If you take two Cajun brothers add a Texan neighbor, alot of beer, stupid news stories, stupid personal stories, you get this show. Join Keith, Sam, and Doc for their weekly show which is always fun for them, and hopefully you will like it too.

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Episode 1414 (PokeDerby)

Doc, Ern, Pierre, and The Erics. We talk movies.

1h 5m
Aug 07
Episode 14 (Dogfood Zombies Rise of the Erics)

We haveThe Talent Doc, The Ghost Ern, Cohost Eric, Cohost Eric, and Button Pusher Pierre here today! Full house.

1h 1m
Aug 03
Episode 1412 (Ern's A Star Whore)

Doc, Ern, and Big E have a short conversation about Bridget the Midget and dolphins hungry for violence. Mostly, the boys listen to why Ern is gonna someday die by his wife's hand.

1h 4m
Jul 31
Episode 1411 (Big Worst Wolf)

Doc and Ern bring Big E back to start co producing in Pierre's continued absence. Sans Dane, they call Ern's son up to "the big chair", and he wastes no time discussing the worst topics. Apples and trees, man. Apples and trees.....

1h 0m
Jul 27
Episode 1410 (Ho's Across The Universe)

Still missing Pierre and Dane, Doc and Ern push forward to provide the semblance of a show, with the help of Big E, Brandon, and J-Dawgg. Still a better trainwreck than the movie Trainwreck...........

1h 9m
Jul 23
Episode 1409 (What tf is an UberCajun????)

Doc and Ern attempt a show without Pierre or Dane, with expected results. Big E, Brandon, and J-Dawgg guest in. No topic is safe.

Jul 23
Episode 1408 (Martian Swamp People)

Our caboodle of guest is back! Joining today are Void, Eric, and Ken.

1h 1m
Jul 14
Episode 1407 (Uber Skank)

No Dane today but we have a caboodle of guest! Joining today are Void, Eric, and Ken.

1h 2m
Jul 12
Episode 1406 (The Doc Is In)

The boys continue on despite Pierre's continued absence. Ern's production skills come into question. Repeatedly. Doc and Dane give good advice. Ern rants on alien life.

Jul 09
Episode 1405 Plaster Caster Fever

Doc, Ern, and Dane try to put a show together without Pierre, with the expected results. they manage to say goodbye to an artist, an Angel, and a Caan man

Jul 07
Episode 1404 (Now With Sound!)

Doc, Ern, and Pierre are in today to make an actual episode for a change, well we try anyway.

Jul 02
Episode 1403 (Audio Mastered by Ern)

Small technical glitch, but were all here to talk about drinking and water. That's where we are at.

Jun 29
Episode 1402 (Pants Crave Eletric Lights)

We talk Movies and TV on this one.... Agian... and some cute girls.

Jun 25
Episode 1401 (Fart Box Office)

We talk Movies and TV on this one.

1h 0m
Jun 22
Episode 1400 (Little Philipine Adventure)

Super duper special guest Tim draws out an awesome story from Doc.

1h 1m
Jun 18
Episode 1399 (Stew in the Hole)

We doin big here today! We have a full house with Dane back AND!! Super duper special guest.... TIM!

Jun 16
Episode 1398(Stop At The Red Light)

Doc, Brian, and Void are forced to hear Erns potty humor.

Jun 09
Episode 1397(Watching the Void)

No Pierre agian, but joined by special guest Brian and Void!

1h 2m
Jun 08
Episode 1396(The Muffin mash)

We get silly with it, who would have thought.

1h 6m
Jun 03
Episode 1395(PC Troubles)

No Dane today, but we do have Chuckles!!

1h 1m
May 30
Episode 1394(Ex Waifu)

We are here to bring you another high quality action packed podcast etxreme! Alec is still here too.

1h 2m
May 28
Episode 1393(Amber Turd and The Magic Underpants.)

The gang is back to talk about more nothing as per usual. Dane is with us for the start of this one and then guest Alec joins us!

1h 4m
May 25
Episode 1392('99 Movies)

Doc, Ern, and Pierre talk about the golden year of movies. With special guest Ken! Agian!

1h 29m
May 19
Episode 1391(General Booty)

Doc and Ern welcome back Pierre! With special guest Ken!

1h 9m
May 18
Episode 1390(Together Yet Appart)

Todd still here, Pierre still not.

1h 12m
May 18
Episode 1389(Animal Tossers)

Doc and Ern today with special guest Todd!

1h 2m
May 18
Episode 1388(Whos First?)

Doc, Ern, and Pierre are here to talk about boooshiiii

1h 3m
May 06
Episode 1387(Festival Insanity)

Doc, Ern, and Pierre are here to talk about current events near and far.

1h 30m
May 03
Episode 1386 (Rabbit Season Revisited)

Dane is still out but we have still special guest Eric! Doc recants warm memories of a long lost lover and fluffy bunnies.

1h 1m
Apr 22
Episode 1385 (Tits on Deck)

Dane is out today but we have special guest Eric! The show goes tits up as usual.

1h 5m
Apr 19