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Life is abundant. The Greenelines podcast provides interviews, commentary, and general yapping on the spiritual things of abundant living. Host Dr. Steve Greene invites you to come up higher and walk in God's abundance. Hear personal stories from Dr. Greene's and his guest. In John 10:10 Jesus says, "I came that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly."

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Encounter with Shawn Bolz (Season 8, EP 44)

Shawn Bolz explains the spiritual perspective that will shape your faith for the coming move of God. He shares from his new book, "Encounter." Listen to learn what you can bring to God to multiply.

Jun 04
Monkeypox and More with Dr. Mark Sherwood (Season 8, EP 43)

Dr. Mark Sherwood joins the show to explain what is happening with the monkeypox virus. He explains how to focus on two things to overcome what you are hearing in the media: 1. Do not live in fear. 2. Take care of yourself and your health. Learn more about Dr. Mark Sherwood at

Jun 03
Inner Healing and Deliverance with Jennifer Eivaz

Let the Holy Spirit bring your heart back to life as you listen to Jennifer Eivaz shares her story of continued inner healing from an abused childhood. You will be surprised by what she went through and the wholeness God is fulfilling. Hear how you can stop listening to the lies of your wounds and be delivered. Get Jennifer's book "Inner Healing and Deliverance" at Each week, listen to Jennifer's podcast Take Ten With Jenn on Apple Podcasts and

May 18
Prophetic Integrity with DR. R. T. Kendall (Season 8, EP 41)

Dr. R. T. Kendall tackles the integrity within the prophetic movement and how now is the time to tell the truth and align our words with God's Word. Listen as he shares from his new book "Prophetic Integrity." To learn more about Dr. Kendall's new book from Thomas Nelson go to  

May 17
Prayer In the Courts of Heaven with Curt Landry

Receive this refreshing prayer assignment from Rabbi Curt Landry on how to pray and address the Courts of Heaven. This message will change your prayers and encourage you to seek and believe in miracles. It is not a formula to answer prayer, it is a lifestyle of prayer. Download this free teaching and watch Rabbi Landry's videos at

May 12
The Heavens Declare the Glory of God with David Rives

In this discussion with returning guest and researcher David Rives, you will hear how the stars, sky, planets, and matter prove God's existence. The farther astronomers go into space, the more it reveals God is greater than you can imagine. Connect with David Rives at

May 02
Creamy or Crunchy Conflict with Jay Payleitner (Season 8, EP 37)

Before you take the bait and send a mean Tweet, listen to this interview with Jay Payleitner, one of the top freelance producers for Christian radio, on ways to respond to various conflicts. He tells a humorous story of an argument between crunchy and creamy peanut butter as an example of four steps in resolving conflict found in his book, "Don't Take the Bait." Connect with Jay Payleitner and learn about his books at

Apr 29
The Season of the Great Resignation with Nicholas Pearce (Season 8, EP 36)

Listen to this discussion to find out if it is the right time to follow the new trend 'The Great Resignation," to quit your job and jump to another one. Nicholas Pearce, professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, explains from a spiritual perspective to make sure you are operating in the Spirit of God and not jumping into an unhappy situation when switching careers. He also shares from his book to find your "Purpose Path." You can join Prof. Pearce for a week of leadership training. To learn more about Faith Leaders Week 2022, visit

Apr 28
Pray for Christians in China with Todd Nettleton (Season 8, EP 35)

With the world focusing on the war in Ukraine, Christian persecution is taking a backseat in other countries, especially China. Todd Nettleton, the host of The Voice of the Martyrs Radio, shares what is happening to Christians in China and invites you to join a prayer initiative to pray for China in 2022. Hear how pastors are being treated, prisoned, and families suffering. Then understand the effects of the social credit score used within China to suppress religious expression. By the end of the conversation, Nettleton encourages the best way to help the most is through prayer and how the prayers impact the persecuted. Start praying for China today by visiting

Apr 25
Follow Me and Let's Go Deeper with J. Lee Grady

Author, journalist and minister J. Lee Grady joins this episode to discuss the need for more discipleship and to encourage other believers to build fellowship through discipleship. He shares how there is a need for deep fellowship with one another and how the church has watered down discipleship compared to the time of the disciples in the Bible. Enjoy this conversation and hear how you can get a copy of Gray's newest books "Follow Me" and "Let's Go Deeper."

Apr 20
Presence, the Play with William Jefferson (Seson 8, EP 33)

Author William Jefferson discusses the importance of presence in our walk with Jesus and how it inspired him to write the book "Presence, the Play." Inspired by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, this book addresses presence through an epic mission of a monk named Script to save the Isle of Estillyen from the forces of darkness. Through this interview, you will understand how God has given you a healthy imagination, desires your presence, and says, "Get Up and Don't Be Afraid. To purchase your copy of the book or receive a full cast audiobook reading go to Connect with William Jefferson at

Apr 18
Your King is Meek with Eric Gilmour (Season 8, Ep 32)

Listen to why you should cut pride out of your life to experience a deeper presence with the Lord. This conversation with musician, songwriter, and worshiper Eric Gilmour explains what true meekness is and how Jesus was the example. Connect with Eric and listen to his worship at Sonship International ( and on YouTube. Read more about meekness by purchasing a copy of Eric Gilmour's booklet "Behold, Thy King Cometh Meek."

Apr 15
Move Forward in Joy. Receive this Now Word with Danette Crawford (Season 8, EP 31)

Take heart and be encouraged to know that no matter what you are facing today there is an after when you listen to guest and podcaster Danette Crawford. She tells the story of the radical moment she found Jesus. This led to hear passion to help you find the plan the Lord has for you and to focus on His joy. To hear more teachings on joy download Danette's podcast, "Joy" on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Apr 13
Who Are You Without Your Lipstick? with Lindsay Roberts (Season 8, EP 30)

Listen to how you are worth more than your fears, failures, hurts, and hopes as Lindsay Roberts leads you to discover your true worth in Christ. She shares personal stories of how she found her worth in books because they did not criticize and lessons Lindsay learned along her journey. Including a story of when she approached her father-in-law, Oral Roberts, she wanted to quit the ministry. After listening to Lindsay, you will be ready to evaluate what you need to let go of and let God be God. Read more of what Lindsay Roberts has to say by purchasing a copy of her book, "Discover Your True Worth," on Amazon or from Thomas Nelson at

Apr 12
How to Make Passover Real with Rabbi Curt Landry

Learn how there would be no Easter without Passover and what you can do to make Passover real in your home when you listen to Rabbi Curt Landry. He shares the significance of this season and the meaning of the Passover supper. Download Rabbi Curt Landry's teaching on Passover at Order a copy of Charisma magazine featuring Rabbi Curt Landry's article, "The Prophetic Promise of Passover."    

Apr 09
What Would Breakthrough Mean to You? with Pat McManus (Season 8, EP 28)

When you listen to this interview with author and minister Pat McManus, start looking at what God is doing and stop looking at what is happening today. Learn how to tear down barriers, the man-made structures God wants you to come out of. By the end of this conversation with host Dr. Steve Greene, you will have a better understanding of your value and destiny through God's paradigm. Connect with Apostle Pat McManus at Listen to the Breakthrough To Purpose with Pat McManus podcast each week to hear more on how to connect to your true purpose.

Apr 08
Is God Speaking Prophetically to the World? with Randy Rice and Curtis Hill

Listen to this fearless discussion on the topics affecting believers today and on the prophetic heartbeat of the Holy Spirit. Pastors Randy Rice and Curtis Hill, the hosts of The Prophetic Pulse podcast, join the show to help you receive a better understanding of how God is using you where you are today. Learn to speak powerfully and humbling on cultural topics and the importance for the Body of Christ to have a yearning for discernment. Connect with Pastors Randy Rice and Curtis Hill at Listen to their podcast at

Apr 01
Healing Power of Jesus Might Have You With Blue Hair with Tony Myers (Season 8, EP 26)

Tony Myers pushes boundaries with a story of healing like no other. Listen as he reveals how he received the healing power of Jesus when battling ALS disease, better known as Lou Gehrig's disease. You will take away from Tony's story to start living with a life of expectation to see your faith in Jesus change your struggles and circumstances. Listen to more teachings on healing from Tony on his podcast Pushing Boundaries at Connect with Tony at Get a copy of his book "The Lord Jesus Healed Me: The Journey of an Atheist to the Truth" on Amazon.

Mar 25
A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Spiritual Gifts with Dr. Sam Storms (Season 8. EP 25)

Receive a better understanding of the works of the Holy Spirit and how Christianity is supernatural when you listen to Dr. Sam Storms shares from his book, "Understanding Spiritual Gifts." He addresses the misunderstandings of healing, prophecy, and how believers have lost sight of the Power of God. Receive from this interview that through the Holy Spirit, God's Power operates within you and to speak the Word each day. Connect with Sam Storms at Listen to his podcast Exploring Word and Spirit at

Mar 24
How to Satisfy the Appetite for Christian Content with David Perell (Season 8, EP 24)

Listen as a writer, teacher, and podcaster, David Perell, shares how there is a growing need for content on faith. He talks about his own experiences in this search and what he is learning. You will take away how to write in ways people can relate and be honest with your struggles in faith. To learn more about David Perell, go to Read about his Write of Passage online courses and follow his podcast North Star Podcast.

Mar 22
Exploring the Nature and Name of Jesus with Dr. Dick Eastman (Season 8, EP 23)

Listen as author Dr. Dick Eastman talks about his book "Awesome: Exploring the Nature and Names of Jesus," and helps you learn a new way to look at who Jesus is. You will take away a desire to seek to fall in love with Jesus after you find out how little you know of Him. Purchase a copy of Dr. Eastman's book at

Mar 18
Distraction Detox with Billie Jauss (Season 8, EP 22)

Learn how to take captive internal distractions and focus on the peace of God when you listen to author Billy Jauss share from her book, "Distraction Detox." You understand to process why you are beating yourself up or thinking negatively and bring to take small steps toward seeing yourself as God does. To get your copy of Billie's new book go to

Mar 16
How International Fellowship of Christians and Jews Is Helping Ukrainians with Yael Eckstein with Yael Eckstein (Season 8, EP 21)

Listen to Yael Eckstein, president and CEO of The Fellowship, share stories of boots on the ground in Ukraine. She explains how the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ) is providing help to fulfill the needs of Ukrainian refugees, embargo Ukrainians, evacuate orphanages, and help bring new immigrants to Israel. Learn what you can do to help the IFCJ and their humanitarian efforts in Ukraine at

Mar 15
World War III Has Begun with Michael Snyder

Listen as resident economist Michael Snyder why he believes the events between Ukraine, Russia, and other countries are moving into WWIII. Then find out more on what is happening with the food crisis, gas prices, and the increase in survivalist supplies. Read more of Michael's articles and breakdowns of today's news ate at

Mar 11
Are You Aware of Angels? with Craig and Colette Toach (Season 8, EP 19)

Increase your knowledge of angels when you listen to guests Craig and Colette Toach of Next Gen Prophets. Hear how to discern when you are in the presence of an angel, its purpose, and myths people believe. You will take away you are not meant to sense the presence of angels; you are to see the effect of their ministry. Listen to how that ministry is to navigate a path to the presence of Jesus. To hear more teachings on angles download the Next Gen Prophets podcast at or Apple Podcast. Connect with Craig and Colette at and

Mar 10
Take a Spiritual Standpoint Against Cancel Culture with Rabbi Curt Landry (Season 8, EP 18)

Learn how to do spiritual battle against the principalities trying to silence the message God has given you from this message by our monthly guest Rabbi Curt Landry. Listen to how an average Christian is affected by cancel culture, and you must begin by clearing offense from your heart. Download your copy of Rabbi Landry's Cancel Culture Prayer at Listen each week to the Ancient Principles, Kingdom Authority podcast with Curt Landry at

Mar 09
Stop Walking On Eggshells with Nina Roesner (Season 8, EP 17)

Learn how important it is to understand other people's mindsets in relationships to avoid offense and conflict. Guest Nina Roesner explains it starts by being rooted in Christ and must die to self. You will begin to no longer walk on eggshells around others. Listen to Nina's podcast What to Say & How to Say It wherever you listen to podcast or at Receive a free download of 5 Tools to Stop Walking on Eggshells at

Mar 08
Faith Learders Week for You and Your Team with Prof. Nicholas Pearce (Season 8, EP 16)

Nicholas Pearce, professor at Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management, is a merchant of hope for Christian leaders in this changing world. He shares how leaders need to throw out old playbooks and stay connected to the Holy Spirit for guidance. Listen to how you can join Prof. Pearce for a week of leadership training to build a community and challenge to think differently. To learn more about Faith Leaders Week 2022, visit

Mar 07
How Indigenous Leaders Plant Churches Across the World with Joshua Bold (Season 8, EP 15)

Joshua Bold, the President of AIMS.ORG, shares how you can live by faith and what you can do to reach the unreachable across the world. Joshua tells miraculous stories from leaders they are raising within local churches in their lands to reach people. After listening to this interview, start to pray for the unreached in your daily prayer life. Connect with Joshua Bold and AIMS.ORG at Download the AIMS.ORG podcast at

Feb 25