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Dick Summer


Sometimes it's hard to get to sleep.You just can't seem to say goodnight to yourself. Booze helps sometimes...or pills. But that's a big step down a bad street. "Good Night" puts a smile on your face, tells you a bedtime story, helps you chuck the day's problems, gives you a verbal back rub, and tucks you in for a safe, sound, sleep. Dick Summer's voice puts a strong and friendly arm around your shoulder. You hear him on television commercials all day. But when it's getting late, and you want to "take the day and shove it," but you can't seem to say good night to yourself... Dick's Podcast is a quiet place to rest your head...a safe place to hide a hurting heart...a gentle place to fall. It's a comfortable way to tell yourself, "Good Night."

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Rain Is For Lovers

Lots of interesting stories in this Like how I found out that there was one very important thing I could do on the radio, but not on TV. And the one about the rich Louie -Louie generation guy and his wonderful weekend with his stunning girlfriend. But most of all, it's about a pair of lovers who managed to turn a late Summer rain...into steam...together.

Aug 14
Flatulence Fun

There are four words in this tht will probably get me into trouble. "Females, Frequently, Flee, Flatulence." My only defense is that it's the truth. In case you're confused, the nick name for flatulence rhymes with Heart...but that's not where your flatulence originates. Give a listen, with an open mind. And possibly with an open window.

Aug 07
Wonderful Waitresses

Little girl babies are different from little boy babies right from day one. Little girl babies smile more, react more happily when they notice you're looking at them and genuinely want to please you. I think they should keep those traits when they grow up. Little boy babies mostly eat, drink, and pee. We don't change much when we grow up. For more information on the differences between boys and girls, give a listen to this podcast please.

Jul 31
Different Kinds Of Love

I figure there are at least 12 different kinds of love...and I've listed them in this podcast. Did I miss any? If so, what kind? Please let me know. My email is

Jul 24
Louie-Louie Laughs

I was just trying to do a chin up when this happened in my head. Be careful of doing chin ups guys. Or maybe if you REALLY FEEL LIKE you need to do CHINS UPS...Really...Watch out.

Jul 17
Your GLOAT BOAT Cruise

Your Gloat Boat cruise is a little like the Love Boat on TV, but this time instead of watching, you're living the cruise. So come aboard. You may land up somewhere different from any place you've ever been. And I guarantee you'll like it there.

Jul 10
Summer Lovin'

Fireworks, parades and beach babes in their "Teeny Weenie, Yellow Polka Dot Bikinis," Today's podcast reminds us that It's SUMMER IN THE CITY. HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY.

Jul 03
Small Love Explosions

Which snow flake will start an avalanche? Which drop of water will crack the water fall? Which small explosion will destroy a love affair. "Little Things Mean A Lot" is an old song, and an old story. That's a story told in this podcast.

Jun 26
Night Creatures

This podcast is about a Summer surprise I plan to spring on my Winter's New Years Eve friends. It features the sounds of some Summer night creatures. If you'll give a listen, you'll hear a LOT of sounds. Supposedly all made by little tiny boy bugs, rubbing their back legs together to attract their little foxy lady bugs. Hey guys...TRY ATTRACTING A LAYDY LIKE THAT AT A SINGLES BAR.

Jun 19
Sacred Excrement

"Dick" is NOT an offensive word. Today's podcast admits that Dick is my real name, It was my Dad's name before me. the guys who run the Moby Dick restaurant chain in Canada were not allowed to use "Dick"on their restaurant signs...the licensing people said Dick was an offensive word. So now the "N" word" and the "F" word have some company. As I said..."Holy Excrement." (Don't let anybody know you're listening to this podcast....and giggling.) (Although Big Louie always says, "Giggles are good.)

Jun 12
A Lightning Flash Of Lust

There are a lot of things you have to do with your money. This podcast says one of those things should be HAVE SOME FUN. And there's a story in it about a stranger who taught a lady that lesson...very wonderful night.

Jun 05
Non Political Border Idea

Our President says, "Don't come here." But they come anyway...sometimes walking more than a hundred miles, carrying a baby and whatever few possessions they have left...because where they've lived has been taken over by gangs who rape, pillage and steal. This podcast is a completely NON POLITICAL suggestion for a new way to deal with them. Please let me know what you think. My email is

May 29
Don't Do What You Don't Want To Do Day

This podcast says there are too many people trying to mess up our lives, I say it's time we took back some of the control of our lives. So here's a project I'd like to call the Take Control Patrol. Look...we can't always be doing stuff we like. But we should be able to avoid stuff we don't least for a specific period of time. When you're at a supermarket for example, of course you want to take a handfull of condoms and put them in other peoples carts when they aren't looking...But that gets "THEM" upset. Now I do understand that we can't always do the things we like to do, BUT I think we can put at least a temporary stop to doing things we don't want to do. I think you should establish a personal don't do what you don't want to do day. Here's what I mean...We all like to hide in a clothing rack in a department store, and when people start browsing yell "Pick me, pick me." But that may cause more trouble than we want...from THEM. And some of THEM take it badly when you set all the alarm clocks in a department store's housewares section to go off at five minute intervals. We may like doing things like that but that get us into more trouble with THEM than we need. The solution...the Take Control Patrol. Give a listen. It'll relax your life.

May 22
The I Miss You Story

Once upon a time there was a guy...being "Guy Stupid." I was that guy. I was so stupid this time that I thought I was going to lose my Lady Wonder Wench. Wow. I was that guy stupid, but luckily, she was a Lady Smart. It's an interesting story. Give a listen please.

May 15
Mr. Story Man LURKS

Mr. Story Man LURKS. He comes around here every night, wearing his white fedora hat and his sexy bathrobe with "The Whiz" on one lapel... just in time to help my Lady Wonder Wench get undressed for bed. And I DON'T MIND... mostly. I do often envy him. I'd like to get my Lady to think I'm as sexy as he is. It's complicated. Please give a listen.

May 08

Finally, this podcast tells you the dreaded Moose Hunter story...and it asks LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Give a listen and try to come up with your own answers please.

Apr 30

Finally, this podcast tells you the dreaded Moose Hunter story...and it asks LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Give a listen and try to come up with your own answers please.

Apr 30
Heat Is Neat

There's a big difference between being Kool, and being Cool. My Lady Wonder Wench warmed both the Kool and the Cool out of my life. This podcast is about learning that sometimes...we have to build walls...around our stay...warm and alive.

Apr 24
Missing Moose Hunter

I wanted to tell you my famous Moose Hunter Story, but I got sidetracked into some things about your fizzle. A fizzle sometimes sizzles, and that's not good. This podcast also gives you a unique answer when somebody says, "Have a nice day." And an even better answer when somebody says, "How are you?" Give a listen please so you'll be well prepared.

Apr 17
Scientific Sex

This podcast is about a phone call having to do with a blonde, a brunette, and a red head...ALL AT ONCE. And the phone call came in while I was on the air...TRYING TO DO A SHOW. of my attention.

Apr 10
The Thrill Of Victory...

...and the agony of de-feat! If you're a sports fan, you'll remember that statement on ABC-TV. This podcast isn't about sports really...and it's really more about the agony in my de-feet. But...I usually like to look at the bright side, so I'm calling this podcast..."The Thrill Of Victory...." So jump into the podcast and have some fun.

Apr 03
Manhattan Midnight

I had to be careful of the "Lady Wonder Wench" factor when I was telling you the main story of this podcast. Because it's about silky, sexy, half clad ladies in the middle of some Manhattan Midnights.

Mar 27
A Walk Down An American Street

I just took a walk down an American street, and I saw a telephone pole, and a pretty lady with big blue eyes who was wearing glasses...and I was so amazed that I married her. Her family is mostly Polish, so I guess you could say that I married a Pole too....a very curvey one. And this podcast says I am eternally grateful for the fact that the street I walked down...was...and is...American.

Mar 20
Zip Up Your Zapper

My Lady Wonder Wench Zapped Me the first time I saw her. She was sitting at a corner desk in a radio station. All I did was say, "Hello" and she did it. It was just a quick little flick of those shinny blue eyes, a small little jump of her left shoulder, and a fast instant dazzling smile. It was an unguarded instant of truth. This podcast raises the question, "Was that a betrayal of her real feelings or just a flash of truth." What do you think?

Mar 13
Summer Super Hero

You don't need a fancy cape, or a secret password to be...A SUMMER SECRET HERO. Today's podcast explains the simple instructions. Today's podcase also explains...among other things...what sets Superman aside from ALL OTHER SUPER HEROS. Give a listen please.

Mar 06

This podcast is about getting into...and out of...trouble. Something every "Louie-Louie Generation" guy should know about. And if you ladies wonder about what's going on in our "Minds" (if anything) you might like to take a listen too. ANYTHING to help what's going on now between men & women. It all comes down to one word. "PLEEEZZZEE"!

Feb 27
Having Fun

This podcast is about having fun. I believe fun is one of the most important parts of being happy. And I think being happy is the reason we're alive. So, how about going for a swing ride, pulling back and pushing front...and kicking your legs out to help pump yourself waayy up. Or how about some fun on a see saw? Sit down with your legs on the ground and see how long you can keep your friend up off the ground. How about getting close to some trees? You can hug them if you like...but that's a far as you should let yourself go. Don't want you to show up with some bark stains on your collar. But seriously, if there's a clump of trees handy...going for a walk there would feel good. And feeling good is an important part of having fun, and having fun is part of being happy. And being happy is the juice for being alive. If there's someone special in your life, maybe you could do a little un-necessary flirting. Something you may not have done for a wile. Actually, if there's someone special in your life, have you simply taken a moment to just be happy about that? Being happy really does take a little time sometimes.'s your time.

Feb 20
Friendly Sperm Donors

This podcast admits that I've just come up with the answer to a question you hear all the time...what are friends for? People are always asking that question. And the answer is right there in a headline in a recent Drudge report that says...wait for it...the Drudge headline says, Quote - Milleniels choose friends as sperm donors...end quote. Would Matt Drudge lie to us? Milleniels choose friends as sperm doners. So that's what friends are for. Think about that if you're a guy going to a singles bar...and the ladies there have all heard, "What's your sign way too often?" Think about it guys. Next time you're there at a singles bar, you can now, legitimately go over to an attractive millenial 26 to 45 year old lady, and ask her if you could be her friend for the evening. If she has any kind of sense of humor, she'll say what does that mean? So then you can explain that according to Drudge, millenials choose friends as sperm donors, and you're ready and willing to make a personal donation.

Feb 13

God says FeBRRRuary. This podcast says, "Don't take the BRRRR out of the coldest month of the year." No matter how you and anybody else says, the month after January is NOT FEBUUUARY! God put the BRRRR in there. Don't displease God. We have enough problems. Would you go to a bar and order a BUUsky? They'd kick you out. And you wouldn't go to a Buadway show either. So don't call the second month of the year FeBUUUary.

Feb 06

This podcast is different. It was hard to do. But I had to get this off my chest. I'd appreciate it if you'd give it a listen. And some thought. My Email is if you'd like to send a comment.

Jan 30