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A podcast from the Florida Keys hosted by a bartender, Jim Horan. Self reflection can happen in strange places why not a Bar. The content is explicit. We publish from 2-4 episodes a week.

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Episode 646 The Diplomatic Male

A comment by several of Jim's spin class attendees lead him to question who he really is. How important is it to acknowledge perceptions others have of you? It is easier to understand how we reject critiques than how we equivocate compliments.  Perhaps the behavior says more about us than the compliment.

Aug 15
Episode 645 Self Motivation

Jim finds himself thinking he is in a rut, ruminating on stagnation and possible depression. The best thing he can imagine is at the core of his belief, that hope and motivation come from within. These thoughts drive out the other thoughts. Thank you listeners, please be kind to yourselves and be your own cheerleader.

Aug 10
Episode 644 Old Dog New Trick

Abby and Jim go to a restaurant in Islamorada, FL. The bartender is a competent young fellow who gets to talking to Jim about training an experienced (older) and how difficult it can be. It is tough to train a new employee who think they are in no need of supervision or instruction. You know what is worlds better than a highly skilled and experienced new hire? A new hire who is competent ,reliable and teachable, add highly skilled and experienced then you become unstoppable. 

Aug 08
Episode 643 Don Juan or Don Knotts*

Jim recounts his history of relationship development over his life. The journey was circuitous to the present. Ultimately it was a desire for a romantic connection. *Listener note Don Knotts was an actor whose characters displayed very little romantic relational skills.

Aug 04
Episode 642 Blameless

 A trip to the beach in Marathon causes Jim to ponder the the reliability of fast impressions. Real reasons for why people act are hidden to us so why attribute blame. We have more important issues in our life. 

Aug 01
Episode 641 - The Old Golf Course BBQ Scam

Its the end of Lobster Mini Season in the Florida Keys but the season for scammers is always going strong. Jim gives a summary of more recent scamming techniques of the 21st century. We end with a retelling of a new texting to the wrong number scam. Jim has fun with a scammer who texts him about a "Golf Course BBQ Party"

Jul 29
Episode 640- Getting to Know Me

Its Lobster Mini-season in Florida. Jim recognizes his competitive nature distracts him from any task at hand. Realizing that he does not have to be the best in some fields of endeavors gives him an opportunity to grow.

Jul 28
Episode 639- Keys Bartender- Broccoli v. Donut

Jim has a junk food problem. He  loves to eat the things that are unhealthy, duh. This descends into a conversation about how immediate gratification and long-term goals are in opposition many times.

Jul 18
Episode 638 Tender Frustrations

Jim attempts to acquire audio editing skills reaffirming the adage about old dogs. After renewing his license in about 12 minutes at the local DMV.......jealous...... his license photo becomes another reminder of the universality of aging.

Jul 14
Episode 637 Hot Summer Nights

A rumination on the summer heat brings Jim to discuss technological change. The progression of discovery, introduction, and widespread use is similar in most forms of the inventions that have changed the way we live. The only thing we can take for granted is change will occur and in many cases it will be positive. Don't fear the change.

Jul 13
Episode 636 The Extraordinary

Jim finds it difficult to mask his feelings with end of the day patrons. Old ways of dealing with work are changing, and that has accelerated over the past few years. We end with the a call to feel extraordinary.

Jul 07
Episode 635 The Freaks Come Out at Night

Abby and Jim avoid being run over by an aggressive Pick-up driver. Weird sh*t happens at night everywhere. Knowing the difference between a want and a need can help you through economic insecurity. Want to motivate, support, or console  yourself try talking to yourself using "you" instead of "I".

Jul 05
Episode 634 The Self Aware Boor

Fourth of July maybe Jim's favorite holiday. It has the perfect mix of dehydration and minimally safe pyrotechnical displays. A party host inadvertently makes Jim unsure of his podcasting skills. A look at the "Sangria Method" to diffuse awkward situations. Jim talks about his awareness of his social skills or lack of skills. Everything you do actually changes the world.  P.S. Not in the show- At the Pool Party during some woman's retelling of a bucket list item in an Adult Store "Porn Shop", she said she was shocked in 1 particular section. I blurted out "Was it the Anal stuff?" luckily it was ignored or wasn't heard.

Jul 04
Episode 633 The Pee Story

The Fourth of July brings the whole of South Florida to the Keys. Jim ruminates about a story told to him by his sister of which he has no recollection. the fact he was very young does not stop him from comparing it to later in life blackouts. It is a strange thing to get second hand reports of interesting or significant events.

Jul 04
Episode 632 I Differ then I Beg

Staying positive is a job Jim has a habit. When he is asked for an opinion he takes a more serious approach than the asker had. There are things to consider

Jun 30
Episode 631 There is No F-ing Beach In Key Largo

The problem with charter schools in the Keys. A tv show gets lazy with geography, like mentioning a beach in Key Largo. How much content is needed for all the Cable, Satellite, and Streaming Channels. Can it all be good.

Jun 28
Episode 630 Change Like Sh*t Happens

Why not combine some National Holidays? We did it with Presidents Day. We talk about changes in the Keys over the years. A bad idea from Jim gives him a different perspective into the development of sexuality.

Jun 27
Episode 629 You Can Ring My Bell

Abby goes to her last Radiation Therapy treatment. Both Abby and Jim immediately feel a lessening of anxiety and stress. Now Jim can return to discussing communication mix-ups with Abby. What is an Oriental Message? Did you mean massage or am I going to have to learn Vietnamese?

Jun 24
Episode 628 Retail Me Baby

Retail, brick and mortar style, is not doing well. That is for the foreseeable future. There things that Keys residents still need to shop for on the mainland.

Jun 24
Episode 627 -Creativity in Action

What ignites Jim's creative side? It may be an early morning drive in Miami. We still are working on a new Podcast for the Florida Keys and those interested in the Keys. Either way you can still continue to hear new content here.

Jun 20
Episode 626-The Old Gray Matter Aint What it Used to Be - Keys Bartender

Jim is frequently interrupted while trying to explain his inability to focus and stay on topic. The gang from the Catch have a birthday party for one of the owners.

Jun 13
Episode 625- Tropical Starfish - Keys Bartender

A shed poses as affordable housing. Jim goes to an estate sale at his former residence. A man resorts to metaphor to describe a past humiliation. We close with not projecting into the future or another's mindset.

Jun 11
Episode 624- What if God was.........? - Keys Bartender

A tropical depression hits the Florida Keys. Abby and Jim travel to Miami for Abby's radiation therapy. What kind of parent is God? An attentive hands on parent or the kind that gets the ball rolling and then lets go.

Jun 06
Episode 623-Schrodinger's Cat as a Gift - Keys Bartender

An anonymous donor leaves a gift for the Catch Restaurant. Strange as it seems it was not as shocking to the staff a you may expect. Begs the question who and why would someone do that.

May 31
Episode 621- Trauma v. Drama - Keys Bartender

Jim experiences a less than busy Memorial Day Weekend. Several speculations addressing the volume defecit are proposed. Sometimes a person will come into the bar to share their trauma with you. Sometimes all you need to do is listen.

May 29
Episode 622-Worth - Keys Bartender

How do we value things? Do we over value the wrong things? People have been undervalued.

May 25
Episode 620-No, Know it All - Keys Bartender

Jim is working on a know it all issue. Is it a problem? Can he fix it? Who knows certainly its not him.

May 25
Episode 619- Variety is the Spice - Keys Bartender

Jim tries to transfer his Podcast to another podcast service. Variety of action, experience, thought, etc. is Jim's way of keeping engaged.

May 23
Episode 618-Jim the Hypocrite - Keys Bartender

Abby is resolving a medical issue which has both she and Jim making regular trips to the Miami Cancer Institute. A pre-Covid regular\vacationer, Mike from Canada, returns to his home away from home after almost 3 years. Jim has a dream and his take on his behavior is self condemnation. Finally , teens try to shock the adult world through the pretense of outrageous behavior and or speech. It is Jim's belief that most of the talk is

May 20