s State of the Union. But first, Sen. Ted Cruz stops by to review the lack of Iowa caucus results. Democrats blame a new app from a company called "Shadow." But after yesterday’s poll delay, BlazeTV’s Steve Deace argues the DNC reeks of “central planning.” Rush Limbaugh shocked the world when he announced he has advanced lung cancer. Glenn and the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles recall the huge impact Rush has had on talk radio. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage details the fight for Brexit, what Brexit Day felt like, and what’s next for Britain and the European Union. And TheBlaze writer Kevin Ryan shares how embarrassing last night’s rallies were for the 2020 Dems.

2h 8m
Feb 04, 2020
Iowa, Iowa, Iowa: It’s Caucus Time | Guest: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard | 2/3/20

Today, the Democratic primaries officially begin with the Iowa caucuses. Conspiracy theories abound after the Des Moines Register threw out a crucial poll for the first time in history. And who knew political analyst Bill Kristol would ever come out as a Democrat? Glenn and Pat review Super Bowl LIV, from PETA’s painfully political ad to J-Lo’s halftime show crotch-cam. Proud American and 2020 Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard speaks with Glenn about her lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, her exclusion from the New Hampshire debate, and why she supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. Author and reporter Salena Zito predicts that Bernie’s brand of populism will win in Iowa. And BlazeTV’s Steve Deace joins live from Iowa with the latest updates.

2h 8m
Feb 03, 2020
Here Comes Acquittal | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Daniel Hannan | 1/31/20

President Trump could be acquitted as soon as Monday. There are two ways to think about witnesses in today’s Senate vote, and one involves … Romney. Is China overreacting to the coronavirus, or is America not paying enough attention? Bill O’Reilly gives his take on the State of the Union, the Iowa caucuses, and how tired Americans are of media spin. Former Sen. Joe Lieberman announces where he stands on trial witnesses and addresses what the media only mocked: President Trump’s historic Israel-Palestine peace plan. And it’s a happy Brexit Day for European Parliament member and proud Briton Daniel Hannan! Hannan describes the joyous scene in Great Britain and how its departure might affect the EU.

2h 7m
Jan 31, 2020
Ep 65 | Smeared by the DNC and FBI, Carter Page is Unafraid to Fight Back | The Glenn Beck Podcast

The Russia probe spent two years trying to prove that President Trump had colluded with Russians to rig the 2016 election – only to find nothing! But while it further divided the nation, one former Trump campaign adviser had his whole career upended. Carter Page was falsely called a Russian agent, relentlessly battered by the media, and illegally spied on by the FBI. Now he’s striking back against a corrupt permanent bureaucracy by suing the DNC for funding the debunked Steele dossier that started it all. Hear the story of the real costs of the Mueller probe and the steps Carter Page is taking to make sure no more Americans are attacked by a government only concerned with its own survival. This Week’s Sponsor: CARSHIELD has affordable protection plans that can save you thousands for a covered repair including computers, GPS, electronics, and more. Visit and use the code SATURDAY to save ten percent! A deductible may apply.

1h 22m
Jan 30, 2020
The Speech Heard ’Round the World | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 1/30/20

Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage’s last speech to the European Union put the “great” back in “Great Britain.” Echoing the American Revolution, he made clear that Britain is tired of the EU’s “anti-democratic” reign. And does Joe Biden even want to be president? He’s admitting that even he knows he’s too old. Author Peter Schweizer joins to discuss what must be asked of Hunter Biden and the whistleblower if they are called as witnesses in the Senate trial. But it seems the American people are more worried about the spreading coronavirus than impeachment. Senator Tom Cotton warns that this is China’s “Chernobyl,” and its data can’t be trusted. And StoryCorps’ Dave Isay brings another real-life story of the spirit of humanity.

2h 8m
Jan 30, 2020
The World’s Coronavirus Panic Is Surreal | 1/29/20

Shaquille O’Neal’s viral response to Kobe Bryant’s death reminds us all to put family first and never take life for granted. In the impeachment trial, Sen. McConnell announced that he doesn’t have enough votes to stop witnesses. The FBI has new facts about the white supremacists planning to “attend” the Virginia gun rally that destroy all logic for Gov. Northam’s panic. And the Wuhan coronavirus is spreading fast, but the world’s reactions are just surreal. China cut its steel production, countries are restricting air travel, and 200 evacuated U.S. citizens have landed in California. In 2020 news, Glenn doesn’t believe Biden wants to win, and Bernie’s so close that his extremist supporters must be taken seriously.

2h 7m
Jan 29, 2020
Media, YOU Are Dividing the Country! | 1/28/20 | The Glenn Beck Program

CNN has taken it too far. Don Lemon couldn’t stop laughing as pundits mocked Trump and his supporters as “credulous boomer rubes” who can’t find Ukraine on a map. But Glenn isn’t afraid to talk to all the “rubes” who refuse to blindly believe the elitist media’s lies. Yesterday, Trump’s defense team was electric, but all the media cared about was John Bolton and Mitt Romney. And Bolton’s manuscript leak sure looks like an elitist publishing scheme to Glenn. The coronavirus continues its rapid spread and may have come from eating bats. But while eating bats is not recommended, Stu has a good recipe. And attorney Alan Dershowitz put Adam Schiff’s constitutional pandering to shame with a real lesson in constitutional law.

2h 7m
Jan 28, 2020
Trump’s Defense Doesn’t Need 24 Hours | Guest: Steve Deace | 1/27/20

NBA legend Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter were among nine killed this weekend in a tragic helicopter crash. But the media brings up rape allegations against him, and did one MSNBC host say “L.A. Nakers” or something worse? Meanwhile, President Trump’s defense team obliterated the House managers’ 24-hour case in only two hours. But do John Bolton and Lev Parnas have new evidence? A nurse in Wuhan, China, warns that the coronavirus is worse than we think. You can own a piece of history at, brought to you by Stu Does America. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace confirms that just days before the Iowa caucuses, nobody seems to care. And Pete Buttigieg confirmed there’s no room for pro-life Democrats in the party.

2h 7m
Jan 27, 2020
Two Trials in the Senate | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Bill O’Reilly | 1/24/20

The Senate impeachment trial trudges on, and Sen. Ted Cruz gives a firsthand perspective. But the Republicans have a “secret weapon”: Adam Schiff and the Democrats have made Burisma and Hunter Biden not only relevant, but critical to their whole case! Glenn believes there are two trials going on – against Trump and against the truth. The media is fabricating lies out of thin air, and Congress is using our tax dollars to spread them. Bill O’Reilly breaks down Biden’s corruption so anyone can understand and runs through this week’s biggest stories: Tulsi sues Hillary, Trump heads to the March for Life, and the Australian fires aren’t as big as they seem. Also, Stu has a real problem with the New York Times’ impeachment timeline.

2h 6m
Jan 24, 2020
Biden’s Memo to the Media: Fall in Line! | Guest: Robby Soave | 1/23/20

Joe Biden’s presidential campaign sent instructions to the media warning that it’s “journalistic malpractice” to report that the Burisma allegations against him are anything but “debunked.” Glenn warned in 2004 that truth will become entertainment, and now the Democrats are eating their own. Now there are three groups of Democrats, from the radicals to the forgotten majority who are tired of the “Church of Woke.” Robby Soave, senior editor at, joins to discuss how opinion and journalism have become synonymous. Rep. Adam Schiff suggested a Russian ground invasion and a rigged election if Trump isn’t removed. And Glenn sat down with TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk to discuss the greatest mission statement on Earth.

2h 7m
Jan 23, 2020
Ep 64 | The Greatest Mission Statement on Earth | Charlie Kirk | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Today’s youth are not the lazy socialists they’re seen as – and Charlie Kirk is proof. At just 26 years old, he’s the founder and president of Turning Point USA, the fastest-growing youth organization in America. A fresh conservative voice acclaimed by President Trump, he and TPUSA promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government on over 1,500 campuses nationwide. Glenn and Charlie sit down for a crossover interview covering the biggest questions in conservatism: Should the Right support bans? Are we still “one nation under God?” And can freedom still accomplish miracles? The Declaration said it best: “All Men are created equal.” But we must be free to fail, free to progress, and free to succeed. Today’s episode is a special cross post brought to you with our friends at The Charlie Kirk Show. This Week’s Sponsor: Achieve a slightly better version of yourself with the DUKE CANNON Moderate Self-Improvement Box – American-made grooming goods that work as hard as you do. Get 15% off your entire order at with the promo code BECK.

Jan 23, 2020
Joe Biden: The Most Corrupt VP Ever | Guest: Peter Schweizer | 1/22/20

Rep. Adam Schiff spent yesterday lying to Congress, and chances are no one in the media will hold him responsible for anything. Meanwhile, another Bernie Sanders staffer was caught on tape admitting he’s ready for violent revolution. Author Peter Schweizer discusses the abuses of power committed by America’s progressive elite, documented in his new book, “Profiles in Corruption.” And exhibit A is “The Biden Five,” Joe Biden’s long history of family favors. Congressional candidate Dalia al-Aqidi describes escaping from Saddam Hussein’s regime and her campaign to unseat Rep. Ilhan Omar. And it seems the feds are finally looking into Omar. Investigative reporter David Steinberg gives the latest.

2h 6m
Jan 22, 2020
The Media Got Virginia Embarrassingly Wrong | 1/21/20

It seems Hunter Biden isn’t the only one in his family to miraculously profit in a business he knew nothing about – meet Frank Biden. And it’s the first day of the impeachment trial, but the country doesn’t care. Yesterday’s gun rights rally in Virginia ended with no violence and no extremists, and protesters even picked up their own trash. Glenn argues Prince Harry’s decision to leave royalty behind is three generations in the making. Meanwhile, the 2020 Democrats are resembling both a comedy TV show and the 2016 Republican field. But who is their Trump? And what would you do if you were "Mike Bloomberg rich," with $54 billion? For starters, hopefully avoid the new flu-like Chinese disease.

2h 6m
Jan 21, 2020
Virginians Echo MLK | Guests: Alan Dershowitz & Burgess Owens | 1/20/20

The American idea that “all Men are created equal” has changed the world, but today’s Left is more Malcolm X than Martin Luther King, Jr. “40 Acres & a Fool” host Cam Edwards reports live from the Virginia Capitol as thousands peacefully lobby for their gun rights, despite media fears of violence. Trump defense attorney Alan Dershowitz explains why he believes "abuse of power" isn’t impeachable. Also at the Virginia Capitol, BlazeTV’s Jon Miller explains how the protests are just Virginia’s yearly lobbying day, not a rally. BlazeTV’s Steve Deace discusses why the New York Times would endorse two candidates for the Democratic nomination. And NFL star and congressional candidate Burgess Owens calls in to discuss the Left’s abandonment of MLK.

2h 7m
Jan 20, 2020
Ep 63 | Tales from 20 Years of Being Glenn’s 'Work Wife' | Stu Burguiere | The Glenn Beck Podcast

A man of many titles: writer, producer, “Stu.” And that’s not even his real name. Little did he know that a simple internship with a Top 40 DJ named Glenn Beck would go on to define his whole career. He has since become Glenn’s co-host, executive producer, and the face of BlazeTV’s latest show, “Stu Does America.” Hear the never-before-told stories of the biggest moments and controversies in his time with Glenn, from their first encounter to breaking the molds at CNN, Fox News, and Blaze Media – and, of course, where the name “Stu” comes from. This Week’s Sponsors: Ashford University gives you the convenience and flexibility to earn your master’s degree at your own pace! Enroll now at Losing your hair sucks! With KEEPS you can save your hair without ever leaving your couch. Visit to get your first order of KEEPS hair loss treatment for 50% off! DUKE CANNON prides itself in making its grooming goods work as hard as you do. The Moderate Self-Improvement Box is the one-step program to achieving a slightly better you. Use the promo code BECK at for 15% off your entire order.

1h 43m
Jan 18, 2020
Don’t Mess with Our Rights! | Bill O’Reilly & John Solomon | 1/17/20

Virginians are overwhelmingly standing up for their Second Amendment rights while Gov. Northam is adding fuel to the fire. BlazeTV’s Cam Edwards, host of 40 Acres & a Fool, joins with the latest and what we can expect at the rally on Monday. And a North Carolina sheriff's deputy went on record to say he’ll never enforce an unconstitutional law. Bill O’Reilly gives his take on CNN comparing Trump to Al Capone and his predictions for the 2020 Democratic primaries. Attorneys Ken Starr and Alan Dershowitz have joined team Trump for the Senate trial. Journalist John Solomon provides the latest on the trial, Ukraine, and Lev Parnas. And make sure to catch the newest Glenn Beck Podcast, featuring never-before-told stories with Stu Burguiere.

2h 6m
Jan 17, 2020
Virginia’s Second Amendment Rights Are at a Flash Point | Guest: Jon Miller | 1/16/20

Whenever Congress opens up with “Hear ye, hear ye,” we know something big is about to happen. Speaker Pelosi finally signed the articles of impeachment after a failed attempt to turn up the heat on Trump. Glenn runs through the history of impeachment, from Andrew Johnson’s actual racism to how the Senate can’t speak until the trial is over. Meanwhile, Virginians are standing up strong for their Second Amendment rights. Governor “Blackface” Northam declared a state of emergency and banned guns from a pro-Second Amendment rally – because Antifa threatened violence. BlazeTV’s Jon Miller joins to weigh in on the insanity. And Glenn hears directly from Virginians who fear a total power grab is coming.

2h 5m
Jan 16, 2020
AI Makes the Health Care Debate Look Ancient! | Guests: Nick Di Paolo & Ben Davidson | 1/15/20

CNN hammered Bernie Sanders last night for allegedly saying that a woman couldn’t win the 2020 race! And some college students find Trump more dangerous than actual dictators. Comedian Nick Di Paolo joins to find the humor in all the chaos. Glenn gives an amazing update on his daughter’s brain surgery and how insane the liberal health care argument is. In some breaking news, Nancy Pelosi will keep Adam Schiff as the face of impeachment, and the entire Russian government has resigned – except for Putin. And Project Veritas filmed a Sanders staffer advocating for gulags and dragging MSNBC pundits through the streets! Space Weather News founder Ben Davidson joins to shed light on where the worldwide chaotic weather is coming from.

2h 5m
Jan 15, 2020
Sanders the Sexist vs Liz the Leaker | 1/14/20

It’s three weeks before the 2020 Democratic primaries and Democrats are complaining their own field is too white! But at least Trump got a warm welcome at the LSU vs Clemson football game, although Vince Vaughn might now be cancelled. Elsewhere in the 2020 race, Tom Steyer’s face is all over Nevada, Bloomberg will spend millions to control your life, and in what sure looks like a leak, Elizabeth Warren confirmed that Bernie Sanders told her a woman couldn’t win the presidency. But while Bernie still denies it, an old article he wrote about weird fantasies sure seems sexist. And Obama’s Secretary of State John Kerry not only admitted that giving money to Iran would fund terrorism, but that he was okay with it!

2h 5m
Jan 14, 2020
Bernie Sanders Could Actually Win! | Guests: Sharyl Attkisson & Steve Deace | 1/13/20

In a chaotic world, Glenn reminds us that caring for others and our families is all that matters. Glenn finally gets to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary with some flashbacks to the good old days. Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson discusses why she believes the Obama-era government illegally spied on her. Everything will soon be questioned as deepfakes become mainstream. As news breaks that Cory Booker has dropped out of the 2020 race, BlazeTV’s Steve Deace joins with his predictions going forward – even Black Lives Matter doesn’t want Pete Buttigieg, and Bernie actually has a shot and would go all-out socialist if nominated. Also, make sure to catch BlazeTV’s newest show, “Stu Does America,” premiering soon!

2h 6m
Jan 13, 2020
20 Years of Glenn … Without Glenn! | Guest: Bill O’Reilly | 1/10/20

Pat and Stu fill in for Glenn on the 20th anniversary of the show. It looks like the Iranians did shoot down the Ukrainian airliner that crashed near Tehran, but of course they’re denying it. And even worse, some Democrats are blaming Trump! Since Meghan Markle’s stepping away from royal duties, she may want her old job back. Bill O’Reilly joins after a crazy week of Iran, congressional PR stunts, Trump Derangement Syndrome, and Ricky Gervais. Stu reads Glenn’s heartfelt message thanking his audience for such amazing support shown over the last two decades. In his absence, Pat and Stu give a crash course in the history of the Glenn Beck Program. And apparently, glaciers should have been gone by 2020.

2h 7m
Jan 10, 2020
Sen. Mike Lee Is No Hypocrite | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee, Ian Bremmer & Mark David Hall | 1/9/20

Despite the progress made with Iran, a briefing sparked even more debate over Trump’s military power. Sen. Mike Lee joins to clarify why the meeting was “the worst” and why he believes Trump agrees. Meanwhile, Iran refuses to hand over the black box of the Ukrainian airliner that crashed near Tehran. And is Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle’s step away from royal duties the beginning of the monarchy’s end? CNN has settled with Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann in a massive lawsuit. Political scientist Ian Bremmer provides a rare dose of free thinking on Congress, World War III rumors, and China. And author Mark David Hall addresses the big question in his new book, “Did America Have a Christian Founding?”

2h 6m
Jan 09, 2020
Iran’s Attack Was the Best-Case Scenario | Guests: Lara Logan & Rep. Chris Stewart | 1/8/20

Neither President Trump nor Iran want war, and Iran’s missile strikes on U.S. military bases last night were proof. But while the missiles intentionally missed their targets with no casualties, some in the U.S. media took Iranian propaganda at face value! Journalist Lara Logan calls in with a firsthand perspective on the Iraqi people and honest reporting in the Middle East. Rep. Chris Stewart argues that U.S. intelligence proves that America can benefit greatly from Trump’s actions, but Nancy Pelosi and the Left must stop siding with Iran over Trump. On his 20th anniversary, Glenn gives his best marriage advice. President Trump sends a strong message to the world that there’s no need to put up with Iran’s bullying any more.

2h 4m
Jan 08, 2020
Iranian Propaganda – from OUR Press! | 1/7/20

Soleimani was Iran’s Himmler. But in their hatred for Donald Trump, our own press are calling him “revered,” an Iranian “hero,” and a “genius.” Glenn believes Trump didn’t go far enough: This press is the enemy of freedom! A letter was sent to Iraq falsely claiming U.S. troops were pulling out. And former national security adviser John Bolton has agreed to testify in the Senate, but the House still hasn’t sent the articles of impeachment! Also, NASA may have found Earth II, and the first British astronaut has claimed aliens exist, but may be invisible. Transgender “activist” Jessica Yaniv is back with another waxing lawsuit. And Glenn and Stu realize there are still over a dozen Democrats running for president!

2h 8m
Jan 07, 2020
Baghdad v. Benghazi: Trump Isn’t Messing Around | Guests: Kenneth Timmerman & Steve Deace | 1/6/20

Glenn returns with much-needed perspective on the rumors of a draft and World War III. Meanwhile, even more new evidence suggests that Epstein didn’t kill himself. Glenn and Pat loved Star Wars IX’s end to the series. Investigative reporter Kenneth Timmerman sheds light on Soleimani, his role in the Benghazi attack, and how Iranians celebrated his death. And at last night’s Golden Globes, comedian Ricky Gervais ripped Hollywood’s elite, while war film “1917” won best picture. BlazeTV host and Iowan Steve Deace weighs in on the aging Joe Biden and what to expect in the Iowa caucuses. And Glenn memorializes the late radio legend Don Imus, who refused to play the media’s games.

2h 5m
Jan 06, 2020
An America We Simply Don’t Recognize | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeff Fisher | 1/3/20

Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher are on the program to discuss the escalating situation in the Middle East after two Iranian military commanders were killed in a U.S. airstrike. Why are so many anti-Semitic acts of violence being carried out in 21st-century America? Texas is teetering on the brink of becoming a truly purple state. An 11-month-old Texas baby is being taken off life support against her parents’ wishes. Is this an isolated case or a disturbing reality in American health care? Alex Jones is no longer a prominent conspiracy theorist, but alas, he’s back in the news. Last but not least, today you may just learn Jeffy’s real age!

2h 0m
Jan 03, 2020
Kicking Off the 2020s in Style | Guests: Pat Gray & Jeff Fisher | 1/2/2020

Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher join the program to discuss the uneasy peace that has returned to Baghdad following the U.S. embassy assault, the supposed “independence” of the U.S. Supreme Court, and Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s tactics regarding the articles of impeachment. Then, the guys dissect the predictions of a futurist known as “Psychic Nikki” – be warned, there are some REAL eye-openers for 2020. Also, is the president’s right to a speedy trial being violated by the Democrats’ unwillingness to proceed with a Senate hearing? And a tragic shooting demonstrated how mass shootings can be stopped by a single armed protector in a public place.

2h 0m
Jan 02, 2020
Ten Commandments for Political Warfare | Guest: Steve Deace | 12/31/19

BlazeTV host Steve Deace is back on the program and shifting gears from theology to political theory. Together with his cohorts Todd and Aaron, he reveals what he calls the ten commandments for political warfare. Why is it essential not to trust Republicrats? Who are the most notable GOP lawmakers who fall into this category? Why must you never accept the premise of your opponent’s stance if you intend to win a debate? And what is the connection between never conceding the high ground and never abandoning your base?

1h 59m
Dec 31, 2019
Seven Deadly Worldviews | Guest: Steve Deace | 12/30/19

BlazeTV host Steve Deace and his team join the program to discuss cultural upheaval, the search for truth, principles of America’s founding, and seven worldviews that have threatened the foundations of our culture. What is the primary difference between having conviction and embracing a legalist ideology? What will always replace God in the vacuum left by His removal from society? How do you fight the weakening of faith caused by evil acts in the world?

1h 58m
Dec 30, 2019