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Good Morning Gwinnett is a live 4 day a week podcast all about people and places around Gwinnett County Georgia & beyond. The show is hosted by Audrey Bell-Kearney. On the show Audrey talks about news and current events happening around Gwinnett County. Occasionally she will interview movers & shakers as well as community and government leaders from Gwinnett County. She also uses her platform to provide much needed publicity for the small business owner by showing them the power of podcasts.

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Masks Are Optional, But Strongly Encouraged At GCPS -This show is made possible by Gwinnett’s mask rules are based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s transmission measurements. When transmission is high, the district requires staff to wear masks. On Thursday, the CDC reported the county’s level dropped from high to medium. The district stated on its website that it lifted the mask requirement, but it still “strongly encourages” masks in school buildings. Staff in Gwinnett schools have been required to wear masks for about a month. SOURCE: By Josh Reyes, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Aug 15
Gwinnett School Lunch Menus Add Some Flavor -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network “We have students from all over the world, and the cafeteria is the one place that they all come at some point during the school day,” Karen Hallford, director of school nutrition, said. “So we want to have options for them, so we offer as much variety as we possibly can so they can get in the line and hopefully find something that’s good to them.” SOURCE:

1h 6m
Aug 11
Are Books On Sex Ed In Libraries Too Much For Children Under 7? -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network Buford resident Clinton Cain shows a page from the book, ‘Sex is a Funny Word,’ to the Gwinnett Public Library System Board of Trustees on Monday night as he calls for the book to be moved out of the children’s sections at Gwinnett library branches. Photo: Curt Yeomans SOURCE:

1h 0m
Aug 10
10,000 Students Signs Petition To Bring Back Wifi Access -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network Student response to the change has been swift. An online petition to “Bring Back Wi-Fi Access” garnered 10,000 signatures in about three days. What are teens doing behind their screens? Among the top concerns described in comments on the petition was the ability for students and parents to reach each other for reasons from arranging a ride because of a canceled afterschool activity to possible emergencies. SOURCE:

Aug 09
Gwinnett Pre-K Gets $3.6 Million In Funding -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network. Some parents in Gwinnett wondered if the pandemic reducing social opportunities for their children would also have an effect once they got to school. But Gwinnett, Georgia’s largest school district, is undertaking two major initiatives designed to get more children ready for school. It’s funding $3.6 million for pre-K in eight elementary schools. Gwinnett’s pre-K program had previously been for special needs students. Gwinnett will also expand its Play 2 Learn program, for children from birth to age 5, to all of its elementary schools. SOURCE: Photo Credit: Steve Schaefer

Aug 08
Glass Recycling Now Available In Suwanee Monday-Friday show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network For residents and businesses who’ve been concerned that glass recycling is not available in Suwanee, good news. Glass bottles and jars can now be recycled Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Suwanee Public Works, 3625 Swiftwater Park Drive. Glass must be rinsed, clean and free of debris or food to reduce contamination. Lids, caps and corks should be removed. Only glass should be placed in the collection bin. Bags and boxes used to transport glass to the bin should be discarded off site. SOURCE:

Aug 04
Good Morning Gwinnett: Hump Day Vibes -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network The Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners’ monthly public hearing meeting for planning and zoning cases last week began at 7 p.m. as usual — but it didn’t end until shortly after 1 a.m. County Commissioner Kirkland Carden said that’s too late to keep residents and staff away from their homes, so he’s pushing for county leaders to consider holding the Board of Commissioners monthly public hearings at 5:30 p.m. from now on. And, Carden wants the public to weigh in whether the meetings should start earlier as well. SOURCE:

Aug 03
DA Patsy Austin-Gatson Will Prosecute Providers Of Unsafe Abortions show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network Gwinnett County District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson said this week that she would prosecute providers of unsafe abortions under the state’s new restrictions, but would not prioritize cases against abortion patients. “If the state is able to force a situation where people can’t get that procedure, I’m concerned about what’s going to pop up in its place, in that vacuum,” Austin-Gatson told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’m very concerned about whether people are going to do things they’re not supposed to be doing, unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of women.” SOURCE:

1h 2m
Aug 02
How This Nonprofit Founder Raised $300,000 - This podcast is made possible by Noise Podcast Network In this episode of Good Morning Gwinnett, I talk to Ryan Cox who and some of the young men in his program. Ryan has raised over $300,000 for his organization and I ask him how he did it. He shares some important tips that other nonprofits can take to help them raise funds for their cause too. ​ Ryan Cox is the Founder of Gwinnett Chatt Outreach. He was born and raised in Chattanooga Tennessee, hence the “Chatt” in the name of the organization. He tries to hold on to his Tennessee roots here and there. In moving to Georgia years ago, and living in Gwinnett County for over 10 years; Ryan has grown a passion for Gwinnett County and its residents. As a resident of the county, Ryan began to notice a social justice gap within the communities of Gwinnett. Ryan is not one to play the blame game, he took action by volunteering, continuing to vote, attending local government meetings, and launching Gwinnett Chatt Outreach. He is continuously looking for creative ways to make a difference in his community, and bridge the social injustice gap. ​ As the founder of Gwinnett Chatt Outreach, Ryan’s goal is to help Gwinnett communities be healthy, well cared for, informed, and thriving. Ryan partners with community leaders, businesses, and the community itself; to develop and conduct public service programs. Ryan’s shared passion for Gwinnett County and the well-being of all its residents, is an extension of who Ryan is at his core. For more Power Player interviewsClick Here. Until Next Time Make It A Great Day! Audrey

Jul 29
Some Duluth Residents Thinks The Tesla New Super Charging Station Is A Waste Of Space show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network The first Tesla Supercharging station is now open in Duluth! ⚡️ Conveniently located at the Duluth Village shopping center, this supercharging site is equipped with 12 stations. So, plug in while shopping or dining at one of the local businesses and return to a fully charged vehicle in no time! Duluth Village Address: 3585 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Duluth, GA 30096

Jul 28
Duluth Police Department Appoints The First Female Chief -This show is made possible by Duluth Police Department proudly announces Chief Jacquelyn Carruth as our agency's newly appointed Chief of Police! Chief Carruth is a 26-year veteran of the department and will be the first female Chief in the department's 100-year history and will be one of only 3% of Police Chiefs in the state who are female. Chief Carruth plans to continue building on the solid foundation that her predecessor, Chief Belcher, has already set in place. Her focus will be on maintaining high standards of policing, continuing and expanding the department's crime-fighting capabilities through the use of technology, and continuing to find ways to build positive relationships with all members of our community. Please help us congratulate Chief Jacquelyn Carruth!

Jul 27
Why Some Snellville Homeowners May See A Property Tax Increase This show is made possible by Some residents in Snellville may pay a higher property tax bill this year, despite the tax rate being decreased. The culprit? Soaring home values. City officials released a notice of property tax increase this month despite a reduction in the rate to 4.00 mills from last year’s 4.588, Snellville City Manager Butch Sanders said. “The only reason there would be an increase in their taxes, since the millage rate went down, is if their reassessment put the value of their house at a higher level,” Sanders said. It could be an increase of about 5% for some homeowners, the announcement said. SOURCE:

Jul 26
Gwinnett Public Schools Getting More Safety In Time For The School Year -This show is made possible by Gwinnett County Public Schools is implementing a new visitor screening system, upgrading building entrances and working to hire more police officers in an effort to enhance school safety. The school police force is also calling on community members to speak up whenever there are concerns. District Police Chief Tony Lockard and Coordinator of School Safety Wayne Rickard discussed the plans recently in advance of the new school year. SOURCE:

Jul 25
Only 2 Commissioners Showed Up For State Mandated Meeting made possible by Only two out of five Gwinnett County commissioners showed up in person Monday night to a state-mandated public hearing on the county’s proposed property tax rate, requiring the hearing be rescheduled and tentatively delaying tax collection by about two weeks. “I want to express my disappointment with not being able to make quorum at our final public hearing yesterday, resulting in our inability to adopt the millage rate today,” said Nicole Love Hendrickson, commission chairwoman, at a Tuesday meeting. SOURCE:

Jul 21
Ladies Learn How To Defend Yourself show is made possible by Women and girls in Lilburn will soon have the opportunity to learn some self-defense techniques that could keep them safe. This month, the Lilburn Police Department announced their free women’s self-defense program. The two-day program will include classroom and hands-on instruction in risk awareness, crime prevention strategies and physical defense techniques. The activities are intended to decrease vulnerability, help women identify risks, and explore options when dealing with threats of violence, the announcement said. The classes will be held Aug. 10-11 and Oct. 12-13. The classes are from 6:30-8:30 p.m. all four days. SOURCE:

Jul 20
Gwinnett County Is Being Sued, But The Residents Support The County show is made possible by A real estate company formed by a state House candidate and the owner of Underground Atlanta recently sued Gwinnett County over a zoning denial for a proposed 181-unit apartment complex on Meadow Church Road near Duluth. “It didn’t get approved because of some bad politics here,” said Om Duggal, the Democratic nominee for the redrawn 99th state House district and the face of Diplomat Infraprop Sugarloaf LLC. SOURCE:

Jul 19
$4.25 Million Could Be Available To Nonprofits & Community Organizations show is made possible by Gwinnett County and the United Way of Greater Atlanta are asking residents and community organizations to weigh in on how $4.25 million in Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery funds should be distributed to local nonprofits. The county has posted two online surveys: one for nonprofit organizations and another for residents and community groups. SOURCE:

Jul 18
What You Need To Know To Get An Investor For Your Company show is made possible by Have you ever thought about getting an investor for your company? Would you even know what type of investor to look for? Do you know what it takes for your company to be investible? Well if your answer is no to any of these questions, listen to this episode and take notes. Renee McCalla-Taylor is an investor and entrepreneur who has a passion for helping businesses to grow and flourish. Renee is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 4C Capital that has investments in IGeneX, Insight Medical Genetics, Stride Tool, and Chicago Switchboard. Mrs. McCalla-Taylor is a strong advocate for Minority and Women Owned Businesses. She has served on the boards of Florida Minority Supplier Development Corporation and as President of the Orlando Chapter of Business and Professional Women (BPW). She holds B.S. and M.A. degrees from the University of Central Florida in Communicative Disorders. In her spare time, she enjoys a great game of golf, traveling, dancing, and hanging out with family and friends.

Jul 15
There Is Almost 1,000,000 Residents In Gwinnett Gwinnett County continues to inch closer to surpassing the 1 million population mark after the county added an estimated 13,460 new residents in the last year, according to figures released by the Atlanta Regional Commission on Wednesday. The ARC's latest population estimates peg Gwinnett's total population at 983,702 residents. That puts Gwinnett less than 20,000 residents shy of breaking the looming 1 million population mark that officials have been preparing for in recent years. SOURCE:

Jul 14
More Than 1,500 New Teachers Attend GCPS Orientation On Tuesday -This show is made possile by More than 1,500 new teachers were in attendance at the Gwinnett County Public Schools new teacher orientation on Tuesday at Gas South Convention Center. For most in attendance at the Gas South Convention Center, Tuesday’s orientation was their first introduction into the school system. Others were hired mid-year during the 2021-2022 school year. SOURCE:

Jul 13
Nabilah Islam Gets A Nod From Hillary Clinton Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has endorsed Nabilah Islam in her bid for a seat in the Georgia Senate. Islam, who was the deputy southern states finance director for Clinton's presidential campaign in 2016, is one of four people Clinton highlighted in a fundraising email for her Onward Together PAC. Like Islam, the other three candidates that were highlighted in the email are former Clinton campaign staffers. "I am so proud every time Onward Together endorses another candidate for office," Clinton said in the email. "This organization was born out of the energy of the campaign we ran together in 2016, and these candidates are carrying that energy all the way to the ballot box. SOURCE:

Jul 12
Rescue Throw Bag Saves 4 From The Yellow River In Lilburn show is made possible by Gwinnett County firefighters rescued four people from the Yellow River on Saturday after they got trapped on a rock after water levels suddenly began to rise. Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Services said they received the call around 8:24 p.m. Four people were found near a rock in the middle of the river, and firefighters said they were able to reach them with a rescue throw bag. The four adults were about 15- to 30-feet away from the bank, officials said. The incident happened at the Yellow River Park, located off Juhan Road. SOURCE:

1h 1m
Jul 11
Lilburn Launches Police Recruitment and Retention Campaign -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network Use this link to support the show Recently, the Lilburn Police Department has taken an “all hands on deck” tactic to address this pressing issue. We brainstormed with our officers to gather ideas, views and opinions on what makes working for the city special and how to incorporate those variables into a “Police Recruitment and Retention Campaign.” Needless to say, ours will be a full-court blitz of social media, public messaging, videos and whatever else will entice interested men and women to take a look at our top-notch operation, which has the unwavering support of our Mayor, City Council and City Manager. SOURCE:

Jul 07
Gwinnett DA Says We Won't Be Able To Prosecute Every Abortion Case -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network https://wwwNoisePodcastNetwork Become A Friend Of The Show The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision means decisions on whether a woman can get an abortion being handed to individual states. That means Georgia’s heart beat bill, which bans abortions after a fetal heart beat can be detected — roughly six weeks into the pregnancy — is expected to go into effect. But, Gwinnett County District Attorney Patsy Austin-Gatson said her office does not have the resources to prosecute every abortion case that could come up in a county of nearly 1 million residents. As a result, some abortion cases may not be prosecuted in Gwinnett.

Jul 06
Gwinnett Students Explore Careers In Medicine This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network A group of Gwinnett County students got to go straight from their high school classrooms to the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine this summer, taking courses on emergency medicine, pathology and pharmacy — even an anatomy lab with some hands-on opportunities. “I was surprised when they showed us a human brain,” said Christian Parkinson, a rising senior at Lanier High School. “And I got to hold it.” Parkinson and about 30 other students were participating in the weeklong Opportunities Academy at PCOM. The academy is free to attend and introduces students to different careers in the medical field, offering them a chance to talk with students and teachers at the school SOURCE:

Jul 05
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Jul 04
First Things First For Gwinnett Students: 3 Days Of Discipline Support The Show Click This Link This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network The first few days of classes in Gwinnett won’t just cover core subjects and syllabuses for the upcoming school year. Georgia’s largest school district is starting a new effort that will focus on reducing disruptive classroom behavior. The first three days of classes will teach “expectations of behavior and discipline in our schools. We’ll be teaching students conflict resolution,” said Jorge Gomez, the district’s executive director of administration and policy, during a recent school board meeting. “Day One should feel and look different than Day One in the past.” SOURCE:

Jun 30
Single Snellville Mom Recieves $15,000 From Warrick Dunn - This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network That news carried a lot of significance for Bonilla and her family. Since she was a Home for Holidays recipient, Dunn was making a $5,000 downpayment on her new home and his foundation, Warrick Dunn Charities, and its partner, Aaron’s, was donating $10,000 in furnishings to fill the home for her family. In fact, the furnishings were already unpacked and set up in the home. When Bonilla saw it all as she walked in the front door and laid eyes on the furnishings for the first time, one question immediately came to her mind. SOURCE:

Jun 29
$4.25 Million Dollars Will Be Available To Non-Profits In August -This show is made possible by Noise Podcast Network Local nonprofits that serve Gwinnett County residents will have an opportunity to apply for federal coronavirus recovery grants later this summer. Gwinnett County and the United way of Greater Atlanta will accept applications from Aug. 1 until Aug. 26 for grants to support programs that address issues such as housing stability, food security, mental health, early education/literacy, childcare and transportation. In all $4.25 million in grant funding, using federal moneys that were allocated in the American Rescue Plan will be distributed to help the community recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. “Amid a turbulent economy, Gwinnett is proud to partner with United Way of Greater Atlanta to get grant dollars to the dedicated nonprofits that need them,” Gwinnett County Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson said. “United Way’s long-standing relationships in Gwinnett’s nonprofit community will ensure funding goes further and makes a positive impact for Gwinnett residents in need.” SOURCE:

Jun 28
Lawrenceville $172 Million Budget Includes Salary Adjustments For City Employees -This show is made possible my Noise Podcast Network. Lawrenceville leaders have adopted a $172 million budget that includes salary adjustments for all city employees as well as a new employee residency incentive and new positions in the police, human resources, public works and planning and development departments. The budget, which goes into effect July 1, is 17% larger than last year’s budget for the city, a fact that Lawrenceville attributed to increased capital expenditures, salary and staffing increases and inflation-related cost increases, mostly for natural gas and fuel. At the same time, the city plans to keep its millage rate the same at 2.228 mills. SOURCE:

Jun 27