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FULL SHOW - Old Vegemite?

Does anyone still bake cakes anymore? How old is your vegemite? What is your school policy on mobile phone usage? Are you celibate? And for how long and why?

Aug 11
FULL SHOW - Kids Learning to Drive Horror Stories!

Channel 9 Entertainment reporter Pete Ford – Olivia Newton John Tribute Bernard Curry- Australian actor appearing at Oz Comicon in Canberra Teaching the kids to drive horror stories! Caller Jo was teaching her daughter to drive a manual when it all became too much on a hill  What song should Kristen and Nige write their school song to?

Aug 09
FULL SHOW - Writing a School Song!

Pete Ford – Passing of Aussie Music Legend Judith Durham Chris Coleman from Raiders Call Team discusses the Ricky Stuart comments causing controversy Least popular baby names 2022 Holy Spirit Primary School in Nicholls sing their school song LIVE on air Kristen and Nige are writing a school song for Caroline Chisholm School. They also asked listeners to call in with suggestions of what to include in it! Nige's new first world problem!

Aug 08
FULL SHOW - Text Messages on T-Shirts!

Sean Dooley the bird expert helps Nige mend the relationship with his Magpie friends. Corey Harawira Narea from Raiders chats the big game vs Panthers tomorrow night Weird things your toddler is fixated on? Chief Minister Andrew Barr on Nightfest. Your last text message on a T shirt?

Aug 05
FULL SHOW - Awkward Situations... that shouldn't be!

Nige's Mailbag! Is your child named after a movie character? Caller Mandy named her daughter after a beloved Disney classic. Who would you like to thank and why? Awkward situations that should not be? Caller Jane had an awkward first encounter with her future in laws.

Aug 04
FULL SHOW - Primary School Songs

Situations that are awkward but shouldn’t be? Ask Nige Did you name your kids like a celebrity unknowingly? Caller Paul has a boy and a girl whose names put together make up a very famous Australian movie. Did you still remember your Primary School song? Caller Vicky remembered her primary school song 50 years later and gave Kristen and Nige a demo of how it sounded.

Aug 02
FULL SHOW - Has technology failed you?

Entertainment Reporter Pete Ford on Will Smith's apology to Chris Rock When did technology fail you at the worst time? Caller Kim had spent months working on her powerpoint presentation to a room full of teachers however on the day she had an epic tech fail! Did you meet your partner in the most unlikely place? Caller Rachel found love in the most unlikely of circumstances! Acting Inspector Paul Reynolds from ACT Police discusses Missing Persons Week

Aug 01
FULL SHOW - Glamorous side effects of pregnancy!

Mailbag Have you sent an email to the wrong recipient? Glamorous side effects of pregnancy. Caller Catherine called in and explained her strange side effects whilst pregnant Do you still keep a Friday night family tradition?

Jul 29
FULL SHOW - A Neighbours Special!

Pete Ford chats Neighbours Finale Are you having a Neighbours finale watching party? What TV ending stopped you in your tracks? Did you become friends with your neighbours ? Have you met a cast member of Neighbours or know one? Caller Maureen has a family connection to a current cast member Rebekah Elmaloglou- Neighbours star chats about the finale

Jul 28
FULL SHOW - Pets hating on Partners!

New Shapes flavour .. Kristen and Nige discuss good or bad? Do you have the coolest boss any why? Superintendent Brian Diplock from ACT Police discusses silly reasons people call 000 Did your pet hate your partner? Caller Jane’s cat disliked her boyfriend from day 1 and went to extreme lengths to make him uncomfortable! What are your No Go foods and why? Caller Julie’s has a fussy husband when it comes to food and it began as a baby.

Jul 27
FULL SHOW - Producer Billy has broken the Man Code!

Entertainment Reporter Pete Ford - Adele re-confirms Vegas residency Executive Producer Billy fronts court of Kristen & Nige over his decorative pillows - CANBERRA DECIDES Canberra Water Check Have you had a Vasectomy and/or a reversal? Have you started your Christmas Shopping?

Jul 26
FULL SHOW - Injuring yourself on the sideline!

Is their any good food in a can ?? TWO CALLS What was that smell? Did you have a bad smell you could not identify? Caller Holly went grocery shopping only to have a certain meat product slip out of sight. Days later the smell got very bad and she did not know where it was coming from Have you done a "Sticky"? Have you injured yourself on the sidelines? Caller Richard had a friend that was helping coach his son’s under 14 rugby team when he sustained an injury on the sidelines Splendour In The Mud!…… What have been the best gigs in the rain? Caller Kerry had the guys in stiches about her gig experience in the rain

Jul 25
FULL SHOW - Nige's Mailbag

1.  Nige’s Mailbag 2.  Canberra’s oldest Raiders Fan Magdalene will be blowing the Viking horn this weekend 3.  What’s the most rock n Roll thing you have had for dinner ?? .. 4.  Non bedroom turn ons

Jul 22
FULL SHOW - Is "Teacher Voice" a thing??

Did your boss go above and beyond when your pet died? Pete Ford chats about Kath and Kim new project and the Harry and Meaghan book fallout Is a “ Teacher Voice” a real thing? Caller, and teacher, Steph proved it is! Do you have a long standing tradition you never miss with friends/family?

Jul 21
FULL SHOW - Drinking from a strangers tap - is that okay?

Local business shout outs, for those that have kept prices competitive for customers despite increases to operate Is this ok in 2022? Drinking from a strangers tap like in the old days Interview with Tom McLuckie, who tragically lost his son in a car accident on Hindmarsh Drive earlier this year.

Jul 19
FULL SHOW - Finding Canberra's BEST Mullet!

Can Kristen & Nige find Canberra’s Best Mullet? Caller Richard from Gowrie called in and won the day with his mullet.  Brutal rejection stories! Benefits for Red Heads. What did your child get stuck up their nose? Caller Melissa’s daughter thought some fast food was suitable to go up her nose.

Jul 18
FULL SHOW - Random, yet recorded, acts of kindness

Things you can say in the bedroom AND the Kitchen Nige’s Lifehack – Zooper Doopers Mistaken as a child? Kelly from Higgins has been, and leans into it when she can!! Is it still a "random act of kindess" if you record it and upload it to social media?

Jul 15
FULL SHOW - Is Nige "Un-Australian?"

Nige HATES Eucalyptus, and wonders if anyone is on his side? Nige finally has support, and it's from Sue in Wanniassa. Nige got lost, has anyone done the same? Seems Ross from Crace has some sympathy!               Kristen’s Mail Bag Baby Hugo gave Kristen a massive heart attack, but what did he do? Emily from Casey tells about when her kid gave her a heart attack!

Jul 14
FULL SHOW - Crazy Cat Names and Partner Parent Confusion!!

The HISS-terical and PAW-fect cat names of the ACT! Entertainment Reporter Pete Ford chats all things Kylie Minouge What is the best Trivia team name?? Has your partner even been confused as your parent? Dianne from Goulburn and Lisa in Gundaroo spill their awkward stories!

Jul 12
FULL SHOW - Pyjamas in Public - Yes or No?

Nick Kyrgios and his new found love for his brother. Have you ever reconnected with an estranged family member? PJs in Public - are they are yes or no? A shark attack... while demonstrating a shark attack? WHAT! Have you dodged COVID, despite it being all around us?

Jul 11
FULL SHOW - GM5 Grand Prix

Jodie Shepherd – Events Co-Ordinator for Canberra Hospital Foundation Nige racing live in the GM5 Grand Prix! Helen Falla - CEO CHF discusses the importance of GM5. Thanks to all the businesses that donated to Give Me 5

Jul 01
FULL SHOW - I Love You?

Who is your oldest friend and where did you meet? New laws prevent loud music blaring from your car in Florida but what exceptions to the rule should be allowed? You said “ I love you” .. What was the response? Ben Willis, owner and chef at Aubergine restaurant interviewed about the iconic restaurant closing down What do others place value on but you do not and why?

Jun 30
FULL SHOW - The Hoodie Situation

Love is in the air at Glastonbury Nige and his hoodie situation Dual proposal stories.. Did you and your partner propose to each other at the same time? Caller Nicole and her partner had the same idea on the same day!! Did you ever have a dream that came true?

Jun 29
FULL SHOW - Kiddie Sleepover Situations!

Nige's Mail Bag Virginia at Higgins has 2 x boxes that haven’t been opened since when they moved in 1993 How long should you be allowed to stay up at a friend’s place for a sleepover? How long should the kids be allowed to stay up at a friend’s place for a sleepover. Melinda at Farrer has the answer!

Jun 27
FULL SHOW - What are the sexiest names?

Epic parent fails! Nige shares a personal about his dad Barry on a ski trip What name is sexy for male/female and why? Dr Brad Tucker, LIVE from the rocket launch in Northern Territory Did you ever oversleep and miss and important occasion?

Jun 27
FULL SHOW - Sexy Swedish Bins!

Sweden’s “ sexy bins” that are keeping a city cleaner than ever before What was your best unplanned day off school and what did you do? What was your favourite toy growing up? Low Key Confessional... Caller Paul dobbed in his sister in law over a supposed sporting record she still holds …. He knows the truth

Jun 21
FULL SHOW - What went wrong with your Gumtree sale?

Nige’s new Top Gun jacket finally arrived.. BUT….. There is a problem! Is your pet more loved than you in the family? Caller Pierre is 2nd rate in his family to their beloved French bulldog who gets all the spoils What is your name listed as in your partner/family members phone? Caller Jack has a nickname for his wife that is very wise  Kristen and her Gumtree experience? What went wrong with your Gumtree sale? Caller Jo had an experience to forget with a buyer

Jun 17
FULL SHOW - An Engagement via a Sky Writer!

Chris Coleman from Raiders on Mix call team discusses the Raiders women’s side on the hunt for a new coach Nige’s Mailbag Do you have a tattoo of something you would normally wear? (ring, watch, clothing etc.) Kristen and Nige spoke to Canberra’s newest engaged couple.. Bambi who asked Scott to marry him using a sky writer!

Jun 16