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What Our Enemies Praise - The Jay Shapiro Show

The Palestinian media and street praise terrorism. How can we make peace with them? The Jay Shapiro Show 18AUG2022 - PODCAST

1h 22m
Aug 18
Global Economic Collapse? - Israel Unplugged

Josh gives an URGENT plea for World Jewry to return home to Israel now! Israel Unplugged 18AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 18
50th Episode Extravaganza! - Lighten Up!

This week Steve and Matt celebrate 50 episodes and take a trip down memory lane. Also, Hitler wine is a hit with German tourists in Italy, the WHO is renaming Monkey Pox and wants your input, and a family who buried their cat and get a big surprise when the pet walks in the door. All this and more, one this week's Lighten Up Lighten Up! 15AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 15
Archaeological Proof of Israel - The Jay Shapiro Show

Archaeological evidence has been found authenticating the proof of the history of the Roman conquest of Jerusalem in the Year 70 CE The Jay Shapiro Show 14AUG2022 - PODCAST

1h 24m
Aug 14
"Yes, the BOSS is Definitely Angry!" - The Tamar Yonah Show

According to at least one opinion, the world is changing in an unprecedented manner - one that history has likely never seen. Will we be ready for what might await us? Also, a drought in Europe which has dried major river beds have grinded inland shipping to a halt. How much will Europe suffer from this? Then, has the Biden administration used the FBI and IRS like a police-state would? Plus: Gold & silver markets, and is China on the verge of Collapse? -with guest: Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, commentator on mid-east and world issues, and author of the book: Muslim Winter The Tamar Yonah Show 14AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 14
"Let Me See the Good Land!" - Pull Up a Chair

Negative, jaded observations about people and places is fashionable and easy. However, looking beyond the 'outer' and into the souls of both human beings and the holy land of Israel frequently requires loftier, Heaven-centered vision. Pull Up a Chair 14AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 14
Is There a Good Excuse Not To Make Aliyah? - Israel Unplugged

Josh Wander and Rabbi Moshe Lichtman discuss whether influential Jews in the diaspora should or shouldn't be making aliyah because of the good they can do in their host countries. Who's right? Israel Unplugged 14AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 14
Israeli Politicians are Intentionally Murdering Israelis - Political Hitman

Howie believes that politicians in Israel are responsible for murdering Jewish Israelis. Find out why in this must hear episode of Political Hitman! Political Hitman 10AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 10
Unload that Baggage! - News From The Torah

What baggage are you carrying around that won't let you enjoy life? Where are you stuck and can't go forward? Join us to explore the beautiful yet little understood holiday of TuBeav that the sages say was the happiest day of the Jewish year News From The Torah 10AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 10
WAR SPECIAL: The Story Behind the Story! - The Tamar Yonah Show

ON THIS SHOW: *A Revealed Miracle! *The Story behind the Story! *A War With No Sides *Ukraine, EU & Taiwan *Al Qaeda *Why is this 'recession' different? -with guest: Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, commentator on mid-east and world issues, and author of the book: Muslim Winter The Tamar Yonah Show 08AUG2022 - PODCAST

1h 9m
Aug 08
A Redneck and an Alligator Walk into a Bar... - Lighten Up!

This week Steven and Matt talk about Florida Woman. Everyone has heard of Florida Man, but did you know about Florida Woman? An orthodox Jewish Table Tennis player is ridiculed for her clothing and winds up disqualified. And Kevin Bacon stars in "They/Them". All this and more on this week's Lighten Up. Lighten Up! 08AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 08
Everyone Has Problems, Even Israelis! - Returning Home

Natalie starts the show sharing insights of her life while walking on the security road with her dog in the early morning; she discusses how we all sometimes lose motivation and focus, and are able to regain it; she then jumps to an interview with oleh Yoseph Kaplan and ex-US Military man, (NYC - Kochav Ya'akov, 2009) who tells his interesting aliyah story, how he came with a "promised" job, how it didn't pan out, and his subsequent career change from Electronic Appliance Specialist to Personal Trainer. Inspiring!!! Returning Home 07AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 07
Israel-Jordan Industrial Zone - The Jay Shapiro Show

The establishment of a joint industrial zone between Jordan and Israel is a major step in solidifying peace between the nations The Jay Shapiro Show 04AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 04
Ninth of Av: The Choice - Pull Up a Chair

Brick-by-brick, Mitzvah-by-mitzvah and kindness-by-kindness, we all have a part in the rebuilding of the Beis HaMikdash - the Holy Temple. Pull Up a Chair 04AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 04
How to Convince Diaspora Jews to Make Aliyah without Shaming Them? - Israel Unplugged

Rabbi Lichtman and Josh Wander respond to an article that downplays the importance of aliyah to Israel. This episode really sums up some of the most important ideas that the hosts have been trying to convey over the past few years. You don't want to miss it! Israel Unplugged 04AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 04
Hitler's T-shirt and Anne Frank's Oven... - Political Hitman

Well at least there's Hitler's watch... Join Howie as he looks at some of the crazy Nazi stories of the week. Political Hitman 04AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 04
Tish Beav - From Destruction to Vision - News From The Torah

On Tisha Beav we mourn for the Temple. How is this relevant in our life? How can we rebuild our reality, our relationships, and the Temple by finaly understanding what we are mourning for News From The Torah 04AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 04
Appeal To All Right-wing Voters - The Walter Bingham File

Some historical facts about the fate of the Jewish people at the time of Tosho b’ Av in history The Walter Bingham File 02AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 02
Florida Man! - Lighten Up!

This week Steven and Matt discuss the newest Ami Horowitz video, Hitler's Watch sells for 1.1 million dollars, another bible movie review, and Florida Man. What is up with the Sunshine State? Lighten Up! 01AUG2022 - PODCAST

Aug 01
DREAD! - The Tamar Yonah Show

Two thirds of American youth that finish 12th grade are illiterate and poor in math. How and why and what will it mean now for the future of the USA. Also: Have oil prices really gone down? The Global Economy is in trouble. -with guest: Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, commentator on mid-east and world issues, and author of the book: Muslim Winter The Tamar Yonah Show 31JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 31
This Is How The United States Has Insulted Israel - The Jay Shapiro Show

Biden's Jerusalem visit: The Israeli flag was removed from his car in eastern Jerusalem. The Jay Shapiro Show 28JULY2022 - PODCAST

1h 25m
Jul 31
Unfathomable Mourning - Pull Up a Chair

What 'Temple'??? How can we yearn for something we can't remember? The Three Weeks offer time for much reflection as well as honing our compassion for/connection to others. Pull Up a Chair 28JULY2022 - PODCAST

1h 4m
Jul 28
Stop Decrying Your Lot - News From The Torah

As the Jewish people finish their 42 journeys and are about to receive their lot in the Land of Israel, join us for a discussion of how to make the most out of your lot in life News From The Torah 27JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 27
Israel Scores Big in Science Olympiad - Lighten Up!

This week Steven and Matt talk about Israel's big win at the Science Olympiad, a Jewish Scrabble champion (almost), the world record for pushing a peanut with your nose? UP a mountain? A Russian chess robot assaults a kid and Florida Man strikes again. All this and more, on this week's Lighten Up. Lighten Up! 25JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 25
"The Rules of Order!" - The Tamar Yonah Show

On this show: Biden, Putin and the Middle East The US Military Where are we heading, recession or depression? Victor Davis Hanson David Goldman and last, the 'Consequences Segment'! -with guest: Dr. Mordechai Ben-Menachem, commentator on mid-east and world issues, and author of the book: Muslim Winter The Tamar Yonah Show 24JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 24
Exotic Little Getaways - Returning Home

Natalie takes us through her daily routine, to the 2nd hand store, to a neighbor to borrow a hot plate, and more, all while sharing antecdotes on different things happening around her. In the midst of this, she speaks from the bus on her way to a shabbat weekend getaway in Ashdod. Finally at the end, she breaks the "good mom" character and openly complains about her kids, explaining that life in Israeli is not easy, and not simple, and asking the audience "when does it get easier?" Returning Home 24JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 24
Biden's Empty Promise - The Jay Shapiro Show

U.S. President Biden's visit to Israel came peppered with unreliable promises that Biden cannot actually keep. The present administration will not stop Iran from developing the bomb. - with Jay Shapiro. The Jay Shapiro Show 21JULY2022 - PODCAST

1h 18m
Jul 21
Who Has Your Back? - Pull Up a Chair

Historically, Jews have looked out for one another. Has anything changed? Pull Up a Chair 21JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 21
A Recipe for Better Relationships - News From The Torah

The anger? The spite? The resentment? How do we improve our relationships and prevent getting hurt News From The Torah 20JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 20
Why Did These People Move to Israel? - Israel Unplugged

Two women join the show and talk about why they made aliyah (moved to Israel). Israel Unplugged 18JULY2022 - PODCAST

Jul 18